A Teacher’s Tryst Ch. 02

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A continuation of my fantasy with Bill via email.

You continue to stroke the inner walls of my cunt as you kiss my neck. We haven’t left the car, concealed in the darkness of the parking garage but aware we could be found at any moment. It turns both of us on but doesn’t rush our pleasure. My head falls back as your thumb brushes my clit and a soft moan escapes my lips. You tell me to lean my seat back so you can get a better angle and I happily oblige not expecting what you do next. Your head lowers and you plant a kiss on my clit then grab it gently between your teeth. My hips instinctively buck and juices start to leak from my hole. I tell you how good it feels and you continue to torture my swollen nub. You insert another finger into my pussy as you continue your assault on my clit and it sends me over the edge. I start to shake as the first climax you give me washes over me in waves. I cry out your name and tell you I want to taste me on you. I sit up and mat you as you kiss me fulfilling my request.

I thank you and tell you it’s now my turn as I rub your throbbing cock from the outside of your tight blue jeans. It’s a shame you’ve kept it locked up this long. As I try to free your cock, you put a hand over mine stopping me. I look puzzled after what you have just done for me but then you explain “not here”. Although the thrill of being in a public place excites you, you’d like our first time to be proper and done right and you ask me to take us to the hotel. A bit disappointed I agree. You can see my frustration and tell me I’ll have your cock in due time and I’ll be able to have it as much as I want. I smile at the thought.

As we drive I ask what made you turn back and succumb to my advances. You look at me as you rub my inner thigh, your hand hasn’t moved from the position since I started the car and the small gesture seems so natural and sensual. You’re driving me wild and you’re not even aware. I glance over awaiting your response and you simply say “I wanted to and as I got to thinking, I’d be home by myself. My wife went to visit our daughter and won’t be home. She wouldn’t even know I wasn’t there. Why not spend the evening with a beautiful woman?” So simple an answer. I ask how long she was going to be away and you say the entire weekend. I want jump up and down in my seat but refrain. Little do you know I had already booked the hotel through Sunday in hopes I could extend our encounter. I smile and you ask what I’m thinking. I let you know my secret about the hotel and that I have a special treat when we get there. You’re surprised and ask “What if I hadn’t accepted your bursa escort offer?” I respond by saying I still would’ve used the hotel, I just would’ve been on my own, something I’ve been used to. Maybe I’d even get a massage. I laugh as I say the last part.

We arrive at the hotel and park the car. As we go in to check in, we pass other guests and get some glances. I have a feeling they know and I think you sense it too but neither of us care. You guide me to the front desk by placing your hand on the small of my back and I swoon at the seemingly small but romantic gesture. We get our keys and it’s all I can do to walk not run to the room. Once we enter I have no plans to leave until we absolutely have to check out. Forget the continental breakfast offered, I’ll be feeding on your cum. I always said it was a protein rich meal.

We get to the room and as we enter you see my surprise. I had the hotel arrange rose petals, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, as well as a gift that sits in the middle of the bed. You look at me and say “You did all this? You’ve been a busy girl.” I just smile knowing this weekend will be wonderful now that you’ve accepted.

As soon as the door is closed and locked I go over to the window opening the curtains and dim the lights slightly. You know now I plan to reenact the time with Karen you had told me about. I pour champagne and bring a flute back to you. You smile and take a sip. “I don’t know what to say.” You murmur.

“Don’t say anything. Come open your gift.” I love giving presents and hope I picked out something you’ll love as much as I love the weekend we have planned. As you take the lid off the box I squirm on the bed biting my lip in anticipation of your reaction.

You pull out the black lace bustier and matching thong, making the joke that you don’t know if they’ll look good on you but if that’s what I want you’ll try it. I almost choke on the sip of champagne I took as I start laughing.

“They’re for me silly” I say, “I want you to put them on me, but first you have more in your box.”

You continue to explore and find lube (not that we’ll need it because I’m already soaking my shorts from earlier) and various adult toys. My eyes are filled with lust and you say thank you as you lower the box.

“You’re not done.” I say and you pick the box back up.

“No, it’s not in there.” I whisper as I lower to my knees in front of you and an awareness takes over.I reach up your thighs until I find the button and zipper of your jeans. “I think it’s time we finally free that cock of yours.”

You place your hands on my shoulders bursa escort bayan as I unzip your jeans and ease your cock out of its restraint. The head is slightly purple and precum leaks from the pee hole. I take a bit to coat my lips as Karen had done and a sigh escapes your lips. I say she was right it really is the best lip gloss and as I say it, I see more building up on the head of your cock so I bend down to it coating my lips further. When I come up I lick my lips tasting your sweetness and you smile at me.

“You’re wonderful my little slut” you grunt as I bend my head back down and take the tip into my mouth. I plan on draining your balls into my mouth and savoring the feeling and taste as I do. I swallow your dick whole the head hitting the back of my throat while lapping my tongue at the base of your balls. You moan throwing your head back and your hands move to my head, your fingers threading through my hair. I start slow but pick up speed urging your cock to give me it’s seed. A few more pumps of your dick into my throat and you can’t hold your orgasm back any longer. You’re not loud but I can feel your balls tense and your cock starts to pulse inside my mouth as it shoots your hot cum onto my eager tongue. I want to taste all of you. Your cum is thick as you haven’t cum in a while and has a sweet taste to it. I lap up all I can get making sure to clean your shaft of any that may have missed my mouth, swallowing every bit I find.

“My little cum slut. You look beautiful with my cock in your mouth, but I’m sure you’ll look even better with it in your pussy.”

I take the compliment and say “I think we’re wearing too many clothes for that but first why don’t we order room service so we can be uninterrupted for the rest of the evening.”

We grab the pamphlet on the nightstand and phone in our order to the hotel restaurant. In just 25 minutes our food is delivered. We casually eat while watching the news but I’m impatient to have your cock in me again. I’m insatiable and hope it doesn’t turn you off.

After eating we clean up and you say you want to use your present now. I ask which one and you hold up the lingerie set saying “I want to see you in it.”

I don’t move and after a while you say “don’t tell me you’re backing out now.”

“Not at all, buI said earlier that you have to put it on me which means you have to undress me first.” I say coyly biting my lower lip.

You move to the window where I’m standing and you ask if I’m sure considering the risk of exposure to prying eyes. I nod and it’s all you need to move you forward. Before you undress escort bursa me you toy with me rubbing my sex through my shorts. “Naughty girl. You really have an appetite. You’re soaking wet for me already.” As you say this you move the fabric over and slide a finger into my waiting cunt. My knees slightly buckle and I catch myself by holding onto your shoulders. “Yeah baby let go, cum on my fingers you dirty little slut.” comes across your lips and I moan in response. “You like being my little slut don’t you? Like my fingers shoved up that tight little twat?” You continue. “Yes fuck me. Make me your slut.” I respond breathlessly as you continue to probe my box.

You pull out denying me of release and unbutton and unzip my shorts. They fall and pool around my ankles and I step out of them clinging to your shoulders for support. You waste no time in taking off my top and throw it into the chair by the bed. Once naked you take a step back and drink me in. My pussy is trimmed but still has a slight bush knowing your preference and you rub over the slight curls of brown hair that covers my mound. You then take in both of my breasts which sit pert, my nipples erect from the exposure and arousal.

Your hand still on my mound, you move in to take a nipple into your mouth and clamp down lightly pinching it slightly sending a wave all the way to my clit. I reach down for your hand and beg you to finger me. You happily oblige again inserting a finger then two into my dripping cunt. It’s only temporarily though as you remove them, bring them to my mouth and command me to clean them so you can put on your present. I gladly take your fingers into my mouth removing my juices, sucking them as though they were your cock. Your pants are tented and I start to undress you.

You had already removed your blazer when we got in but I make quick work of unbuttoning your shirt exposing the thin layer of curls on your chest. I rub my hands over your chest kissing a trail as I go. My hands move farther south as I remove your pants and underwear once again taking in the sight of your cock. I go to get on my knees but you stop me. “My present remember?”

“If you remember me sucking your cock was one of them.” I say teasingly but I comply standing back up as you dress me in my lingerie. It’s incredibly hot having you dress me and your gentle touch sends shivers of electricity straight to my cunt. I need you to fill me.

You ask me to turn and walk around the room once I’m dressed so you can fully see your gift and I even go so far as bending over rubbing my clit in front of you but just out of your reach to drive you wild. I see your hand come to your cock and you start to jerk it slowly in anticipation. After a few seconds of watching me rub my clit you tell me to come to you on the bed. I seductively walk over and you grab my hips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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