A Perfect Flight

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I had been planning a vacation for several months, but being alone, didn’t know where I wanted to go. After talking to several friends, I decided on going to Colorado. The ski season was arriving, so I thought maybe I could get in a few good runs on a weekend, besides I have some friends that live in Aurora and I knew I could visit them. I booked my flight and was excited about my trip.

As I boarded my flight from Sacramento to Colorado, one of the stewardesses was greeting the passengers, she introduced herself as Candy. Behind her stood the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on. Cindy said, this is our Captain, Pat Taylor. I knew that my face turned crimson as I suddenly felt a rush of heat. I tried, or thought that I did, to smile at the Captain. I put my hand out to him to shake his, and when our palms met, I felt an immediate surge. I gripped his hand and looked into his eyes hoping to see a return emotion. Immediately, there was such a warm smile from the Captain, and he said, hope you enjoy the flight. I smiled back and said, I know I will now.

After the plane took off, the stewardess, Cindy, came down the aisle and handed me a note. She smiled, and said, “I think the Captain took a likin’ to you” I smiled back and started trembling as I opened the note. It simply said, “Would you like to meet me for a drink after we land.?” I was so excited and at the same time thinking, just another pilot and another lady. But, at the same time, I remembered the surge I felt when our hands touched as I entered the plane. That had to mean something. So, I took a notepad from my purse, wrote a note back, and when Cindy came by again, I handed it to her and asked her to please take it to Captain Taylor. She smiled, and said she would be happy to. Now I couldn’t wait for the plane to land. Before the announcement of us getting ready to land, Candy came by with another note for me. It read, “I will meet you in the main lounge after you get your luggage.” I was ecstatic (and wet).

As I was waiting for my luggage, I heard a voice behind (very close) say, “hi.’ I turned and there he was. MY god, Kastamonu Escort he was so handsome. I wanted to put my arms around him and smother him with kisses, but being in uniform, I knew better. He asked me if someone was meeting me, and I said no. About that time, I saw my luggage. Pat took if off and we walked out of the airport. He said he had a car, not to worry about transportation. He asked me if I wanted to call anyone or if I would like to go have a drink. I told him I could call my friends later, and lets go have a drink. We got into his car and he took me to a very nice restaurant/bar.

We went in and sat in a booth. I wanted to touch him immediately, so I put my hand on his leg. We both ordered a JB & water. I felt something from touching him that I had never felt before. It was like when we touched hands, a pulsating surge. I wanted more than touching his leg. I slowly worked my hand up towards his crotch and could feel the immediate response. His cock was already hard and just waiting for me. He leaned over and gave me a very warm and wet kiss. Our tongues explored each others mouths. I could feel myself getting wetter. He asked me how much time I had. I told him if I could call my friends, I could have as much time as I wanted, just so they wouldn’t worry. He gave me his cell phone and I called Tom and Grace to tell them I had arrived and would be there later on. They said fine, and would be looking forward to seeing me.

Pat and I finished our drinks and went out. There was a motel with the restaurant/bar that we had our drink. So he got us a room and the most wonderful night imaginable began.

As soon as we entered the room, we were kissing each other. Such wonderful warm, wet kisses. He led me to the bed and began to undress me. As he lifted my sweater he was licking my tummy with his warm wet tongue. He removed my sweater and undid my bra. He caressed my titties and sucked them hard. When he pulled my skirt and slip down I heard a little gasp. I was not wearing any panties. My thigh high stockings and heels was all I now had on. He sat me down Kastamonu Escort Bayan gently on the end of the bed and began to touch and kiss and lick my pussy. His tongue was riding on my clit and his fingers were in my pussy. I had a climax as his tongue entered my pussy along with his fingers. As I was gathering up myself, he slowly began to undress. I raised up and helped him remove his shirt first. I changed places with him and gently laid him down on the bed. I started kissing and licking and sucking his nipples. They were hard as rocks. I undid his belt and removed his pants. He was wearing silk boxers. I liked the feel of them, so I left them on and just took his well endowed cock and balls out. His cock was so hard it was throbbing and the precum was all over the head. I began to take him into my mouth with my tongue caressing every inch. I didn’t want to lose any of the precum. I wasn’t sure that I could even get my mouth around it or how much I could take in my mouth. I alternated from his cock to his balls caressing and licking and sucking. I would take one ball at a time and bite gently and suck. He was moaning by the time I came back to his big hard throbbing cock.

I had him move up on the bed and told him I wanted to please however he desired. So, I continued sucking and licking his cock until he was on the brink of coming. I would again go to his balls, alternating. I wanted to remove my stockings and heels, so I rolled over to do this. As I did, I felt his hand between my legs, in my pussy, in my anus, driving me crazy. I rode his hand like a bull ride. My next climax soaked us both. I squirted cum all over. He immediately took me in his mouth savoring my juices. Pat got up and washed. When he returned I decided I would return the love making to him.

His cock was so wet with his precum when I took him into my mouth it was such a turnon. I worked his cock and balls in my mouth and tongue. Slowly, as I caressed his balls, I worked back to his anus. As my finger entered him, he moaned out loud. I worked another finger in and another moan. Just like me, he Escort Kastamonu rode those fingers as I continued to suck on his cock. He pulled me up and said he wanted to fuck me that he was not ready to cum yet.

I washed and came back to him. We were both so wet. He had me get on top and I rode his wonderful cock which gave me my third climax. He rolled me over and got behind me and entered me doggie style. As his hard cock entered my hot wet pussy, he touched every part of my love canal. My god it felt good. I told him to fuck me harder, as hard as he could and not stop. As he was fucking me his fingers went to my anus again and I thought that I would faint. The pleasure of his cock and his fingers were something that I had never experienced before. As his cock thrust into my pussy harder and harder, he fingered my ass harder and harder. I was getting weaker and weaker. The pleasure was beyond description. About that time, I didn’t know it, but I blacked out.

When I came to, Pat had put a cold cloth on my face. He held me tight and so gentle. I asked him how I could best please him. He said when I felt up to it, he wanted me to suck him off. I just wanted to give him some of the pleasure that he had given me, so as I was making love to his cock, I took him deep throat as I entered his ass with two fingers. He was trembling from head to foot. I increased the pressure on his ass with another finger, pounding harder as his cock was in and out of my throat. It was only minutes and his cock totally exploded with cum into my mouth, down my throat. As I swallowed every drop, his cock remained hard. His whole body shuddered as he cried out. I slowed eased his wonderful cock out of my mouth and went to the bathroom getting a nice warm wet washcloth to sponge him off.

We laid on the bed for some time just holding each other. I told him I needed to shower and get to my friends before long. So, we both got up and showered together. It was a pleasure washing his cock and balls gently in my hands. He, in return, washed my pussy.

He told me he would be back in town the following night and asked if he could see me again. I smiled, and asked him if he would like to meet my friends, and he said yes. As he drove to their house, I told them that they were swingers and maybe the four of us could get together the next night. He smiled, and said, “Why not.” More about that in my next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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