A New Level

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I’m sorry I have taken so long since my last story submission but work and family takes its toll on all of us, I suppose 🙂

This story has a very slow buildup, which is the kind I like best. I hope you like it too. As always, any and all comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy your read!


Finally, graduation day was over and a long summer holiday beckoned. After the summer I was going away to college in a far away state, far away from my grandparents, that is. My parents died in a car accident 4 years ago and I had to move to my grandparents, meaning that while I had to deal with the loss of my parents, I also had to cope with a new school, new city, a new house — everything was new. I even lost my sister. Not that she died or anything, but she’s 5 years older than me and had already started college and left home. She lived in a dorm during her college years and only rarely came home. Mandy, as she’s called (short for Amanda), and I kept in touch through the phone and e-mails. We’ve always been close since our parents were involved in international business and often went abroad, leaving me and Mandy to fend for ourselves — meaning that Mandy was left in charge and had to take care of me.

Our parent’s death meant that I could afford any Ivy League school I wanted but my choice was to go to UCSD, since Mandy lives close by. We had already agreed that I’d stay at her house, at least for a while, so I could focus on getting started in school and learning the ropes in a Californian city which is somewhat different from an Iowa town of 3500 souls, I’m sure. Our grandparents had decided that I should stay at least half the summer with them but then the Monday after graduation, the phone rang. It was Mandy.

“Hi Sean. Congratulations to finishing school. Feels good, huh?”

“Hi Mandy. Thanks. And yes, it feels great. I can’t wait to leave this hole in the ground.”

“I’m sure. Hey, I was thinking…why do you have to stay there for another 5 weeks? Why can’t you come here right away? I can take a few weeks off, we can go somewhere and you’ll get the chance to get your bearings around here. I feel we need to reconnect since we haven’t met in so long.”

“Me too, sis. Me too. When’s the last time we met, anyway?”

“2 years ago, when I graduated. I’m so sorry Sean. I haven’t really taken care of you, have I?”

“Shut up with that nonsense, sis! You’re my sister and I love you. If I’d had the chance I’d left here years ago myself. Grandpa isn’t exactly getting easier to get along with and Granny is Granny…as long as you finish your meal and do what she says, she’s happy. If not, there’s hell to pay. Gramps is slowly pulling himself away, mentally if not physically. All he does is go to church, talk with rev. Paul and read the Bible. I understand perfectly why you couldn’t live here.”

Indeed I could. Mandy has always been a vibrant, healthy girl with a large appetite on life. Our grandparents would have tried to kill her love of life and make her into a prim, prissy goody-two-shoes, like most other girls in town. In fact, I knew only of one girl who didn’t fit that mould, Annie Clarkson, and she was generally regarded as a whore in the community. Well, she did give me my first, and only, lessons in sex — blowjobs, pussy-licking and fucking — but she never demanded any payment. She just loved sex.

She left me after 3 months, the best 3 months of my life so far, and got together with a 4-years older, ex-football star. 9 months later she had a baby and he left, to the smug contentment of most of the grown-ups in the town. Grandpa told me all about this town-slut and how bad an influence she was and how unfit she was for mother-hood and so on. He went on and on for hours. Finally, just to shut him up, I told him that I’d gone out with her for a few months and he flew into a fit. He was furious with me and even sent me to the doctor’s for a check-up — he was certain I had Syphilis or worse. That’s when life became unbearable for me.

Suddenly I heard Mandy’s voice.

“Hello! SEAN!”

“Oh sorry, sis. I just started thinking about something. What did you say?”

“Do you want to come over here sooner?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good, let me speak to Granny, then.”

I went into the kitchen and gave my grandmother the phone.

“Hello?…Mandy?” She listened for a long while.

“I’m not sure your grandfather will think that’s such a great idea…No need to be rude, young lady!…I’ll talk to him…WHAT?! Never, not if I can stop it!”

She handed me the phone back.

“Your sister must have lost her mind.”

“Hello? Mandy?”

“Eh…that didn’t go too well. They won’t let you come early. Maybe not at all. Fuck!”

“So…what can I do?”

“Do you really want to move here?”

“Of course I do.”

“Are you aware that by going you might lose contact with the old folks for good?”

“If they try to stop me from doing what’s best for me, fuck ’em!”

“That’s the spirit, little brother. Then I suggest you get your money and what kadıköy escort stuff you can put in a small bag and take the bus to the airport. I’ll arrange for tickets that you can pick up when you get there.”

“Ok. When?”

“Can you leave the house tomorrow night?”

“Sure. The old ones go to bed at 9 or 10. Nothing can wake them up.”

“Great! Get to the airport and I’ll make sure there are tickets waiting for you for a mid-morning flight. Then I’ll pick you up at the airport and we’ll take it from there. ok?”

“Sounds great, sis. I can’t wait.”

“Me too, Sean, me too. I love you.”

“Love you too, sis. See you soon.”

“Yes. Bye.”

We hung up. There was only one thing about this call that bothered me. Mandy had never before said that she loved me. At least not in that way. She talked about her ‘loved ones’ and that she ‘loved’ her family. But the words ‘I love you’ I had never before heard. But it was a good thing, I knew that.

The following day drew on forever. I had checked

the bus and knew there was one passing close by at 10.10 at night. A connecting 11.30 bus would have me at the airport by early morning, giving me plenty of time to find my tickets and my flight. The problem was that reverend Paul came over and didn’t seem to ever want to leave.

At 9.45 he finally upped and left and the old folks went to bed. I quickly went to my room, got my bag and my wallet and snuck out. I had packed two pairs of jeans, one pair of shorts, some underwear and some t-shirts. I had a sweat shirt on under my jacket and running shoes on my feet.

In my bag was also my modest stash of girlie magazines (2 Penthouses and a Hustler) and a toothbrush. That was all I wanted to bring after 4 years in this house. Nobody stirred as a crept through the house and out the front door. I locked the door and left for the bus stop. My adventure had started!


When I debarked the plane I went to the arrival’s gate and looked around for Mandy. I couldn’t see her anywhere, but suddenly my eyes caught something that made me forget all about my sister. A woman, a vision stood less than 30 feet away. She had her back to me and what a back! A perfectly shaped ass barely hidden under extremely tight low-rider jeans that were so low I saw almost an inch of the crack of her ass. The jeans were so tight they must have been poured onto her skin and hugged her thighs and legs. On her feet she wore expensive-looking brown high-heeled boots and on top a shiny white t-shirt. Her auburn hair fell to her shoulders and shone like copper. She turned around and the first thing I saw was her breasts pushing the material of her shirt. The shirt opened in a V in front showing a slight, but tantalizing cleavage and what looked to be a pair of breasts of perfect shape and size. My eyes went upwards to a full mouth, a straight nose and emerald-green eyes. I felt my cock twitch at the sight of this angel descended to us to show us the meaning of ‘woman’. I was not only in lust with this angel, I was in love with her. Before this time I have never believed in love at first sight, but now I knew differently. Then I saw her lips move and I froze.

“Sean?” She started running towards me, her tits moving under her shirt making it obvious that she didn’t wear a bra. I felt her arms wrap around me and all around, every man and woman in the hall looked at me with jealous eyes. She hugged me, not them! I was still dazed and her perfume nestling its way into my nostrils and straight down to cause a tingling in my balls didn’t help me wake up.

“Sean, are you alright?”

“Mandy? Is it you?”

“Yes of course it is. Who else? Or are you used to women throwing themselves at you in public?”

She pushed away to look at me closely.

“Come to think of it, maybe you are. Yum, you’ve grown into quite a hunk, Sean.”

“Thanks.” And then I finally found myself. “Come here!” I brought her close and hugged her tightly for a long time, my nose in her hair. She smelled of fresh flowers and that perfume that had such an erotic impact on me. For a long time we didn’t move, only held on to each other. Then her perfume started to get to me, as well as the feeling of her breasts pressed into my chest, and I felt an erection start to grow. I moved back a bit and kissed her on the cheek. I could see her hard nipples poking through her shirt. What a sight!

“Wow, Mandy! You look amazing. What’s happened to you? I mean…”

“I’ve grown up and come into myself. I am who I want to be and that’s great! But Sean, look at you! You’ve really grown since last time. How tall are you?”

“6 feet 2 inches. I weigh 205. There wasn’t a lot to do at gran’s house so I started working out some, biking, running, lifting weights. Anything to get out of the house. You know?”

“Yeah, I know. And I’m sorry I left you there for so long, Sean. But now you’re away. How does it feel?”

“It feels good. I feel a little bad thought. After all, they did üsküdar escort take care of me when mom and dad died. It seems so wrong to repay them like this, you know?”

“Yes, sure. They took you in. But they made damn sure they separated us. Probably saw me as a bad influence or something.”

“You? Why?”

“Because I had sex, and I talked about it. And because grandpa always tried to see me naked. The last time I was home he even walked into the bathroom when I was in the shower. That dirty, hypocritical man! When I told him I wouldn’t take that from him, he told me to get the fuck out! So I left, but I’ve been feeling crappy about leaving you there all this time. I’m gonna make it up to you now, though. I promise you that.”

With those words, she winked at me and slapped me on my ass. Then she went ahead of me to her car, a black BMW convertible. As she walked in front of me my eyes drank in her ass, hips and legs and the sway of her hips as she walked. Apart from being the most beautiful woman I had ever seen she was also the sexiest. This was going to be difficult, I thought.

Mandy drove fast but safe and pretty soon we came to a smallish bungalow not far from the beach. The setting was perfect, secluded but not very far away from the neighbors and Mandy told me she loved this place because she could have her privacy and still felt quite safe. In the back yard there was a 30-foot swimming pool and a small hot tub. The house had two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room meaning it was perfect for the two of us.

We went into the kitchen and Mandy got me a can of Coke and poured herself a glass of wine.

“I know it’s early yet, but I feel the need to celebrate. My brother has finally escaped his prison! Cheers.”

We drank and she looked at me thoughtfully.

“Did you bring any nice clothes, like a suit or something?”

“Nope, sorry. Only some jeans and a pair of shorts.”

“Oh well, I guess we can fix that tomorrow and go out to a nice restaurant then. How about some pizza today?”

“Sounds fine to me.”

We sat around the kitchen table and talked for hours. We laughed and cried and reconnected. Mandy finished the bottle of wine and opened another one. She gave me a can of beer but told me that two cans was my limit in this house. I had no problems with that since I’m not used to drinking anything other than soft drinks. Next, Mandy asked me if I wanted to get into the hot tub and continue our conversation there.

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“Damn! Well…wait, I’ve got an old bikini. It’s a little too big for me so maybe you can wear it around the house. It’s just us, after all. Ok? It’s so nice in the hot tub, you know.”

“Eh…don’t ever tell anyone, ok?”

“Sure. I won’t do anything to hurt you, ok. Trust


I followed her to her bedroom and she rummaged to her drawers until she came up with the bikini she talked about. It didn’t look very big to me, but who am I to judge? I took it and went to change. A few minutes later a knock on my door told me Mandy was ready and waiting. I quickly pulled on the bikini. It may have been too big for Mandy, although I can’t see how, but it sure as hell wasn’t too big for me. It was a black t-back with little room for my cock. I knew that if I got a hard-on it would be impossible to escape notice — in fact, it would be impossible to hide it, since my cock would surely wrestle free of its confines if it grew hard.

Those thoughts and the thought that these panties had been worn by the angel outside and that my cock was nestled where her pussy had been got my cock growing. What’s wrong with me, I thought. She’s your sister, man! You DO NOT want her! Maybe I didn’t, but my cock sure as hell wanted her. I realized I had only one solution so I went to the bathroom and started jerking my cock. Three jerks made it completely hard and as I closed my eyes, I saw Mandy’s nipples poking through her shirt, her ass in those jeans and the way she walked in front of me. I only pulled three or four more times before I came hard. I always come quite a lot and this was no exception. I cleaned myself up, flushed the evidence away from the toilet and went outside. Mandy was already in the tub and I only saw her bra that barely covered her breasts. Small pink triangles that covered her nipples and made the rest of her tits look positively enticing. The rest was barely pink dental floss in size. I wondered if she wore a matched pair. I was very lucky I had just jerked off as I felt my cock twitch once again. I quickly slid into the tub.

“They fit you well, Sean.”

“Not really, but I guess it’s ok for now.”

“I like that they’re snug in front. And you DO have a great body. All you need is some tan and you’ll look hot for the ladies.”

“Hmm. By the way, when do you have to get back to work?”

Mandy works as a legal advisor at a large computer firm. She’s specialized in patents and legal rights. I guess that explains her car and her house. She makes a lot of money besides the tuzla escort inheritance we got from our parents. Mine hadn’t come to me yet. It would pay for my college tuition and fees and after graduation it would immediately be made available to me.

“I’ve got two weeks off and then I have to go back to work. But for the next two weeks, I’m all yours.”

Again she looked at me in a way that made me feel like when you’re on a roller coaster and the downhill run starts.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna go do some shopping for you. You need swimming trunks and some nice clothes. You know, California casual is somewhat different from Iowa casual, if you know what I mean. I’d not mind it if you kept using my swimsuits, I’ve got others you can borrow if you want, but they might be too small for you. After all, I hardly fit in some of them. But that’s why I love them, I guess.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I love to tease guys. That’s why grandpa got so mad at me. I love to dress to tease, you know, show a little leg — or a lot even — a little cleavage, make the guys think they’re gonna see it all if they just keep looking. I’ve got good legs so I always wear heels and usually stockings or pantyhose to work, and skirts or dresses. Nothing overtly sexy, but enough to make them react.”

“Oh I see.”

“And the way you look in my bikini I think if I asked some of my girlfriends over, they’ll react the same way to you that men are to me. I mean, you’ve got a great body and you seem to have a nice…umm…package…down below. I’ll show you in a few days when I have some friends over. They won’t be able to look you in the eyes if you wear something tight. I promise you.”

I was totally embarrassed. My face was hot and I knew I was red all over the body. But also my cock was hard as an iron rod in Mandy’s bikini panties. The thought that she had noticed, had in fact looked closely, made me incredibly horny. Then she said she wanted some more wine and got out of the tub. I almost choked. As she got out, her back was turned to me and I saw that her bikini indeed was matched. Her panties were a thong type, but I always thought a thong meant at least a little fabric. The back of Mandy’s thong was nothing but the flimsiest pieces of pink string and as she bent a little I saw that the thong had crept in between her labia, showing me almost every inch of her pussy. My cock throbbed and I put my hand on it, just to feel it. Mandy’s swaying hips didn’t do much to help my condition as she went inside to get the wine. When she came back I saw her front and almost came right then and there. Her tits were quite large, at least a little more than a handful — the size of large grape fruits — and rode high on her chest. They moved as she walked, but not by much. Her panties started as two pieces of string over her hips going down in a V at the front and just above where I thought her clit must be, the strings turned into a 1-1 ½ inch wide ‘ribbon’. I also saw where it ran in between her labia and I realized two things; she couldn’t have a shred of hair on her Mons or anywhere else around there, and that she definitely wasn’t a shy girl.

“Like the view, Sean?”

Mandy’s voice was a little husky as she stopped at

the edge of the tub looking down on me. My face burned and I only stuttered something silly.

“It’s ok to look, you know. I wouldn’t wear this if I didn’t want you to look at me. I don’t usually wear this but…anyway, I want you to look at me.”

“But…but…I’m your brother!”

“And I love you more than you know, Sean. Always have and always will. There’s nothing wrong with looking, right?”

“I guess not…but…?”

“But what?”

“I don’t know.”

Mandy got into the tub and relaxed again. She stretched out as she sipped her wine and her feet grazed my legs, causing me to jump.

“Why so jumpy, Sean?”

“I don’t know. I’m not used to this I guess. Less than 24 hours ago I was in a small town in Iowa, hating my life. Now I’m with a beautiful woman in a hot tub in California. The only problem is that the beautiful woman is my sister. Life is quickly becoming strange for me. My head is swimming and I don’t know what’s up or down here. Maybe I should go to bed.”

“Honey, don’t you feel good?”

“I don’t know. I feel funny.”

Mandy moved closer to me and put a cool hand to my forehead. She looked at me closely.

“Tell you what. You go and get a nice hot shower and go to bed. We’ll talk more tomorrow. I’m gonna call granny soon anyway. That’s a call I don’t look forward to, let me tell you.”

“No shit? I think I’ll follow your advice sis.”

I got out of the tub, my cock still hard, and heard Mandy’s almost silent whistle. Then I went to the bathroom, took a nice hot shower and wrapped myself in a large terrycloth towel and went to the bedroom. I crept under the sheets naked and fell asleep immediately. And it was only 9 o’clock at night.

I woke up the next day when I felt my bed move slightly and a soft voice called my name. I looked up and my eyes met Mandy’s. She wore a t-shirt and white cotton panties, so nothing overtly sexy except the fact that her panties were so snug over her pussy I could discern her lips through the material. The t-shirt was pink and looked old — like it’d been washed a 1000 times — but it fit her like a glove making her tits the center of attention immediately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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