Anchors Away

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What is there about a beautiful young woman, naked in a boat on a bright sunny day that’s so sexy and erotic? Now there is a dumb question if I ever heard one. All I had to do was look at my lovely naked wife on her hands and knees in the bow of our boat and I had the answer to that. My dick even knew the answer as it peeked over the towel laid across my lap.

She was facing forward with her beautiful ass pointed in my direction as we sped across the lake towards Dove Island. Her bikini was on the seat next to her and she was grinning at me over her shoulder. Her knees were braced far apart against the seats in the bow. The brownish ring of her asshole was an invitingly different point of color above the pinks of her sex.

We had started off on a slow boat ride around the lake that had ended with her sunbathing nude on the floor of the boat. Between the vibrations in the hull and the hot sun, it wasn’t long before Connie was starting to get that antsy feeling. I could tell from the way her hands would rub her nipples or caress her slick sweaty stomach from time to time.

When I brushed my bare toes over her slick slippery mound, she had grinned up at me and asked, “How fast can you get to Dove Island?”

“Now, why do you want to go there?” I asked teasingly. I knew exactly what she had in mind.

“Because there are far to many boats on the lake this weekend for you to eat my pussy and me to suck your dick where we are now.” She said.

“I thought you liked to be watched.” I teased again.

“I do but I’m picky who watches. Laying here naked, knowing that some people can see me from the taller boats has me excited and very wet. Between that and the vibrations, and the heat, I’m ready to explode. One little touch on my pussy and away I’d go.”

I hovered my foot over her sex. “And if I flicked your clit with my toes?”

She shivered and covered her sex with her hands. “I want your tongue in me when I do and I want to be sucking your dick.”

“Then Dove Island it is.” I said and jammed the throttle wide open.

Connie laughed and tried to sit up. The chop on the water from so many boats bounced her on the carpeted floor until we got up on full plane and then things smoothed out. She crawled forward between the consoles and laid her arms in the V at the front of the boat. This was her favorite position to ride when we made high-speed runs. The wind in her hair and over her body, she said, was a cool caressing sensation that made her shiver.

It was also a favorite position of mine, as I could fuck her hot wet pussy or better yet, her even hotter and tighter little ass. Connie loved it when I went deep and hard into her in either place. She was a yeller, which drew attention, which made her yell even louder and come even harder. I had a habit of telling her about anyone that might even possible be able to see me fucking her.

From the looks of the shiny wetness around her opening and down the crack of her ass, she would be yelling just from being eaten. Of course my dick would make a fine gag. That is if I let her have it in her mouth. I was thinking more about sticking it somewhere a whole lot hotter. Today might just be one of those days when she would really want something big, hot, and hard up her tight little ass.

My dick twitched at the thought and Connie noticed it. With a grin she wiggled her ass from side to side and then dropped her back to stick her ass up even higher. I licked my lips with an exaggerated motion, which made her laugh and shake her ass again. I beat on the throttle handle like I was trying to make us go faster. She shook her head and laughed again.


I was making the loop out past Potters Point when I noticed a large houseboat running towards us on my left. The top deck was covered with a large young crowd dancing or leaning on the rail. With a grin, I eased to my left so I would pass close to the other boat. Connie was fixing to flash a whole lot of people and didn’t even know it yet. With her ass high in the air she would be picture perfect.

“Don’t you dare move!” I yelled to Connie about the time I drew even with the houseboat.

She had been looking off to the right, watching a pair of water-skiers. She glanced back at me and then looked left as I pointed. She froze and then gave out with a loud gasp and then an equally loud moan as she laid her head on the seat and wiggled her ass from side to side slowly.

I could see her opening pulsing. By the time we were past the houseboat and the cheers from it were out of earshot, there was a small trickle of clear fluid flowing out of her pussy. She had had an orgasm from being seen by so many people at once. I wanted to stop and bury my face in her pussy but we were in a main boat road and I didn’t dare.

Connie groaned loudly as she lifted her head and looked back at me. “Asshole!” She said and then grinned broadly. “Now get yourself up here and fuck me hard and fast.”

“If I did, we’d end up in jail. The lake patrol runs up and down here all the time and you know it.” I told tuzla escort her. “Flashing or even being discretely naked they tolerate but out and out fucking is frowned on.”

“Right at this moment I could care less. I want and need something deep inside me before I die of frustration. That little orgasm in front of all those people just made it worse.” She told me with a whimper in her voice.

“Just hold that thought for a few more minutes and we’ll hit the side channel to Dove Island. Then you can have a pacifier to hold you over until we get there.” I said, teasing her some more.

“Pacifier your ass, I want a bone and I want it deep in my pussy.”

I made the tight turn toward Dove Island. As I straightened out, Connie turned and crawled back to where I sat at the steering console. She jerked the towel off my lap and grinned as my rock hard dick came into sight. She licked her lips and came up on her knees.

As she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, she murmured, “This does look good but not as a pacifier.”

Standing up, she stepped across my legs and sat down in my lap, her hot wet pussy pressed tightly against the bottom of my shaft. She rubbed up and down for a second and then stood up again. I had one hand on the wheel and was leaning towards the side of the boat to see around her.

As she pulled my dick away from my belly and squatted down, I said, “You’re going to make me miss the channel into The Cove.”

“You better not.” She whispered and then she moaned loudly as she sat down, impaling herself on my dick.

I moaned right along with her. She was hot and wet enough that I figured she’d come almost immediately but she sat still and relaxed. I could feel her inner muscles massaging my shaft with a fluttery, shifting grip. She was taking deep breaths, deep enough to move me slightly inside her tightness.

I eased back on the throttle and turned into the channel that wound around behind Dove Island to the place called “The Cove.” It wasn’t legally clothing optional but it had been used that way for twenty years. Everyone knew about it locally and you had to be lost to get there accidentally, so there were few problems. It was one of the few places that the lake patrol stayed out of unless they were called for an emergency.

Sex, either on boats, in the water, or even on the sandy beach wasn’t uncommon. On the weekend, it wasn’t unusual for there to be three or four dozen boats in the cove. Today wasn’t an exception. There was a dozen boat rafted off to the left side, another dozen or so boats beached, and another dozen anchored here and there.

I grinned as I said, “It’s a good day; there’s at least forty boats. Just think of all those people watching you fuck yourself on my lap.”

Connie groaned at my words and then whimpered loudly as she turned to look forward. Her turning made my dick move inside her and put pressure in different places. I felt her pussy clamping down and then relaxing as she moved.

She turned back toward me quickly and moaned as a shiver ran up and down her back. “I’m going to come very quickly.” She whispered.

I idled the boat across the cove and then chopped the throttle and hit the trim button to raise the motor as we neared the beach. The hull made a soft whispering sound as it slid up on the sand a short ways. Before the boat had come to a complete stop, Connie lifted her hips until she just had the head of my dick inside. Then she sat down, driving me back deep inside her clenching pussy, in one hard stroke.

She gasped loudly as her ass slammed against my thighs and then she lifted up again. She dropped her full weight with a loud grunting moan and then fucked herself on me hard and fast, her eyes on the crowd of boats to our left rear. She had whimpered the first few strokes and then it went up in volume and tone. It wasn’t long until she was giving out with a loud grunting yell at the bottom of each stroke she made.

I was surprised she had lasted long enough to make my own orgasm start to rise. Then she yelled even louder and longer as she came. She ground her sex against me in a slow circular motion that I knew rubbed her clit against my pelvic bone. Her yell and her orgasm went on and on as she did.

The yell suddenly cut off and she leaned forward against me, a hard shiver running up and down her body. She nestled her head on my shoulder and kissed my neck. I held her close and held my body still. She would be super sensitive right now and she needed to relax for a while.


Connie was sitting on a blanket with her knees up and spread wide as I walked toward her up the white sand beach. She was leaning back on her hands and was smiling at me. I had taken a swim while she got more sun and now I was going to join her on the blanket.

As I got close to her, she asked, “Can you get the tanning oil from the boat? I need some rubbed on me.”

“Only if I get to do the rubbing.” I told her.

She grinned and replied, “Who else?”

“I figure there’s at least a dozen people around göztepe escort here who wouldn’t mind doing it at all. A lot of men, and women for that matter, would just love to get their hands on that trim little body of yours.” I said with a grin of my own.

“Bring them on!” She said loudly with a laugh.

“Anyone want to put tanning oil on my wife?” I asked in a loud voice, looking around.

“Hush!” Connie said loudly. “I was only joking.”

“I wasn’t.” I told her in a normal voice.

She looked at me sharply as a shiver ran up and down her body. “I love it when you tease me like that. One of these days, I’m going to take you up on it.”

“Why not today?” I asked softly.

She shivered again and slowly shook her head. “I’m not quite ready for that but the thought excites me greatly.”

I blew her a kiss and went to get the tanning oil out of the boat. When I returned, there was a younger couple talking to my wife. Connie had an embarrassed look on her face but from the stiffness of her nipples and the way her hands were rubbing the tops of her thighs she was excited.

“Hello folks.” I said to the couple as I came up behind them.

They turned around and the woman said hello. She was a tall brunet with nice full breasts and wide hips. The pair of lace panties she had on emphasized more than hid her round ass and plump pussy. Her eyes wandered down my body slowly and she licked her lips as her eyes came to rest on my semi hard manhood.

The guy stuck out his hand and introduced himself and his girlfriend. “Hey, I’m Mike and this is Kelly. We’re visiting friends in the area and this is our first trip here. Our friends are over on the raft out there.” He pointed to the group of boats tied up together.

“So how do you like our little piece of heaven?” I asked as I moved past them after shaking his hand and squatted down behind Connie.

“We don’t have anything like this at home. Lakes yes, but nothing like this beach and nowhere that is clothing optional.” Kelly said in a soft low voice.

I started to rub oil on Connie’s back as Mike said, “I’m sorry to say that there are far to any do gooders around home for a place like this to work. We love going naked and have visited many nudist sites over the years. Of which, we have none in our local area either, so we travel a lot.”

They both had nice tans, although Mike’s was far darker. I figured he’d been at the nudist thing longer than she had. That and the fact that he was nude, she had the panties on, and he wasn’t hard from watching me rub oil on my wife’s body. I had slipped my hands around to do Connie’s chest, which had brought a catch to her breathing as my hands rubbed her breasts right here in front of these people.

As my hands moved lower to her belly, Connie shivered, and said, “I love those panties. I used to wear a pair very similar when I first started coming here.”

Kelly smiled shyly and replied, “I’m all right at a nudist resort, but I feel self-conscious naked here. I’m not sure why though.”

Connie grinned and looked down the beach to our left at a couple in a sixty-nine position. As Kelly’s eyes followed her look, Connie said, “It’s probably the open sex. You don’t get much of that at nudist resorts.”

I could see Kelly blush lightly, even in the bright sunlight. “That’s very true,” she whispered.

Her eyes were still on the couple down the beach and I saw the subtle shift of her hips and thighs as if she was clenching her sex tightly.

Connie didn’t miss it either and asked, “Do you find that interesting?”

Kelly’s head snapped back around until she was looking at Connie and then she shook her head. A split second later she nodded. Connie laughed and whispered, “Me to. I like watching and I love being watched even more.”

Kelly blushed again and Mike slipped his arm around her. “She’s led a fairly sheltered life. That is until she met me and I started corrupting her.”

“You can’t corrupt the willing.” Kelly whispered in return.

“Yeah, I corrupted my hubby…. Or was it you corrupted me?” Connie asked and then gave a jerk as my oily fingers slipped across her sex.

Her hips rolled up and my hand rubbed the oil into the bare skin of her sex. When the middle finger dipped between the lips of her pussy, she gave a little gasp and leaned back against me, her hips rolling up even more. She whimpered softly as I rubbed her pussy, a quiver I could feel, running up and down her body.

Mike’s dick slowly hardened as he watched my hand and fingers on Connie’s sex. Kelly gave a shiver of her own as her eyes were glued to the same thing. Connie spread her knees even wider and groaned softly when she looked up and saw where their eyes were. Her hands came up and caressed her oily slick breasts for a moment.

Then she dropped them down and grabbed my wrist. “If you don’t quit that, I’m going to come right here in front of these good people.” She whispered breathily.

“So?” I asked her and then I looked up at Mike and Kelly. “Would you guys mind üsküdar escort if she did?”

Kelly quickly shook her head and licked her lips as Mike grinned and replied, “I don’t think so.”

Connie groaned loudly as my hand move again, only this time I was making longer strokes and rubbing across her clit. Her hips flexed, pressing her clit harder to my fingertip as her hands flew back up to her breasts. She massaged her breasts and then pinched and twisted her nipples as her hips worked faster.

Kelly squatted down and Mike followed a second later. I felt Connie tremble and knew her orgasm was close. I stopped rolling her clit and moved my hand lower to stab my middle finger into her scorching hot pussy. She gave out with a sharp yell and fucked herself on my finger. I kept my palm away from her clit for several minutes and then lowered it to rub her clit firmly.

Connie gave a loud yell and came long and hard. I could feel her pussy contracting and grabbing at my finger. I eased my palm up away from her clit. She was still flexing her hips but not nearly as hard or as fast. Her orgasm was slowly subsiding and she was trembling all over and breathing hard by the time her hips gave one last flutter and became still.

I heard Kelly make a little gasping whimper of a sound and looked up at her. She had a hand between her parted thighs and was rubbing herself through the white panties. She saw me looking and stopped suddenly.

“That’s all right, go ahead if you want to, we like to watch also.” I told her in a soft reassuring voice. I felt Connie’s head move in agreement when it rested on my shoulder.

Kelly smiled shyly and looked all around. Connie took several deep breaths and then got out in a croaky whisper. “Take the panties off and squat back down. No one can see you in that position but us.”

Kelly made the whimpering sound again and then groaned softly as she stood up. Her hands went to the waistband of the panties and then paused. You could see the indecision on her pretty face as she looked around again. When she looked back at us, I felt Connie’s head nod again.

“Do it.” I heard Connie whisper about the same time Mike said the same thing.

Kelly whimpered louder and then groaned as she shoved the panties down off her hips. She pushed them down her thighs and then let them fall to the ground. She stood there in all her radiant glory for a second and then took a small step to the side and squatted back down.

“You’re yummy looking.” I heard Connie whisper as I licked my lips.

Kelly’s pussy was one that would make a wonderful camel toe in a pair of soft shorts or pants. It was wide and plump with several folds of her inner lips peeking out. It was also very shiny and wet looking as she ran her hands along the insides of her thighs, barely brushing the edge of her hand against the pump outer lips.

When she moved her hands to the tops of her thighs, Mike slipped her arm back around her and whispered, “You’ve always said you wanted to do this and now is your chance. Go for it baby.”

Kelly’s hands fluttered on her thighs indecisively for a second, then she moaned loudly as one, and then the other caressed her inner thighs on the way to her sex. With a hand on either side of her sex, she massaged the plump outer lips and pulled them apart ever so often. The large thin inner lips were slowly expanding and unfolding as she did.

One hand went lower and a finger slowly disappeared from sight in her vagina. She moaned softly and then whispered, “I’m so very wet.” As her finger moved in and out slowly, it glistened with her moister.

Connie whimpered softly and moved my hand off her sex. She rubbed herself slowly and sighed. “Would you be offended if I asked you to let my husband taste that finger? Hell, would you be offended if I asked to taste that finger and I’ve never tried a pussy other than my own in my life.”

Kelly pulled the finger out of her sex and looked at it. She gave a whimpering moan and stuck the finger in her own mouth, sucking on it wildly. “You hit her fantasy perfectly.” Mike said softly. “She has this oral thing. She loves everything about it. She gets off quicker sucking on a dick than she does fucking one.”

“I can be that way sometimes.” Connie told him as Kelly pulled the finger out of her mouth and stuck it back in her pussy.

“Give me a taste baby.” Mike said leaning over and opening his mouth. Kelly gave a shivering shake and stuck her finger in Mike’s mouth quickly. We could see Mike sucking on it and the movement under his cheeks told of his tongue swiveling and swirling around the finger until Kelly jerked it out of his mouth.

The finger returned immediately to Kelly’s pussy and she jammed it in deep with a groaning moan. She fucked herself with it for a moment and then pulled it out. She looked at it and then glanced down at Connie’s hand and shivered. Connie had a finger inside her pussy.

Connie whispered softly, “I’ll trade you, my finger for yours.”

Kelly whimpered softly and flexed her hips as her hand slowly came down to Connie’s eye level. Connie slipped her finger out of her sex and sat up. She raised her hand until the finger was right in front of Kelly’s mouth. Kelly licked her lips and whimpered, her eyes darting to Mike and then back to the finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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