A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 13

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I looked up from between her luscious thighs as Mandy panted, trying to recover from her latest orgasm. I had promised Elizabeth that I would play with each of my new sisters that I had not gotten to at Christmas before asking her to play again and Mandy was the last one. I enjoyed all of them, and knew I wanted to get to know all of them better, but I had a special bond with Elizabeth and Amanda.

Not that I was complaining about the time I had spent with my other new sisters. The twins were amazing last night, and I had Sonia invite them to join us with Master tonight. They were so energetic and playful that I knew he would love them as much as I did.

As I kissed my way up Mandy’s body, I saw my little Violet had joined us. She had been a bit shy and reserved at first, but turned out to be a delightful lover once she was warmed up. I had seen her in Master’s lap when Mandy pounced on me, and from the smile on her face now, I assumed she had enjoyed him. When I kissed Mandy, Violet leaned in and confirmed it.

“Your Master was wonderful, and I thought you might like to share the present he left inside of me with Mandy.” Mandy smiled, licked her lips and nodded. I glanced over at Master and saw him watching us, so I winked at him as Violet laid back and spread her legs for me.

I leaned over and ran my tongue up her delightful little slit, enjoying her sweet yet tangy flavor mixed with Master’s cum. Collecting a bit on my tongue, I kissed Mandy again, snowballing their combined cum into her mouth. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced, savoring the experience.

“Umm, I can’t wait until it’s my turn to play with my new Master,” Mandy moaned when we broke the kiss. “My sisters told me he was a very considerate lover, but they forgot to mention how tasty his cum was. I am looking forward to experiencing him personally.”

I looked down at her and purred as I thought about the combination of her juices with Masters cum. Her pussy was one of the sweetest I had ever tasted, and the idea of licking Master’s cum out of her had my mouth watering.

My bag was back with everyone’s clothing, but writing in the sand would be good enough for short messages. “Tomorrow night?”

Mandy looked over and shook her head. “I wish I could, but Violet and I will be with Master Julien tomorrow night. I would not pass on that even if I could. Our nights with Master are precious, as I am sure you understand. I envy you, being able to sleep next to your Master every night. Would Friday night be okay?”

I nodded in understanding. Master had promised that I would always be able to sleep next to him, even when our pony came home with us. The nights I played with Sonia and her husband, I still crawled back into Master’s bed so I could sleep next to him. I had only been his kitten for a few months now, but I could not imagine falling asleep without his arms around me.

The urge to be in Master’s arms again washed over me, and I looked over at him longingly. It was not a sexual need as much as a desire to feel his love envelope me. I loved the feeling of Mandy’s arms around me, and her gentle caresses, but it was not the same as having Master hold me.

“I recognize that look,” Violet said, pulling my attention back. “Someone needs her Master.”

I looked a bit sheepish as they both smiled at me. “Go to your Master, little kitten. We have all been there,” Mandy told me. “I would like to join you in minute, if you don’t mind, but Violet’s pussy looks so tempting with his cum still dribbling out of it that I want to finish cleaning her up first.”

With a grateful smile for their understanding, I nodded and kissed Mandy again before crawling over to kiss Violet. Before the kiss ended, she moaned into my mouth as Mandy’s tongue slid inside of her juicy pussy. Knowing she was in good hands, I crawled over to Master.

“Is everything all right little kitten,” he asked as I crawled up into his lap.

I nodded and laid my head on his chest, purring as he started petting me. This was exactly what I needed. Sex was great, but his affectionate touch was far better at this point. My pussy was actually a bit sore for all the orgasms this morning.

First in the shower as Master washed me, and watching him play with all those sexy asses got me so hot that I came on his fingers right after he put my tail in. After breakfast, Anna came up behind me and licked me to several orgasms as I was eating Violet out, who decided to return the favor when I went down on Anna. Isabella started off slow, but probably made me cum more than the other two combined when we were in that sixty-nine.

I knew I would be fine after lunch, but I had overdone it in my excitement. Spending the time curled up in Master’s arms was a perfect choice. He always seemed to know exactly what I needed, and his touch could either leave me panting with desire or have me purring with contentment, half asleep as he lightly stroked me.

I lost track of the time, bostancı escort but when I finally opened my eyes, I saw Mandy’s face inches from mine. She had curled up next to Master with her head on his chest, and from her contented look, was getting the same loving caresses that he was giving me.

A moment later her eyes opened and she smiled at me. “I can see why you enjoy this so much. His fingers are almost magical. I felt like I was drifting on a cloud there for a while, but now I feel energized again, and a bit horny to be honest.”

“That would be my fault,” Master said as we looked up at him. “The human body is fascinating. Depending on how and where you touch someone, you can put them in a blissful, dream like state, drive them wild with arousal, or cause intense pain. Aaron came by a few minutes ago to let us know lunch was almost ready, so I shifted to a more arousing touch to wake you both up.”

I saw Mandy’s eyes go wide as she looked up at Master in shock. “I didn’t realize I had been here that long. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Let’s get the two of you dressed for lunch and I will tell you more about it,” He said as he patted my bottom. I kissed him lightly before crawling off his lap and heading to where I had left my outfit. Mandy did the same before they got up to follow me.

As Master knelt down to brush the sand off me before putting my boots on, I sighed. I loved the island, but I did not like having to walk everywhere. I still had not managed to get all the sand out of the fur after crawling around on the beach last night.

Master helped me slip my boots on as he started talking again. “More years ago than I care to remember, my first wife convinced me to take a Tantric massage class with her. We had only been married for a couple years, but I was working long hours as I was building my business and she said she wanted something to increase the intimacy of our limited time together. I learned the real reason several months later, when I found out she was sleeping with the instructor, and the affair had started about a month after we started the classes.”

“Her lies destroyed our marriage, but I did learn a lot about how to please a woman,” he concluded as he helped slip my gloves on. Master had never talked about his first wife, but I could hear the pain in his voice as he spoke of her betrayal.

When I had asked to join Amanda in playing with Teodoro the first time, he had simply smiled and told me to have fun. He had even set up the first man to play with me after I became his pet. I don’t know if his opinion had changed because he was used to sharing Elizabeth and Amanda, but I knew that both of his ex-wives had lied about their affairs and it had hurt him. His only concern when I asked to play was that I would find someone else I preferred to play with.

Once I was dressed, I wrapped my arms around him, kissed him, and licked his neck as I nuzzled into it. We had not been together long, but I knew I would never leave him. I enjoyed my other lovers, but he was the one who made me feel safe and loved. I wished I could show him how much I loved him and I considered my other lovers as gifts from him.

I snuggled against his side as we walked off to lunch, and smiled when Mandy did the same on the other side. Eventually I would get him past his fear of being abandoned, I just had to make him see I would always come back.

When we got to the dining hall, Kiera was already waiting next to Master’s chair, with Julien sitting next to her casually stroking her hair. Master patted my bottom, telling me to go join them and he would get our lunches. I sighed as I was finally able to drop back to my knees and crawl again. I would have found it degrading before I became a kitten, but it seems so right that I preferred it now.

Crawling over to the table, I put my head in Julien’s lap and started purring when he reached down to pet me. “Hello little kitten, are you enjoying your vacation so far,” he asked as he gently stroked my hair.

I smiled as I looked up and nodded. This was the first real vacation I had even been on, and the island was beautiful. Having tons of gorgeous women to share with Master was a nice bonus as well.

“If what I saw earlier is any indication, she is enjoying her vacation quite a bit,” Kiera said with a chuckle before her eyes went wide and she dropped her head. “Sorry Master, it won’t happen again.”

I watched as Julien reached over and pulled Kiera’s chin back up. “You call me Master out of habit little one, but Alonso is your Master now. Hope was telling Faith about him giving you permission to speak freely, and they were rather excited to be able to talk to one of their patients for feedback finally. No one is going to punish you for anything without talking to Alonso first.”

Master showed up at the end of Julien’s speech and set our plates down for us as he took his seat. “Aaron told her the same thing this morning. sancaktepe escort Hopefully hearing it from you will help it sink in,” I heard Master say as I crawled under the table to my plate.

“Give her a few days,” Julien replied. “It is hard to break an old habit, but that one should be easier than most. I did want to ask if you have thought about the Marta situation though.”

Master glanced down at me and I nodded. He was worried about me not getting enough attention with the new pets, but I knew that would never be an issue. I think I wanted Marta to come home with us more than he did.

“She is a sweet girl, and my kitten seems excited to have her join us, so I would be happy to have her stay with us,” Master told him.

“It will be a bit more than that,” Julien chuckled. “I am basically giving her to you indefinitely, as I have no idea when I will have trainers ready to work with my little birds. My only request is you not let anyone breed her for the first couple years, as being pregnant might interfere with her going to school. Once she finishes her degree, she can schedule advanced studies classes around being pregnant if needed.”

“That won’t be a problem. I think Sonia and Kiera will be giving me plenty of grandchildren without adding Marta to the mix right away.” Master replied. “Bernardo may be disappointed, only having two girls to knock-up, but I am sure he will get over it. I am not even sure if Sonia has decided if her husband will be allowed to play with Marta.”

“Only when I am there,” Sonia said as she took a seat at the table. “I think giving him free access to Kiera’s luscious little body is more than enough. For anyone else, we have to be together.”

“I did want to ask where you get the outfits for your pets though,” she added with a look at Julien. “My husband loved watching Elizabeth and Amanda run around in theirs, so I was hoping I could find something similar. I imagine he would love it, at least until I am too big to wear it.”

“Katherine and Isabella make all of my pet’s outfits,” Julien replied. “With you being a special guest we may be able to arrange something though.”

Julien looked back to Master, “Katherine did ask if she could make a new outfit for Felicia, and I told them I would talk to you about it. Felicia is your pet, so you would have to give them permission, and I was not sure if she can wear real fur.”

Master reached down at stroked my hair. “Would you like Katherine to make you outfits like your sisters have? It is up to you little kitten.”

I looked down at my gloves and boots as I pulled out my teletype device. They were starting to wear down, having been fairly low quality faux fur in the first place, but I would rather have them make Sonia her outfit, so that is what I asked.

“No you don’t little kitten,” Sonia replied immediately. “I will convince Julien to have her make me an outfit, even if I have to ask him claim me as a pet. I promised Bernardo that I would spend my nights with Alonso, but I am free to play with anyone else during the day. The offer was for your outfit, and yours is falling apart.”

I looked over at Julien, who smiled back at me. “Sonia will get her outfit little one. I won’t claim her as a pet, and she may want to talk to the others before offering to be initiated as one of my pets, but we will make an arrangement between the two of us. I know they have plenty of white fur left from Sophia’s kitten outfit.”

“I don’t really want the corset, but I would love to accept. Could they maybe do a bikini instead for when I have to go out in public,” I typed. “The boots, gloves and tail are all I wear around the house, as I love having Master be able to touch the rest of my body.”

“I am sure that Katherine is more than able to do whatever kind of outfit you wish. You can discuss it with her after lunch if you wish to,” Julien replied. “They have some free time before their exercise class, which, by the way, you are all more than welcome to join while you are here, and should be able to get your ideas for an outfit situated.”

“I would also like to invite you to join us at the lagoon on Friday for a day of jet skiing and snorkeling,” he said and I heard a collective gasp from the rest of the pets. I glanced around and saw them all looking at Julien with big smiles on their faces. “The pets love snorkeling and have not gone in a couple weeks, so I thought it would be a good way to enjoy the day. Alonso, if you wish to take advantage of the other entertainment options, just let one of the trainers know and they will arrange it.”

“I think the lagoon would be a perfect plan for Friday,” Master told Julien. “We had planned on spending most of our vacation relaxing on the beach and enjoying each other, but I did promise to take them snorkeling. They did not have much interest in fishing, but I would still like to get them out on the ocean at least.”

“We can take care of that zeytinburnu escort pretty easily,” Julien chuckled. “I take a few of the pets out in my boat every weekend, just cruising around usually, but we can do some water sports if you want. I have skis, wake boards and a couple tubes we can pull behind the boat for a bit of variety.”

My head jerked up from my lunch when I heard tubes. My husband and I had never been able to afford a real vacation, but I fondly remembered our short trips along the Italian coast. My favorite memories were of bouncing around in an inner tube on a charted water skiing trip, but it was a sad memory as well, because it was our last trip before the accident. Having already put my teletype device away, I reached over and shook Master’s leg with a quite ‘raow’ to get his attention.

“You like the idea of going for a boat ride now little kitten,” he asked. I had not thought about it in years, but I suddenly wanted to experience that kind of joy again with my new family. Putting on the pleading look he was so familiar with, I nodded excitedly.

“I think we have found our weekend activity then,” he said as he reached down to stroke my cheek. “Are you going to join us Sonia?”

She appeared a bit hesitant as I looked over at her with the same pleading look I had given Master. “I’m not sure what has you so excited, but I can tell you really want me to go with you so I am in sweetie.”

I hopped up and kissed her before turning to kiss Master. With both of them, it was going to be perfect. I was pretty much done with my lunch, so I licked Master’s cheek and looked over at Katherine with a ‘raow.’

“Go ahead little kitten; I know you need to talk to Katherine about your new outfit. I will see you at the exercise yard a bit later,” he told me.

I nodded and kissed him again before crawling over to where Katherine was sitting with Isabella and the twins, placing my head in her lap as Hope talked with her. “Sorry Kat, we did not want to bother you with it, but they are getting too tight.”

“Don’t worry Mon Chéri. We knew that we would have to alter your outfits quite a few times, and even make new ones as needed until you finish growing. Your boots were designed with that in mind so it will only take a couple hours to replace the soles. In the future, I want you to tell one of us as soon as you have an issue with your outfits though. Master would paddle my ass if he knew your outfits were not fitting right, and unlike you sexy little trollops, I don’t enjoy it,” Katherine said as she stroked my hair. “Just come back to our workshop with us after our workout this afternoon and we can have you both fixed up before dinner, okay?”

“Thanks Katherine,” Faith replied. “Maybe we can thank you properly tomorrow night, unless you were spending the night with our new Master.”

“That would be a lovely idea. He has not said anything, but we can always ask the lovely little kitten in my lap if she knows who her Master wants to play with tomorrow,” Katherine told her. “I am kind of hoping her visit is about her new outfit though.”

I smiled up at Katherine and nodded as I pulled my teletype device out. “It is, but I can make sure you are free tomorrow night if you want to play with the twins. Master has been letting me pick our playmates, so I can ask someone else to spend the night tomorrow, and have you and Isabella spend the night with us on Saturday.”

“That sounds perfect,” Katherine purred. “Now, did Mater give permission for us to make you a new outfit? You would look so much better in custom made pieces.”

“He said it was my choice actually,” I typed in. “I don’t really want a full outfit though. Being bare has its advantages, as I love lying across Master lap and feeling his fingers trail over my stomach or back. Julien said you might be able to make a matching bikini though, for when I have to go out in public with Master.”

“That will be easy enough to do sweetie. If you are available for the next hour or so, we can go back to our workshop and get your measurements taken,” Katherine told me.

Master must have known I would need to be measured, and that was why he told me he would see me at the yard later. I also knew it would not take an hour to get my measurements and was hoping she had other plans for the rest of that time.

When I nodded, she ran her fingers down my back before getting up. “We should be able to get started on your outfit tonight after dinner. I would like to get started this afternoon, but we need to fix the twins boots first. Crazy girls have been walking around in shoes that are too small and never said anything,” she told me as we walked out of the dining area.

She saw my grimace when I had to stand up, and gave my outfit a calculated look over as we walked across the pens. Once we got to her work cabin, she had me strip and stand up on a small raised platform as she started taking my measurements.

“I noticed that you seem to prefer crawling, are you really attached to the idea of having the mid-thigh boots,” she asked as she went about her work. The thigh high boots were the only ones they had in my size when I found them, but I was not really attached to the style. Realizing she had stopped and was looking up at me waiting for an answer, I shrugged.

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