A Surprise Christmas Gift

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My wife and I are both Marines. I am twenty-six, and she is twenty seven. I was wounded six months ago by an IED and am healing at home on detached duty. I am now finishing therapy and learning to use my leg again. She is still on active duty and just re-enlisted for another four years. She serves with a transportation unit in Afghanistan, and it is her second deployment. I am so proud of her for her service to our country, and I love her completely.

When we left community college, where we met, we both decided to join the Marines. Being from military families, it seemed the thing to do. It was mostly all we knew. We married just after boot camp fully realizing that married military couples could be separated for long periods of time. I just never thought about Christmas as one of those times.

Christmas has always been the most difficult holiday for me. It’s a lonely time of year when you have no family around. I was an only child and then lost both my mother and father before I was fifteen years old. My grandmother raised me, and though she loved me and did everything she could, Christmas wasn’t the same without my parents.

After I had met Dani, Christmas became my favorite time of year. For every Christmas since we had known each other, and up to this year, we were together. Christmas Eve was always a very special romantic evening for us, and after our marriage it got even better. The evening usually included a nice dinner with a fine wine, making out before the fire until we were both totally aroused and mostly undressed, and then erotic sexual couplings in the bedroom until well into the morning hours when Santa should be arriving.

This year it all flooded back. I was sitting in the living room of our base housing condo sipping a bottle of beer and staring into the fire. I had tried to Skype Dani earlier but got no response. That pissed me off because we had a date to talk, and I hoped to masturbate together with her as the best sex we could expect to have this Christmas. Skype masturbation sessions with her the past months had kept my spirits up through the period of healing for my leg.

Not that these sessions were my only masturbation episodes. I followed a porn site that fantasized about women in the military, especially Israeli women with their raven hair and pussies. Dani’s hair was totally black and had a sheen so exquisite. She used to wrap it around my cock and slowly stroke me until the precum would leak like a faucet and then get on top of me and pound her pussy onto my huge erection. The young Israeli female soldiers became my surrogate wife, fucking me in my fantasy.

My gloom was deepening. I thought about another beer but dismissed that as a bad idea. Since my injury and all the pain medications I had to take, alcohol caused me dizziness problems. The thought of hobbling upstairs to our bedroom, getting undressed and jerking off by myself was depressing.

The front doorbell rang. I looked at the clock on the mantle, and it was just 8:00 pm. Who the hell was this on Christmas Eve? All the neighbors were either away visiting family or deployed leaving empty homes behind. I grabbed my cane and walked to the door swinging my right leg along. Opening the door, I saw a tall young man in what looked like an old-fashioned chauffeurs uniform.

“Good evening, sir. Are you John Watson?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m to deliver two Christmas gifts here this evening from Sgt. Dani Watson, USMC, on deployment somewhere in the Middle East. Here is the first package and my instructions are to wait in my car until you have opened it and followed the directions on this CD. Then I am to deliver the second gift. He handed me a disk in a CD case on which a heart was pasted and a greeting written on it, “Hello lover. My gift to you.” It was signed Dani.

“Sure, uh, okay,” I said and retreated to the CD player in the living room, slipped the disk into it and sat down. Dani had made a video for me. She sat on a chair dressed in her field uniform.

“Hello, my dearest husband! I love you so much, and I hate being here without you this year. Of all the years, this is the worst because after your physical loss, I wanted to be your physical gift this year, fuck your brains out and look into your eyes while doing it. To make love to your most gorgeous cock and to have you swallow my pussy juices. My love for you is so intense at times I have to push my fingers into my pussy, even on duty. My pants get soaking wet just remembering your beautiful cock.”

“I was going to masturbate on this video and then thought ‘No way. That does nothing for you except get you to fill your hand with cum. There’s a better solution for my man, one he’ll always remember’, so Escort Eryaman with the help of my accomplice, someone dear and loyal to me; you will receive a gift from my heart. You have my total and complete blessing to enjoy my gift to you for as long as you like but no later than the day after Christmas. I want you in good shape when I get home in February with a huge load of cum to spew onto my body so I can rub it in and taste your seed on my fingers. Your loving wife and soul mate forever. Merry Christmas! Dani.”

She leaned forward, pulled open her uniform top and pushed her bra-less tits out to the camera and puckered her lips, slipping her tongue over them seductively.

The view faded to the last screen and a sign, “Call the driver back for your surprise gift. Remember it is all yours my love for a night you’ll never forget.”

My cock was rock hard. What gift could match her body, her tits smashed up against me while I plumbed her depths with my tool, digging and shaping her channel to a perfect fit for her body? I wanted to watch the CD again and cum all over my belly. But now for the second gift.

I went to the front door and the guy must have been peering intently up the steps to the condo door because he quickly stepped out of the car, came around and opened the back door of the black limo. A tall woman dressed in a skimpy Santa costume emerged and walked up the steps with him.

“Sir here is your second gift from Sgt. Watson. Sign here please.” I was so dumbfounded I dropped the pen. He stooped and picked it up, and I scribbled my initials, he tipped his hat and turned to leave.

“May I come in Johnny?”

“Uh sure, uh, who, uh…” I stammered.

I stepped aside, and she passed close by smelling of spices and orange, the fragrances of Christmas. I closed the door and showed her into the living room, hopping along with my cane for support. She turned to me and said “Don’t you remember me, Johnny?” I looked at her, very much confused by the whole thing and then it hit me.

“Jesus Sylvia, what are you doing here?” It was Dani’s older sister. I hadn’t seen her since our wedding. Her hair was longer, and she looked so beautiful. She was thirty-seven, just a bit over ten years older than Dani, and I always thought she was a hot woman. “Sylvia I’m sorry I just didn’t expect you. You’re the last person I might have thought would be at my front door. Why aren’t you home with Randy and the kids?”

“Randy and I split about a year ago, didn’t Dani tell you? My mother has the kids until New Year’s Eve. I left the rotten bastard. Everyone warned me when I married him that he would cheat. He was fucking every woman in sight, even my hairdresser, who was a gay guy. I kicked his ass out, divorced him and got sole rights to my children and a hefty alimony-child support settlement. The less said about him, the better.”

“What are you doing here, does Dani know?”

I was in a daze and thought to myself, “Is this a dream? A screwed up nightmare caused by the pain meds?” Coming out of surgery for my injury, I had several vivid dreams of my wife and every kind of sex with her, but this was different.

“I’m your gift, John. Dani sent me in her place, not the same, but maybe a good second. I’ve been instructed to fuck your brains out and when you’re ready, to do it again until you can’t cum another drop. I love Dani so much, and she loves you more than life itself. I am the only one she would trust to do this, and when she asked, I said I would. Never hesitated. I’ve always liked you and am more than a little curious about what’s in those sweat pants. But remember, this is one time only, a unique present from a sister I love dearly for her man in distress, sexual distress. Once and that’s all.”

“You what, you’re gonna’ do what? You mean you and I in bed? Holy shit!, Dani will kill me.”

“Didn’t you watch the CD? What did she say Johnny? She said, ‘Enjoy your gift,’ and that means ‘totally.’ I assume you learned to take orders in the Marines, right? She told me you wouldn’t believe it. I am going to fuck you until you can’t stand up young man.”

“Sylvia I can’t get my head wrapped around this. I’m supposed to fuck you?”

Before I could react, she was on her knees in front of me by the fire. Her Santa hat was thrown to one side. Then she pulled the drawstring on my sweat pants and slid them quickly down taking my boxers down too. Her gorgeous, plump red lips sealed themselves on my cock, and I damn near passed out. She gave me a little push backward, and I sat heavily on the sofa, my cane clattering to the floor. She started skillfully sucking me, running her tongue over my slit, under my cock head and then up and down the Eryaman Escort vein on top of my prick. My hardness was almost immediate, demanding to be satisfied. My eyes wide open and my head leaned back.

“That’s it Marine; lean back and enjoy this but look down at me, watch my eyes,” she said as she gazed up at me.

She pulled away from me for a moment and swiftly removed her Santa jacket. She was revealing her lovely, motherly breasts, heavy from the child nursing she had done; her nipples were fully erect and as long as my little finger joint. She pulled my head forward and offered me her left breast.

“Suck it Johnny, Dani told me you love her tits. I’m not as perky as she, but I can stuff your mouth.” I was in a heaven on earth I never dreamed of. While I sucked her nipples, she continued to slowly jack my dick smoothly, lovingly.

“Dani told me you were the best stud she ever fucked, and she should know. My little sister got around and had some of the best. She told me the best way to guarantee a good fucking for me, my Christmas gift out of all this, was to make you shoot your load into my throat first. That way the second time around your skill with a cock would be my treat because you could hold back longer. So let’s do it!”

She started fucking me with her mouth her eyes locked onto mine, reflecting pure lust from her dilated pupils. Her chest was turning red with blood rushing there as she aroused herself and me. I thrust in further until she gagged, disengaged and gagged again.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and I warned her, “Oh Fuck! It’s been too long I can’t hold it. Here it comes Sylvia, pull off or drown in my cum!” I yelled.

I blasted into her mouth, she swallowed and swallowed again. She opened her mouth, my jizz dripping down her chin and looked up. With her fingertip, she fetched the last few drops off my dick head and sucked them into her cum-filled mouth.

With a huge smile, she said, “That’s the first part. Now let’s get upstairs to bed for the stocking stuffer, your cock stuffed into my hot cunt,” she giggled. “We have work to do and don’t want to get caught by Santa when he shows up, do we? The old perv might want a piece of my ass too!”

She all but dragged me up the stairs. Sylvia is tall, almost 5’10” and probably weighed around 140, nicely arranged on her rugged frame with long shapely legs to carry it all. I remembered she had been quite the athlete in her day, throwing the discus and javelin in high school and junior college. Plenty of muscles still. I wondered if her pussy was as strong?

I was whisked into the bedroom. She pushed me back onto the queen-sized bed. Standing in front of me, she stripped off the Santa uniform pants. Even though her breasts had more sag as she stood there, and she had the belly fat of someone who has had kids, her overall appearance was rapidly bringing my cock to life again. The most erotic part was the diamond shaped pubic hair patch above her slit, carefully trimmed and thinned. Her body heat radiated out to me, her smell was totally mesmerizing. Her clit stuck up through the top of her slit.

I had started to pull my sweatshirt off, but she got there first and tugged it over my head. I was now nude except for my socks and they quickly disappeared.

Then she began. Since she was at my feet, I was conscious of her licking my feet both bottom and top, sucking my toes switching back and forth. That made me gasp. Dani did that to me, and she must have told Sylvia it was one of my favorite “turn-ons.”

She quickly slid her tongue up the inside of my legs and once again clamped onto my throbbing hard-on. I grabbed her hair and held her there. She stayed for a few strong sucks and then lifted up and, after sliding forward on her knees, planted her dripping pussy onto my chin. She was slowly stroking her slit sliding her finger in and out as she sat her mons down on my face.

Pulling her finger out just before she touched me she reached down and offered her pussy juice to my lips, slowly massaging her slickness on them. Then with tenderness and love in her eyes she pulled my head up into her pussy and whispered, “Dani said you could eat pussy better than anybody she ever met. Boy, give me a sample.” I started licking.

I buried my tongue as far as it would go into her pungent slit. Rotating my thumb slowly on her clit I then slipped a finger in with my tongue and began to edge her. I took her up and down three times. It probably took ten minutes, and she was becoming frantic to cum.

“Let me cum you cocksucker, oh fuck let me cum. Stop it. Let me cum…”

She writhed after each peak and bounced her ass almost defiantly when I made her wait again Eryaman Escort Bayan as she tried to force her pussy into my face. She wet her finger of her right hand and reached behind and inserted it into her asshole and pushed in an out rapidly. If I didn’t get her to cum, she was doing her damnedest to get there herself.

Finally, I pushed her over with my lips holding her clit. I had to let her cum for fear she’d throw me on the floor if I didn’t! She was strong enough to do that. She exploded in noise and juice, grabbing my head and almost drowning me in her flowing love tube. She rolled and thrashed. I was soaked all over my face and neck. I smelled like a bottle of pussy perfume. I was stunned.

She slid back down raised up her ass and slid my cock into her throbbing pussy, still gasping from the orgasm. She slammed herself down and caught the tail-end of her wild orgasm and started all again. She fucked me like a woman possessed, slamming, grinding, rotating, grunting with obscene words, “fuck, shit, oh fucking God fuck my cunt you motherfucker, oh, Ohh, ahh… fucking cock it’s so big… drill me Johnny it’s from Dani for you!” and then she really came. Writhing, twisting almost gagging on her saliva, finally collapsing forward on my chest. I had never experienced anything even close to this before

I was still hard, and now it was my turn. I rolled her over and started pumping with a slow rhythm, sliding in until I just caught her cervix with my purple helmet. My shaft fit her like she was made for me. I could feel every ridge, dimple and bump in her vagina. Pushing in, pulling out, the wonderful slipping/slapping wet noise of fucking interspersed with Sylvia’s little yips and moans. She was a vocal one. I increased the pace so I could drive her to cum again and cum hard. She started a steady wailing noise, sucking air in with great gulps, exhaling with ragged noises that sounded like they came from deep in her belly. I could feel her pussy clench me, her abdomen tightened and her eyes rolled back in her head.

And with good reason, I was deep in her belly now hammering her cunt with my cock and pushing with a frenzy of passion that I hadn’t felt since Dani went on deployment. As she approached her grand finale a crescendo of skin slaps and grunts now from us, both rose until, “Fuck me, oh ahh your, ah… cock is so fucking good fuck!” and she crushed my pelvis into her pubes with her strong legs. I could hardly breathe she had me so tight. I wrenched my hips free as she continued to cum again and finished with driving cock strokes into her flaming vagina.

“Sylvia, my God! Oh my, Dani, Dani this is for you honey, thank you. Oh Christ oh my throbbing tool!” I roared, “Suck the cum out of me with your pussy. Oh Dani, Sylvia is the best gift you ever sent me suck it dry Sylvia. Ah… ah,oh,” as I whimpered into a stunned silence.

In my mind, she was my beautiful wife. I sent my cum into her and hoped that thousands of miles away Dani would feel a tingle in her pussy and know that her gift had been taken.

Her legs stayed locked against me. I felt her pussy walls moving, kneading my softening cock as she continued to move her pelvis against me. I pulled her head back with her hair and drove my tongue into her mouth. She suctioned my tongue into her and gushed saliva into my mouth, and we mixed it back and forth and stirred it with our tongues. I could still taste my cum in her mouth from the blowjob before. I rolled over and off her and lay panting, staring at the ceiling in my post-coital lust-drained being.

She leaned over me and smiled, “Johnny, I was gonna’ hold this over Dani when she comes back as a big “gotcha”, you know she would owe me one. Not everyday, a big sister is willing to go fuck her brother-in-law. Well, she owes me nothing. You Marines know how to fuck and if she’s as good as you are, trooper, you two are made for each other. Merry Christmas, Johnny”

“Merry Christmas Sylvia, I’ll never forget what you did for Dani and me.” And I never did.


Many years later, Sylvia is now remarried to a Marine of all things. From everything we know she has found a guy who fucks her the way she needs to be fucked. They have two more children and Curt, her husband, has legally adopted her first two children. They don’t live far from us, and we see them often.

Dani and I now have three little ones. She left the Corps to be a mom, and I am working in a business I created. We still celebrate Christmas Eve with all the passion we ever had, but we added one mandatory event just before we go to bed. We watch the CD again from the year that Dani gave me the greatest gift I ever received from her at a time of real sadness for me. The most important part was Dani trusted me, she knew I was her man and trusted me with Sylvia.

Sylvia and I love each other as in-laws and have never spoken of the Christmas Eve again. It was a “one-time” event.

Merry Christmas all!


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