A Hell of a Night

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Livi’s always had severe anxiety, ever since she was a little girl. She’s tried pills and therapy, but her lifestyle always stayed the same — she’d go to her university, sit in the back row and never raise her hand. She’d email her teachers beforehand, of course, and it went something like this:

Dear Professor _______,

Before the first day of your course, I want to run something important by you. While I’m eager to start your class and am looking forward to it, I must disclose that I won’t be participating vocally in the classroom. I am diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and Panic Disorder and speaking out loud in front of people gives me a tremendous amount of stress. So, could you tell me what the percentage is for the participation grade? I promise to be communicative via emails and after class with any questions.


Olivia Jones

That’s why on her twentieth birthday, when she blew out her candles, she had one wish. Was it to be able to make offline friends, speak up in class or find that perfect medication? No, because there was a more dominant fantasy for Livi, something that took up her mind at night and when she’d daydream on the treadmill.

Getting laid.


The library had always been a safe haven for Livi, so when an old book shop opened downtown, she applied and received the minimum wage job. Sure, talking to customers made her heart speed up, but she grew a bit more comfortable after the first week of working there.

Mr. Alcaraz is in his seventies and ties his long white hair into a low-hanging ponytail. He always thinks before he speaks, and when he does, it’s slowly and softly.

“Livi, will you come here for a moment?”

Livi stops sweeping and comes into Alcaraz’s tiny office. “Hi,” she says awkwardly.

Alcaraz looks at her thoughtfully for a few moments. “I’d like to give you something,” he finally says. He picks up a large book off his desk and hands it over to her. It’s black leather with faded gold lettering on the cover that reads “DAEMONONICON OFFICIALIS”. Livi opens it to find it filled with yellow pages full of Latin and detailed drawings of creatures that made her eyes widen. “The author is very imaginative,” she observes.

“I talked to my late wife using that book.”

Livi stops looking to peer up at Alcaraz. His glasses are low on his nose and his blue eyes are looking at her with a serious expression. “I’m going to be with her soon,” he says. “I have brain cancer.”

“I’m so sorry.” Livi doesn’t know what else to say. She wonders briefly if Alcaraz is pulling an uncharacteristic prank.

“I don’t have any next of kin, so I want you to have this. And I know what you’re thinking — it’s rather unbelievable, but I assure you I’m telling the truth. I should probably burn the thing, erase it from this reality completely, but it’s so powerful, Livi. Do you believe in the End of Days?”


She expects him to go on, but he stops when he sees her hesitance. london escorts His face falls into something sadder. “Could you at least hold onto it for me? I believe it’ll be useful someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a thousand years, but one day, it’ll be essential for the human race to have.”

“Can’t you give this to a colleague?” she blurts out.

Alcaraz shakes his head. “I need someone young who can hold onto it for another half a century. You’re responsible, Livi, and I trust you.”

Livi feels like she’s in a dream. “Are you — Does this — Does this book summon demons?” she squeaks.

“Yes, but you need to promise me you won’t be like me and use it.”

Livi’s heart is beating fast. Should she call in tomorrow and quit over the phone?

“I promise,” she says. “But I — I’m going to need the rest of the, the day off to find, y’know, a place for it.”

A pause. Then, “I recommend purchasing a storage unit immediately and hiding it there.”

“Right…” Livi grabs her shoulder bag from the hook in the corner of the office and slides the book inside. It fits perfectly.

“If you could also update me frequently on the whereabouts of the book, I’d appreciate it. If you have a new hiding place, for example.”

“Of course. Well, I’ll, uh, see ya tomorrow!” And with that, Livi spins on her heel and departs.


Livi spends the following night panning the grimoire. She took Latin in high school, but she excelled at it and even took it on as a minor in college. It’s hard to get through, but she ends up translating it as a late-night activity. Not only that, but she keeps her job; she has too much pity in her heart for Alcaraz, who has only ever been good to her (even if he is a bit nuts).

It’s during one of these late nights that Livi stumbles upon Cassia Illa Femina. It’s a drawing of a beautiful naked woman with goat horns, a scepter and a long tail.

It’s been months of recreational translating for Livi, so she decodes the passage with relative ease:

This demoness specializes in the deflowering of virgins. In exchange for sex,

Cassia permanently sterilizes her prey, feeding off of their fertility. She is one of the very few demons that claim they were once human, as she says she

transformed after death from a powerful witch into a wicked she-devil. In order to summon, blood must be dripped onto her summoning circle and the following chant must be read.

She looks over to her cat, Smores. “Well, there’s only one way to check, right?”

He stretches in response.

Livi finds the necessary chalk deep in her basement and returns to her little room upstairs. She draws the symbols on the hardwood floor in white, then goes into her brother’s room to get his switchblade. She feels a little nauseous doing the whole thing, paranoid that it might actually work but she tells herself she’s being ridiculous. She’s not about to lose her V-Card to a literal demon — nothing would happen and her curiosity would officially london escort be sated.

Ready or not, she presses the knife’s sharp tip to her pointer finger and slices it. She squeezes its sides to encourage blood flow and watches as the blood falls into the circle. Then, she reads the chant. Nothing happens for a minute, and Livi feels like an idiot. Of course Alcaraz was crazy, and maybe she was too for even considering the possibility!

She’s getting up to grab a towel to wipe off the chalk when a high-pitched, muffled laugh disturbs the silence. Something akin to the sound of lightning striking a hill fills the room and when she turns around, there she is. Cassia. She stands at about six feet tall, her light grey horns poking out of wave after wave of long, pitch black hair. Her pupils stand out against white irises, and they look Livi up and down.

“English, is it?”

Livi’s hands go numb, the familiar feeling of a panic attack creeping up in her chest. “Uh huh.”

“Are you ready?”

No!!! she wants to scream. “Do you mind if I, uh, go to the bathroom first?”

“Be my guest. We have nothing but time.”

Livi dashes from the room to her private bathroom, quickly locking it behind her.

For the next fifteen minutes, she freaks out on the white tiles, struggling to focus on her breathing as tears cloud her vision. When she’s done, she pisses, gulps down several cups of water and thinks. Should she be honest and tell Cassia she didn’t mean to summon her? Or should she take this opportunity to finally lose it? She wishes she could call Alcaraz but then she’d have to admit she did what he told her not to, and he might even take the book back.

Livi bandages her finger while she’s in the bathroom, and when she leaves, she sees Cassia floating above the circle. “You need to let me out, you know.”

“How do I, how do I do that?”

“Shake my hand.”

Livi hesitates. “Will I go to Hell if I do that?”

Cassia throws her head back and laughs. “You really don’t know anything, do you? Foolish girl. Every demon asks for something in exchange, and my price is fertility.”

Livi bites her lip. She’s a lesbian, so it’s not like she would be having biological kids, anyway.

“Al… Alright.”

“Good girl. Now, come over here and shake my hand, hm?”

So (with a sweaty, shaky hand), she does.


Livi lies beneath a floating Cassia in nothing but her underwear and bra. “Are you ready, girl?”

“As — as ready as I’ll ever be.”

The demon chuckles as she runs her warm hands up and down Cassia’s shoulders, assessing her. Livi just knows those eyes will show up in her dreams later, and depending on how well the night went, maybe they’d be welcome to.

“Take off the rest.”

Livi gulps and pulls down her white panties. Was she supposed to have shaved? Not only did she have hairy legs but she also had a dark patch of pubic hair.

She unhooks her bra and lets it fall. Cassia smiles.

“It’s london escort agency been a long, long time since I’ve been with a woman. This is going to be a delight.” She pinches one of Livi’s nipples and gives it a twist, eliciting a yelp of surprise. Then Cassia dives in, pressing her face to Livi’s breast and giving it a harsh suck. Livi gasps as the demon plays with her other tit with her right hand, squishing and massaging it as she litters the opposite one with bruises. Then she switches, her strategy methodical and consistent. When both breasts are bruised to her satisfaction, she moves down to Livi’s pussy and laps at it with a hot, forked tongue.

“J — Jesus!”

Cassia hisses in reply.


The woman from Hell goes back to work, eating Livi out until she’s moaning in ways she never thought she could. Just the sound was pornographic — Livi’s whimpers and moans and the wet, sucking sound of a cunt being eaten.

“Don’t cum yet. I want you to taste yourself on my tongue.”

“Fuck, okay.”

Cassia crawls up to Livi and kisses her. She doesn’t taste anything aside from the faint flavor of salt, and she loses herself in the kiss as Cassia’s tongue invades her, flicking against her teeth and tongue. It’s only then that Livi feels something pressed against her entrance…

“You’re — you’re going to fuck me with your tail?”

Cassia laughs. “It’ll feel good, trust me.” She licks her fingers and flicks her hard nipples back and forth, then pinches and twists them once more.

Livi rubs her legs together. She didn’t even know if she could have a G-spot orgasm — it’s not like she ever tried!

The tail fits in easily, but then it begins to swell.

“Oh, shit!” cries Livi.

“That’s it. Feels good, right?”

The thick tail begins to thrust in and out, the pace agonizingly slow but Livi doesn’t think she can handle much faster.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Livi feels like she needs to pee suddenly, and gasps in shock as a surge of fluid sprays the sheets.

“That’s it, cum for me.”

Livi’s eyes roll up in her head, the pain in her nipples and the pleasure of her crotch a combination that has her bare toes curling as she cums, squirting again just a little.

The tail deflates and slides out as Livi pants, glad that the demon isn’t going to overstimulate her.

“How fun~” says Cassia. “Why don’t you repay me?” She floats over so that her bare pussy is close to Livi’s mouth. Eager to please this amazing woman, Livi presses her mouth to the demon’s clit and sucks it. She’s a little afraid Cassia will stop floating and just suffocate her with her cunt, but she never does. She does, however, thread her fingers through Livi’s hair, eventually gripping it tightly.

Cassia cries out something in Latin Livi can’t care enough to decipher and lets her juices spray into her face. Then she collapses, pussy shoved right onto Livi’s face. As she takes ragged breath after ragged breath, Livi struggles to breathe, eventually having to tap Cassia’s thigh.

“Oops! Sorry, dear.”

She floats back up into the air and into the circle. “If you’re a naughty enough girl, I’m sure I’ll see you later,” she says with a wink, and with that, she vanishes, as though she never was.

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