A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 08

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A Latex Crossdressers Dream. Part 8. “Rubber wife’s Rubber Party Plan”

I woke up early the next morning refreshed. I was quite an active guy so only needed a good 6 hours and I was good to go. I had left the girls downstairs and gone to bed and when I awoke there was no sign of the girls. Only 2 more empty wine bottles so I suspected they had gone to bed drunk together so as not to disturb my beauty sleep lol. I popped my head around one of the spare room doors and sure enough they were both fats asleep and to be honest it was un usual to see them both naked, still an arousing sight nut I resisted the temptation to wake them with an erection as I had things to do and knew that with Karen stopping over there would be some action later.

I went to my laptop and added a group on messenger called “Latex Wife Party2. I selected all the invitees and then detailed my plans, however I left out the invitation to the lovely latex cam girl and her well-endowed partner Alex as I wanted this to be surprise to the group, so I messaged them privately and asked them to be discrete if they ever met any of the others at the Temptations club.

The usual conditions applied.

1 Fetish wear only.

2 Bring a bottle or a toy.

3 Leave your inhibitions at home.

4 Anything goes apart from the obvious exclusions of dirty play , animals etc ( we were all kinky but not depraved).

5 Secrecy is a must.

6 Usual respect and politeness expected.

7 I can’t fucking wait lol.

Although it was early morning and I didn’t really expect any replies it was Karen upstairs who was first to respond.

“Hi babe in shower while wifey sleeps the wine off, I also cant fucking wait, xxx”

Other replies came as I thought , does nobody have a lie in anymore?

“Already prepped my lovely friend Karin for the events, I also cant fucking wait, (laughing emoji, winking emoji, kiss emoji)xx Su.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world you naughty caring rubberman, your wifey will love you forever babe xx Denise.”

Well it was obviously as success in the planning and inviting stage but I knew I would have to pull something special off to beat my wife’s party that she had thrown for me and where my latex adventures truly began. I had a very ambitious plan in mind but also one that I thought would be a big challenge but an amazing result if my plan came to fruition.

My wife was off on Monday to a nursing convention in Aberdeen, of all places, so I knew she would be away for the whole 5 days and then the weekend after would be her party. So I would have to keep her out of the garage for a week before her birthday as I intended to use this to create a special naughty rubber room to hold the party in, I think it was originally meant to be a summer room on the plans and that why it was so large and ran nearly along half the length of the side of the house. To be honest this shouldn’t be a problem as she hadn’t been in there in 10 months as all my power tools and the joinery stuff I kept over the years was stored in there.

The garage was quite large, enough for possibly 4 cars and all the stuff stored at the back, we had another outhouse so I could move all the junk and create an open space approx 10 x 10 metres, quite a large space and easily enough to accommodate a dozen or so deviants I thought. I had done garage conversions in the past and managed quite easily alone however I did think why I should do it alone when there were strapping volunteers available. I messaged Ky privately and explained the need for secrecy, he agreed and said he would be round Monday afternoon to help.

I pulled up my local building supply firm and began tapping in what I would need. A whopping £2000 later I decided I had what I needed and wondered if the expense would be worth it, but then thought of course it would as it would be part of the house and available for use after the party. The adult’s latex liaison room had a lovely ring to it.

I then had to source some of my favourite material, Latex sheeting as I need quite a lot of it. Amazingly it was quite easy to source and not as expensive as I thought, radical rubber had an extensive range of colors and thicknesses online so I placed an order for £1000. Again thinking about the expense, but to be honest we weren’t exactly poor and I would easily have spent £6000 on a holiday, and my thinking was that this would last longer and be more enjoyable than 2 weeks in the Caribbean.

My wife got to the bottom of the stairs looking a little worse for wear after the half gallon of wine she had shared with Karen the night before, she walked over and I quickly diverted her attention form the laptop screen to avoid any suspicions. I kissed her softly and husband like on her lips and smiled at her and looked her in the eyes as I thanked her for the evenings events.

“Oh babe you make me so happy I feel like we are kindred spirits and although I have always loved you, I think I love you even more now we have no sexual inhibitions or hang ups and we are enjoying sex sooo much it seems impossible.

“She smiled canlı bahis and hugged me like a wife in love would hug her husband. I asked her about the conference and she reluctantly told me that It was going to be boring but also added that she would be taking the machine as it would be lonely at night and she could face time me if I wanted her too?

“If I want you to? You must be joking babe, if you don’t I will be gutted and also hard for a week,” as we both laughed together. She didn’t look at the laptop once and said she was going to shower in the downstairs wet room as Karen was still in the upstairs bathroom and she said if she went upstairs Karen would definitely be in the mood for a bit of action and that she needs some recovery time.

“You mean you’ve got a hangover babe?” I asked. She nodded her head and frowned in mock illness as she went off to shower. As soon as she was gone I pressed the submit button on the radical rubber website and immediately got to thinking about my plan.

A mock dungeon/ medical exam room was what I had in mind and I had a brainwave, Ky worked in acquisitions at the hospital and was responsible for all the equipment all old stuff was scrapped to make way for new beds and screens and adaptations etc. I messaged him straight away asking if there was any possibility I could get my hands on any old gyno beds as they would be ideal for the medical type scenario.

“Wow mate great Fucking idea, we have 3 that I have to disassemble on Monday and send then for scrap but to be honest they are fine apart from one which is a fucked because of the legs.”

“Can I have the other Two?” I asked with some sense of urgency, not wanting this opportunity to slip by.

“Absolutely mate I will get them in the van and instead of taking them to the scrap merchants I will drop them at yours on Mon afternoon before I finish at 2, then I can help you come and move them.”

“Brilliant,” I added, “but remember Mums the word. He sent am emoji back with fingers on lips and the no hear, no say, no see monkeys. I laughed but fully understood him.

My wife appeared from the shower looking much better than she went in, I told her she smelled good enough to east but she rebuked me jokingly telling me,

“Later babe later”, as she smiled the usual all knowing smile. “By the way babe you are doing a lot of tap tapping and mooching about this morning, you are usually getting ready for golf.”

No Golf today babe, Brian is away on holiday so I thought I’d clear out some stuff in the garage I’ve been meaning to do it but haven’t had the time, you go enjoy shopping with Karen and don’t mind the noise.” As I lied to her face, but it was only a white lie, after all she would also reap the benefits of the conversion I had in mind. Off I went to the garage and as I looked round ideas sprang into my mind, gyno chairs over there, padded latex panels on the walls, one red then one black, a mock dungeon over there, latex covered sofas against the wall then latex recliners in the middle, a little bar in the corner etc etc.

My old building planner’s brain was activated and I was always good at designing things in my head, I knew how it would look before I had even started and was very happy with the available space. I had already blocked up and boxed in the garage door and installed heating when we first moved in as we were going to have a hot tub and sauna and mini gym in here, but that never happened. Besides I thought my latex party room would be a far better use of the space lol.

I guessed it would take me Three days but with the help of Ky that might be 2. I had arranged everything to be delivered on Monday afternoon so that would get to Thursday before it was finished, great I thought just enough time to polish all the latex and install the cameras and lighting before the unaware wife came home Friday night. Then the task of keeping her nose out of the garage for a week?

The girls were ready as they called out to me in the garage before they went shopping,

“John we are off now babe, can you pick us up at Two o’clock in the center of town, you know near the Westward Bound shop?” shouted my wife, knowing my ears would prick up when she mentioned her favourite fetish shop.

“Ok babe I presume you are going to spend some more of my hard earned cash?” I shouted back.

“You Know I’m worth it sexy.” She shouted back.

“Ok babe see you a t 2 o’clock, by the way take it easy on the wine over lunch I don’t want you to be overtired later.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean babe,” as she laughed her way down the drive with Karen towards the waiting cab.

Girls off on another shopping spree which would no doubt involve something bought for the rest of the weekend , I really don’t know what else they could buy that would make my eyes widen I think over the past few weeks I have send done it all, with everybody lol. But then there was the other die of my brain telling me that she had gone shopping with Karen who was completely insatiable and it was spreading to my wife, not that I was complaining as it bahis siteleri saved me going to the gym with the amount of sexercise I was involved in lol.

Back into the garage and I had nearly cleared the space entirely as my phone alarm went off at 1 , it was only a ten minute drive to town and with the sex plan going round in my head it made me feel quite horny and curious about what the afternoon would bring, I really wished that the room was ready so I could try it out this afternoon with the girls. No John, be patient I told myself, it would all be worth it for the big reveal in 2 weeks’ time.

I went for a quick shower and did my usual routine of making sure my cock and balls were smooth as could be, I used a bit of immac to make sure the job was superbly done. I decided I would wear some latex underneath my sports gear to surprise the girls, I knew they would be horny after spending an hour in a sex shop. I slipped on my blue latex sheath pants with rear anal sheath and this had the immediate effect of engorging my cock, it was all I could not to empty my load into them before setting off. I added a black basque and stockings but couldn’t wear a hood as I was driving and was pretty sure I may get arrested for being a terrorist or something if I was driving down the high street in a gimp hood, lol. I did however slide on a pair of elbow length very glossy black gloves as I thought this would catch their attention when they got in the car. On went my tracksuit bottoms and a polo shirt then a casual sport zip up jacket and you would never know that I was dressed like a slutty latex tranny underneath my clothes, apart from the giveaway hands and fingers coated in glossy black rubber.

Off I went into town for the Ten minute drive and as I drove I was feeling very naughty, almost as if I was actually driving in just the slutty latex gear I had on but it felt deliciously wrong to be driving wearing the outfit and concealing it from others. I stopped right outside the Westward Bound store and popped my horn, the girls came out laden down with bags and my cock stirred, curious as to what they had been buying to enjoy the rest of the weekend. They jumped in and Karen got in the back with all the bags, my wife gave me the usual peck on the cheek greeting then exclaimed!

“You won’t believe what we’ve got form this trip?” with a big smile and a sly glance at Karen who was also smiling like a Cheshire cat in the back seat. “It’ll all be a nice sexy surprise for later babe, but enough to say it does involve your favourite subjects,” she laughed out loud whilst still eyeing Karen.

I didn’t even question her as I drove off, truth be told I would rather it be a surprise than trying to guess what the rampant pair were up to.

As I drove out of town my wife made idle conversation.

“So what have you been up to babe, what with no golf I bet you’ve been bored without the nurses around,” she teased, but as she reached across to squeeze my thigh as though to jest with me about being bored her hand felt the tight latex suspender clip holding up my rubber stockings. She slid her hand a foot in either direction on my thigh to confirm her original suspicions that I was indeed already in rubber for the action at home. She reached further and stroked my semi hard cock and said,

“I hope this is all ready for the rest of the day too babe?” As she turned to Karen and gave her an update, “Naughty rubber slut is already dressed for some latex fun later Karen, isn’t he a naughty horny boy?”

“I’m hoping he will be a very very naughty rubber boy for the rest of today my sweet lover.”

That was the trigger for my cock to swell and fill the sheath, driving with a raging hard on in latex lingerie is not easy, as my mind wondered about what scenarios they were dreaming up while out shopping. It was obvious they had topped up on a little wine at lunch as they were both mischievous on the way home, trying to drop hints as to what they had discussed as they were out shopping. I tried to concentrate on the driving but picked up on a couple of subtle suggestions regarding restraint and possible fisting apparatus. I stayed quiet but intrigued and to be honest could have pulled over down a quiet country road and fucked them both there and then, however I remained restrained, aware of my need and the girls desire to have me come at least 3 times before the end of the day, but over 6 or 7 hours wouldn’t be a problem with the help of my little blue pills.

Drive way in sight and as I pulled into the drive my wife commented on the junk I had already removed as it was stacked up at the side of the garage waiting to be taken to the tip tomorrow.

“Oh babe look at all that junk, hope it’s all gone by next week when I get back from the conference, it looks untidy, you should have left it in the garage, why you want the garage de-cluttered anyway? It was all out of sight out of mind in there.”

“Don’t worry sweet wife I’m thinking of doing what we originally discussed, you know, a hot tub, big TV a bar and a chill place. It won’t be a mess for long in fact I’m hoping bahis şirketleri to have it done for your birthday.” As I looked in the mirror I saw a slight grin on Karen’s face, she knew what I was planning but couldn’t let it slip.

“Well enough about that, you have something to eat babe you might need some energy, Karen and I will go unpack the shopping with a glass or two then we will be down in a bit, or shout you to come up if we need to,” laughing and joking the pair scampered inside with the bags with a short stop at the wine cooler to grab a bottle and two glasses, then off upstairs they went like they were going to hide xmas presents so the kids couldn’t find them.

“Oh John forgot to tell you I’ve left you a present in the back door of the car, try it for later sexy. “As her pert ass swayed up the last two steps and disappeared round the corner towards the spare room she was using.

Really I thought to myself, that’s very nice, or naughty of her, knowing Karen it would be something very naughty. I went to the car and pulled the black plastic bag from the door well where she had been sitting and came back inside. Opened the package and was quite impressed, it was a pair of men’s tights in clear rubber with attached sheaths both front and rear, except at the front the sheath was open at the end and it also had a large loose piece of rubber attached , when I unraveled this it was a hood attached to the briefs, I had seen these on some internet porn and loved watching the girls suck the cocks with the attached hood and could wait for the girls upstairs to try this, the same latex color of t-shirt with holes in front for my nipples and a new sexy hood but with no zipper at the back just a pull on hood with no actual holes at the front apart from a small rubber valve sticking out from the front. Not sure what this was I immediately googled the hood and was very curious about what they had planned when it mentioned breath play, it seemed that you wore the hood and your partner controlled your breathing as it heightened the sensitivity to sexual stimulus. Come to think of it I had seen videos on breath play and it wasn’t something I’d ever thought of, but both that and choking in a controlled environment seemingly raised the level of sexual excitement in the brain. Still a bit unsure as they knew I would be I got a text from my wife, who was only upstairs so could have come down and told me.

“Just a little experiment babe, hope you want to try the hood, but no worries if you don’t your still gonna get fucked xxx.”

“I think I’ll be ok in your capable hands.” I wrote back with a wink wink emoji.

“Give it 15 mins then come upstairs babe,”( kiss kiss shocked, face emoji).

The shocked face emoji was curious, what on earth were they planning? Obviously it was new otherwise there wouldn’t be the secrecy. Still it was all in motion so I drew all the blinds in case the action spilled downstairs and I took off my outdoor clothes, admiring once again my reflection in the various mirrors, my cock now jutting proudly out from my latex ensemble and If I say so myself I was looking hot and horny.

I used the 15 mins wait widely and opened up a memo on my phone to check the people I had invited, I calculated that the converted garage would be well spacious enough for 10-12 people to enjoy themselves without being cramped, so I made a list of invitees. Apparently Ky was now available and had cancelled his porn shoot because he so wanted to come to my wife’s party, so the list I had was.

Ky and Jane


Karen and Laura the estate agent


Su and Karin

Wifey and Me

Alex and Greta

Wow brilliant there would be plenty of room even for a couple of last minute invitees should anything happen before then.

Beep beep went my phone, another text from my wife who was only upstairs for god’s sake, but this one was designed to make me hard with anticipation I think as the pic was of both girls wearing identical strap on dildos, the usual soft jelly type and obviously designed for the ass as they were both curved to stimulate the prostate. Over the past few weeks I had developed a liking of being pegged and my wife had obviously cottoned on to this and made the appropriate purchases today. The pic excited me and my cock achieved a further level of hardness, although I wish I had used the cock pump to make it really big and hard? Maybe later I thought.

I had one final glance in the mirror and made my way upstairs, I pushed open the door wide as if to make a grand entrance and the girls were stood looking straight at me, slowly masturbating their new toys with lube, to be honest my outfit had took a tumble visually with the large hood dangling in front of my cock but I knew this would be put to good use, lol.

“MMMmmmmm babe you look like you’re ready for anything we can throw at you,” said my wife as she stood slightly legs apart in full black glossy rubber stockings, panties with zipper, basque and the short medical gloves only in black, a matching black hood completed the ensemble and the luscious Karen was stood next to her, identical in every way apart from the fact she had chosen red. The sexy clear rubber dildos were glistening with the lube they had used and they looked very predatory as I approached them.

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