A New Direction Ch. 03

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Holly May

Dawn surveyed her spare room, boxes spread all over the floor shaking her head she thought to herself `How on earth am I going to sort all this out for the new car boot season.` Cursing out loud as the bottom dropped out of one of the boxes scattering items all over the place.

Sighing deeply Dawn picked up her phone “Hi Holly how’s it going?”

“Hi Dawn I`m good thanks, what can I do for you.”

“I need a hand to sort out my car boot stuff, any chance you could help me out?”

“OK as I have nothing better to do I will pop round, see you in about an hour.”

“Ah thanks sis I`ll get the kettle on.” Dawn put her phone down and headed for her kitchen.

Holly arrived at her sister’s house feeling jealous Dawn had everything she craved, a good home a husband in a very good job, and the one thing she desired most a seemingly endless supply of cash. Taking a deep breath Holly walked into her sister’s kitchen “Thanks for coming I really need help it’s all over the place.” Dawn beamed at her “How is the job hunting going?”

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I have an interview on Monday at St Peter`s doctors surgery they require a receptionist.”

“Some good news for you Holly at last, good luck with that.”

After exchanging more small talk Dawn led her to the task in hand. The sorting took a while, Dawn had accumulated a lot of stuff over the winter.

“Nearly done over here Dawn, just the cds to sort out now.” Holly said

“Aw thanks Hol` I don`t know what I`d do without your help, I will go and pop the kettle on.”

Holly watched as her tall slender sister departed the room. Facially they looked similar both sisters had the same brown eyes and wavy brunette hair. It was in height and build where they differed Holly was five foot two while her older sister was nearly six foot tall. Although you couldn`t call Holly fat curvy certainly fitted the bill.

`Good grief there is some old crap here` she thought as she restacked the cds into a new box. It was then suck to an old Abba cd she saw a business card.

“Randy Jones adult entertainment and model agency.” She read out loud as Dawn walked in with the tea “Where did you get this? Something you want to tell me Dawn?” Holly tormented.

“Oh at my last car boot I was approached by a sleaze ball who said he wanted me to appear in a film with him.”

“Really that’s random, what did you do?”

“I slapped him and told him to do one.” Dawn laughed “Throw it in the trash bag and forget it.” As Dawn turned away Holly inexplicably put the card in her pocket.

Monday morning Holly dressed ready for her interview carefully picking out a smart black suit and a red blouse. She picked up some tights and after thinking about it decided on black stockings. Smoothing her skirt down Holly looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled to herself `perfect and professional` she thought.

Holly arrived at the surgery in plenty of time as she sat waiting she watched as another applicant left the interview room.

A lady aged about fifty came out “Holly May.” She shouted in a rather gruff tone.

“I`m Holly.” She announced as she stood up.

“Come in please, I`m Mrs Hastings the head receptionist.”

Holly felt the older woman give her a disapproving glance and the interview that followed was held in a negative fashion. Whatever answers she gave Holly knew there was no way this woman would give her a job.

She left the surgery deflated and sure enough shortly after arriving home her phone rang with the expected news.

Another sympathetic phone call from Dawn got Holly thinking…

James opened up the little studio for the first time in over a month. Randy had been away in France filming and was arriving later to resume his experimental reality series.

He jumped as the phone rang expecting it to be Randy he was taken aback to hear a woman on the other end especially seeing they had not pursued any leads or tried to find any talent.

“Hi are you still seeking models?” a rather nervous girl asked.

“Yes the Randy Jones agency is always looking for models, do you have any experience or a portfolio?” James asked switching to his professional telephone mode

“Oh err no is that a problem?” Holly stuttered.

“No not at all we prefer that to be honest it means you will have no bad habits that we will have to correct.” James answered trying to keep the girl on the phone. “Would you like to pop up to the studio have a look around, we can show you examples of our work and maybe do some test shots.”

“Test shots?”

“Oh just some simple photos to see how you look on film nothing drastic, and then we can talk about which modelling path is right for you with absolutely no obligation.”

“Ok that sounds fine when would you want me to come to see you?” Holly asked a little more at ease.

“Well we have a slot available this afternoon at three O`clock if you are interested?”

“Three, Yeah I can make that ok.”

“Right I put you in for three then what`s your name please.”

“Holly May.”

“Ok Zonguldak Escort Holly I have to ask you how old are you please.”

“I`m twenty four is that too old?”

“No Holly that’s perfect we have models on our books a lot older that, so we will look forward to seeing you at three then.”

“Oh before you go what do you want me to wear?”

“Holly wear anything you feel comfortable in.”

“Ok thanks bye.” She put the phone down not really believing what she had just done `Dawn will be angry if she finds out but I really need a job of some sort` she mused

Randy arrived at the studio relaxed and tanned after a month in the south of France.

“Hey James how’s it going?” He called as he saw his sidekick.

“Randy welcome back.”

After passing pleasantries James gave him the news that a young lady was coming over that afternoon.

“What she just called out of the blue?” He asked amazed.

“Yep about ten minutes ago, I thought it was going to be you on the phone.” James laughed.

“Blimey, What do we know about her?”

“Nothing apart from she`s called Holly, twenty four and has never done any modelling before!”

“Oh well this could be interesting, better get set up quickly then.” Randy then added “Oh I almost forgot Marcus is coming over in a bit he wanted to have a look at our set up.”

James nodded “The more the merrier.” Then after a pause “That would be interesting if we could get him involved in the action.”

“Jesus yeah he’s even bigger than me too much for a newbie I would have thought.” As Randy pondered the thought of his black American co-star doing a cameo on the reality program.

Marcus arrived and noticed James fixing lights and cameras “Hey fella`s you have one of your shoots planned for today?” As he set his briefcase down onto Randy`s desk.

“Hi Marcus good to see you.” James replied as he gazed up from his camera “Well we aren’t sure yet it depends on how the interview pans out.”

“That’s what makes this project so interesting, anything can happen.” Randy interjected “Here have a look at the last two videos we shot.” He pressed play on his laptop and handed it to Marcus.

Marcus watched the two completed videos intently. “Well that’s really something, fresh I like this idea.” “Mind if I stick around and see how this goes this afternoon, I will try not to get in your way.”

“Yes ok mate you can watch and listen from studio 2, I don`t want to frighten the girl off with too many of us here.” Randy said as Marcus nodded in agreement.

“If she is any good I might have a job for her in my next project, I could do with some new stars” He laughed but Randy knew he meant it from a previous conversation.

Holly`s mood had mellowed somewhat as she hopped on the bus and headed into town `12a higher street funny address for a studio` she thought as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Her hand shook with nerves as she pressed the bell. Before she could turn tail and run the door opened.

“Hi you must be Holly, I`m James please come on in.” He ushered her inside she stepped in her eyes wide and looking around at the pictures hanging on the walls in what was obviously a reception area.

Randy sat behind his desk and watched as the smartly dressed young woman nervously entered `I think I have seen her before` he thought to himself then dismissed it. “Good afternoon Holly and welcome to my studio, my name is Randy please come and take a seat”

Holly stared at the man behind the desk as she sat down he was tanned and really good looking, not the sleazy old git she was half expecting to see.

“Can I get you a drink Holly, we have water, coke, tea, coffee or some wine.” James asked

“Some water please James.” She replied he crossed the room to a small fridge and brought back an unopened bottle of mineral water. “Thanks she replied.”

“Right tell me what sort of modelling you are interested in doing.”

“Well I thought of fashion but I know I`m not the right build for that so I thought I could do swimwear or lingerie you know like in a catalogue.” She stammered.

“Ok we do have clients for that kind of market and certainly can help you in that direction.”

Feeling a little more at ease she asked “How much money could I earn doing that kind of work?”

“Depending on the client anything up to five thousand a shoot but it’s a long road to get that kind of money as the clients I deal with pay their models partly in commission.” Pausing “It means that say if you did a shoot today you might not get any money for a couple of months” He watched her reaction.

Holly sighed and brushed her hair aside with her hand. “So you don’t get paid straight away then.”

“Not usually but if you need money quickly there are other options, you know an agency such as mine has contacts in all areas of modelling.”

“Other areas.” She asked.

“Well there is adult glamour work and we do a lot of adult video work, the video work pays really well and quickly.”

“How quickly does that pay?”

“Well if we Zonguldak Escort Bayan made, a video in our studio now you would get paid as soon as it finished in cash and I guarantee you follow on work.” Randy said confidently.

“What? How much? What would I have to do?” She stammered not prepared for the way the meeting was heading her need for cash was starting to cloud her judgement and Randy knew it.

“Well how much cash depends on what you are comfortable doing, would you like to see some of our work?”

“Err yes I guess it wouldn’t do any harm I suppose.” Holly answered as her mind started working overtime.

Not wanting to put her off he selected a soft demo video of the two shoots featuring Emma and Caroline. He watched her as she watched the edited action on his lap top.

Holly sipped at her water as the action unfolded and one part of her brain was saying get out and the other was saying try it you need the money.

“Can you really get me follow on work and can you prove it?”

“Yes of course and I can prove it.” Randy said he reached into a draw on his desk and passed over a file.

Holly flicked through it and clearly saw pictures of the girl called Emma in different outfits and locations her thoughts were interrupted by Randy

“Would you like to talk to one of the girls yourself and ask her your questions?”


Randy switched on skype on his lap top and called Emma “Hi Randy what can I do for you?” a female voice sounded out.

“Emma I have a potential Model here she would like to ask you some questions if that’s ok.”

“Yeah that’s fine Randy put her on.”

He swung the laptop around and left Holly to it as he went to get a drink.

“Emma I`m Holly I just want to know is he true to his word I don`t want to become a casting couch victim if you know what I mean.”

“Hi Holly he is totally on the level I promise I thought the same but I haven’t regretted a thing I`m working on a film in Monaco at the moment.” Pausing Emma added “Oh and he won’t force you into doing anything you don`t want to either it is really up to you.”

“Ok Emma thanks.”

“No problem enjoy yourself I did.” With that Emma signed off.

Seeing her a little more at ease James piped up “Holly come into studio one and have a look around.”

She nodded got up and followed him, a large bed stood in the middle of the brightly lit studio.

“This is our main studio set up.” James said as Holly stared at the cameras and lights “There is a changing room at the end of the room with a shower.”

Again Holly just nodded as James was talking he led her back to the reception table.

“Well what do you think then Holly?” Randy asked.

“I don`t know really Randy it’s not what I intended doing.”

“I`m guessing that you could do with some quick cash. So if you agree to do some test video work with us today?” Pausing “You will leave here with the cash and possibly a follow on job as well.”

Holly pondered the thought of cash hell that is something she did need “Ok I will try it.” She replied.

Randy handed her some papers “These are release forms, legal documents that allow me to sell the videos, pictures and it also insures you get paid any extra royalties.”

Holly nodded and signed the papers. “Relax you`ll be fine.” James said in a soothing voice. As he led her back to the studio.

Once in the studio James discreetly switched on the video cameras as he picked up his still camera. “Ok Holly relax and follow my lead.” “Right look at me.” Click went the camera as she did as she was told.

“That`s great now turn and look over your shoulder at me.” Click, click went the camera “lovely they are nice shots the camera loves you.” James gushed with practiced ease.

“Ok I`m switching the camera to video mode now so keep relaxed and focus on my directions.”

While Holly and James got on with the initial shoot Randy popped into studio two to see Marcus “Sorry it’s a bit drawn out gentle persuasion is often required.”

“Hey, it`s cool man I am intrigued as too how far she will go.” Marcus replied as he gazed at the live feed from studio one.

“Do you fancy a turn with her?” Randy asked his friend “If the situation occurs of course.” He added

“Hell man let`s see what develops, we don`t want to push it too soon.”

“Ok I`m going into studio one now I call you if I think it’s a go.”

“Right I will watch on with interest then.” Marcus said as Randy headed out of the studio.

Randy stood in the door way as James continued to direct Holly in soft poses. “Holly you’re doing very well you’re a natural now slide your suit jacket off slowly.” She dropped the jacket onto the floor “Perfect now undo the buttons and leave it open.” Holly`s hand was starting to shake as she complied, the nerves kicking in again.

“Holly slowly pull the opening apart and take it off.” As if she was on autopilot again she did as she was asked. James gasped as her red bra came into view giving a tantalising glimpse of the full breasts encased in the Escort Zonguldak lacy materiel.

“You`re doing great Holly, now the skirt.” Holly found herself again complying with James`s request. The skirt soon joined the rest of her clothes on the floor Randy licked his lips as he watched the petit brunette in her matching red underwear and black stockings.

Holly still couldn`t believe she was doing this but despite her initial reservations found she was getting quite a thrill from it. “Are you ok Holly?” James asked, Holly nodded “Are you ok to carry on?” Again Holly didn`t say anything but nodded her head.

James upped the ante and directed her into more risqué poses. He got her to push her tits together and rub her hands over them. And the then directed her to lay back on the bed and caress her panty clad pussy. She moaned slightly and James could see moisture beginning to form on the red lace covering her slit.

Holly no longer cared about the camera and when the smoothly spoken James suggested she should play with her pussy properly. There was no hesitation on her part and she pushed the panties to one side and gave her fingers access to her now wet pussy. James smiled as he saw her clean shaven smooth pussy.

He zoomed the camera in as Holly lost herself in the pleasure she was giving herself. He could see her glistening slit as she worked her fingers on her clit. Randy slipped out quietly went to his desk and retrieved a small silver vibrator discreetly he handed it to James.

James in turn switched it on, moved around the writhing girl and placed it in her left hand. Holly stirred out of her trance like state looked at the buzzing object confused for a second. Realising what it was she brought the throbbing tip to her clit. Instinctively Holly worked the buzzing toy on her clit then moved it down slowly parting her folds and thrusting it into her hot channel.

James carried on filming the action delighted at the way she was letting go of her inhibitions.

“That`s good Holly you`re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Ooh yes.” She panted in reply. As she worked the toy over her mound and clit.

They let her work herself up a bit more then as she tired from a small orgasm and dropped the toy Randy decided to take over.

Quietly and gently he moved over to the bed. The first Holly knew about Randy`s presence was when the toy touched her throbbing pussy lips. She gasped as she realised what was happening, one part of her brain screamed stop while the other part said go with it now you have come this far.

Holly stared down her prone body and saw Randy expertly massaging her pussy with the toy. She went to tell him to stop but all that came out of her mouth was a loud “Ooh.” As he poked the toy onto a particularly sensitive spot.

Randy lifted her legs slightly and removed the soaked panties without any protest from Holly. The vibrator constantly buzzing on her clit and pussy. As her mewing and panting came more frequent he tossed the toy aside and pulled her shapely stocking clad legs apart and clamped his mouth to the slippery gash.

Rolling his tongue over her tortured clit he then lapped down her slit sending her crazy. Holly arched her back and thrust her hips upwards seeking more of the pleasurable contact. Randy pushed his tongue as deep in the hot channel as he could her juices coating his chin.

Somehow without losing contact with her hot pussy the porn star had managed to reach the clasp on her bra. Her thirty six b tits sprang out of the restricting bra.

Of her own accord she pinched her nipples as Randy continued his assault on her sopping hole. The sensations surging through her body and mind reached their peak. Holly came with an intensity she never thought possible.

She looked down as Randy popped his head up from in between her legs. She could see his face glistening with her juices. “It looks like you enjoyed that.” He smirked at the panting brunette. “I think you should return the favour.”

He pulled the still panting girl into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Dropped his trousers his rock hard prick springing into view. Holly`s eyes bulged as the massive twelve inch cock bobbed in front of her face.

“Oh my god! That’s never real is it?” she gasped astonished.

“Go give it a kiss and tell me if it`s real.” He said with cunning daring her to take it into her mouth.

He took hold of her hand and placed it on his cock. Holly stared at it for what seemed an age then as if by magic her hand slowly started moving up and down the large shaft. Holly felt it stiffen a bit more and slowly lowered her mouth to the large bulbous tip.

Running her tongue over the sensitive glands then licking down the long shaft brought a low moan from Randy. Holly opened her mouth wider and slowly started sucking in earnest trying to bring him off quickly. Quite proud of herself for getting half the large shaft in her hot mouth she thought he won`t last long now, none of her boyfriends had ever lasted long when she gave them a blow job.

Randy brushed her long strands of hair back so the cameras could get a better view of the action. Holly really put her all into trying to bring him off taking a bit more of him into her mouth only served to trigger the gag reaction. After what seemed an age her jaw aching from the effort and weak from gagging she had to admit defeat.

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