A Team Effort Ch. 02

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My mom… my masturbatory fantasy for years, never totally replaced Terry’s mom, Connie, but a second choice or auxiliary fantasy none the less, had just blown my mind along with my cock and my best friend. Sure, we were planning on fucking them, through trickery and deceit, but, though she had been drunk, she was a willing participant, she, in fact initiated our sex.

Terry was in love/lust with my mom… I had no idea how he would feel once his lust was satiated, but I still had his mother to seduce and she was laying somewhere behind me on a pool lounge. The last time I saw her, Terry was rubbing suntan lotion on her back.

Mom had finished cleaning my dick, had kissed mine on the head then Terry’s, and then proceeded to play with the spunk splattered all over her creamy white tits.

All of a sudden she stopped, and said, “Oh my god!”

She lurched sideways, trying to see behind me and stand up at the same time, forgetting how much she had had to drink. She fell against Terry who did a good job of catching her and I could see the conflict on his face as he felt concern for her and joyous pleasure having her all but naked in his arms. He struggled to help her up while she struggled to get to Connie’s prone figure. I spun around and stepped to her still form. Her back was naked, shinny from suntan lotion and sweat, the bottoms of her suit were pulled down at the waist and to the middle on each cheek where Terry had put lotion at the tan lines, and probably done some groping and grabbing himself.

I knelt down and using her shoulder turned her up and away. She was limp, drool stringing from the corner of her mouth. It may make me out to be an unfeeling prick, but I could not help but think how sweet her naked breasts were.

Mom bumped me, shouldering me aside in her haste to get to her friend.

“Connie! Oh sweetheart… wake up!” Mom rolled her over gently slapping her face.

“She is breathing mom… she is just passed out.”

“No Matty… you don’t understand! I promised… we promised! You have to help me.”

She cradled Connie’s head in her arms, pulling her close and pushing Connie’s slack face into her cum slick tits.

“Come on… open your mouth!”

“Mom? What are you doing? What’s going on?”

Ignoring my question, she patted Connie’s freckled, now cum smeared face, and brushed some stray strands of hair away from that angelic cheek. Then, almost like she was stone cold sober, mom directed her comments to Terry and me, while scooping a rather large glob of cum from the cleavage of her tits, and gently parting her friends lips and wiping her finger on the inside of Connie’s mouth.

“I promised her, well, we promised each other that the first time we had any sex with either of you,” and she looked up at each of us, standing around her in speechless awe, watching her feed her friend our cum from where we had shot it on her full breasts, renewed energy flowing into our swelling cocks. “that we would share you… that we would do it together.”

She looked up at Terry who was standing on the other side of the lounge chair, looking at his semi hard cock. Mom reached across and grabbed it, pulling him over and off Balance.

“Here… put your cock in her mouth.”

Terry pulled back and resisted a bit, not much, as he was leaning over his mom now, a hand on my mom’s shoulder, her hand pulling on his cock, directing it to his mother’s mouth, and him being a healthy randy teen and all, having fantasized many scenarios that were similar to this.

He blurred out “Wait… what?” before her lips brushed the head of his dick and his resistance melted. Mom moved a little, helping him to adjust his angle, but still holding her friend close, while helping my best friend to shove his cock in his mother’s mouth. Somehow the world we woke up in this morning had turned upside down.

I pulled mom back to allow Terry more comfort and better access to his mom, and so I could get an answer or two about what was going on.

She struggled a bit, ineffectual due to her inebriated state, not wanting to be separated from her friend even, it seemed when her friends mouth was being gently fucked by her friends own son.

“Mom!” and I shook her a bit. She looked at me, then back to Terry and Connie, then back to me. “Mom… what are you talking about?”

She looked at me with a confused look on her face, her eyes starting to gloss over and go dull.

“Mom! Stay awake now… god damn it!”

Her lights went out and she slumped in my arms

“Terry! Terry, help me out here for a minute.”

He did not even look to the side: he had her head in his hands, holding it still, rocking back and forth, stroking his cock in her mouth. “Fuck you, whatever it is has to wait Matty, I can feel her starting to suck!”

“Terry! Fuck man… wait a minute.”


I laid mom gently down, the concrete was shaded. She was beautiful, I had always thought so, even if Terrys mom was the object of the majority of my lust.

Terry pushed a little too deep and made his mother gag. She reacted violently, trashing and scratching, shaking bahis firmaları her head back and forth. As soon as she was free of his cock and could breathe again and calmed down and went back to comatose.


This time he looked at me, confusion, desire, lust and caring all written in his face.

“We need to stop and regroup.”

He cocked his head to the side, the lack of blood to the brain apparently affecting his ability to comprehend.

“I don’t mean stop… I mean look at us, at them… we need to get them in the house and a little safer before we go ahead.”

“So you want to keep going? You don’t want to stop?”

“What? Are you a fucking moron? Of course not… we are going to fuck the shit out of these two, just like we planed… but, we need to get your mom out of the sun so she does not burn and my mom will be much more fun if she is not getting scratched up, grinding into the concrete.”

“Fuck, you’re right man.”

“We just need to get them inside to the living room. We can do whatever we want there just as easily as here.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I just got carried away.”

I said, “Help me get her up and inside, throw a towel on your mom, then we will come back for her.” Terry did, both of us frowning as he covered up that gorgeous body, then he helped me get mom up and half stumbling, half dragging her, we made it to the sectional in the TV room off the patio.

“As we helped her in, Terry said, “It was so hot when I turned around and saw your mom sucking you off. How did you talk her into it?”

“That’s just it man… she started it… she pulled my cock out and just started sucking.”

“No fucking way man! Fuck! You are so lucky!”

We laid mom down on her side and both of us stood there for a second, looking down on her. I tuned my head to Terry; “Yeah, I don’t know what is going on yet, but did you get a load of my mom and what she did to yours?”

“I know! It’s Scary weird, and fucking awesome at the same time!”

We both turned and went back out to the pool.

Terry pulled the towel off of his mom and stood there looking down on her. “I want to finish fucking her mouth… is the twisted or what?” He did not move to mount her again.

“Yeah dude… it’s pretty obvious you do.” Both of us were naked and hard. “but let’s get her inside first.”

“Matty?” Terry looked at me, seriously, which is a little difficult to pull off when you’re straight and pointing you’re package at another straight, but he got the look across.

“What Terry?”

“I know this is sounding weird and all… ”

“It’s a weird sort of day so far, so go ahead and spill it.”

“I know you have the hots for my mom and we have always said yes… it is obvious that you fuck mine and I fuck yours… I feel the same way, but… well…you did your mom first and I kinda want to do mine first… just to… you know…”

“Yeah Terry, I know… you go ahead and take her first. I don’t want any of this to come between us, and I know how you feel. It was hot as hell watching you get sucked and come in mom’s mouth, but I was a little bit jealous, even though I was banging her tits at the same time. And hell… it’s not like you weren’t grabbing your mom’s ass… “

“Oh wait… well yeah I did a little and her pussy was soaking wet, but it was her suggestion.. she pulled her suit off and down and told me not to forget to squeeze as I rubbed. Then she fucking passed out.”

“We’ll figure this all out… but for now… we’ve got what we always dreamed about… your mom and mine naked and waiting to be used anyway we want. Help me get her inside. “

She was deeper asleep and so, no help at all, and limp is a whole lot harder than rigid, but we got Connie on the couch, lying head to head with mom.

“I don’t think either one of these guys are waking up anytime soon.”

“What are you gonna do first man?”

“Fuck if I know… all that time dreaming about, planning for this moment and then ‘Wham!’ It’s here, and I don’t know WHAT to do…”

“I know what I am doing!” He stepped up to his mom’s head, “I’m gonna’ cum in this mouth before anything else.”

Terry rolled her over then straddled her chest. He aimed his cock at her mouth and pushed foreword. It was harder than he thought, getting around the teeth and tongue. He got frustrated, slapped her a couple of times with his cock and, getting no response, shifted positions and nestled his cock between her breasts and squeezed them together. He bucked his hips, rubbing his swollen cock between those creamy white, freckle sprinkled breasts. My mouth watered looking at her nipples harden as Terry groped and grabbed at his mother’s tits.

Even though she was not responding with consciousness, her body was reacting… that got me remembering what Terry said about her pussy being wet. I spread Connie’s legs and moved the small strip of cloth that covered the pussy I had dreamed about for so long. The little tuft of red hair was inviting, I touched her outer lips and my cock jumped with the excited anticipation.

“What the fuck are you doing back kaçak iddaa there Matty? Jesus! Can’t you just let me ge…”

“I am checking to see if she is wet! Just keep going Terry. I’m not trying to mess with you.”

I ran my middle finger down between her lips, feeling the bump of clitoris that I had read so much about, seen so many pictures of… now I was touching “hers”.

“Well?” Terry asked over his shoulder. “is she?”

I dipped my finger deeper when it encountered her hole. I had dreamed about this moment in time, how she would feel, how Connie would react and call out my name in passionate ecstasy…instead I get Terry asking me stupid questions when he should be enjoying himself, anywhere else.

“Yeah Terry… she is wet… slick as baby oil.”

“Great!” He said as he climbed off his mothers chest. Her tits are nice, but its more like masturbation than I want… fucking wet pussy… that would be good!.”

I began undoing the one tie that keep Connie’s suit on.

“Hurry up Matty.”

“No… use your moms tits or mouth, or hand… Hell go cum in her hair, but right now, this pussy is mine. Fuck Terry, go check and see if my mom is wet.”

His head swiveled and he saw mom like he had forgotten she was there. Terry could focus like that, hone in on one thing and everything around him just disappears.

I pulled away Connie’s swimsuit and had to reposition her a bit. I rolled her and propped her, so she could breath and would not shift too much, I hoped, when I fucked her, cause I had every intention of burying my cock as deep in her as I could get.

Terry struggled to get moms suit off, clumsy in his lusty haste.

“Matty! She’s wet too. Oh wow!”

I tried to tune him out as I got between his mothers legs, draping them over my shoulders, confident that I could impale her on my pointed spear…

She was warm inside, slick… I glided in a few inches, then pulled back, sinking my shaft further on the next stroke in. Her tits rolled with the movement, and when I went root deep on the fourth thrust, I swear she inhaled a gasp and tightened her pussy around me, but I had no way to confirm because Terry was screaming.

“Ahhh!! Fuck!! Matty! Shit! God Damn!”

I could not help it, as good as it felt, I had to look away from her face and see what Terry was yelling about.

Mom was face down in the cushions, ass in the air, knees spread, her suit bottom, what little there was of it, was hanging from one ankle.

Terry had, apparently, been tasting her sweet honey pot when her, presumably full bladder, surprise, surprise, considering how much she had had to drink, decided that it was time to empty. He got a face full of warm piss, and the way he was spitting and heaving, a mouthful too. I could still see the steam arcing up and out, soaking Terry, that end of the couch, the floor, and finally mom herself. His frantic gyrations, trying to get away, knocked her sideways shutting off the hard stream but doing nothing to halt the flood of pee running down her ass cheek and thigh, wetting the cushions and pillows below

“Fuck!” was about all I could say.

I pulled out, all erotic and lustful thoughts flying from my brain, both of them. My shiny dick, coated in the pussy juice of my fantasy woman, was quickly deflating… Damn it. This is a mess to clean. We should have seen this coming and prepared.. fucking small brains get all the blood.

I stood over mom, powerless to prevent her from entirely emptying herself. Terry was comical in his disgust and distress, trying to cough it up and wipe it off.

“Go jump in the pool and clean off Terry, then go upstairs and shower. I have some mouthwash in the cupboard under the sink.”

“I swallowed some man! Fuck!”

He cussed and swore all the way until his head went underwater. I could not help but chuckle, until I looked again at the mess to clean up.

I know some people get off on pee and shit… not me though, and apparently not Terry

I thought about Connie and I looked down on mom, and realized that, although she had less to drink, not by much, if I did not do something about that soon, I was going to have another mess to deal with. I thought of towels, and menstrual pads, but nothing seemed as effective as what I finally decided to do.

Terry was up in my shower and so, no help . I pulled Connie into a sitting position, then ducked low, pulling her over my shoulder. I almost fell over once, before getting her situated, but she was surprisingly light when I got her draped and made my way upstairs to mom’s bedroom where I put her in the bathtub. I thought about how cold the porcelain would be and that I should put some towels down, but she was too unwieldy for that kind of thing, and ended up just covering her and doing my best to tuck her in, with the blanket from mom’s bed.

I’d be lying if I told you I did not get hard again, feeling her tits press Into my back, having my hands on her bare ass, being naked and handling her as I got her in to the tub… but I was done trying to fuck her when she was unconscious, it was too much work just to masturbate. kaçak bahis

When I came back down stairs Terry was sitting in the living room drinking down the last of what was a full pitcher of very strong Margaritas.

“I had to have something to get the taste out of my mouth man.” When I chuckled he said, “You have no idea man. Fuck, I was digging it, my mouth wide open, my tongue as deep as I could go and I was swallowing when all of a sudden she blasted me… right down my throat!”

“So it will be awhile before you’re back to eating pussy?”

“Oh hell no!, Your mom’s pussy is sweet, I’ll be back there soon, after she is cleaned up… no, she is tasty.”

“Finish that up and then help me with her.”

“You’ve got to e kidding me! I just got cleaned up. I am done with piss and piss covered women. I am going o finish this and then go upstairs and sleep deep until tomorrow. Leave her where she is… all of that can get cleaned up later.”

“God damn it Terry, I need your help!”

“Not a fucking chance bro… this has worked out perfectly. We both got lucky, your mom is on board and mine was ready and willing. We have them locked in. They are ours for whatever we want! I’m not spoiling it with house work. Fuck that!”

“You can be a real dick sometimes Terry… I don’t know why I put up with you.”

“Cause we have been best friends since we could walk, because we share everything, and you have the hots for my mom as bad as I have for yours. If you’re half as smart as I think you are Matty, you’ll get some sleep too.”

With that said, Terry went upstairs to my room and crashed.

I picked mom up the same way I had Connie and got her into the overlarge bathtub. I used another blanket to cover mom, then I went back downstairs and with the carpet shampooer cleaned the couch and the floor. I put the cushion covers in the wash along with all of the bathing suits, then, before I went to my room to shower myself and get some sleep, I figured I had best check on mom and Connie. It was good that I did. The smell of puke permitted the bathroom. Both of them had vomited. The blankets were covered in it as were both women. Tired as I was, I could not leave them like that.

I went back to my room and tried to wake Terry, but he was out hard and only mumbled at me.

Fuck him… has to be done. We fucking drugged them. Have to take care of them.

I rolled up the blankets and rinsed them out in the shower, then down to the laundry room. I came back and both mom’s are showing signs of being cold. The shower stall was as big as a bathtub, so I pulled mom out, turned on the water in the shower and left her on the floor to get warmed by the water. I helped Connie, who was semi conscious , stumble in. Her eyes opened when the warm water hit, and she slumped against the glass looking at mom on the floor, looked at me standing there naked, looked down at herself, ran a hand over her breast and down her stomach , but then she closed her eyes and I caught her as she went back under and slumped again, riding the glass enclosure to the floor, legs splayed, entangled with mom. I stood up, staring down at both of them, pee soaked, puke covered, nothing sexy to me about either one of those things, but my cock was getting stiff again.

The easiest was just to grab the soap and washcloth and start scrubbing. I started at mom’s feet, washed her legs and could not resist looking at and fingering her pussy just a bit before soaping her up. I washed up the crack of her ass and then across her stomach and her breasts, lifting them and making sure they were clean all around. The water was running and I did the best I could do to keep the soap rinsed off. I could not help but notice how hard her nipples got when I washed them with the rough wash cloth and slippery soap… I leaned her forwards to wash her back and shoulders, and my hard cock was rubbing all over her neck and face. As slippery as she was a lot of very sexy flesh was rubbing on me. I rinsed her off and then pulled her around and got her face and hair wet. Mom sputtered and struggled, waving her arms and protesting. But when I got her to open her eyes and wake up she understood that I was washing her.

“Matty… my Matty. Lol.. we’re naked…” she tried to hold my face… but her hands were clumsy.

“No mom… I have to finish washing you and then Connie.”

“Connie? Oh I am in so much trouble… she giggled and then got serious again. She is going to be so mad… she is going to spank me so hard… she will really want to skin me.” Then she noticed Connie passed out in the corner. “Shhh, there she is… ”

“I know mom… here, let me wash your face and hair.”

“Ok Matty… what ever you want…” and she drifted just a little, mumbling… then her fingers came in contact with my hard cock and she grabbed it, eyes popping open. “I want to fuck you and suck you… how wrong is that?” and, though she did not let go, she started to cry. “What kind of a mother wants to have sex with her son?” She stopped crying and sputtered as I repositioned her head to wash the shampoo out. When she could breathe again her eyes were open and focused, the hand holding my cock was squeezing and stroking slowly. “Do you want to fuck me too?” Her eyes searched my face questioningly… I’ll share you with Connie… she wants to fuck you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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