Amusing Myself

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I woke up, slowly stretching to wake myself up. I reached over and started my music, listening, as I laid there thinking about the dream I’d had. Still lulled from my sleep and not in a hurry, I let my hand wander over my body as I thought about the way your hands had roamed over my body in my dream. I brushed my hand across my breasts as I remembered the way you had kissed them. I felt my nipples tighten as I pictured your mouth closed around them. I could almost feel the way your tongue circled them before you gently nibbled.

As I heard the song change, I reached over and grabbed the oil I keep beside my bed. I poured some in my hand and, rubbing both my hands together, warmed the oil up. As I moved my right hand down between my legs, I started to rub the oil from the left hand on my breasts. I revelled as I teased my nipples, rubbing, pinching, and pulling, until they felt as hard as they’d been in my dreams.

I let my right hand wander bursa yabancı escort further down spreading the warm oil on my already wet lips. I gently allowed my finger to rub up and down the swollen split, mixing the oil and the wetness. I spread my legs, moving my fingers deeper towards the growing ache. I circled my clit with my thumb, moaning as I felt my body become more electric. I lifted my knees as I pushed a finger inside. I moved it in a circle, gently stretching it so I could add another finger. I opened my legs more trying to get my fingers deeper inside.

My fingers made me feel emptier as I remembered the way you’d stretched me in my dreams. I reached down beside the bed and grabbed my vibrator. It was my favourite color of blue. I turned it on slow as I let it wander down my body. My body arched as I let it rub against my breasts. The warm oil and the teasing had made them even more sensitive to bursa sınırsız escort the soft vibrations.

I let the vibrator follow the same path as my right hand down to my spread legs. I moved it up and down my pussy letting it pick up the moisture. It teased me as I moved it up and down without ever letting it get too deep. I moaned as it brushed against my clit before I moved it down and started to push it inside me. Even though I could feel the wetness spreading to my thighs, I was still too tight to easily accept the toy.

I brought the vibrator up to my mouth. I imagined it was your cock as I flicked my tongue over the tip. I swirled my tongue around it and tasted the sweetness of my own juices as I licked it. I opened my mouth taking it in so my saliva could make it wetter and easier to use. I thought of how your cock felt in my dream, sliding between my lips, nudging the back of my throat. The görükle escort memory felt so real I could feel your hand on the back of my neck guiding the speed. I started to squirm with need and moved the vibrator back between my legs.

I gently stroked it in and out. I pulled it out to increase the speed of the vibrations. I poured some more oil letting it slide down my pussy, the coldness of it making me gasp. I moved the vibrating toy up and down my pussy letting it collect the oil before pushing it back in. I tilted it so I could feel the tip of the vibrator caressing my g-spot.

I whimpered my need to cum became desperate. My right hand thrust it in and out faster and harder as my left hand rubbed and squeezed my tits. It got harder to breathe as my body approached my orgasm. All my muscles tightened as my hands seemed to move with a mind of their own. As I felt my body start to contract, I pushed the toy as deep as it could go letting my pussy tightened and grip around it. I pinched and pulled at my nipples as I came with a long moan.

I could see the stars in my head as my body started to relax. I pulled the toy out slowly as I floated in my little bit of bliss. I put my toy down beside the bed and stretched my tightened muscles ready to start my day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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