An Evening Stroll At White Sands

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On a warm summers evening we decide to take a walk to the beach. The sun is starting to drop to the horizon and a warm breeze is blowing in off the sea. The sand is warm and damp under our bare feet as we walk arm in arm along the beach watching the sun dip to the horizon and the sky catch fire in a blaze of red orange and gold.

We pass a few other people walking there dogs or jogging the further we walk from town the quieter the beach becomes finding a quiet secluded spot I take out the beach towel and lay it down on the white sand beach.

Taking your hands in mine I lean down and gently kiss your lips softly and tenderly breaking the kiss I whisper in your ear “I love you”. The play of light from the setting sun on your hair is breathtaking you look so beautiful.

Sitting on the towel you between my legs both of us staring out to sea watching the sun break the horizon and start to dip into the sea. My arms wrapped around you holding you close to me. My head resting on your shoulder, our cheeks touching. To be this close to you is ecstasy enough on its own.

Turning your head gently to face me I stare deep into your eyes. Your eyes glow with all the colours of the sunset and with the passion that dwells in the deep below. Closing my eyes I dip my head to kiss your tender lips. A Tender kiss then building with intensity as our passion increases. Our tongues intertwined and exploring each others mouths.

When the kiss breaks I softly caress your face and look deep in to your eyes again. Then lying back onto the towel my arms and legs wrapped around you, I start to kiss your neck and let my hand play over your body touching every inch of you through the soft thin fabric of your shirt.

Letting my hand slide down to you stomach I slide your shirt up a little and run my finger in small circles around your navel. I run a line of kisses over your should to your neck and lightly hold the skin between my teeth and flick at it ever so lightly with my tongue. All the while letting my finger tips run over your soft skin.

Slowly I let my hand drift up under your shirt and gently run a finger along the underside of your breast with a featherlike touch.

Tracing my finger along your bra one side then the other. Tracing little circles then letting my finger write your name on the soft flesh. Then letting my finger run tender circles around your nipple ever so lightly brushing my thumb over the hardening nub.

Back at your neck I let my tongue work its way up your neck and run it around your ear lobe before taking it into my mouth and lightly sucking and nibbling on it.

In the mean time my hander strokes over to your other breast and stokes lightly over the fabric again. Feeling the nipple grow hard I turn my attention to that running my finger over it rubbing it gently then a little firmer. Now wishing I could kiss your breasts and lick and flick your nipples.

I let my hand slide down over your stomach again and come to a rest at your belt line lightly following the line of your jeans with a finger before letting my hand slide down the line of your zipper and on down your inner thigh till I can reach no further then running back up the other leg letting my hand press on your mound as I slowly run my hand back unto your waist.

Unbuttoning you jeans and letting the zipper down I let my hand work down your abdomen lightly running my finger over your soft soft skin.

Then tracing my finger along the top your panties then down the line of your thigh and across the soft fabric then back up the other side teasing you.

Then running my hand to the middle of your panties I use two fingers to walk down the front of your panties feeling the soft flesh of your sex under my fingers. Once they reach the bottom I run one finger back up, agonisingly slowly and lightly over the yielding flesh.

As my finger reaches the top of your sweetness I let it come to a rest over the centre of your pleasure and start to slowly circle my finger Escort Bayan around it.

Feeling your hips push forwards I know I’m doing some thing right so I start to apply a little more pressure and pick up the pace a little and start to rub a little through the fabric of your panties firmer and firmer strokes have you whimpering the sound nearly riving me wild.

I lift my finger from your clit and run it slowly up and down over the damping cotton of your panties.

then running my finger along the waist band of your panties I slowly work my finger underneath and let it run down through the soft hair till it rests once again on sensitive little button

Letting two of my fingers run down your lips lightly and slowly stroking the outside of your sweetness. Then with a little pressure I let one slip inside a tiny bit. Feeling our hips push against my fingers I slowly slide my finger in a little deeper in to you past the second knuckle then deeper still so that my finger is buried in you. The warmth and wetness in there feels so good.

I let my finger slide out of you slowly then ever so slowly work back in to you. Hearing your whimper become a stifled moan heightens my desire to bring you to a peak.

As my finger slides out again I bring a second finger to join the first and then slowly let them slip inside of you making you gasp. Feeling the wetness grow around my fingers I continue to work them in and out of you, your hips rising and falling with my strokes.

as your breathing starts to grow shorter and more hectic I slide my fingers out of you and let them run up over your lips letting them come to a rest at your little button which is standing proud now, and gently circle my two finger over it rubbing gently

Letting my wet fingers settle either side of it I hold it between them and start to run my fingers up and down with your clit between them. Your hips push back against me hard as I stroke you between my fingers then thrust forwards as you cry out in pleasure and I continue to work my finger over you. Your hips bucking its hard to keep my hand you but as you peak again and again its all worth it.

I hold you close to me as your body relaxes and breathing returns to normal. then sliding myself out from you I let you roll to onto your back and lean in to kiss you with tenderness and love, you reach up and pull me close to you and kiss me with more passion than I have ever had.

As the kiss dies down I sit you up and we sit staring out to sea as the last of the sun dips below the horizon scaring the sky a blood red the only sound is the sound of your heart and the gentle lapping of the waves against the beach. Lost in a moment and wrapped in each other arms we sit the as the fire goes out of the sky but the fire in our hearts burns on.

The darkness is gathering but the night is still warm. Rising to our feet we kiss again slowly and tenderly and walk down to the surf line. We kick of our sandals and let the warm water lap at our feet it feels so inviting and here’s us with no swimming costumes. Looking around and seeing that we can’t be seen from town we decide that it’s not that important. So I slowly start to unbutton your shirt letting my fingers running down over your skin till they meet your jeans already falling off your hips. Gently brushing your jeans off your hips and letting them fall to the floor I step back admiring the woman I love with all my heart. The sight of you stood there in just your bra and panties is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

You reach towards me and take hold my jeans undoing my belt and throwing it up the beach then slowly you rub me through my jeans and with a cheeky look start to unbutton them and pull them down. Then running your hands up over my torso, your nails scraping over skin you lift my t-shirt off over my head.

With both of stood there in just our underwear. The dying sunlight being highlighted by the light of a low full moon adds Escort an ethereal look to our bodies. I step behind you and unclasp your bra letting it fall to the floor, then lower your panties to the beach. As you reach behind yourself and start to lower my boxers as they reach my thighs I reach down and lower them to the ground and kick them away.

Turning you around and pulling you to me, our naked bodies pressed close. I am filled with desire as your hands stroke my back and my hands wander down to your perfect behind and squeeze gently. We kiss a beautiful tender kiss with so much promise and love. As the kiss breaks I lift you in to my arms and start to walk out to sea till the water is just caressing your ass. Then slowly I bend my knees letting the water flow over your naked body. Then lowering your feet to the ground and parting them slightly I disappear below the water. You feel me swim between and around your legs letting my body stroke against yours. Silently I break the surface behind you and pull you close.

with my arms wrapped around your waist I kiss your neck then between your shoulders as I kiss lower my hands slide down your body over your thighs and calves my kisses getting lower as my head sinks under the water till I plant a light kiss on your the base of your spine.

the next thing you know I’m gone again, you can feel the currents I create by swimming around then suddenly you feel a stream of bubbles rise up from between your legs as I breath out and watch them rush up over your pussy, then nothing no sign of me no touch of my currents.

Then suddenly I break the surface a few yards away with an almighty splash and start to playfully splash you. Laughing you splash me back then dive at me knocking me under the water. As I come back up spluttering I see you laughing. Taking a deep breath I disappear beneath the surface again. the next thing you feel is me between your legs as I start to stand up lifting you with me sat on my shoulders as I get my feet on the ground I push up with all my strength launching us both in to the air and falling to the water with an almighty splash.

Laughing hysterically now, you run and jump at me again. This time imp ready for you and I catch you as you hit me. You wrap your legs around me and lock your ankles squeezing me tight. Then lean in and kiss me. A kiss with so much passion it takes my breath away. I give your ass a playfully squeeze and you bite my tongue and break the kiss. Seeing you laugh like this makes me so happy. Holding you tight to me I slowly start to walk back wards into the shallows.

un hooking your legs from around me I let myself fall backwards the water taking he force of the fall and slowly scull back wards on to the surf line you sat on top of me the water rushing past us

Led in the surf with you on top of me looking down in to my eyes I run my hands over your silken skin up your thighs and sides letting my thumbs brush over your nipples then onwards over your shoulders and lightly caressing your face then running my fingers though you wet hair. You lean forewords and run a fingernail down my body over my nipples and trace a line down to your sweetness then slowly trail a finger up over yourself lightly dipping it inside then running it up over your stomach and chest running a finger around each breast and nipple.

I run my hands down to your thighs and let my hands slip over the soft flesh. my thumbs on the inside of you thigh reaching towards your puss letting them rest ever so lightly on your clit for a second then sliding them round to you ass and pulling you up over me till your pussy is close enough to my mouth for you to feel my breathing.

Snaking my tongue out I lightly run it up the length of your slit circling your clit at the top once before running it back down again with a little more force so that it breaks the surface and caresses your lips

You slide you hips forewords that your sex is firmly planted on my mouth and I slide my tongue Bayan Escort deeper in to you French kissing your most intimate of regions. I suck lightly at the soft flesh and lick and nibble your lips. Sliding you back a little I reach round use my fingers to slightly part your lips and use the tip of my tongue to flick and lick every part of your sex that I can my tongue running lightly over your pussy lips and flicking in and out of you lightly.

You lean back and grip hold of my ankles as I take your clit in between my lips and flick at the end with my tongue. Your hips push forwards again as my tongue stops flicking at your clit. realising you want more I start to hum a low note making my lips vibrate on your clit then varying the pitch and speed of vibration. As you grip my ankles harder I start to hum first your national anthem then mine to keep the variation up. as I come to the end of mine you peak again and again the smell of you so close to my face makes me want you as your orgasm dies down and you slide back down my body a wave crashes over us pushing you forwards.

Our faces meet. You look a little flustered my hands come up to your face and caress your skin before we kiss again our lips touching lightly and our tongues lightly stroking each other.

Then with a twinkle in your eye you break the kiss and slide down my body your pussy brushing over my cock till you’re sat on my knees.

You reach down and take hold of me, gently massaging and rubbing me as I stir in to life in your hands. Looking down in to my eyes and smiling you slowly run your fingers up and down my length and around the head. I put my hand over my mouth to stifle the cry that is there.

then sliding forward till my head is rested against your pussy you lift yourself up onto your knees and guide me inside till just the head is inside then slowly lower yourself down onto me inch by inch I feel you wrap around me a perfect fit our bodies made to measure for each other. You gently start to rock your hips stroking me in and out of you. My hips rising and falling with you rocking to keep the rhythm going each stroke deeper and longer than the last. You lean back your hands on my thighs

The natural curve of me pushes the tip of my cock against your g-spot each stroke rubs me against you with each stroke as we build the rhythm again your whimpers turn to moans as do mine. Each stroke pushing us closer and to a joint orgasm.

As I stroke into you I reach up with my hand and start to circle a finger around your clit my other hand rested on your hip to keep us balanced. Building the speed up on both my strokes and on your clit I feel you start to contact around me squeezing me tightly inside of you.

Almost too much to bare I quacking the pace again stroking myself in and out of your beautiful pussy my finger working firmer faster circles on your clit. as both our movements become more intense and our moaning turns in to cries of pleasure I feel my cock twitch inside of you as you clamp down around me lifting my hips up in to one more time we both cry out as our orgasm hits us yours over and over again wave after wave as I slow my strokes down and lighten my touch on your clit. When your orgasm subsides you throw yourself forward and roll to my side. Both of us short of breath.

As we lay in each others arms watching the full moon bathe our bodies in its pale light as the warm water ebbs and flows around you start to sing to me. A soft and beautiful song the clear notes drifting to my ears and out across the waves into the night.
When you finish I left you into my arms and carry you up the beach to our towel and lay you down with a kiss then wrapping a blanket around us we hold each other tight and fall asleep in each others arms.

When the first light of morning breaks the horizon I wake gather our clothes then gently wake you and watch you dress your beauty stuns me even now. When we are both dressed we walk arm in arm along white sands beach back to where our car is parked and from there back to our home on the cliff tops over looking the beach where I intend to cook you a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with chilled champagne. And a then to have a relaxed day in each others company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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