A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 15

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Author’s Foreword: This is the fifteenth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so is a bit boring but it isn’t very long, the sex really gets started in the second part.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between adult participants, all over 18 years of age, who share a forbidden love. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. This is a fantasy, do not try this in the real world.

I am interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. I do want to talk a little about a valid point that someone made on my not using Mummy rather than Mommy. I thought about this when I started writing this and made the decision to use the idiom I’m familiar with. I was afraid if I tried to use British idiom, I would make a lot of errors. So please consider this a ‘Memoir’ originally written in British idiom that has been translated into American for publication, as American publishers do with books written by British authors.

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Third Day Begins

Mamma woke first, waking me soon after with a kiss and then giving Cathy a kiss also, waking her up.

‘I love sharing a bed with you but it’s getting late and we need to go back to our own rooms to clean up before ringing for the help. We’ll see each other after we’re all dressed and ready for the day, at breakfast. Don’t forget to make your beds look like they’ve been slept in. Cathy, help me straighten up this bed so it doesn’t look like it’s been used.’

We got up and Cathy and Mamma set about making the bed look neat again. I watched their beautiful nude bodies moving about their task, Mamma’s breasts moving around a lot more than Cathy’s young firm smaller ones but both were equally beautiful. Reluctantly, I move over to the chair where I’d put our night clothes and put mine on. I then handed Mamma and Cathy theirs once they finished their task. I gave each a kiss before heading for the door to return upstairs to my rooms.

At this point I felt I really did need to bathe, so after using the water closet, I filled a bath. There was hot water, so the boilers had been stoked already that morning. I washed thoroughly, including my hair, feeling all clean and new when I was done. Bathing was so much easier since the house had been updated with the new water system and conveniences.

After drying, I brushed my hair and then carefully shaved and cleaned my teeth. Then I got my clothes out for the day. Soon I was dressed in my shirt and trousers. I quickly added my coat and boots and headed downstairs to start my day, joining my family in the dining room for breakfast.

Afterwards, I decided that I had better get some work done, so I went to the library, where I had my desk and the estate papers. The library was a magnificent room, two stories tall with a balcony running around the three interior walls and a spiral staircase to access it and leaded glass windows covering most of the outside wall area, the upper most rank of windows being stained glass. The windows gave the library lots of light. The interior walls of the room were paneled and shelved in rich walnut, and the shelves were well stocked with books of all types. The library was one of my favorite rooms in the whole manor, although all the books required frequent dusting and once every couple of years, the leather bindings had to be treated with leather conditioner to keep the leather from drying out and splitting or flaking.

There was some new correspondence on my desk, so I dealt with that, writing several responses to letters of inquiry and writing a couple of bank drafts to cover bills that had been presented. I was finishing up recording the outgoing payments in the estate ledgers, when my sister Gail came in.

She glanced around, apparently checking to see if anyone else was in the library and then looked out the windows, checking to see if anyone was outside who could see inside. Finding the coast clear, she came to me and kissed me deeply.

‘I love you so much and wished that it was my turn last night to be with you but Cathy and Beth deserved to go first after all the attention I got yesterday. Did you have a good time with Mamma and Cathy last night?’

‘Wonderful. We were very naughty and then for the first time, I didn’t sleep in a bed all by myself. I really enjoyed sleeping cuddled up with Mamma and Cathy and am looking forward to repeating the experience with Beth tonight and you the night after.’ and I kissed her tenderly on the lips. ‘I’m looking forward to watching you and Mamma being naughty with each other again. Did you lordbahis güvenilirmi and Beth have fun last night?’

‘Oh yes. I love kissing her, and touching her, and I love the way her pussy tastes. I made her cum several times and she did the same to me. And I loved sleeping in her arms, you’re right, it is so much nicer than sleeping alone. And I’m looking forward to being with Cathy tonight.’

I was enjoying the feeling of Gail’s body against mine, even if we were both dressed. It appeared that she had taken our mother’s advise as I didn’t feel the whale bones of a corset pressing into me and I wondered if she had also left off her drawers. So I asked her ‘Are you wearing drawers?’

‘No, would you like to see?’

‘Yes.’ but looking around, I decided that where we were was not a good place to get naughty. It was too exposed, both to anyone entering the library and to anyone outside the manor, who might look through the windows. ‘Come with me.’ and taking her hand I led her to the estate document room, a room that could only be entered from the Library and where we would be out of sight. I led her over to a table that was used to lay documents and maps out on and she quickly bent over it, looking back at me over her shoulder, expecting me to raise her skirts, as our mother had had me do with Beth the night before at the diner table..

However, I’d had another idea. I wanted to be able to look her in the eyes while I was loving her, so I straightened her up and turned her to face me, then lifted her up and sat her down on the table near the edge. Then I reached down and lifted her skirts and petticoats, exposing first her beautiful lower legs covered in stockings, then her knees and lower thighs until the tops of her stockings and garters came into view and finally her pussy.

‘Hold your dress and petticoats out of the way.’ I told Gail and she obediently used her arms to capture them against her torso, leaving her legs and pussy exposed. I used my hands to spread her legs and told Gail to put her arms behind her and lean back on them. She did as I asked, still keeping her dress out of the way, and I reached out and pulled her a little closer to the edge of the table.

I loved having Gail exposed to me so naughtily. Seeing the legs and pussy that no brother should be gazing on had me hard in my trousers. Reaching to her pussy with my right hand, I ran my fingers up and down her slit, finding that she was also excited, her lower slit well lubricated with her juices. Staring into her eyes, I slid two of my fingers into her vagina, enjoying the feeling of her hot, wet interior and the way her pupils expanded with passion to fill her blue irises.

Reaching down with my left hand, I managed to unfasten my trousers, although it took a bit longer trying to do it one handed. I didn’t want to remove my fingers from Gail’s pussy until I was ready to put my cock into her in their place. Soon, however, my cock was free and I removed my fingers from Gail’s pussy and moved forward, rubbing my two wet fingers over the tip of my cock before guiding it into Gail’s opening, moving slowly closer, feeling my cock slide into my sister’s pussy.

The feeling was exquisite, and I could tell that Gail thought so also, from the enraptured look on her face. I kept moving forward until I was buried to the hilt and then leaned in and kissed her lovingly on the mouth.

‘I love having my cock in your pussy, dear sister. It feels so good and it’s such a naughty thing to do. And the thought that even now, you could be pregnant with my child, drives me wild.’

Straightening up, I took hold of Gail’s hips and began thrusting in and out of her hot, wet, snug pussy.

‘I love having your wonderful cock in me so much. It is so naughty that my brother is loving me, putting his cock into his sister’s pussy, trying to make her pregnant. Are you going to cum in me again, dear brother? I want to feel it, your hot seed filling my fertile womb.’

I continued thrusting in and out of my sister’s wet vagina. How I looked down so that I could watch my cock sliding in and out of Gail’s pussy, enjoying the way her inner flesh didn’t seem to want to release my cock, stretching out around my cock as I pulled out, only to watch it going back in as I thrust in again. I assured her that I was going to cum in her again, fairly soon. Was she getting ready to cum?

Gail assured me that she was getting close and then she told me she was cumming. I felt her pussy convulse around me and that pushed me over the edge into cumming also. I loved the sensation of feeling my pulses of cum filling my sister’s pussy and I held myself buried to the hilt in her for several minutes, just savoring the sensations of being in her.

I was so stimulated by the naughtiness of making love again to one of my sister and doing it in the library during the daytime, that I never really got soft after I came and I was thinking of starting lordbahis yeni giriş to make love to Gail again, when I heard the library door close and our mother’s voice call out ‘Daniel? Are you here?’

Relief washed through me, I’d been afraid for a moment that it might have been someone that Gail and I wouldn’t have wanted to find us.

‘Are you alone Mamma?’ I called out, wanting to be sure we were safe.

‘Yes dear, where are you?’

‘In the document room, with Gail, being naughty. Come be naughty with us Mamma.’

In a less than a minute, Mamma came though the door, finding me still buried to the hilt in Gail’s fully exposed pussy. My sister was blushing furiously but also looked excited and made no move to cover herself. Our mother came over and stood next to me, looking at where her son and daughter were joined.

‘Are you just getting started?’

‘No, we just came, but I’m still hard. I think you need to clean our cum from Gail’s pussy while I make love to you from behind, don’t you?’

‘Mmmm, that sounds like fun. Would you like that Gail? Your naughty mother cleaning your brother’s cum from your pussy. Would you like to see your brother making love to his mother again and will you then clean my pussy after he cums in me?’ and our mother leaned over and kissed my sister lovingly on the mouth.

‘Ohh, yes please Mamma.’

I pulled out of my sister and moved to the side and our mother quickly leaned down and applied her mouth to Gail’s pussy, putting her hands on the table on either side of Gail. This left her buttocks sticking out and I quickly moved behind her, reaching down and raising her skirts and petticoats onto her back, exposing our mother’s exquisite buttock cheeks, fleshier than my sister’s but still firm and shapely. She quickly moved her feet apart so that I could easily access her and I reached between her legs, feeling her pussy, finding it wet and slippery like her daughter’s had been.

‘Were you wet before you got here Mamma?’ I asked.

She reluctantly removed her mouth from Gail’s pussy long enough to tell, that yes, she’d been wet, thinking about how nice it would be to find me and have me love her. But it seemed that Gail had beaten her to me. And then she went back to licking and sucking Gail’s pussy.

‘Don’t worry Mamma, I still got something left for you.’ and I moved into place behind her, guiding my cock into my mother’s pussy, loving the feeling as I slid into her just as much as I had with my sister. Taking hold of her hips, I began loving my mother. Looking down, I could see my cock sliding in and out of my mother’s vagina. The sight was tremendously exciting to me, my cock sliding in and out of the place that had given birth to me. Like with my sister, I wondered if I’d already made my mother pregnant or if when I came this time in her, if that would do it.

Both my mother and sister were moaning, although my mother’s moans were a bit muffled because her face was buried in my sister’s pussy, so I knew both were enjoying our naughty activities. Soon my sister was declaring that she was cumming and then my mother announced the same, lifting her head for a moment from my sister’s pussy, before returning to her task. Having cum once, I was slower to build up to cumming this time and I managed to hold out until both Gail and Mamma were cumming again before I came, filling mother’s pussy with my cum.

Again I stayed buried to the hilt in a snug wet pussy, savoring the sensations. However, this time I did begin wilting and I soon pulled out of mother’s pussy. She surprised me, by turning around and taking my softening cock into her mouth, cleaning it of our combined juices, before putting me away and fastening up my trousers.

Gail was still sitting on the table, her legs spread, her pussy on full display. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be a little dazed from the pleasure she had experienced. Our mother moved to her and kissed her on the mouth, rousing her, helping her off the table and getting her petticoats and skirt back in place, before kissing her again and then turning and kissing me. ‘I love you both so much’ she told us.

Gail and I assured her that we loved her also. Gail then reminded her ‘You said I could lick Daniel’s cum from your pussy’ and Mamma told her of course. Mamma asked ‘Daniel, please lift me onto the table where Gail was’ and in a moment, she was in Gail’s previous position, her skirt and petticoats pulled up, her oozing pussy on full display and my sister was leaving over her, licking and sucking my cum from our mother’s pussy. It was only a matter of moments before she had our mother cumming. Then I was treated to the sight of the two kissing each other tenderly on the mouth.

I was finding that to me, there was nothing more beautiful than seeing those I loved, showing how much they loved each other, as well as how much they loved me. And of course, the fact that none of lordbahis giriş us should have been loving each other only made the whole thing even more exciting.

Mother seemed to feel that somehow we would work out our future. That we would be able to continue loving each other and that it would all be fine, but I have to admit that I was worried. While I loved the thought of my mother and sisters bearing my children, I didn’t want them suffering a moments shame because of it, which meant that no one could learn what our new relationship was.

Mamma could pass any child she had as being her husband’s but my sisters needed to be married quickly to provide a reason for their pregnancies. But, I couldn’t stand the thought of my sisters having a male lover other than myself.

Maybe that was selfish on my part, they were gladly sharing me with each other but the thought of them giving them to any other male distressed me greatly. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t see how I could avoid it.

However, I decided I couldn’t worry about it at this point. The newness of being my mother’s and sisters’ lover was so overwhelming that the lust and love I felt for them didn’t allow me to dwell too much on the future. My mind was occupied by thoughts of the delights I would experience with them now, the future would take care of itself.

Mamma and Gail each gave me a kiss and then departed, telling me they would see me at the midday meal. I resumed working, finding it hard to concentrate, thoughts of my mother and sisters constantly intruding. Still, I managed to get the paperwork for the day done before it was time to join my family at the midday meal.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Visit to the Village and an Alfresco Interlude

As always, the meal was excellent. I’ve always enjoyed our family meals, talking with them about estate matters, often getting good advice about things. When I’d been given responsibility for the estate, I’d quickly discovered that my mother and sisters often had good ideas, seeing things that I may have overlooked. And I enjoyed listening to them in return about household matters and about the books they were reading and about the news of the day. We may have been out in the country, but we took the major London newspapers, all of us reading them to keep current. We also subscribed to magazines of the day like The Strand and we had a standing order with a bookseller for new books that were published that he thought would interest us.

Sharing the meal with Mamma and my sisters now that we were lovers, added a certain tension. Not an unpleasant tension, but an awareness that there were things we’d have loved to say that we couldn’t for fear of being overheard, that we’d have to save for evening, after the servants had left for the day. A couple of times during the meal, I got distracted, looking at my mother and sisters and remembering what they looked like naked, wishing they were naked now.

Still, it was a pleasant meal, filled with interesting conversation. Beth mentioned that she was planning on walking to the village after the meal, to visit one of the shops and asked if anyone wanted to go with her. That reminded me that I needed to check with the village blacksmith on a ironwork repair that should be done, so I told her that I would go with her. No one else took her up on her invitation, having other tasks they wanted to get done.

So, once the meal was over, Beth and I set out for the village. We took the more direct route along a path through the park, rather than going out the estate front gate and along the lane. It was a pleasant stroll and reminded me the walk the five of us had taken the other day that had ended with all of us naked and making love.

I think that was on Beth’s mind also, as she glanced at me several times, blushing when she met my eyes. I made her blush even more when I told her how much I was looking forward to her joining Mamma and me in bed that evening, and she shyly admitted that she was looking forward to it also.

We were passing through a part of the park where the trees and other vegetation were heavy enough that it was almost certain no one could observe us without being in sight, so I reached out and stopped Beth, took her in my arms and kissed her thoroughly. She responded eagerly and we kissed for several minutes before I reluctantly released her, saying we should continue to the village and get our errands done.

A few more minutes and we reached the edge of the village. I told Beth that I would wait for her outside the village pub, once I was done with my visit to the blacksmith and we parted ways. Getting to the blacksmith’s, I found the work was completed, inspected it and then paid him, telling him to deliver it to the groundskeeper at the manor for installation.

Done, I went to the pub, and going inside, ordered a pint of their excellent homemade ale, taking it back outside with me and sitting at one of their outdoor tables, to wait for Beth. It was a very pleasant day, warm without being hot and the ale was very refreshing, so I enjoyed sitting waiting. Several villagers greeted me as they went about their business and we had brief conversations about the weather and about how the crops were doing.

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