Alana’s Heaven

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It was a hard but sensual fuck. David and Cheryl gazed lovingly into each others eyes as his hard cock pistoned in and out of her tight pussy. David raised himself up, straightening his arms as Cheryl locked her legs behind his back for the final flourish. She bit her bottom lip, muffling the cries of ecstasy as yet another in a long line of orgasms exploded throughout her body. David continued his relentless pounding until he to began to feel that familiar buzz of approaching orgasm. He kept pumping, taking himself to the limits of endurance. Then he came, filling his gorgeous wife with his rich cream. He held himself still, buried fully in her clenching pussy as the spasms in his cock gently began to subside. David withdrew and collapsed onto his back by Cheryl’s side, drawing in great lungfuls of oxygen. Cheryl immediately took his sensitive cock into her mouth, savouring the taste of their combined juices. Only when she was satisfied that she had not missed a single drop, did she release his softening member and lie back down beside her handsome husband. David pulled up a sheet to cover them as Cheryl nestled her head on his chest. Not a moment too soon.

There was a gentle knock at their bedroom door and it swung open before they could answer. In bounded Alana, their beautiful 19 year old daughter who was the dead spit of her mother at that age. Long auburn hair, blue eyes and an almost perfect curvaceous body. Alana dived onto the bed between her quickly seperating parents and snuggled down between them. She did this every night when she was home.

‘Just came in to say goodnight, I’ve got an early start tomorrow.’ said Alana.

‘How is the job going?’ David asked.

Alana snuggled up to her father. ‘Yeh, fine. Still too early to tell if I like it or not, but Mrs Graham seems to think I’ll get the hang of it on no-time. She says I have potential and will be sad to see me go when I have to back to Uni in September. How have you guys been today?’ She didn’t fail to notice that both her parents looked a little flushed, and smiled knowingly to herself.

‘Oh, you know, busy as usual.’ said her mother. Alana laughed then kissed her father on the cheek. ‘Night night then.’ she said as she turned and gave her mother a similar kiss on her cheek, before scambling off the bed and heading towards her room. ‘Love you guys!’

‘I’m so proud of her!’ exclaimed David, ‘Who could wish for a better daughter.’

‘How true, she’s beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and thoughtful.’replied Cheryl. ‘Oh, and she also wants you to be her first!’

‘Excuse me?’ David said startled.

You heard. Alana and I had a long chat last night about it and I gave her my blessing!’

‘You did what?!!’ David was nearly speechless.

Cheryl than began to explain her reasoning and Alana’s desire. ‘But I’m her father!’ David said, if that was the sole answer that needed to be given.

‘Who better?’ Cheryl replied. ‘She’ll be safe, comfortable and bursa eskort bayan with the two people that she loves more than anything in the world with her when she goes through this once-in-lifetime special occasion.’

‘You’re OK with this?’ David asked, his resistance beginning to wane.

‘Of course. I wouldn’t even be talking to you now if I wasn’t. Honestly darling, I wish I’d had a loving father like you to take my cherry. Girls need to know that they’re loved and wanted before they have sex, especially for the first time. Alana knows how much you love her, and besides, I’ve told her how good you are in the sack. Personally, I admire her willpower that she didn’t leap on you tonight!’

‘I still don’t know. It’s wrong. What if someone finds out? It would tear us all apart!.’ David was just finding excuses now, he knew how sexy Alana had become and he’d be lying to himself if at least one dark thought hadn’t found it’s way into his mind. He started to think more openly to himself about it and was a little guilty to feel the blood rushing back into his cock. Cheryl noticed it to and slid herself down to take his growing erection back into the warmth of her mouth, releasing him just long enough to say ‘I take it then it’s a yes.’

The following day was a blur for David, ask him anything about want he did and he wouldn’t be able to tell you.

‘Alana home?’ he asked as he kissed Cheryl a good evening.

‘Not yet. She went into town straight from work and is eating out with friends. She should be home by 9. Now you’ve had time to think, you still OK with it?’ Cheryl looked directly at him, trying to gauge his answer.

‘I know I shouldn’t,’ David said ‘But yes. Er, when?’ he added.

‘Definitely tonight before anybody changes their mind.’ Cheryl replied.

‘Thought so.’ said David. ‘Thing is, I want it to be special for her. That is, I don’t want to cum too soon and the more I think about it, the more I know i will. I mean, look at me already!’ David gestured at the bulge in his trousers.

Cheryl smiled sexily. ‘Would you like me to do something about that my darling?’ She didn’t wait for his answer. Sinking to her knees, she released his hard cock and engulfed him in one swallow. By the time Alana returned home, David was ready.

Alana bounded into their bedroom again and dived into the gap between them. ‘Had a good day guys?’ she asked cheerily.

‘So-so, nothing special.’ David fibbed. ‘Did you have a good evening?’

Alana snuggled up to her father, feeling his warmth against her, making her feel safe and secure. ‘OK I suppose. We went to that new Pizza place in the square. Good crowd but the food wasn’t that great. Kinda spoiled it really. Was a good evening till then.’

David looked at Cheryl, framing the question on his face. Cheryl gave him the briefest of nods. ‘Maybe we can end it better for you,’ she said to Alana, ‘Your father said yes!’

It took a moment or two for bursa otele gelen eskort bayan it to sink in. Suddenly she was nervous. Her self-assurance nowhere to be found.

‘What?..You mean?.. Oh My God!.. Do you mean now?.. Oh My God!’ She hadn’t expected this so soon.

‘Only if you still want to.’ her mother replied soothingly.

‘Oh My God!’ Alana said yet again. Her eyes darted from her father to her mother. Then back again.

‘Oh My God! Yes!’ Excitement, nervousness, desire all combined into one powerful emotion. She turned and looked longingly into her father’s eyes, now she could see the love and the lust that she craved.

David placed his hand on her knee, just below the bottom of the long 80’s style t-shirt that she always wore as her nightshirt. He could already see her nipples poking up through the thin cotton, confirming her need for him to have her. Cheryl looked on, gently stroking her daughters hair, letting her know that she was with her every step of the way through this most special of times.

David continued his gentle caress. Alana sighed, surrendering herself to his touch. Cheryl noticed that her daughter liked to be stroked just as much as she did and she had to stop herself from offering herself to David, this was Alana’s night. For now anyway.

Davids caresses had progressed, her t-shirt was now bunched above her firm 36D breasts. Cheryl helped Alana remove it completely. Even Cheryl was getting turned on at the sight of Alana’s gorgeous, naked body. David was now sucking gently on her right nipple causing Alana to squirm and thrust herself towards her father, wanting more and more of her body to be in contact with his firm body. Cheryl couldn’t resist, leaning down, she took Alana’s other nipple into her mouth and sucked it in unison with her sexy husband, pressing her own body and especially her own 38D’s against Alana, adding to the electric energy that came from all three. Alana was in heaven.

David now slid down, planting little kisses as he went. At the same time he slowly pushed her legs apart giving him access to her delicious looking quim. Gently, he began to lick and suck. Alana’s eyes went wide and she tried to push him away, her pussy was too sensitive but he was too strong. It didn’t take long. Her father’s expert sucking and her mothers gentle licking on her breasts was too much. She came! There was no warning. A sudden and overpowering explosion of ecstasy filled her entire body. She didn’t ever want this to stop. It was beyond description. David gently continued his sucking as she slowly came down from orgasm. he could feel the power in his erection and it was demanding attention. He removed his mouth from her sweet pussy and moved to position himself above his beautiful, sexy daughter, his cock poised near her waiting entrance.

A gentle hand stopped him. Cheryl had stopped sucking her daughters breast. ‘I think she bursa eve gelen escort should learn how to return the favour, don’t you think?’ David nodded and lay down next to Alana. ‘Now dear,’ she said softly, ‘I’m here if need any guidance.’

‘Yes mother. Thank you.’ Alana replied, moving to crouch between David’s outstretched legs. Alana got herself comfortable and reached out to grip her fathers erection in her small hands. It looked so big, felt so hard, yet was smooth to the touch. She moved forward until her lips made contact with it’s slightly exposed head. She kissed it. It pulsed at her touch. It felt powerful and it was all hers! Her tongue reached out, licking the precum from the tip. It tasted devine. The cock pulsed again, demanding more.

Cheryl almost told Alana to stop her teasing, but stopped herself. She would allow her do this in her own time. Alana looked up at her mother, seeking reassurance that she was doing it right. Cheryl smiled and nodded. Alana turned back to her fathers magnificent member, opened her mouth and slowly slid her lips down its length. David sighed lustfully. Alana only managed to take half of his cock into her mouth, it wasn’t so much the length, but it was the girth that so stretched her lips. She pulled back slightly, allowing herself room to twirl her tongue over the sensitive head. David began to thrust upward, needing more of his cock in her warm mouth. Cheryl’s firm touch and shake of her head stopped him. ‘Let Alana.’ was all she said.

Alana’s tongue snaked over his heated flesh for a minute more until she relented and gave her father what he needed. Drawing back, she tightened her lips around his shaft, then slid back down. Up and down, building herself a steady rhythm. It felt so good but her pussy needed this cock. Releasing him, Alana moved above him. Reaching down, she gripped his cock and placed it against her wet, expectant pussy. She lowered herself, feeling it stretch and fill her beyond her imagination. The tip pushed against her hymen, Alana raised herself just slightly, then pushed down hard. Her virginity was taken. The man who had caused her to be, her father, had taken it. Alana pushed down further, ignoring the pain until she was fully impaled on her fathers hard cock. She reached out to her mother. noticing that she to had a tear rolling down her cheek.

David looked up as the two most beautiful, important woman in his life embraced as only a mother and daughter can. Cheryl gently kissed Alana on the lips. ‘You are a woman now, enjoy it.’ Cheryl kissed her again then moved back, allowing Alana the freedom to fuck her father as she so wished. Alana fucked him, taking herself to feelings that her wildest dreams could only hint at, cumming as she felt his hands massage her breasts as she rode him, cumming again as her father took her from behind, his strong hands gripping her hips, pulling her onto his hardness, cumming again as he loomed above her, her eyes locked into his, her breasts swirling and bouncing in unison with his hard thrusts, cumming again as he filled her with his cream, cumming again as she surrendered to the delights of her mother’s lips and tongue eagerly lapping up the combined juices from her hyper-sensitive pussy, Alana herself tasting the nectar as she takes her father back in her mouth.

Alana was in heaven.

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