Abducting Mom Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


She had pissed me off for the last time. My mom was always saying or doing shit to embarrass or humiliate me, her one and only child, in front of my friends. It my last summer at home before I left for college and I’d had enough. It was time to knock her off her high horse and bring her down a notch or two.

I never understood why Dad put up with her. I mean, she’s gorgeous, so there’s that. Great big titties with incredible curves and legs that went straight to heaven. Her long blonde hair wrapped around a thin face with high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes. She was always telling people about how I ruined her body, although you couldn’t tell it to look at her. Once we discovered girls, my buddies would always tell me what they’d like to do with and to Mom if they could get past her bullshit. But Dad was rich and successful. He could find any trophy wife. Maybe that’s why they were still together, he didn’t want to give her half of everything he had worked so hard for. Maybe she was a hell cat in the sack. I dunno.

Whatever the case was, it was time for a little payback. I devised a plan and found a partner in crime, which wasn’t easy. I had to find somebody Mom wasn’t familiar with. So I convinced my buddy Steve from the soccer team. He was a mischievous character anyway, and he knew my mom. It didn’t take too much convincing. Dad was out of town for a few days, as usual, and Steve’s parents were going to be in Europe for a couple of weeks. It was time to act.

Mom left the racquet club Tuesday at 5:30 just like she did every Tuesday. She looked hot as fuck, too, as usual. Her long blonde hair fell over a sheer white blouse that was tucked into a short, red pencil skirt. Matching red pumps adorned her feet. Every bit of it was designed to accentuate every luscious curve she had, and it worked.

She climbed into her black Mercedes and fired the engine. I was dressed completely in black, even wearing a black ski mask. I blended perfectly into the black leather interior. I slowly raised myself up from the backseat and pressed the unloaded revolver to her temple.

She nearly came out of her skin, then froze. The air left her body.

“Hello, Dana,” I whispered into her ear.

“How…how…what do you want? Is it the car? Take it, it’s yours,” she said in a panicked voice.

“I don’t want the fucking car,” I said in a low, menacing growl. I needed to growl as much as I could. I wanted to disguise my voice and sound as menacing as possible. “It’s you I want.”

“Oh God! What…what do you want with me?! Oh God! Please…please don’t hurt me!”

“Play nice and you won’t get hurt. Don’t play nice? Well, I can’t make any promises,” I whispered into her ear.

“Oh God! Please, please don’t hurt me!” she whimpered. “I’ll do…I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Good girl. Now drive.”

“Drive? W-w-where to?”

We drove across town to the seedier side of town. I had her pull alongside the curb and park. Steve came bounding out of an abandoned building.

“Get out and get into the backseat with me. He’ll drive,” I commanded as Steve crossed in front of the car.

We opened our doors simultaneously and stepped into the deserted street. Steve, also wearing all black and a ski mask, slid into the driver’s seat. Just as he did, Dana decided to make a break for it. She turned and began to run away from the car, her red high heels clacking on the pavement, whimpering the entire time.

It only took a few seconds for me to catch up with her. I grabbed her by the back of her long blonde hair and yanked her backwards. Her shoes flew off her feet as her body came to a sudden and painful halt. She cried out and grabbed my hands, trying to pry them off. Her feet scrambled trying to keep herself upright while I dragged her back to the car with her screaming the whole way.

I spun her around and threw her into the backseat. She bounced off the seat and slammed into the passenger side door. She quickly grabbed at the door handle and pulled…and pulled…and pulled. But Mercedes, in their concern for the safety of your children, wouldn’t allow the back doors to open if the front doors were locked.

I threw myself into the backseat and landed on top her thrashing body. I slapped her across her head and face until she finally stopped flailing about and simply curled herself into a protective ball. I slammed the door shut and Steve stabbed the gas.

Mom and I were both panting. “I told you! Play nice and you won’t get hurt! That little stunt isn’t playing nice.”

She was sobbing against the door. “I-I-I know. I-I-I’m sorry. Please…please don’t hurt me.”

I took a deep breath. “Fine,” I said as my heart rate slowed. “C’mere, sit up. Sit up next to me.”

She slowly sat upright and scooted closer to me. Her shoulders were raised up around her head as if I might strike her again. Her hair was no longer perfect. Her cheeks were red. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“You can make it pinbahis güvenilirmi up to me. Want to make it up to me?”

“O-o-okay. How?” she asked nervously.

“Take off your blouse,” I growled.

“Take off…what?! Why?!”

“Just do it! Or do you want to get slapped around some more?”

“No! No. I-I-I’ll do it,” she sobbed. She slowly began to unbutton the blouse.

“Jesus Christ,” I hissed. I turned to her, reached into the shirt, and ripped it open. She screamed as buttons flew into the front seat. I roughly yanked the shirt off her shoulders and down her arms.

“Fine! Fine! Okay!” she yelled. I leaned back over to my seat while she pulled the shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. She wouldn’t look at me. She just stared at the floor.

“Okay, the bra. C’mon, let’s go! The bra!”

She paused for a moment then reached behind her. I could see Steve watching in the rearview mirror as she slid the straps down her arms. She paused before she pulled it completely off and threw it to the side to join her blouse. She quickly covered herself.

“C’mon, let’s see ’em,” I said as politely as I could.

She paused, still staring at the floor. Slowly, she peeled her hands away and placed them at her sides.

I stared for a moment. I’d seen her in skimpy little bikinis thousands of times. But never completely topless. Her tits were perfect! Any plastic surgeon would be proud to show these off as samples of his work. Round and firm and tan. The cold air conditioning of the Mercedes had her gumdrop-sized nipples pointing straight out.

“Fuck me,” Steve groaned from the front seat. Was that a hint of a grin on her face at his comment? I thought to myself.

“Very, very nice,” I said. Seriousl?. Did I see the corner of her mouth just curl into a tiny grin?!

After a short pause, I reached over and roughly grabbed her tits with both hands. She gasped and her body tensed. She closed her eyes. I continued to paw and maul her tits. They were fabulous. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I leaned in and took an erect nipple into my mouth. She gave another gasp and her head flew back slightly.

With each swirl of my tongue and pinch of her nipple I could feel her body unclench a little more. But there was a part of me that was getting tighter and harder. As much as I hated to, I finally pulled away from her chest. She gave a slight gasp when her exposed nipple hit the cold air.

She froze again when she saw me unzipping my pants. I yanked them down and out popped my thick beast. I had quite a reputation around the school with the ladies that I was quite proud of. Nine inches long and thick. Most girls gasped at first sight. Dana was no different. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth flew open. I looked at her with an evil grin while I grabbed it by its shaft.

“What…what…what are you doing?!” she asked, panic returning to her voice.

“Well, for starters, you’re gonna suck my dick,” I said grinning. I grabbed her hand and pulled it over until she wrapped it around the shaft. Her hand was warm and soft.


“You what? You’ve never sucked dick before?” I said in a mocking tone.

“No! No. It’s not that.” She paused. “It’s just…it’s just…it’s so big. It’s so much bigger than my husbands. I…I…”

“Then it’s your lucky day, isn’t it?” I said with a crooked grin.

I grabbed her head and pulled it down towards my lap. She fought, but only slightly. I pressed her head down until I felt the head of my cock enveloped by her hot, wet mouth. I pressed harder until I felt the tip slam against the back of her throat. I gave a long, low moan. I saw Steve smile in the rearview mirror. I released the pressure and she brought her head back up but only to the tip. Soon her head was bobbing on my pole like a pro.

“Oh fuck, dude! This bitch knows how to suck dick!” I moaned to Steve while she continued to smoke my pole with gusto.

“She’s a good little cocksucker, huh?” he chuckled from the front seat.

It wasn’t long until she had me ready to blow. “Oh shit! I’m gonna bust a nut! Make sure you swallow ev…grrrrrr…every last drop! Got it?!” I said as I thrust my hips into her face.

She nodded her head and moaned. “Mmmm hmmm, mmmm hmmmm!”

I pressed down on the back of her head and threw my hips into the air. “Here it comes! Here it comes! Gggggaaaaaaaa!”

I exploded inside her mouth. Each pulse sent a fresh load of thick cum down the back of her throat. She gulped and gulped, doing her best to keep up with the flow. So much cum! I can’t keep up! she said to herself. Her mouth finally overflowed, allowing streaks of white to slip out of her lips and down my shaft.

My balls finally stopped emptying their contents into her face. I let go of the back of her head and she slowly lifted her head up and off my rod. She had cum dripping off her chin and falling onto her magnificent tits. She licked her lips and swiped her forearm across her chin.

“I told you to swallow it all. Looks like you pinbahis yeni giriş missed some,” I growled quietly. “Lick it up.”

She nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry.” She grabbed my shaft and dove back into my lap. Her tongue began to lap at my balls and shaft, thoroughly cleaning off every drop she had missed. After several moments, she finally sat up. She licked her lips and swiped her forearm across her chin again. “There, I think I got it all,” she said meekly.

I nodded and smiled. “Good girl.”

It was dark by now and we were getting near our final destination.

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to put this on,” I said as I handed her a balled up piece of material.

She unraveled it and looked at it. It was a mask used in bondage. It had holes cut out for the mouth and nostrils, a zipper on the back, and that was it.

“You-you-you want me to put this on?” she asked with a hint of panic returning to her voice.

I nodded. “I promise, we’re not going to hurt you,” I said in as comforting a voice I could make and still growl.

She looked at the hood again. “O-o-okay.”

She nervously pulled the hood over her head and leaned back into her seat. Steve and I pulled our masks off. I couldn’t help myself. I reached over and began to play with her fun bags again. She gasped at first touch but quickly relaxed.

Moments later we pulled into the driveway of Steve’s parent’s house. He pulled up to the back door and stopped. We both got out of the car. I grabbed Mom’s hand and started to pull her out.

Panic struck her again. She pulled back. “W-w-where are we?! Where are you taking me?!”

“Dana, I swear, I promise you. Just cooperate and I swear we won’t hurt you.”

“B-b-but I’m half naked!”

“Don’t worry about that. Trust me, nobody will see you.”

She quickly stopped struggling and slid across the leather seat. One long leg, then the other emerged from the car. I pulled her up to her feet. I could feel her slightly trembling. I handed her to Steve.

“Okay, take her down. I’ll be down in a second.”

She began to lightly sob again but went with Steve into the house without a fight. I jumped behind the wheel, pulled it into the garage, and quickly lowered the garage door.

By the time I got to the basement, Steve already had her strung up. He’d slapped handcuffs onto her wrists. Her arms were raised high in the air. The cuffs were attached to a chain and hook that dangled from the ceiling. She was lifted onto the balls of her feet, completely naked. She was making a mixture of sobbing and moaning sounds while Steve had two fingers buried in her snatch and a nipple in his mouth.

When he saw me enter the room he released her nipple. “Dude, she was soaked! She must’ve gotten all worked up giving you that blowjob.”

I laughed. “Fuckin’ slut.”

She shook her head. “No! No! It’s not true!” she cried out. Steve and I both laughed.

“Think she’s ready?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh, I know she’s ready!” Steve replied and removed her fingers from her slit.

“Ready?! Ready for what?!” she asked, panic in her voice again.

She struggled slightly at her bindings, but only half-heartedly. Steve and I stripped down without replying. Steve had a solid boner. It was nothing compared to mine but nothing to be ashamed of. Quite average. He’d be able to satisfy any woman with it.

Steve placed himself in front of her and I stood behind her. Steve lifted her legs into the air and cradled them in his arms.

Her body tensed. “What…what…what’re you doing?!”

Steve and I simply smiled at each other. Simultaneously, Steve touched the tip of his tool to her swollen gash while I touched mine to her puckered rosebud.

“WAIT! Wait! Ohmagawd, wait!” she yelled.

Steve and I paused. “What?” Steve asked annoyed.

“You…you…fuck! Goddammit! You…you…you can’t stick that…thing…up…up my butt! Please! You’ll tear me in half! I’m begging you!” Steve and I smiled broadly at each other.

“You know, she’s got a point,” I said to Steve. “Maybe we should prime her before I fuck her ass.”

Steve shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, fine with me. I’ll take one for the team and fuck and her in the ass first,” he chuckled. He paused. “I’ll even do her a solid. I’ll get her lubed up first.” He turned and ran up the stairs.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God…” Mom moaned.

Soon he was back holding a tube of KY jelly. He held it up. “Dad loves giving it to Mom in the ass,” he laughed. He squirted some onto his finger and pressed against her rosebud. “Better relax or this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker,” he whispered into her ear.

He allowed her to take several deep breaths. He felt her muscles relax, but the gate never swung open. Tired of waiting, he pressed hard. His lubed finger slipped through her asshole and past her sphincter until it was buried knuckle deep.

Mom’s head flew back. “Oh! You motherfucker!”

She bit her bottom lip while he stabbed at her ass until he felt like she was pinbahis giriş sufficiently lubed and loosened. “Let’s rock this bitch!” he said, tossing the tube to the side.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God…” Mom moaned again.

We slid in close again, only this time I pressed my tree trunk to her puffy pussy and Steve pressed against her freshly lubed ass. Her long legs were cradled in my arms. Steve and I pushed forward. Suddenly, both swollen heads slid through their intended holes until we were both balls deep.

Mom’s head flew back. “Ohmagawwwwwd!” she yelped. “It…it…it’s too much!”

“Holy shit she’s tight!” Steve moaned. “Her old man must never give it to her in the ass!” He reached around and began to maul her tits and twist her erect nipples.

“Fuck! Her cunt is squeezing me like a vise! I’ve fucked virgins that weren’t this tight!” I announced. “The old man must be ignoring this hole, too!”

As Steve and I began to pound on her neglected holes, Dana’s mind raced. It was true. Her husband barely touched her anymore. He was either gone, too busy, or too tired. Her vibrator had become the closest thing to a lover she had. And she hadn’t been DP’d since her college days. She’d forgotten what an incredible feeling it was to have two cocks buried inside her at the same time. Even though she was being raped, her body was getting the pounding it had been craving for so long. I’m being raped but I’m actually enjoying it! Oh my God! Is that even possible?! Her body grew warmer with every dive of our cocks into it.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only minutes, things were getting hotter.

“Oh God! Oh God! Mmmmmm, don’t stop! Ohmagawd, don’t stop!” she begged.

“Hear that, buddy?” Steve asked while he drove his stick into her ass. “She loves it!”

“I know, right?” I replied while I stabbed her with my thick tool. “Nothing but a fucking slut,” I growled.

“No! No! It…it…Oh God! No, it’s not true!” she lied.

“Lying bitch!” I barked. “Tell me you don’t love it! Tell me you don’t love two cocks fucking you!”

She shook her hooded head. “No! No! It’s not, mmmmmm, true!”

I drove my hips hard into her. She yelped. “Liar! Your cunt is squeezing me so tight! You’re about to cum, aren’t you?”

It was true. Her body was building to a climax. She shook her head again. “No! No!”

Sweat was rolling down Steve’s face. “Fuck, dude! Her ass is sucking me in! I’m gonna…grrrrrrr…I’m gonna…mmmmmm….”

“Do it, man! Shoot it up her ass!”

Steve’s body stuttered. “Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

Dana felt her ass filling with Steve’s hot cum. Each thrust of his hips only filled it more. He was gripping her tits as if they were the only thing keeping him from launching into space. I grinned while I watched both of their faces contort.

“Yes! Yes! God, yes!” Dana yelled. “Ohmagawd, yes! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh God! Oh God! I’m…I’m…”

Steve had emptied his balls into her ass and pulled out. I felt Mom’s cunt starting to spasm. I pulled out.

“OH! No! No! Don’t…don’t…don’t stop!”

I walked around behind her as Steve stepped away. “Now that you’ve warmed her up she should be ready for me,” I said in a wicked tone.

Her body stiffened. “Wait…what?! No! It’s too big!”

“Bullshit,” I hissed as I touched the tip to her gaped ass.

“Wait! Fuck! Wait!” Panic was in her voice again.

I grabbed her hips and pushed. The bulbous head of my cock slipped past her sphincter with surprising ease. My hips slapped against her ass.

“Oh FUCK!” she yelped. I gave an evil chuckle.

I held her hips steady while I drove my tool deep into her ass with each thrust. The sounds of skin slapping skin and her moans echoed in the basement.

I was close to cumming when I was fucking her snatch. Her tight ass was going to finish the job. “Holy fuck! You weren’t kidding! Her ass is tight as fuck! Even after your reaming! Fuck! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…ggggaaaaaaaaa!”

“Oh God! Wait! Wait!” Mom cried out.

My body spasmed while I dumped my load into her ass. I could feel it seep out as spunk filled her ass past capacity. I kept pumping until I’d dumped my full load.

When my body stopped convulsing, I pulled out. It was like pulling a plug. A stream of white poured out of her asshole and down the inside of her silky smooth thighs.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, smiling at Steve. “I think that’ll do for now,” I said and slapped her on the ass.

“What?! No! But I…I…I was so close!” she said in disbelief.

“Close to what?” I asked. “According to you, you weren’t enjoying it at all.”

Dana paused. “No! I…I…I wasn’t! But…but…”

“But nothing,” I said. “Maybe next time, if you beg us, we’ll let you cum.” Steve and I gathered our clothes and walked up the stairs.

“You…you…bastards!” she screamed while she wiggled on the chain holding her up. Steve and I just laughed and closed the door.

Steve and I showered and played a video game, talking about what a great fuck my mom was the entire game. An hour later we went back down to the basement. Mom was still hanging from the chain. Her hands had gone numb. Her cunt had stopped throbbing 45 minutes ago. A puddle of white had formed at her feet. Her masked head snapped around when she heard the door open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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