A Walk in the Woods

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It’s summer and we’re on holiday in Croatia; the weather is beautiful, hot and sunny. We’ve rented an apartment a short way from the coast on the edge of a forest. The day before we headed down to the beach, spending the entire day there relaxing in the sun, swimming in the water. The entire day I spent watching and wanting you as you lounged in your bikini; the opportunity to touch your body to put on sun cream was excruciating – I was hard within seconds; lying on my towel was the only defense. When we got back to our apartment we got under the shower and fucked each other as the water cascaded down our bodies.

We’d been given some advice and maps of the local forest and so today we are taking a gentle walk in the gentle shade of the trees. We walk hand in hand through the trees, from time to time taking photos of the natural beauty around us. After a while I start to focus more on how shapely your ass is in your shorts. I notice how your top doesn’t meet your shorts, occasionally I catch flashes of your soft and lightly tanned skin. As I wait as you take another photo I gentle daydream about how your skin feels when I fuck you from behind. As if by magic you put your bag on the ground, putting your camera away. Bent over in front of me, I look at your sexy ass and its perfect curves.

I don’t resist. I walk up behind you and put my arms around your bent-over body, pushing my hardening cock against your ass. You giggle, telling me that I’m a horny bastard and to let you do your bag up so we can continue. I ignore you and slide my hands up inside your top, enjoying the feel of your warm skin. You turn your head to face me for a moment and look into my eyes; you can see how I feel and what I want to do to you.

One of my hands comes up to your throat and with the other hand cupping a breast I pull you upright and turn your head away. I bury my lips into the crook of your neck, kissing and licking. Your skin has your soft scent but is also slightly salty from perspiration. The feeling of your ass pressed against my now-hard cock, a breast cupped, your soft throat in my palm and the taste of your skin all makes me revel in all the sensations available, driving me to feel even hornier. All I want is to tear off your shorts and fuck you as hard as I can until I cum deep inside of you.

I work my lips up the side of your neck to your ear. I stop kissing and just hover over your ear. My warm and moist breath blows across your it, causing you to shiver gently. I start to gently talk to you, ever word causing you to shiver more. I tell you how much I want you. I tell you that I’ve been staring at your round ass for too long today without getting to see it naked. I tell you that we’re not going anywhere else without me first fucking you, that I need to feel your warm pussy around me.

Your hands are grasping at me behind you, reaching down to massage my hard cock. For a few moments I let you play with me, being tempted to just stand there and enjoy your soft hands. I grip your neck a little tighter, pulling kurtköy escort your head back a bit further. I tell you to undo my belt; you comply, finding it difficult to do the wrong way around. While you scrabble around trying to undo it, I start to kiss your ear. I kiss my way up from your ear lobe to the top of your ear, pausing to inhale the smell of your hair and to exhale across your ear. I lick my way down, making sure to cause you to gasp and squirm.

Eventually, after enjoying distracting you, you manage to undo my belt. Immediately you start to slide your a hand in between the newly-loosened gap, your fingers searching for my cock – the other hand tries to undo my shorts to give you easier access.

I remove my hand from under your shirt and release your neck and step back a little so now there is space between us. Quickly, I reach down to my belt and remove it from my shorts in one fluid motion. I step back a little, your hands now stretched out behind you. Grasping each end of the belt I wrap it around and around your wrists, binding them closer and closer. You cry out in surprise as you can no longer move your arms; I simply enjoy you coming to realise that you’re now alone in the woods and nearly powerless.

I circle in front of you, watching the slightly annoyed expression on your face. I tell you that if you’re a good girl and don’t resist I might let you cum, too. Your annoyed expression doesn’t go, but I can tell from the look in your eyes that you’re going to enjoy this, but I’ll pay for it later.

I walk up to you and grab your hair in a hand and bring your face to mine, pushing my tongue into your hot mouth, a hand wandering over your body. I thrust my hand down the back of your shorts, feeling the soft flesh of your ass. I reach further down, working my way down the crack of your ass to your pussy. I pull back from kissing you and chuckle as I run a finger over your wet, wet pussy. You’re now shivering again because I’m running my fingers over your moist pussy lips, pushing my hand as far as it will go into your shorts. You moan softly as I slowly push a finger inside of you, enjoying the tightness of your muscles as I gently move in and out of your pussy. Your eyes are slightly closed and your head is tilted back. I watch you as I continue to gently fuck you, watching your lips move as you moan.

I withdraw my fingers from your damp pussy and, with a final squeeze of your ass, take my hands out of your shorts. At least, nearly. I bring my hands round to the front of you, just beneath your belly, and start to undo your shorts. Your breathing is quicker and shorter in anticipation as I slide both your shorts and your bikini down your legs. I let them drop to your feet and instantly bury my face between your legs. You cry out as I drive my tongue up and down your pussy, tasting you as deeply as I can. Your pussy is so wet that my mouth is quickly covered in your warm, slick and delicious juices. I bring my hand up again and thrust my fingers deep inside tuzla escort your pussy, causing you to cry out my name as you struggle to keep your balance.

I run my hand up your belly, under your shirt and reach for the hard nipple of one of your breasts. Your gasps get louder and quicker as I rub your hard nipples with my fingers, lick your clit and thrust all 4 fingers of one hand in and out of your pussy. Each time I push inside of you I pause for a moment on the softer place a short way in and push briefly. Each push causes you to cry out a little; I start to time the pushes on your g-spot with flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue. Each time my fingers withdraw and then start to push back in I massage your clit with the length of my tongue, pushing against the little nub of your clit, as well as the hood and the shaft, pressing hard, making you utter words in Polish.

I start to feel your pussy clamping down on my fingers each time as I push in; I guess you’re getting close to cumming. Slowly, but firmly I take my fingers out of your pussy, I release your nipple and slow the pace of my tongue. Gradually you come back to your senses and look down at me with eyes wide as your breathe returns to something closer to normal.

With your eyes on mine, my face still buried between your legs, I undo my shorts and in one swift motion stand up, my shorts remaining at floor level. Your eyes are fixated on my hard, wet cock as it stands out in front of me, rigid with all the blood that is engorging it, the head shining with my precum. I step out of my shorts and underwear, kicking them away behind me. Placing my hands on your shoulders, I push you down to your knees, the mossy ground providing a lovely contrast against your slightly tanned skin.

You start to lean forward, your mouth open, tongue out to lick the precum off my dick. I stop you, placing a hand on your shoulders, pushing you back. I keep pushing you back, your hands, still bound behind you, flying out behind you to keep you from falling over. I stop pushing and step over your lent-back body. I kneel down over you, I can feel the heat of your breath on my cock as you look at me faux-hurt, in an uncomfortable position with your arms propping you up. I put my hands in your long, black hair and slide the length of me inside your mouth, groaning loudly at the sensation.

I start to fuck your mouth, my hands pulling your hair, bring your mouth up my cock as I push in. Occasionally I pull back, letting the head of my dick brush against your wet lips, before positioning myself to push deep inside your mouth again, your tongue running up the shaft of me. You start to use your arms to help get a better angle so you can take the entire length of my hard cock, pushing up to meet my thrusts. My head is now thrown back as I stare blankly at the forest canopy, my entire focus on the feel of your mouth, lips and tongue around me.

I start to feel an ache deep between my legs, I can feel the pressure building that would tuzla escort soon result in a tremendous orgasm. But I want to fuck you. I want to feel the glorious warmth and moistness of your pussy wrapped around me, milking me as you spasm as we would both cum.

I pull away from you, my cock throbbing between us, your lips wet and open, your breathing deep. I lean down, grasp your shoulders and pull you upright. I kiss you deeply, the tastes of each other meshing and melding together, my hard wet cock pressed against your belly. I release you and step back, admiring your sexy body, the way your hair cascades down over your shoulders in beautiful curls, the hard nipples of your breasts showing through the fabric of your top and I look down to your pussy and decide that now I need to fuck you.

I circle behind you and in one hand take grasp of the belt surrounding your wrists. With my other hand I push you forwards, keeping you standing simply through the belt keeping your arms together. I position my cock at your pussy and push in hard and deep. Both of us cry out loud as I reach my full depth within you. I pause for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of your wet and warm pussy tightly gripping me. I admire your body from behind, the shape of your ass and hips. Then I start to fuck you, slowly at first, but gaining speed, each time I push in we cry out in pleasure. Your hands are closed tightly, your hair is around your shoulders and your head is up as I fuck you. We both make animal-like sounds as our bodies slam together, your ass moving beautiful as we do so.

I can feel the pressure building again, but I want you to cum as well. I pull out of you and then pull you fully upright and undo the belt around your arms. The width of the belt has mostly helped keep it from marking you, but there are still soft red marks around the sides of your wrists. I don’t give you time to inspect them just yet; I push you gently but firmly to a tree beside us.

I again push you forwards; understanding, you reach out with your hands and brace yourself against the tree. Again I position my stiff cock at the entrance of your pussy; I bend forwards as well, reaching around and down to your opening, guiding myself in. You gasp again as you engulf me; then you moan as I start to massage your clit with my fingers. I start to fuck you again, this time a little slower, but just as persistently. The pressure between my legs returns and I can feel my orgasm building. Now you’re alternating between quietness and crying out; I can feel your pussy simply getting wetter and hotter, your muscles clenching around me like a hand around my cock.

Soon the pressure is unbearable, I can’t contain it any longer. I cry out, telling you that I’m going to cum. My fingers are a frenzy of movement over your clit as I start to loose control of everything and suddenly you cry out the loudest so far, your hips thrusting back to meet mine as you cum. I’m already cuming deep inside of you as your body pushes and writhes against mine. As your orgasm continues to make you gasp and spasm, I bring my hands up to your body, wrapping them around your chest and hips, pulling you up and against me as we both recover from our orgasms. You turn your head and we kiss gently, occasionally breaking apart to catch our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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