A Father’s Foot Fetish Exposed

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This is a work of fiction. Any relation to actual persons or places is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18.

Alan cheered and threw his hands in the air as the crowd around him erupted in applause. He peered out onto the soccer field at the celebrating group of girls. Jumping and screaming around the center of attention, Alan’s own daughter, Angela. She had just scored a crucial goal to break the tie with only 2 minutes remaining in the match.

The coach rallied the girls back into position for the remainder of the game. Play started and the opposing team put up a valiant effort but came up short. Angela’s team secured victory and cleared the field with celebratory cheers. Alan chatted with a few spectator’s to kill time, until retreating to the parking lot to wait for his daughter.

Soon enough she emerged from the field’s facilities and spotted her father waiting by the car. As she approached, Alan took in the sight of the young co-ed. The 5’4, 21 year old had long sandy brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her bright smile and aqua blue eyes glistened in the sun as she walked, complimenting her pale skin. Her figure was slim down to her waist where her years of playing soccer showed their marks. Her thighs were thick and toned, accompanied by a round ass that jiggled with only her most extreme movements. A few scars dotted her otherwise perfect skin down her shapely calves to Alan’s favorite part of his daughter, her size 6.5 feet.

As Angela approached she broke into a sprint and jumped into her father’s arms.

“I did it dad, I did it!” She exclaimed.

“I saw hun, that was all you,” Alan replied as he gave her a bear hug and spun her around, “That was amazing.”

He dropped her down and grabbed her bag, opened the car door and tossed it in.

“How about we go somewhere to celebrate?” He asked.

“Aww, I want to but I’m beat,” Angela replied with a groan. “Maybe we can go home and rest a bit then go out later?”

“Sounds good, you probably want to change and shower anyway huh?” He replied.

“Oh yea,” Angela answered as she hopped in the passenger seat, “A shower would be amazing right now.”

Alan climbed into the driver’s seat and took off towards home. Alan was your average middle aged dad. Not in great shape, but not bad. Still a full head of short brown hair and a clean shaven face with the same skin tone as his daughter. His dark brown eyes were the opposite of his daughter’s crystal blue, which she had gotten from her mother.

Erin had died when Angela was very young and Alan had done his best to raise their daughter the way she would have wanted. He had been a loving, protective parent all her life, though recently he had started to see her in another way, one no parent should ever see their child. With each passing day, Angela reminded him more and more of Erin, and Alan found himself becoming attracted to her.

He fought the feelings best he could, but with no other women in his life and such a close relationship with her, Alan was falling for Angela. First it was little things: her finding her way into his sexual fantasies, looking at her a bit longer than he should be when she was doing yoga or had just come out of the shower in a towel. But soon Alan was digging through dirty laundry and smelling her panties, or stealing his favorite items, her socks. Alan had a foot fetish and hadn’t acted on it since his wife passed so he satisfied himself by stealing Angela’s dirty socks and jerking off with them, filling them with his cum. He did all the laundry so he never had any fear of being caught, perhaps he had become too careless.

Angela swung open the door to their house, kicked her shoes off and made her way straight towards the bathroom upstairs. Alan followed in behind her, closing the door and dropping her bag, he called out, “Hey Ange, can you leave your dirty clothes outside the bathroom, I wanna do a load right away.”

“Sure, dad” she called out as she stepped inside the bathroom and swung the door, leaving it slightly ajar.

Alan peaked up at the door to make sure it was closed and grabbed one of her soccer cleats. He brought it up to his face and took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of leather soaked in sweat for hours on end. He felt his manhood being brought to life with one whiff. The odor tickled his nose and pulled him back for another. He began growing a bulge as the aroma overtook him.

He was suddenly shaken from his state by Angela shouting, “OK dad, all set!” And dropped her cleat. He hurried upstairs and walked towards the pile of clothes on the floor outside the bathroom door. He inspected the loot as he approached: her team jersey and shorts, compression shorts, and long white socks with orange stripes at the top.

Alan bent down to pick up his haul when he noticed the door was slightly cracked open. Had Angela forgotten to close the door, or was this an invitation? Alan’s sexual urges fought his fatherly instincts on how to react to this situation. The erection in his pants won the battle for him and he stood up and carefully peaked eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar through the crack in the door into the bathroom.

As Alan looked in he was greeted with a wondrous sight. Angela’s bare backside was in full view for him. She was standing at the sink idley offering him the perfect chance to ogle her. Her toned back slid down to her firm tight ass and chiseled thighs that left a tiny bit of space between each other. From Alan’s angle he couldn’t see the reflection of her in the mirror but he burned the image of her rear into his brain; and, before his luck ran out, stepped away from the bathroom door and headed back downstairs.

Alan’s heart was racing. He couldn’t believe his luck. Seeing his perfect daughter, the subject of all his latest sexual fantasies, in her birthday suit was the most action he’d had in years. His cock was about ready to burst out of his pants by the time he reached the laundry room. Normally he’d wait till he got to his room to enjoy himself but he was aroused beyond words and couldn’t wait a second longer.

Alan dropped his pants and slid one of Angela’s socks around his throbbing shaft. He took her shorts and other sock and brought them to his face to breathe in her scent. Her sweaty, musty foot and crotch filed his nostrils and fueled the rapid pumping of his hand on his sock covered dick. He’d never been so aroused before, he could feel his orgasm approaching already. He was in an absolute state of bliss, nothing could ruin his moment except.

Angela… Wrapped in a towel in the doorway… Eyes wide and mouth agape… Holding a pair of lycra leggings.

Alan felt as if he had swallowed his heart and his throat had collapsed into his stomach. He dropped her shorts and sock but still stood there with his dick in her other one in his hand. He tried to talk but couldn’t make a sound, he just stared at his precious girl that had just caught him betraying her.

“I.. just wanted to make sure this got washed…” Angela said, dropping her clothing to the ground. She backed up out of the door and disappeared.

Alan felt as if his world just imploded. Did he just ruin his relationship with his daughter, or could he come up with some explanation she’d believe? Whatever was going to happen he was already here, so he figured he might as well finish it off. He grabbed the lycra and brought it to his face and huffed them. He restarted stroking himself and very quickly reached orgasm and filled her sock with his seed. He loaded the washer and started it, then went off to his room to hide.


A few hours passed and Alan felt he had come up with reasoning good enough for Angela to not hate him completely. How it wasn’t about her, how he just missed the smell of a woman, how it was the first time it’s happened, and other nonsense. He crept out of his room and searched for Angela to no avail, she must have gone out. Alan loaded the washed clothes into the dryer and sat down on the living room couch to wait for her.

It only took a few minutes for the front door to open and Angela to walk in.

“Hey Ange,” Alan said standing up to greet her, “can we talk for a minute?”

“Yea, ok.” She replied softly, going around and sitting on the chair next to the couch. She was wearing a tank top, jogging shorts and running shoes.

Alan reseated himself and took a deep breath. He looked up at her and began, “I’m sorry hun. I screwed up. I had a moment of weakness and I made a mistake. It’s just been so long that your mother’s been gone and I… I just-“

“It’s ok,” Angela cut him off, “Don’t worry about it. I thought about it a lot on my walk. I’m not mad, it was just kind of shocking to see. I know you haven’t dated since mom died, you’ve been so busy taking care of me. I know you’re probably lonely, so I get it.”

Alan was shocked how well it was going, “Um, yeah. I really do miss her a lot. And it’s got nothing to do with you, it’s just the scent of a woman, hormones and stuff, biology.”

“Yea, just… as long as you wash everything after, I don’t really mind if it makes you happy,” she replied.

“Uh, are you serious?” Asked Alan.

“Yea,” she responded, “I mean I know it’s pretty weird, but if it helps you I don’t think it’s a big deal. You’re so busy with work and me I know you don’t have a lot of time to meet someone. I want you to be happy. So if it’s either this or you start dating again… Well I can help with at least one of them.”

Alan was dumbfounded, he couldn’t think of what to say next.

Angela stood up and began to walk away but stopped and reappeared asking, “Just one thing I’m curious about. Why were you using my socks?”

Angela had been so receptive to everything thus far so Alan didn’t feel the need to hold back saying, “Well Ange, I have… a foot fetish. I’m very attracted to feet and their smell so… socks are perfect for that.

“Huh… I’ve heard of that but never met any guys who were actually into it.” She responded respectfully, “So used socks are probably like your favorite things then?”

“Yea sincan escort bayan pretty much,” Alan answered, looking away in embarrassment.

Angela plopped back down on the chair and began untying her running shoes. “Well, I just went for a walk and it’s pretty hot out so these might be perfect.” She said with a grin looking up at Alan.

Alan had a shocked expression. Was she directly giving him socks to masturbate with? What the hell was happening?

Angela had finished untying her shoes and was about to pull one off when she stopped and grinned at her father. She lifted her legs up and placed her shoes on Alan’s lap.

“Want to take them off for me?” She asked with a smile.

Alan didn’t waste a second. He grabbed her right ankle and pulled her shoe around her heel and off. Then did the same with the left. He grabbed hold of his daughter’s feet and firmly rubbed the soles with his thumbs.

“Mm..,” Angela let out a slight groan, then her eyes shot open and she stammered, “Wha- wait wait… that’s why you’re always offering to give me foot massages. Daddy, You perv!” She giggled.”

Alan continued massaging her soles through the thin, damp blue fabric of her socks. He could taste her subtle flavor wafting up to his nose. “Well they always made you happy. So what’s wrong with something that makes both of us happy?” Alan replied.

“Nothing I guess. I can’t believe I never noticed you getting erections before during them though,” she said with a grin as her eyes glared at Alan’s crotch, a clear bulge along his thigh in his loose shorts.

“Oh.. sorry hun,” Alan said as his face turned red.

“You don’t have to be sorry, like you said it’s just biology right,” Angela assured him, “It’s not like your dick knows I’m your daughter.”

Hearing his daughter talk about his dick energized Alan. He took both her feet and stripped her socks off, revealing her milky white, perfectly pedicured toes with natural nails. He gently ran his fingers over her smooth soles and over the tops to her ankles. Her skin was warm and slightly tacky; and he could smell her familiar scent teasing him.

“So.. what do you do with a foot fetish? You just like touching and smelling feet, or is there other stuff? You know, in case I have a boyfriend with one someday” Angela asked.

“Well not just feet, but socks and shoes too,” Alan replied quickly. His fatherly disposition was barely present, he was acting purely from lust, “And as far as other stuff… kissing and licking mostly… and there’s also… footjobs.”

“Footjobs?” Angela asked with a crooked look, “like, handjobs but with your feet?”

“Exactly, ” Alan said.

“Whaaat?” Angela burst out laughing, “that’s wild. How does that even work?”

“Well,” Alan explained as he took her feet and turned them so their soles were facing each other,” basically a girl takes her feet and holds them like this, and then.” He moved them up and down over his crotch, repeating stroking motions.

Angela continued chuckling, “Oh wow. That seems a lot harder than a handjob.”

“Yea, well, “Alan dropped Angela’s feet back on his lap, making sure to have one land on his bulge. He took a hand and ran it up her leg all the way up to her thigh and gave it a good squeeze, “She’s gotta have strong legs to do a good job.”

Angela took note of Alan’s erection and shifted her foot a bit, but didn’t take it off. “Maybe I can introduce you to some of my teammates,” she joked, “I’m sure one of them would like a sugar daddy.”

Alan grimaced, she didn’t take his bait. Maybe she wasn’t into this like he thought she was, or maybe she just needed more convincing?

“Ahh I’m not interested in any of them, though I wouldn’t mind getting a go at their laundry, “Alan chuckled, “Your mom’s the only woman for me. You remind me a lot of her.” He pressed, casually squeezing her toes with one hand and rubbing her thigh with the other.

“Well, yea… she is my mom, ” Angela laughed, “I look just like her.”

Alan didn’t know how to proceed. And awkward silence filled the air between them as the two nervously avoided looking at each other.

To Alan’s relief, eventually Angela broke the silence, “Did you kiss mom’s feet when you gave her a massage?”

“Oh, yea. Your mother really enjoyed getting her feet played with.” Alan answered.

“Really? Does it feel good for the girl? I thought it was just for the guy.” she said

“For some girls it does, I guess it depends” he replied.

“Well I’ve got mom’s feet, I’m the same size as her, so maybe I’d like it too” Angela contemplated.

“How do you know what size shoe your mother wore?” Alan asked.

“I’ve worn her shoes a few times. I always wondered why you kept all of them for so long, now I know.” She explained.

“You little sneak, wish you would have told me. It’s been a long time since any of them had a scent on them… but yea you probably will like it. Do you… want to try?” Alan asked nervously.

“Yea, I think I do want to.” Angela answered quickly.

Alan picked up his daughter’s right gölbaşı sınırsız escort foot and brought it to his mouth. He took a deep breath of her odor before pressing his lips against her sole. Angela let out a tiny gasp as he made contact and slid his tongue out and began swirling it around her sole. He kissed and licked down her arch and sucked her heel into his mouth. He then licked back up and sucked her big toe into his mouth, making eye contact with her.

Angela was laid back with a pained look on her face. Alan popped her toe out of his mouth and asked, “You ok?”

“No, yea,” she answered in a flutter, “I just… didn’t expect it to feel this good. Keep going dad.”

Alan was floored. He wasted no time sliding his tongue in between her toes and sucking each one into her mouth. Angela’s chest was rising and falling heavily and Alan could hear a little groan every so often. Without her noticing he reached into his shorts and adjusted his erection so it was flat up against his stomach. He switched feet, making sure to lay her free one up against his length. She responded this time by scrunching her toes against his covered head.

“Dad this feels sooo good, I can see why mom liked it,” Angela groaned, “Does it feel good for you too?”

Alan took a pause from his worshiping to reply, “Amazing. You’ve got perfect feet honey, just like your mom.”

“Weren’t you going to masturbate with my sock?” Angela asked with a devilish grin, “What are you waiting for?”

Alan paused and asked, “Are you sure?”

Angela bit her bottom lip and nodded. Alan dropped her feet and she pulled them back. She covered her eyes and giggled as Alan pulled off his shorts and grabbed one of her socks. He slid it down over his shaft as far as it would go, leaving his balls exposed. He tickled Angela’s toes as if signaling he was ready. She pulled her hands away and let out a gleeful gasp as she looked over his sock covered manhood.

“Oh my god daddy, You really are a giant perv!” She exclaimed, “This is so hot.”

“You do take after both your mother and I after all,” Alan replied as he wrapped a hand around the sock and began stroking himself.

Angela’s eyes fixed on her father’s cock as she lifted up her leg and offered him her left foot again. She felt bliss as he took her toes into his mouth and stroked himself with her sock. Alan could tell she was getting turned on by all this, he grabbed her calf and pulled her closer to him. She scooted herself closer and rested her foot in Alan’s thigh right next to his cock, his hand brushing against her toes with every downstroke.

“That looks like a lot of fun, Angela said softly as she wrapped her arm around her legs and slid her hand up Alan’s thigh to her foot, “Can I try?”

Alan didn’t say a word. He released his grip and let his dick dangle. He picked up Angela’s other foot and brought it to his face to join the other. He braced his body as Angela’s dainty fingers slowly wrapped around him. Pure pleasure flowed from his shaft through the rest of his body. Not only was this the first time he’d felt a woman’s touch in many years, but this was his own daughter with her hand on his dick. Alan licked her toes and peeked over her feet to watch her slowly begin pulling the blue fabric up and down. He looked at her and saw the biggest smile he’d ever seen on her face, even larger than earlier in the day at the field.

“Dad, this is crazy!” She squealed as she picked up speed on his dick and looked up at him. “I can’t believe we are doing this!”

“Ugnnh,” Alan groaned, looking at the sparkling blue eyes of his sweet girl, “I know baby, this is incredible. I’ve dreamt about this for so long.

“Really? You fantasize about me daddy? Fuck… that’s hot…” Angela’s speech droned off. She pulled her feet back and stood up. She grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down. Alan watched as her panties came into view, a cute blue thong spotted with lemons. Angela sat back down and curled up next to Alan, grabbed his dick and began stroking him again. “Just getting a bit more comfortable,” she assured him.

Alan wrapped his arm around her and rested it on her shoulder. Angela used two hands to squeeze the fabric against his sensitive skin and rub him. He couldn’t get a good view of her crotch, but he grabbed her head and kissed her on the forehead. Angela giggled and said, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart,” Alan replied.

After stroking him for a bit Angela backed away and brought her feet back to his lap.

“I wanna try it,” she said with an eager smile.

“I would love that, Ange,” Alan smiled, scooting his butt down on the couch a bit for more room. “You know it might be easier without the sock.”

“Daddy!” Angela scowled, “It would be inappropriate for a girl to touch her own dad’s dick. This way we aren’t doing anything wrong.”

Alan chuckled at his daughter’s twisted logic and watched in awe as she brought her feet to his dick and propped it up between the two. Alan threw his head back and moaned as his greatest goal had just been achieved, his daughter’s feet on his dick, basically. He would enjoy it anyway. Angela squeezed her toes against his shaft and pulled up then back down. She giggled as she clumsily fumbled, trying not to drop it and keep it centered. Her strong legs gave her plenty of stamina, though she was fatigued from the game earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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