An Average Geek Ch. 3

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Dinner was marvelous. We ate at a medium swanky place that was famous for it’s romantic ambiance. We had a semi-private dining booth. It was against the walls with curtains that could be pulled for privacy. We opted not to pull them, but sat close together on the booth seat. The table cloth was floor length so we were assured of being able to get some privacy from the waist down should we so choose.

I excused myself shortly after we were shown to our seats, and sought out the maitre’d. I tipped him outrageously and asked for his best, most discreet waiter. He assured me I would have his best and no worries as to our privacy should we so desire.

Dinner itself was exceptional. As hoped there was quite a bit of foreplay between us as we leisurely progressed thru the courses. Our waiter was perfect, ignoring anything he happened to see as he served us. My fly stayed open, and she kept me deliciously hard through out our repast. Mark, our waiter was one of those guys who obviously worked out, and he had great looks to boot. Rachel openly flirted with him. A lot of times I get jealous watching someone I’m with flirt with a better than average looking guy. Not tonight.

Rachel had told me that while initially unimpressed with me when I came in, she had been attracted to my gentlemanly manner and my intelligence and then when she had begun to suspect what I had in my pants, she had been genuinely turned on. She admitted that she had an active sex life and that I should be flattered as she had never been so incredibly hot and turned on as I had gotten her. I was definitely the best fuck she had ever had. So this guy could look good and get her attention, but I was the one who would be turning her world upside down again later tonight. Today had been just a warm up.

So she flirted throughout the meal, and got bolder as the night went on. She had been rubbing me now and then thru my pants as soon as we arrived. I had worn no boxers as I had hoped to have some fun thru dinner. I was rewarded with my fly coming down and my semi-hard prick in her bare hand shortly after we were seated. We ate just like normal people, but the only difference was my prong was standing up bare in my lap the rest of the night. She would lovingly stroke it on and off, just keeping me excited and oozing precum during the meal. Often she would take a finger and rub it over my cock head spreading the jizz over my head and then putting her finger in her mouth and enjoying making a show of its taste.

When ordering the wine at the start, she had said aloud that she wondered what kind would go best with semen. Mark didn’t bat an eye as she decided on a dry Australian Chardonnay. Fine by me. As Mark cleared our appetizers (oysters at her request), he couldn’t help but notice my erect condition and the fact that she was gently masturbating me with one hand as she sipped wine with the other. As he went around to her side, she raised a hand to his package and gave him a squeeze and asked if he was bothered by our little fun. He said it was no problem and to feel free to indulge in our pleasures.

When he left, Rachel asked if I would mind if she tried to see if she could get Mark more aroused. Go for it was my reply. He was serving the salads, and as he stood beside her grinding pepper on her salad, she wrapped an arm around his leg and began to rub upwards ever closer to his crotch. Mark didn’t even flinch. As she stopped him when there was enough pepper, her hand was on his ass, sliding down into his crack over his asshole. He asked if we needed anything else and when the reply was negative, he glided away. I could only assume he was somewhat used to this.

The main course arrived and it was enjoyable. By now, Rachel Escort Ankara was touching him every time he got within range. As he cleared the dinner plates, she asked him close the curtains as he left. He asked if we would like some privacy for awhile before he brought the coffee. She said to bring it and told him just to ignore anything else. He gave a half-smile and left us. As soon as he had exited, she took me in her mouth. Ah, what bliss. She still couldn’t get a whole lot of me in her mouth, but she sucked fiercely on my knob, and her hands were both around my pole lovingly jacking me off.

Mark arrived with the coffee and acted as if everything was just normal. Rachel pulled off my dick long enough to thank him. Then back to my prong. I just sat back and sipped my coffee as she gave me head. Mark returned to refresh our coffees, and Rachel sat up and reached for his crotch. She asked if he liked what he saw. He smiled big and said he enjoyed it very much. She was rubbing him and trying to get her hand around his member thru his pants. He stood there and just let her touch and grab him. He asked if we were having dessert, and we ordered, and then she asked if she could have something special with hers. Mark and I both knew where this was heading. She said she would really like some special cream and would love if he would be willing to provide it.

He said he would return shortly with our desserts and left. Rachel went back down on my cock and I could tell she was really excited. Mark returned, refreshed my coffee and served our desserts. He asked if she wanted her special cream now or later. She answered now. She reached up, undid his fly and put her hands in his pants. As she fondled him, I began to eat my Tiramisu. Within short order, Mark’s fat cock was poking thru his fly. He wasn’t that long, but he was pretty fat. Not near my thickness, but still a good looking cock.

Rachel leaned in and took him down her throat. He was ready to shoot in no time. Either the sight of us had him excited, or he had been getting himself ready so he would not waste too much time. He informed Rachel in a calm manner that her cream was ready and would arrive momentarily. She sucked at him a bit faster and after a coupla strokes of her mouth over his cock, she pulled back, grabbed her empty wineglass and pointed his head down in it as her other hand continued to jack him. He began to spurt forcefully into the wine glass. After the last bit had dribbled in the glass, she put the glass down and took him back in her mouth and got the last drop or two of his jizz off the head of his dick.

As she lifted her head and looked at him, she murmured that it was excellent and she appreciated his prompt attention to her needs. He just smiled and said he was glad she enjoyed it, and took a napkin, wiped his limp member and stuffed it back in his pants. She had ordered a chocolate mousse cake, and she tilted his cum out of the glass and over a bit of her cake. She took a bite, pronounced it excellent. Mark said thank you and left.

He returned shortly with another napkin for her, inquired as to anything else and when we said nothing for the moment, he left. I finished my dessert and then told her that I was now in the mood for my something special at which point I pushed the table back a bit, and slid to my knees. I had been playing with her sopping pussy on and off, and as she had worn no underwear, it had been easy and exciting. She slid forward on the plush seat and offered her dripping gash to my gaze. I reached up and parted her lips and just gazed at the juices leaking from her.

I leaned forward and touched the tip of my tongue to her hard little clit. She gasped and I lowered my head and Ankara Escort licked from the bottom of her slit to the top several times. With her pussy lips still spread, I inserted my tongue into her dripping hole. I fucked my tongue in and out of her hole and tried to keep my nose in contact with her bud as I ate her. Her hands had gone to the top of her dress, and lowered her straps and then pulled the top down, exposing her incredibly perfect breasts.

She began to play with her nipples as I began to tongue her pussy in earnest. I pulled her ass further off the seat and thrust my face full into her wetness. I continued my assault on her leaking hole, breaking off to suck her clit now and then. She was doing a good job of being quiet, but soft moans were escaping her lips. I began to trail my tongue down her pussy and lick the area between her fuckhole and asshole. She responded just as I hoped she would. She lifted further off the seat and tried to get my tongue in her tiny assbud. I lightly licked the crinkled skin of her little brown pucker and she shuddered. I licked all the way back up and stopped to suck on her clit. She was really hot now and her ass was moving as I ran my tongue over her sensitive nubbin.

I worked my way back to her asshole and licked the puckers with the tip of my tongue and then leaned in to lick her with the flat of it. I laved all over her, and then finally tried to put my tongue inside her tight little butt. She loved it. She was fucking at my face now and I could tell she really was trying to cum. I slid my tongue out and stopped at her pussy hole and fucked that for a bit before heading for her clit. I began to love her clit in fervent passion. I took a finger and put it at the tip of her ass and pushed it in. A small cry escaped her lips. My thumb went to her pussy and slid in easily. She was so close. She was fucking at my face and fingers with short strokes and breathing very fast.

I had my tongue flat and was licking up over and over. Her thighs were rhythmically tightening on my face and I knew she was right on the edge. I clamped down on her clit, sucking it gently into my mouth and began to run the tip of my tongue around it in circles. My fingers were pumping in her holes and she came. Her pussy was gushing and I loved the feel of her ass spasmodically contracting around my finger. As her pussy convulsed, I began to let go slowly of her clit and the strokes of my tongue were very light. She came for several minutes this way.

Finally her body slowed and the stopped as she let out a huge sigh. I took my thumb out of her pussy and pumped my finger up further in her ass. I just loved the feel of it contracting and squeezing my finger every time I moved. I stood up enough to kiss her. My face was covered in her sweet fluids and she began to lick my face and clean up all her cum off of it. I still kept my finger stuck up her ass, making her contract around it as I moved it now and then.

Mark showed up about then, I firmly believe he had been watching. His hard cock was clearly evident as he came up and stood right beside her. He could see her sweet exposed pussy and my finger still buried inside her ass. He asked if she needed anything else. She reached up undid his belt, and fly and dropped his pants and his erect member sprang out almost slapping her in the face.

She stuck her tongue out and licked at his leaking peehole. His cock jumped. I began to pump up into her ass again with my index finger. He took his meat in his hand and began to trace her lips with his cock. Then he began to slap her cheeks with it. Oh man that was so hot looking. I leaned down and licked at her pussy again, feeling her sphincter close down hard around Ankara Escort Bayan my finger. I pulled my finger out and inserted it and two others in her pussy. Mark was teasing her with his dick, rubbing it over her lips, slapping her face with it and then pushing it thru her lips, only to draw back as her lips closed over the head.

With three fingers pumping in her slit, she was getting hot again and obviously wanted Mark’s dick in her hungry mouth. Finally, he rewarded her. He let just the know inside her lips, and she began to suck on it and swirl her tongue over his head, sometimes trying to stick it in his leaking one-eye. I removed my fingers from her soaked snatch and pushed one finger back up inside her ass. Then the second one. Oh, she loved that. I was so excited by her response, I thought I might cum without even touching myself.

I fucked those two fingers hard in and out of her but, and then began to insert the third one. Man she was so damn tight back there. After working for a minute or two, I finally had all three lodged up her rectum. When I looked back up, she was sucking Mark for all she was worth. Every 7 or 8 strokes, she would deep throat him, pausing with her face tight against his belly. One of her hands was playing with his nut sac. They looked pretty tight and I assumed he was getting pretty close. I leaned down to put my face back in her snatch and was slowly fucking her ass with my hand. She was moaning around his dick constantly now, and I heard Mark say in a remarkably even tone, that he was ready to serve Madam her goodnight cocktail. I looked up and saw him thrust forward into her mouth, burying his cock in her throat as he began to cum. Rachel was right behind him. My fingers in her ass were squeezed so hard by her sphincter, that they were tingling with lack of blood. She spasmed on them over and over as I lapped at the flowing fluids pouring out of her pussy.

Mark was spent, and she was now bobbing up and down on a limp dick, pulling it full out with tightly clamped lips, and then gobbling it back up. Her contractions on my fingers finally ceased, and I withdrew out of her opened up butt. I kissed her pussy once more, and stood up to kiss her. Again she licked all her juice up off my face as Mark returned his member to his pants. As I sat down beside her, Mark asked if he might have a taste of her, she nodded, and then he reached down and stuck a finger in her soaked snatch and returned it to his mouth. He looked at me, said I was a lucky man, and then pushed the table back to its original position.

We ordered a nightcap and sat back to drink as we recovered ourselves. My proud cock was as big as it had ever been, and I really wanted release, but had decided to try and wait it out till we got home. Rachel looked at my raging member and reached for it. I took her wrist and stopped her before she could touch me and told her I was saving myself for later. She just smiled and relaxed back against the seat and took a sip of her brandy.

Mark appeared with the check and asked if there was anything else. We assured him we were quite content and thanked him for his service. I left a whopping tip, even though he had already gotten two I figured. We relaxed a bit more and then made our way out of the restaurant. Mark was nowhere to be seen, but we put in a good word for him with the maitre’d. He thanked us and said he hoped to see us again. I had a feeling we would.

In the car Rachel asked if I had minded her sucking off Mark, and I assured her I was just happy she had had a good time. She reached over and squeezed my still hard cock and said that was just her appetizer, she couldn’t wait for the main course. Neither could I. It was hard not to speed in my haste to get to her house and immerse my cock in one of her waiting holes. Rachel just laid back relaxed and I hoped getting ready for a night of total pleasure. I was sure we would be cumming together many times in the night ahead.

(Stay tuned for more)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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