A Shepherd Afield Pt. 03

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Author’s Notes:

‘A Shepherd Afield’ is a continuation of ‘A Shepherd in France’ which continued the story of ‘The Shepherd of Ashburn Court’. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backstory so please read the other stories first.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


Chapter 17

It was Sunday morning, just the day after he’d returned from beautiful Costa Rica but Ben’s vacation already felt like a lifetime ago. The weather at home was cold and wet so staying inside was the game plan today.

News of his court summons had reached his circle of friends and they’d come to see him.

Trish and Rochelle were there because they’d been with him when he received the summons. Trish had called Hannah the night before to fill her in so she’d come over. Rochelle had spoken with Catherine but she had an appointment she couldn’t break in the morning so would be coming over later.

Ben sat on his living room couch fidgeting with his finger brace as he waited for Hannah to finish reading. Tina was quietly cuddled up against his right side and Lucy was cuddled up against his left, also silent. Truthfully it was only their calm confidence in him that was keeping his nerves from completely fraying. He was badly shaken by the reappearance of Wendy in his life after all this time.

Trish was fuming as she paced behind the couch. She’d had her moment to vent her outrage and was probably just recharging her batteries for another go.

Hannah was sitting across from Ben reading the document he’d been served at the airport the day before. Her expression kept jumping between anger and incredulity. Finally she looked up at Ben.

“The woman is certifiable if she thinks this will fly in a court of law! She can file for the divorce but she has no grounds to go after your money! She abandoned you! It’s been, what, ten years?”

“Twelve,” Rochelle corrected.

“Fucking FUCK! Twelve fucking years she’s been gone and NOW she’s back?!?” Trish exploded.

“Trish!” Ben called out to get her to calm down. He turned to the beauty tucked under his left arm and gave her a quick kiss on the temple. “Lucy, could I ask you to make us some tea please? And maybe a plate of those cookies Karen made?” he asked and she slipped off the couch with a smile to go into the kitchen. He caught Tina fidgeting as she wanted to help but he just gave her a hug and a kiss on the temple as well. “Stay put!” he growled quietly for only her ears and felt her settle in.

His daughters Karen and Penny were sitting on the love seat watching the drama unfold. They had plans to have lunch at his place with the McKellan twins then they were all going bowling afterwards but for now they listened. The night before Ben had filled them in on who Wendy was and what was happening. They were both a little worried it would disrupt their new life with Ben and their new family but he assured them everything would be ok.

“Trish, please come here. Please calm down.” He pulled her down to sit in Lucy’s spot and gave her a squeeze. He felt her trembling settle a little and she let a breath out in a huff. Then he turned back to Hannah.

“I don’t know how she is going to justify it. I did some research and her lawyer’s name pops up all over the Internet. He’s a real dirtbag, known for his sleazy tactics, but he seems to be a successful lawyer,” he sighed. He’d immediately contacted his lawyer the night before and sent him a scan of the document.

“The court date is a month away. Is there any way for you to reach out to Wendy directly to see if this can be resolved without the lawyers,” Rochelle asked.

“Ben needs to let his lawyer deal with this and stay as far away from that bitch as he can!” Trish piped up.

“What did Gabriella say?” Hannah asked.

Ben looked at her, pleased to hear Hannah speaking of Gabriella in a positive way. “I haven’t told her.”

“WHAT?” gasped four women, including Tina this time. Penny and Karen just watched, wide eyed.

“She has enough on her plate right now. I don’t want her worrying about me,” he grumbled.

“Ben, more than any of us, she was there for you after Wendy abandoned you. She deserves to know!” Hannah blurted.

Lucy returned with a tray of mugs, a tea service, and the plate of cookies. She set it down on the coffee table and poured for everyone.

Once everyone had a mug in their hands, sipping their tea, and a cookie Ben addressed them.

“I’m going to be flying to Australia to deliver a prototype. I was going to stop in Milan on the way there to spend a couple of days with Gabriella. I thought I’d tell her then.”

“Ben, you should tell her now,” Tina said gently.

“But she’s trying so hard to save that company! I don’t want to distract her with this news. It’s a month away!” Ben exclaimed.

Tina just looked up at him with her lovely brown eyes and Ben crumbled. “OK, fine. I’ll call her later.” Tina continued Escort Bayan to look into his eyes. Ben sighed and Trish snorted in amusement as she looked around Ben at Tina.

He sighed. “Lucy, would you please bring me my ce-” She was already standing before him with his cell phone held out to him.

Trish barked a laugh and he had to grin as he took the phone from her hand.

He dialed Gabriella’s number. It rang four times before she picked up.

“Ben!” Her voice was so full of happiness he glanced at the others and they waited.

“Hi Gabriella! How’s it going?”

“Ahhh, so busy! We’re back on track though! Thanks to you! Your name has leant the company a great deal of respect with our suppliers!” she gushed.

“My name? Never mind, we can talk about that when I visit you,” he said and heard her squeal in excitement. He grinned. “Listen, can I put you on hands free? I have a few people here with me. Tina, Lucy, Karen, Penny, Trish, Rochelle, and Hannah.”

“What’s happened? Where’s Catherine?” she said, immediately picking up his tension.

“Catherine will be over later. Hands free?”


“OK, you’re on the speaker.

“Ben, what’s happened,” she asked, serious once more.

“When Trish, Rochelle and I arrived at the airport yesterday I was served with a court summons.” Ben took a breath and let it out. “Wendy is suing me for divorce and she wants ten million in the settlement.”

“Wendy?!? Oh my god, Ben! Are you ok?” Gabriella gasped.

His heart immediately ached wishing she was here for him to take into his arms. The concern in her voice choked him up. He cleared his throat which was threatening to close up.

“Yes, I’m doing ok,” he finally managed, voice rough with emotion.

“I- I can be on a plane-” she began.

“NO! No, it’s fine! The case won’t be for a month. There’s plenty of time. You have important things to do there. I will come visit, we can talk then. I just wanted to let you know.”

Hannah leaned forward. She’d noted Gabriella’s immediate worry about Ben’s peace of mind and the last vestige of her unease with Gabriella fell away.

“Gabriella? This is Hannah.”

“Hi Hannah!”

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve read the court summons and there is no legal ground to anything in it aside from the dissolution of the marriage. I think that is something they both want.” She looked at Ben and he nodded. “I think it would be better to leave this to the lawyers and avoid any contact prior to the actual court date. What do you think?”

“I completely agree. Thank you for looking into this Hannah! Ben, please step back from this and let the lawyers deal with it. There is a danger she or her lawyer will try to manipulate you emotionally.”

“Understood. Thanks Gabriella,” Ben said quietly, still wishing she was here to hold.

There were some muffled voices on the cell then Gabriella came back. “Sorry, I have to get back to the meeting. Ben, as soon as you know please let me know when you’ll be visiting. I love you!”

“I love you too Gabriella. Bye.”

He disconnected the call and forced a smile onto his face and looked around at his guests.

He saw they weren’t buying his smile so he let it drop.

“If you miss her that much you should tell her,” Hannah said.

“And risk having her give up her dream? No. I won’t do that. I’ll visit her and that’s that!” He scowled and got reluctant nods from the others.

Hannah glanced at her watch then stood and nodded to Trish. “We have to go if we are going to make it to that movie with our boys.”

Trish reached up and turned Ben’s face in her direction. She tilted her face up and he kissed her. After, she pushed herself up to her feet and joined Hannah. Ben got up and followed them to the front door as Rochelle joined them.

“I have to go too. I have some arrangements to make for setting up my new restaurant in California,” she said with a look of excitement on her face. Ben gave her a hug and she slipped on her jacket and slipped out the door first.

Ben hugged Trish next and as she put on her coat he pulled Hannah against him for a warm hug. He felt her body relax against his and she was blushing with a smile as she pulled on her coat. “When will we be able to have a group therapy session? Beth is keen on participating as well.”

“Tuesday night is open. Wednesday night I have to pick up Rain Palomo. Depending on what the milling shop tells me on Monday I might be on my way to Europe on Thursday or Friday,” he explained.

“Let’s say Tuesday then! 8PM?” Hannah said with a smile. “I’ll let Beth know.” Ben nodded and saw the two ladies out the door. As they departed he saw the McKellan twins coming up his steps so he stood back and let them in.

Identical brilliant smiles beamed at him from the two gorgeous redheads. Today they were wearing their hair loose and it cascaded down to mid-back. They slipped their coats off and hung them on Escort the hooks by the front door. They turned to face him.

“Good afternoon Ben!”

“Lisa. Lori. Dazzlingly beautiful as ever,” he said with a smile and they glowed under his praise.

“It’s good you’re here. I have a friend coming to live with Karen and Penny in the house next to yours. Her name is Rain Palomo and she’s from California. She’s going to need warm clothes to see her through our winter. I don’t think she’s even seen snow so she won’t know how to dress for it. Are you two available this week to take her shopping for a winter wardrobe?”

Lori moved closer until she was gently resting her tits against his chest. “Are you going to come shopping with us?”

Ben felt himself react to the beauty’s soft body.

“Uh, no. Not this time. I’ll get you a preloaded debit card to pay for the purchases,” he said and swallowed as Lisa joined her sister to rub her tits against him as well.

“Will you have time for us this week, Ben?” she asked looking up at him through her long lashes.

His body wanted them RIGHT NOW but he knew that couldn’t happen. The only potentially open night was tomorrow.

“We could go dancing again.” Lisa suggested.

“At Club Eon! They’re connected to the Eon hotel. We could get a room for afterwards.” Lori sucked in a breath as she felt his cock which was pressing against her thigh surge at the idea.

“Tomorrow night,” he growled deep in his chest and their eyes widened with excitement.

He slid his fingers into their thick, soft hair and took a grip as he pressed his body against theirs. It was a little awkward with the splint on one finger but he made due. He felt them begin to tremble so he kissed Lori, his mouth demanding on hers and she moaned into his kiss. He pulled back from her and her eyes were closed as she tried to catch her breath. He kissed Lisa, aggressively sucking on her bold tongue. Her face was flushed when he pulled back.

He ran his fingers through their hair to loosen the waves he’d gripped and they leaned into the caress.

“Tomorrow night,” he said again, voice rough with need. They nodded to him and bit their lips. He gestured for them to precede him into the living room and turned to spot four sets of eyes peeking at them from the doorway. Three sets ducked back but Tina was on crutches so she couldn’t move as quickly.

Ben’s face flushed in embarrassment and frustration. He moved towards the awkwardly moving woman, scooped her up in his arms and let the crutches fall with a loud thump. As the others watched he carried her away down the hallway to the bedroom and she watched him with wide, shining eyes. Closing the door behind them he gently laid her down on the bed and looked down at her with heat in his eyes. She burst into a grin as he began to strip for her.

He moved slowly and deliberately, sliding his clothes off to expose his body to her gradually as he moved around the bed. He disguised picking up a packet of lube from his end table with a dramatic yanking down of his shirt off of his shoulders. She was really enjoying the show, watching him excitedly, as he walked back around the bed to her while undoing his pants. When he shimmied them down his hips she sighed quietly as he was tenting his boxers. He inched the boxers down while she bit her lip. Finally he was standing naked before her and she reached for him.

Ben moved closer to the bed and she reached out to hold his thick shaft. A tremor ran through her frame as she wrapped her small hand around his throbbing cock.

“Oh Ben, it is so hot and so hard.”

He quickly unbuttoned her top and exposed her tits. He leaned down to kiss her and gently squeezed her tits in his hands.

“Mmmm!” Tina moaned.

He unzipped her skirt and gently tugged it down careful of her cast. Then he slipped her panties down as well. She was glistening with wetness and he grinned at her shy embarrassment. He kissed his way randomly along the insides of both of her thighs making her gasp and coo until he boldly ran his tongue over her wet pussy.

“Ben! Oh Ben!” she cried out.

He fucked her with his tongue until she was dripping wet. He quickly opened the lube packet and spread the slick stuff over the top of his hard cock and rubbed it over the top few inches. He wouldn’t be going very deep as it was uncomfortable for Tina at the time. He carefully lifted Tina’s legs and pulled her down to the bottom of the bed. He rested her legs against his chest as he slowly pushed the head of his cock against her wet lips.

When the head forced its way inside her Tina’s eyes rolled back and her mouth dropped open. It felt pretty awesome to Ben as well.

He began to slowly pump himself in and out of her body as he ran his thumb in circles over her clit. She was so incredibly tight in this position he didn’t think he would last much longer.

Tina was whispering to herself in Korean and he thought that was so sweet. He increased Bayan Escort his speed but refrained from going too deep. It felt like an incredible tease for him but he was getting close.

“Ben! I- I am going to cum!” she gasped.

He looked down at her in surprise. She was normally so quiet when they made love. He wondered at the change but not for long as her orgasm struck. Her body’s clamping down on him was just the trigger he needed to push himself over the top. He crested through his own orgasm and he felt Tina pulling his hand away from her clit. They rested and he pulled himself from Tina whose eyes were closed. She had a beautiful smile on her lips. He gently lifted her up and rested her further up on the bed. She was nodding off so he pulled the blanket over her and she slipped into slumber.

Ben was still stiff but there wasn’t anything he could do about it now. He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself off. He tucked his erection into his pants when he got dressed once more. He let himself out of the bedroom and noticed Tina’s crutches leaning against the wall outside the room. He carried them in quietly and left them next to the bed for Tina when she woke. He left and walked back to the kitchen as he was hungry.

Lucy smiled at him as he entered.

“Where are the others?” he asked.

“I convinced them to grab a lunch at the bowling alley so they left shortly after you carried Tina away,” she said with a grin. “Karen was looking pretty flustered. I think you’re going to have to approve of a boyfriend for her pretty soon!”

Her eyes caught sight of Ben’s bulge and she stepped over to him slowly and pressed her big soft tits against his chest as she looked up into his eyes. Her hands found his bulge and she rubbed it up and down.

“Is this reserved for someone?” she breathed as she felt his cock getting stiffer. “How you behave with the McKellan twins is so hot! If you wanted to treat me that way, I wouldn’t mi-”

Ben silenced her words with his mouth as he took her face between his hands and kissed her deeply. She squeaked then moaned as his tongue caressed hers. He broke the kiss and she gasped. Her head was spinning and she licked her lips. He unzipped his pants as he looked into her eyes fiercely.

“Take me in your mouth.”

Lucy immediately sunk to her knees before him and reached into his fly to pull out his thick cock. She gasped at its heat and rested it against her cheek.

She ran her tongue along the underside and moaned when she felt him throb in response. Looking up she saw Ben watching her. She kissed the shaft and made her way up towards the thick head. She felt him tremble and a feeling of power rushed through her body.

She took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue all around it. Ben moaned and she felt that thrill again. She dipped forward and took half of his length into her hot mouth.

“Fuck!” Ben gasped.

She pulled back then sucked him into her mouth, once more to the half way point.

“Oh Geezus!”

Back to the head then down to the base driving his cock deep into her throat.

“FUCK! OH GOD, LUCY!” Ben cried out.

She pumped his cock into her throat three more times and each time Ben’s body shook with the intensity of the sensations.

He pulled himself from her mouth before she could take him in her throat a fourth time and effortlessly lifted her body up to rest on the marble island. He pulled her yoga pants and panties down her legs as she gasped at his rough handling.

Pushing her legs up to expose her to him he stroked her pussy with his tongue and she gasped as he lashed and fucked her with his wet appendage. She clung to his head as she felt herself getting closer and closer to a delicious release.

Suddenly he flipped her onto her stomach with her ass hanging over the edge of the counter. He dropped his pants and underwear, stepping clear of them. Slapping the thick head of his cock against her wet flesh he gave her no time to prepare before driving himself into her. She howled with her hands over her mouth to stifle the noise.

Lucy was in heaven. He was fucking her so hard and each time his pelvis slammed into her ass her mound hit the surface of the counter. Her pleasure was racing up at her and she was losing control. Ben squeezed her ass as he hammered his cock into her and she lost the ability to talk as the sensations were flooding her mind. Ben reached forward and squeezed her heavy tits in his big hands as he picked up the pace, driving his cock deep faster and faster. She felt like she was leaving her body.

“MmmBen! Fuh! Mmm! Ben! Fuck! MmmnnnGOD! Fuck! OhFuck!” She crashed through her first set of orgasms and still his pounding continued. She was beginning to white out as the bliss was becoming too much.

He leaned over her body bringing his face down next to hers. His hips were still driving his cock into her but now he was grinding her down against the countertop as well. Her pleasure spiked and she screamed soundlessly as her body felt like it was coming apart.

Ben growled deeply as his orgasm finally took him and he held himself deep inside her, luxuriating in the heat wrapped around his slowly shrinking cock. He felt her trembling under him.

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