Anal Addict Ch. 2

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Ok, you guys, here goes number two! Thank you to all of you that wrote and gave my story such great reviews.

So this is the continuation of the story of my life of having anal sex with my brother, Brian. The first time we did it, I fell in love with it.. This second story (which is also true) takes place in the following spring, just after I turned 19. We had been enjoying our new “relationship” and I was never so satisfied with sex. You see, my pussy is abnormally small and a doctor told me sex would always hurt, so anal made perfect sense. I had a few boyfriends while I was in school, but no one who deserved my sexy little ass!

Anyway, one morning during spring break, I woke up late in the morning with the sun shining through my window. I laid in bed and wondered what I might do today as I stretched under my covers. I could feel the soft rustling of the covers against my body and smiled to myself. The night before, in the tub, I decided to give myself and my brother a little treat. I shaved my pussy bald!

It felt great as I gently stroked the razor up and down my lips and abdomen, even more so because it was Brian’s razor and shaving cream! Once I got out of the tub, I rubbed in some aloe lotion and thought about how surprised my brother would be when I showed him. Then I crawled into bed for the night. The next day, I was surprised at how good the covers felt against my bare honeypot. I slept in the nude just to tease myself. I got out of bed and streaked across the hall to the bathroom. As I sat there peeing, I heard someone moving down in the kitchen. After I finished, I stood up and looked down into the driveway. My folks’ cars were gone, they were at work, but my brother’s car was there. As I started to turn away from the window, I caught my own reflection in the big bathroom mirror.

I have said, I have a small chest, but I think I am pretty. Standing there naked with my bare pussy showing was turning me on. I ran my hands over myself, thinking about my brothers reaction to my little present. I went back into my room and slipped on my halter top night shirt that lets my tummy show. I went downstairs and into the kitchen. I could see the TV from the kitchen but not my brother, who was on the couch around the corner.

“Morning,” I called to him.

“Hey, Karen,” he called back. I stood at the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room pouring myself some cereal. Fortunately, the counter hid my lower half because my brother got up and got a section of the paper from off the counter. I calmly stood there with my bare pussy pressed against the cold cupboard, hoping my brother didn’t notice. My pulse was pounding! He kinda smiled at me as he started back for the couch. He was wearing just his sweat pants from football practice. I had to admit, he had a nice chest! I decided to take a chance. With my whole body quivering, I walked around the counter to the stools at the counter and sat down with my cereal. The stool had a high back, and I sat turned away from the TV so Brian couldn’t see. Just as I started to calm down, Brian stood up again.

“So, what you got planned today?”

I almost choked on my Hatay Escort cereal, as he stood only five feet behind me stretching.

“Oh, I don’t know.” My bare feet were nervously tapping the stool leg. “Maybe shopping,” I had to do it now or never. I some how got up the courage and started to turn the stool with my legs as I held my cereal bowl and kept eating. He was looking out the window as I turned to face Brian. I brought my legs up and rested my feet on the stool as I nervously chewed waiting for him to turn and look at me. As he turned back, he started to say something about giving me a ride when he noticed. He actually did a double take looking at my bare pussy.

“Holy shit!” he grinned at me.

I smiled back, coyly twisting back and forth in the stool with my feet on the stool and my legs spread. “What do you think?” I asked him. I already knew as he adjusted the crotch of his sweatpants that suddenly seemed tighter.

“So how do you like your little present?” I itched near my pussy with the handle of my spoon. God shaving itches!

“Let me show you how much!” He walked over to me and grabbed my bare waist pulling me closer to the edge of the stool. He got down on his knees in front of me and buried his face in my crotch. I rested my feet on his bare back as he began to swirl his tongue around my asshole.

It felt so good I almost slid out of the chair! He was lapping at my ass like a thirsty dog, making saliva run down my cheeks and squish between me and the stool. All the time he was talking dirty to me, saying stuff like, ‘You know how bad I want to fuck your ass?’ and ‘I can’t wait to ream you and cream you’. He loved talking like this, know it got me juiced up. I just love the feel of him cumming in my ass. He will let out a yell, and I feel him tense up and he shoves it all the way in and holds it. I can feel it swell in me, and start to pulsate. Then his hot cum sprays in my ass and I am in heaven!

I was still holding my cereal spoon and I used it to bite down on to hold in my screams of passion. I love to pretend that I have no reaction to him rimming me, it makes him try harder! He kept looking up at me, watching my reactions. All I could see was his eyes, since the rest of his face was buried in my crotch. He could tell I was loving it, which is why he stopped!

“Ok, little whore,” he said standing up with an evil grin. “Get over to the couch,” I stood up as he stepped back and let me pass. I braced myself as I scooted past him. Then he did it. I felt the stinging slap of his hand on my ass. I knew he loved to spank me every once in a while and say, “How’s my ass today?”

I went into the living room, hoping no one was looking in. We had a huge window that looked out outside and only lace curtains that if anyone walked by, they could see in.

“How do you want me, sir?” I asked, playing the innocent like I knew he liked it.

He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so I was looking outside. “On your knees, on the couch, my little anal fuck.” his dirty talk was really getting me going, that and knowing he was getting me ready for a good hard butt fucking. I got on the Hatay Escort Bayan couch, looking out the window with my hands on the back of the couch. I just realized we didn’t have any lube. He didn’t seem to care. I heard him untie and drop his sweat pants. I couldn’t help shivering. I felt him coming closer to me, my bare ass pointed at him. Suddenly our neighbor across the street come to get his mail. He didn’t seem to notice, and I had to sigh in relief. It was a shock when I felt Brian’s cock stab against my asshole. He slowly rubbed it up and down my crack getting it wet from all the saliva from his tonguing me.

“You want it?” he asked. I started to get into his rubbing it up and down, moving my hips with him. I nodded in response to him.

“No, I want to hear it, little whore.” He stopped moving, and let me rub my ass on his cock. I was breathing harder along with my hip moves. God I wanted him. It was turning me on more knowing that any time someone could see us, or worse my folks could come home! I reached down and slid a finger in my pussy as I kept rubbing my ass against my brother’s dick. I even tried shoving my ass against it, trying to get it in, but he would pull it away, teasing me.

“No, no my little anal tease. I want to hear you to beg for it.” Brian could be evil when he wanted! “You stay here.” I heard him walk back toward the kitchen. I turned my head a little a saw him standing naked in the kitchen watching me.

“I knew you’d peek. Don’t watch, little whore.” He ordered me to stay there with my ass waiting for him. To tease myself and please him, I turned back and rested my chin on the back of the couch as I listened to him digging around in the kitchen. Finally he came back.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

I could only nod. I didn’t know what he had planned for me, but I couldn’t help but shiver waiting for him.

I could feel something suddenly drip onto my asshole. Something cold and thick. Brian commented on how good it looked and suddenly I felt his warm tongue replace the cold sensation on my hole. I snuck a peek around and saw him holding a squeeze bottle of honey in his hand while he was licking it off my asshole and the little that ran down my bare cunt lips.

Then I felt him stop and push the nozzle of the bottle in my butt and squeeze. I couldn’t help but squeal and clamp my asshole in response to the cold honey. As it warmed up from the heat in my ass, I could feel it slowly run out of me and Brian knelt in and licked it out. He tongue was magical on my ass. He would drive it into my ass as far as it would reach, then he would open his mouth wide and put it over my asshole, rubbing his teeth over my hole. My legs shook so bad I almost slipped off the couch. Now I had two fingers crammed into my snatch, going like mad. Suddenly he pulled away just as I was building up a massive cum! I heard him messing around with a plastic bag as I opened my eyes that had been clamped shut about to cum. Just as I was about to complain, I felt something ice cold start to slid in my ass. At first it was numbing cold.

“Brian, what is that?” I asked him. He didn’t answer just Escort Hatay kept moving it in and out of my hole. I heard him toss the bag onto the couch next to me and I had to look. Frozen french fries! Just as I was about to ask him what he planned on doing, I felt his hot breath on my ass again as he leaned in and ate the fry! He did this three or four times, starting with the coldness of the fry that made my little pucker hole tighten, then his mouth eating it. I loved it, as weird as it seems. Then he moved up. Next I felt him put another cold thing against my ass, although as he pushed it into me, I noticed it was bigger. This time it was a hot dog he anally fucked me with. God it was great, long enough to reach deep into my ass and small enough to be comfortable. He slowly fucked me with it, driving me nuts. Somewhere in there the phone rang and I mumbled something about him never getting my ass again if he stopped to answer it.

One after another my brother stuffed food up my ass, first the fries, then the hot dog. Each time they got bigger and so did my hole. After fucking me with the hotdog, which felt great, he moved to a pickle! The bumps on it pushed me it ecstasy and with the my fingering my cunt and the pickle tightly gripped in my ass, I came. God did I cum! It was the first time I actually squirted when I came. Not much, but my brother licked it all up as it ran down my leg. After I recovered, still quivering from my orgasm, he told me to grab my cheeks. I knew he loved to stand back and look at my hole while he stroked his cock.

“Damn, that is a fine ass,” Brian said. I could feel it stay open as he pulled out the pickle. “Don’t move, Karen. That open hole is just asking to be fucked. I want to ram it in.”

My ass was screaming to be stretched and I forgot my place as the subservient anal whore. “Then fuck my ass, Brian! Do it now!” For emphasis I yanked my cheeks open even further. That’s all he needed. I felt him walk up to me and his cock head teased my already open asshole. Then he suddenly shoved the whole thing into me. I couldn’t even speak it felt so good! I gasped as he pulled it all the way out and then jammed it all the way in again.

“Please, Brian, ream me. Fuck it hard!” I had to beg him. I love it hard!

“I know you like it rough don’t you, little whore.” Brian was teasing me, jamming that whole fat cock in my asshole, then sliding all the way out as he stared at my stretched hole. He began to stab me with his cock faster and faster, building me up again to a orgasm. Just as I was going over the edge, he pulled out.

“Roll, roll over, little bitch! Roll!” Brian yelled at me. I didn’t get it at first until he shoved me over. Suddenly his cock was in my face. This was new to me, I didn’t know what he planned on doing at first. Normally he came in my ass, which I love cuz I can feel it run out of my ass for hours afterward and remind me of the reaming I got from him. But suddenly a hot, white rope of cum shot out and sprayed across my face. It kept cumming, stream after stream. I couldn’t believe how much cum my brother shot on my face! It got in one eye, but he loved the site of my cum-covered face. He let out a animal scream that made me cum too, as he squatted over me jerking his cock onto my face. I started to howl as I came, getting some of my brother’s cum in my mouth. Brian told me later that it was the most intense orgasm he ever had.

Love Karen

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