A Sexy Neighborhood Surprise

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Summer is quickly approaching along the central coast of California. It’s only mid-June and already the temperature is nearing triple digits in Pismo Beach where I live. Climate change is a reality. We never experienced this many hot days twenty years ago. Pismo Beach is situated on the Pacific Ocean which meant moderate temperatures and cool evening breezes. Not so much anymore.

I’m Rob, a retiree who is enjoying every day of retired life. This time of year, I can be found traveling around California in my RV or enjoying the clothing-optional side of Avila Beach with my soulmate, Catherine, or just hanging out at home. There are always projects or home maintenance to attend to. I enjoy the peace and solitude of our neighborhood.

Right now, I am heading next door to clean and service my neighbor’s pool. Her name is Denise and I’ve been her personal pool maintenance man for two years now. She provides the chemicals and I provide the free service. Of course, the main perk is to be with Denise and her incredible 34GG tits.

A couple of years ago, there were several changes that took place in my little corner of the world. My longtime neighbors, Don and Jen, put their house up for sale after 15 years and moved up to Portland, Oregon. They were great neighbors who would always keep an eye on my place while I was gone and vice-versa.

They installed a small swimming pool in their backyard. There is also a side deck that abuts up to my fence where Jen used to sunbathe. The pool was used more for lounging rather than serious swimming. I was invited over for a swim quite often and I enjoyed their company and I also enjoyed ogling Jen in her bikini. They are my age and I must say Jen is quite voluptuous.

I always wore sunglasses while we were together; otherwise she would have seen my eyes bug out every time she shifted on her lounger or got up to dip in the pool. I swear her large breasts always threatened to spill out or snap the ties on her bikini top. I’m sure her boobs measure a good D-Cup, or even Double-D. Being a confirmed Boobman, I enjoyed her company whenever we were together. Even in her late fifties, she had no issue with wearing a two-piece suit.

Being such good friends, we installed a pass-thru gate between our backyards many years ago. I always watched their home whenever they were gone. The gate was never locked. When they were away, I made use of the pool and chaise lounge as if they were my own. Also, I never wore a swimsuit when they were gone. I loved being naked in the backyard; still do.

The lady who bought their house is Denise. Over these past two years we have become very good friends with benefits. The first time I saw Denise, I was working in the back garden when I heard some commotion next door. You just know I had to investigate, so with my eye tight against a knothole in the wooden fence, I spied a naked lady on a chaise lounge lying on her stomach. She was facing away from me with her legs slightly spread. I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell she was reading a book; her shoulders were raised, and I could see a fair amount of side boob. I smiled to myself as I could tell she was very well-endowed. What I also saw between those spread legs was a nice round ass and a pair of smooth puffy pussy lips

I watched this naked lady gyrate on her chaise lounge. She was grinding her pussy hard into the lounger. She moved her lower body up and down as if she was fucking an imaginary lover. That book she was reading must have been a hot romance novel; either that or just plain porn. And that wasn’t all, I saw her fingers disappear between the folds of her pussy as she stroked her labia. She was masturbating right before my eyes. I watched two fingers dig deep into her pussy. She rode her hand and moaned. I was so turned on that I dropped my shorts and grabbed my cock as I watched my new neighbor frig herself. I heard a loud moan as her ass wobbled side to side and then she climaxed. Her inner labia flared, and she was very, very wet. I knew immediately that I needed to meet this lady at once. Of course, I had no idea this was Denise at the time.

The first time I met Denise face to face was at our local Sprouts Farmers Market. She had just relocated from Southern California and got a job as a cashier at Sprouts. One day soon after she moved in, I had a cart full of fruits and vegetables and was standing in her checkout line.

Denise looked at me, smiled and asked if I found everything OK. I responded yes as I looked at the name tag on her crisp, dark green Sprouts blouse. I saw her name tag and saw a generous rack of boobs. This lady has some rather impressive melons. Her name tag was at a slant because her breasts jutted out quite significantly. The buttons on her blouse strained from the sheer volume they were struggling to contain. It looked like they were ready to pop at any moment.

Quickly, I reverted my eyes back to hers and introduced myself. I said I was a frequent shopper Malatya Escort and asked if she was recently hired. Denise said she just started working that week. I welcomed her to the neighborhood.

Denise smiled as my eyes darted back and forth between her crystal blue eyes and her lovely big tits. I made sure she didn’t catch me staring. She was very pretty; older than I expected a new employee to be, perhaps in her forties. Her light brown hair was streaked with blonde highlights, her slim face had a cute dimpled chin. Her full lips glowed with bright red lipstick. I have that moment forever etched in my brain.

I had no idea at that moment that Denise was my new neighbor. That revelation came a few days later when I took a housewarming gift next door to meet the new neighbors. I was expecting to meet an older couple, much like Don and Jen. Imagine my total surprise when Denise opened the door. At first, Denise was shocked at seeing me. She thought I was some creepy old guy stalking her. After the initial awkward moment, I explained that I was her next-door neighbor. She invited me inside and we shared a rousing laugh. Of course, my cock began to stir at the thought of this sexy creature living right next door.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first official encounter as we got to know each other. I shared a lot of information about the neighborhood. Denise told me her backstory over coffee; the fact that she lived in Los Angeles, left a stressful job for a more serene existence and was sure she had made the right decision. I didn’t hear the entire saga as I was mesmerized by the tight yoga pants and crop top she was wearing, a definite change from her dark green Sprouts blouse. The crop top was very loose and barely covered her mammoth tits. I remember her nipples being stiff which created large bumps in the material. The yoga pants showed off a very prominent camel toe. Needless to say, my cock responded, and I was sitting there with a full blown hard-on. Thank goodness she didn’t ask me to stand up.

One thing she was curious about was the pass-through gate between our backyards. She didn’t understand why it was there and said she would get a lock as soon as possible. I laughed and told her that Don and I installed the gate to make it easier for me to enjoy the pool and keep an eye on their house while they traveled. Hearing that, Denise was reassured and offered to let me use the pool anytime I wanted. I promised Denise I would be discreet and respect her privacy. I also offered to keep an eye on her place whenever she was gone. That first night we talked so much we lost track of time. It was nearly midnight when we said goodnight. My cock was still throbbing as we hugged one another. I’m sure she felt my thick shaft press into her thigh. I rushed home for a date with my Fleshlight. I needed a quick release.

Back at my place, my seven-inch shaft was encased in my sex toy in record time. I pictured Denise’s huge tits and her legs spread wide on her chaise lounge. I imagined being balls deep in my new neighbor’s tight pussy with those long legs wrapped around my back. I remember having this overwhelming desire to eat Denise’s smooth pussy, inhale her womanly aroma and taste her sweetness. My tongue would slice through that long slit and lap up her juices. As I imagined my lips around her clit, I came with a very satisfying climax. I released several thick ropes of cum into my Fleshlight fantasizing about my new neighbor.

My next encounter with Denise was the following Friday after she got home from work. I saw her car in the driveway and sauntered next door. She opened her front door wearing a string bikini three sizes too small. Her breasts bulged out of the tiny cups and pressed together forming some earth-shattering cleavage. Her bikini bottom was just a small triangular patch with the back strap lost between her plump ass cheeks.

Denise had been reading in the backyard and she invited me to join her. She wanted to know if the prior neighbors used a pool service and if I could recommend a local company. I seized the opportunity and let her know that Don took care of the pool himself and when they were away, I took over. I let her know I would be happy to take care of the maintenance. All she had to do was buy the chemicals and leave everything else to me.

I was rewarded for my generosity with a dinner invite. I gladly accepted and offered to help. She told me everything was well in hand and for me to relax on her new lounger. I sat down on the chaise beside a plush towel with a trashy romance novel on top. The pages were well-worn, and dog eared, so I assumed it was a favorite paperback. Underneath the towel I found her black and gold bullet vibrator. I couldn’t resist examining the eight-inch vibe that surely provided Denise with some very nice orgasms. I savored the sweet fragrance of Denise’s pussy before tucking it back underneath the towel.

I grabbed the paperback and laid back Malatya Escort Bayan on the new chaise lounge. It was very comfy as I flipped through the pages and found some juicy sex scenes. The book bordered on pure porn and my cock twitched as I read.

Denise soon returned with placemats and silverware. She had changed into short shorts and a thin tan tank top with a big red heart in the center. She walked over to me, bent down and kissed me on the lips. I spied her well defined camel toe and lovely swaying tits, she was braless. Denise told me Romance paperbacks were her dirty little secret. She loved to escape into the stories.

Five minutes later Denise brought out spaghetti, a Caesar salad and wine. She was in a talkative mood and told me all about her life in Southern California. I watched her tits sway as she spoke; occasionally her nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her tank top. We traded stories all night long before cleaning up and having dessert. The night ended far too soon, but not before I invited Denise to join me at Avila Beach soon.

And that was the day I came to be her personal pool maintenance man. By the way, we did make it to the clothing-optional side of Avila Beach which led to our first sexual encounter. We have been fuck-buddies ever since. I have feasted on her glorious 34GG boobs with the crimson red nipples and her sweet shaved pussy. She in turn has devoured my seven-inch cock on numerous occasions.

This time of year, Denise and I keep the pass-through gate open so we can come and go as we please. Most of the time it’s me going into her yard to make use of the pool. Sometimes Denise uses the gate to surprise me with a dinner offer or just dessert. Denise being the dessert. Today, I’m thankful the gate is open as my hands are full of pool chemicals, my water test kit and chlorine tablets.

I’m dressed for a day at the pool which means I have my flip-flops on my feet, a big floppy hat on my head and my favorite purple cock ring around my shaft and balls. Otherwise, I’m naked as the day I was born. I love being nude at home and in Denise’s backyard. Whether I’m gardening, swimming or just relaxing on the chaise lounge, not being hampered by clothes is the way to go. My cock ring always keeps me semi-erect and my cock sways side to side with each step I take.

The sun is shining and it’s a perfect day to clean the pool. Denise must be out shopping as I have the backyard to myself. I enter the small shed in the back to retrieve the the pool brush and leaf sweeper. After checking the chlorine and Ph levels, I use the appropriate chemicals to keep the water in tip top condition. I use the brush to clean the sides and bottom of the pool. The pool is a small oval shape and it doesn’t take long to complete the job. Once I’m satisfied with the results, I slip into the crystal-clear water. I swim back and forth for a few laps and then float on my back to relax. The cool water is just what I need after completing the task at hand.

I feel completely rejuvenated and am ready for a short siesta. I grab a towel from Denise’s chaise lounge and dry off. Denise always keeps a few towels on her lounger along with her latest trashy novel. I usually find one of her vibrators tucked within a towel. Today is no exception as I find a red nine-inch rabbit vibe underneath one towel. I don’t recall seeing this one before. It appears Denise has been a busy lady.

I lay down on her chaise lounge and pickup her latest paperback titled ‘Passion of The Night Nymphs’. Well, this should do the trick and help me to a quick orgasm. There is a bookmark tucked between pages eighty-nine and ninety. I begin reading from this point and once again romantic porn jumps right off the pages. I’m guessing the nine-inch rabbit recently got a workout.

In this chapter, the romance evolves into a three-way with two ladies and their man. A third lady is watching through the bedroom window. Wow, he’s a lucky dude. The writing becomes very descriptive detailing oral sex, deep penetration and lesbian love. As I turn the pages, my cock surges and my shaft points straight up in the air. I flex my cock and a bit of pre-cum leaks from the tip. I gather some on my finger and taste the salty fluid.

I take a moment to catch my breath and spot a bottle of cherry lube on the side table by the lounge. There’s no stopping me now. I grab the bottle and pour a few drops on my hard-on, slathering the gel all around my shaft. I hold my ring at the base of my cock and dribble more on my spongy glans and balls. I’m ready to get back to Denise’s novel and place the bottle back on the table. With the book in one hand and my cock in the other, I continue reading. I use a firm grip and slowly slide my hand up and down my turgid shaft. The lube provides a smooth stroke from base to tip and back down again. The hero of the story is sliding his cock in and out of one of the nymph’s pussy while her friend grinds Escort Malatya her cunt down onto her mouth. I picture myself sliding in and out of Denise’s slick pussy while my soulmate Catherine plants her pussy on Denise’s lips. It’s a scenario that was played out last year in Sequoia.

I dream of Denise’s smooth pussy lips and curly landing strip on her mound. My cock is raging now.

My orgasm gains momentum page by page. With a few more strokes of my hand I erupt with an exquisite climax. Several ropes of thick sticky cum shoot into the air and land on my stomach. More jizz covers my fingers as I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. I feel my toes curl and I lift my hips up off the lounge. I continue to stroke as more semen dribbles down my shaft

My breathing is erratic; I flop back onto the lounge and toss the ‘Night Nymphs’ onto the table. I smile to myself as my climax ebbs and I think back to the time I watched Denise masturbate on this very spot. A good orgasm is the best way to calm a person. I release my cock, lick the cum from my fingers and close my eyes. Before I know it, I nod off for about thirty minutes beneath the warm mid-morning sun.

When I come back to life, the clock on the wall approaches one o’clock. I’m glad I did the pool maintenance in the morning when it was cooler. The sun is high in the sky and the temperature is eighty-nine degrees. Time to cool off so I jump into the pool for an afternoon swim. I swim a few laps around the perimeter of the small oval pool and then float on my back. The cock ring surrounding my shaft and balls is still in place.

As I float and daydream, something catches my eye. I detect movement in Denise’s house behind the sliding glass door. I thought Denise was working the late shift today and wonder if I imagined the movement. Standing in the middle of the pool, I concentrate on the patio and sliding glass door to see if I can see anything. Suddenly the door slides open and a woman walks out onto the patio. I don’t recognize her, and I move to the side of the pool to get a better look.

The mystery lady stops by the chaise lounge and side table. She reaches down and grabs Denise’s rabbit vibe. She looks at it closely and moves her fingers around the shaft. I panic for a moment realizing I left the ‘Passion of The Night Nymphs’ and open bottle of lube on the table. What is this lady up to?

I shout out, “Excuse me.”

The lady looks in my direction, puts down the vibrator and picks up the paperback I was reading. She peruses a few pages and then tosses it on the lounge. Next, she picks up the bottle of lube, pours a few drops onto her finger and tastes the cherry flavor. My heart skips a beat as I realize she must be putting two and two together.

The lady looks in my direction and smiles. She replaces the lube on the table and walks toward me. I’m not sure what is going on, or what to say. I stand by the side of the pool to shield my naked body.

“Hi, you must be Rob. I’m Denise’s mom. She said you might be here taking care of the pool. It’s very nice to meet you.”

I do a double-take and shake my head. I’m completely taken by surprise; I had no idea. Finally, I mumble, “Well hello.”

“Hello to you. I’m Marguerite. I see you’ve been enjoying the day. The pool looks so inviting, you must do a super job keeping it up.”

Oh, my gawd, was that just a double-entendre she threw down, ‘keeping it up’? After all she saw the vibrator, lube and paperback on the patio. And now she sees me naked in the pool. I’m standing right next to the edge, so I don’t think she can see my cock under the water.

Marguerite walks right up, bends down and extends her hand. I reach up and we shake hands. She has a very bright smile, almost a smirk, and sparkling blue eyes just like her daughter.

“I hope I haven’t startled you. I guess Denise didn’t mention that I am visiting her. I just dropped her off at Sprouts; she is working the late shift today.”

“No, she didn’t mention it. Did you come up from Southern California?”

“Oh goodness no. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. Just flew out two days ago. I’m so happy Denise moved away all the noise and traffic. She really isn’t a big city girl. Pismo Beach has been a godsend for her. Especially with you next door.”

“Well she is a godsend for me. She is caring, considerate and beautiful. Now I see where she gets her gorgeous features from.”

“Oh, stop it. Do you mind if I join you? Let me jump into my swimsuit. I’ll be right back.”

Oh shit, what do I do now? I could run home and put on some swim trunks. But if I don’t get back in time, Marguerite might think I abandoned her. If I stay, she’ll see the only thing I’m wearing is a cock ring. What is she is offended? How do I tell her that her daughter and I are fuck-buddies? What to do? What to do?

Well, too late. I spent so much time thinking about my situation and not acting; the patio door slides open and Marguerite emerges from the house. Holy crap, she is wearing a bright red one piece and looks smokin’ hot. I quickly do some math. If Denise is in her late 40’s, then her mother must be in her mid-to-late 60’s. That can’t be, this lady is built. Wow, her tits are as big as Denise’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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