An Experience with a Cousin

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18 at the time of these events.


I can still remember it… time has cause some things to fade from my mind, but many things still remain…

I shouldn’t look backwards but I can’t help myself… sometimes I even have to concentrate on not calling your name out in bed… I tell those who know about us that I didn’t love you but I did… it wasn’t all lust but it’d be a lie to say it wasn’t involved in us…

I remember how you felt self-conscious about your body, you never felt pretty, always said you were too fat. You really weren’t, just a little weight in all the right places… we were such good friends growing up but drifted apart in our teens only to come back closer than ever after high school but that is sometimes what happens with family isn’t it?

You still don’t know this but everything started for me when we moved in next door to your family. We weren’t close then but during that time something happened to make me see you differently.

Your family went on vacation and we had to house sit. I was taking care of your dogs when one ran to your room in the back. Sam never liked strangers and that’s all I was to him so while I waited him out of hiding I used your bathroom… While relieving myself I looked down and couldn’t help that you left some panties in the floor from the day before when you all left. Those white cotton panties still showed some wetness in the crotch. I couldn’t control myself. My hand was already reaching. That first deep breathe was intoxicating. I’ve still never smelled anything so delicious… after all we grew up super sheltered and this was my first experience. Sure I’d seen porn but it didn’t compare to my first time catching the scent of a woman’s pussy…

Fast forward. We reconnect. We text and talk daily. I’m not next door anymore which is a shame since we moved but it’s still only around 40 minutes away so we hang out, mostly watching the free movies your job allowed us to have. One night we began to talk about our strict raising and inexperience with the other sex. I confess I’ve only kissed girls, not even full on made out… you playfully make fun of me and say you’ve even done more than that. We’re the same age so I should have more experience as a guy. I ask what you’ve done and you began to tell…

“One day at work we had a thing going on at work and we all got paired up as “families” me and this guy were partnered as husband and wife and had to buy Christmas gifts for each other. The whole week we had to try and think of each other as spouses and it was gonna create more team work I guess.”

“We took our role seriously and would hold hands and even cuddle when we were alone waiting for the theatre to clear out so we could clean.”

“One day while cuddling he kissed me on the cheek and I was flattered and also had been feeling lonely so I took his face in my hands and kissed him back. We made out for nearly 10 mins before the movie ended and the lights came back on.”

I thought this is where the story would end but she continued on…

“Later bear the end of the week we were alone again and I got there after him and saw him sitting at the back of the theater. I went to him and sat in his lap with my legs across his and kissed him again.”

“We kisses for a while again and eventually I turned around and leaned backwards into his chest and watched the end of the movie while he held me. His hand Giresun Escort was around my waist and he was slowly petting my stomach.””His hand started moving lower and lower until I felt him touch me somewhere I had barely even touched on my own.” He was rubbing my vagina over my pants” “I let him do this a few mins partly because of surprise and partly because it felt nice and then he started to unbutton my pants and I stood up and said I needed to leave. I went to the bathroom and as soon as I was in a stall I pulled my pants down and found my panties were soaked thru… I’ve never had it happen before.”

I was shocked that my sweet innocent cousin had done so much. You really surprised me and it got me super jealous but I was able to hide at least that for a while. I didn’t even know why I was jealous because it didn’t feel like it was because you had done more than me, I was just… jealous.

The next several days we continued to talk and you’d pick on me about being more “wild” or “experienced” and we would talk about how your time with that guy made you feel. After so much teasing I challenged you to show me your bra since “you’re so wild”. You were on your way to work and kept saying you would and even sent me a picture of your bra strap and said “there!” I shut you down and said that was nothing.

You got to work and I knew I wouldn’t hear from you until you’re first break but was surprised when I got a text only 5 mins after your shift started…

As expected you didn’t send a picture of you in your bra… you sent one of yourself standing in front of the mirror at work with your breasts completely exposed to me with a smile on your face that seemed full of daring and complete happiness. I. Was. Shocked. I complemented you on your amazing “boobs” and said you were truly beautiful.

You still didn’t believe it but I felt something shift in you that night after showing me more of yourself than anyone had ever seen. You felt flattered and almost wanted to start believing what I had been saying all along… you were beautiful. We kept talking through the night until early morning only now we were kind of flirting too!!

Fast forward. We made plans to meet and us ride in my truck to the movies and we spent a lot of time driving and talking that night too. As soon as you got in you asked if you could sit in the middle so I raised the console and you slid next to me. We talked like normal about work and movies and tv and saw our movie. In the theater we were mostly alone in the back and you leaned over into my arms and we cuddled and held hands the entire movie.

You had to have heard how fast my heart was beating.

On our way back we rode around for fun and talked more. You were right next to me and told me that tonight you wanted to do something for me.

“You’ve been so sweet about everything I’ve told you and I you’re my best friend… so… I want to do something tonight. When you drop me off would you kiss me? I’d like to give you your first real kiss. One you can really remember… I sat for a few seconds in silence and said “okay, id really like that. It’ll be great to kiss my best friend and such a beautiful girl.” You smiles and snuggles closer to me with your back resting on my chest with my arm around you.

As we rode in comfortable quiet you asked if I would do something for you and I could “turn it down if it makes you feel uncomfortable” I said I’d do anything for Giresun Escort Bayan you and asked what it was. You said you wanted to be petted by someone you cared for this time. I was amazed and softly said yes.

By this time one leg was stretched across my passenger seat and the other was resting in the floor as your back was pressed to me with your head on my shoulder. It was dark so you took my hand and guided it towards your crotch. I was surprised when I touched silky panties instead of pants. The sneaky little minx you were had unbuttoned them sometime before even asking if I wanted to touch you!

As I rubbed you, you lifted your shirt some so my hand and arm were brushing the soft skin of your stomach. We must have ridden for 15 minutes with me just petting your panties before I slowly began to touch above the panty line with my fingers. I dipped underneath the elastic just a little at the waist and you moaned a little and said “about time” as you placed your hand on mine so I couldn’t pull it out again. I took the hint and began to rub my fingers up and down your slit and when my fingers slid into your gloriously wet pussy you moaned again and said “you hit gold Christopher”.

I fingered you for a while and we finally pulled back to the place your truck was parked. When you got out you had that amazing glowing smile of yours and said “this was a wonderful night. Thank you for everything” and with that, you leaned in and gave me the kiss you promised me… we kissed and kissed and the feeling of your tongue probing my mouth had me the hardest of ever been. Smiling again we said our goodnights.

Fast forward. We make plans to hang out and you ask if I want to spend the night. We ask your mom and she says yes. I get there and we spend the night in the floor watching movies and playing cards. After everyone goes to bed we kiss and make out for hours.

The next few weeks went by like this. One of us would spend the night at the others house with air mattresses in the floor of the others room talking, laughing, cuddling, and kissing after dark. We were also falling in love.

During those weeks we also had begun sexting and sending nudes to each other. I was constantly horny and had to jack off a lot to function each day. We would make up stories of what we would do to each other if we weren’t cousins and could be with each other. We began to tell each other “I love you” after each and every conversation.

Fast forward. Another sleepover at your house and some steamy kissing which lead to some heavy petting we finally went to bed and woke up the next day with an empty house. Your sister was at work and so were your parents. We took things further. I had confessed days before about wanting you to make me come and how I’d love to cum on your breasts. After making out for a while and cuddling naked you guided me to the hall bathroom where you stepped into the tub and kneeled and began to hack me off and telling me to cum on your breasts.

No matter how many stories I told and how much I asked we had agreed we wouldn’t do anything other than hand stuff. We wanted to save sex for marriage including oral. That day in the tub you cheated and licked the head of my cock. I was amazed at it all and told you it wasn’t fair… it wasn’t fair for you to “suck my cock and not let me eat your pussy.” I practically demanded a chance to do the same. You let me.

We went to your room where you laid on the Escort Giresun bed on your back with your sexy legs spread for me giving me the most amazing view… the body you were so uncomfortable in looked like a goddess spread before me. You looked uncertain in your eyes but as I began kissing you starting at your lips… working down your neck… now onto your bountiful chest taking each nipple in my mouth… down your soft stomach which you hated… it was lovely to me… now I’m nearer my goal but I use all my strength and resist and begin to kiss upwards from your ankle.

As I work my way up your knees you being to relax ever so slightly and finally after weeks of desire I reach my goal… I first kiss your pubic mound and then your slit… your legs part for me more as my tongue slides out and takes a long slow lick all the way up your pussy. To this day Abby, yours is the most delicious pussy I’ve ever tasted and I still desire more of it even as I sit writing now… I was addicted to you after that first taste.

I was a beginner and not very good at first but as the days and weeks went on I got much better as did you. I’ll never forget the first time you sucked me to completion and swallowed my load. You coughed and didn’t really care for it but I loved that my cousins mouth made me cum and that my seed was inside your belly. We played every time we saw each other now though we never had enough time to do all we wanted. Even through all of this we still had the agreement to never have full sex.

Fast forward. Weeks later you text me telling me you’ve got a job house sitting for a couple days and get to spend the night alone in a house. You wanted me to come over. I drove over after work and we started by kissing and it lead to the bedroom. You told me you had always wanted to wrap your legs around me and kiss me that way… so we did it completely naked and played even more. I was hard as rock when you suggested we take a shower together…

With your legs wrapped around me again we kissed passionately under the pouring water. I washed you and then we laid and held each other in the big bed at their house. I couldn’t stay any longer and had to leave my beautiful cousin again.

Fast forward. Now we are near the end. We realized we couldn’t be together because of our family. You set me up online with a girl… the one I’d go on to marry. You said we had to quit a week before and then made me quit you even though I was still addicted. It was hard but I did it. That night we tried to go back to just friends as we sat at your house for a sleepover and I talked to that girl with your help. She and I hit it off and I thought maybe I’d be able to move on…

that night you woke me with your mouth on my hard cock. You saw me awake and sat on my face. I ate you and fingered you until you came so hard that all you could do was laugh and smile after. It was amazing but I couldn’t enjoy our last time together. You had even at one point sat over my dick and put the head in your entrance teasing me about putting it all in even though we had agreed (at your behest) not to have sex. Now I met a girl I could perhaps move on with and here you were getting one last use out of me. I know you loved me and I know I loved you. I wish I could have not felt so guilty that night. I wish I could have enjoyed our last time together.

I love my wife but she found out and now we aren’t even allowed to speak or be friends basically. You’ve moved on and so have I but i still miss you. I miss your smile and laugh. I miss your mind. I miss your body. I miss you Abby.


Thanks for reading my little confession letter. Give me feedback or pm me on here. I’d love to know what people thought about my experience.

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