Andrea , Jack Ch. 01

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Author’s note: These are two of the characters from my “Thanks, Sister-in-Law” series. If you haven’t read them, it’s okay, because this is a ‘prequel’.

I have the place to myself, Andrea thought. At eighteen, she lived at home with her parents, her big sister Donna, and Jack, who was two years older than Andrea. Their parents both worked second shift jobs; Donna was commuting to nursing school, and Jack managed a franchised tune-up place.

Andrea decided to do one of her favorite activities: watch one of her parents dirty movies and masturbate. Being home alone meant that she could use the big screen TV in the living room.

Of course, it wasn’t real porn. It was a collection of those late night cable erotic story anthologies. She selected one of her favorites, the one where an older man seduces a sweet young girl. She would watch it, replacing the girl with herself. But lately, she started imagining her brother as the older man.

It was wrong, and she knew it. But she also knew that he was pretty hot. She thought about his 5′ 11″ athletic body, and she would get goose bumps. She’d even seen Jack naked a couple of times. Once, when he was getting out of the shower, and another time when she walked in on him getting dressed. She wondered now, watching the familiar story, how big her brother’s cock got when it was hard. Fingering herself furiously, she became lost in the thought of his cock sliding in and out of her.

* * * *

Stupidity should be painful, Jack thought as he drove home early. Some drunk driver hit the transformer near his shop with their SUV. The police and the power company told him it would be tomorrow before a new one could be installed. After talking to his very upset District Manager, Jack closed the shop, sending his two techs home for the night. And I still have to pay them their full salary for the day. That’s going to screw my margin for the week, he thought as he finally pulled into the driveway of his parent’s house.

Jack was living at home until he could get enough money saved up to buy a house for himself and his girlfriend Mary. Once he had the down payment, he was going to get married, and move them both into their new house.

But for now, he lived in the same bedroom that he grew up in. He saw Andrea’s little Honda, and knew she was home. He didn’t see Donna’s car. Must still be at school, he thought.

He entered the house through the carport. The house was quiet. He thought that maybe Andrea was meditating, which she liked to do. He took off his shoes, and walked quietly to the stairs, so as not to make too much noise.

But he heard moaning sounds from the living room. It sounded like a dirty movie. Jack crept down the hall, and peered around the corner into the living room. Not only was there a dirty movie on, but also his sister was naked and masturbating. Jack almost left her alone, but he couldn’t. He hadn’t seen Andrea without clothes for a few years, and Andrea’s body almost stopped her brother’s heart.

Andrea’s about 5’6″ tall, with red hair (this week), and a yoga Hatay Escort sculpted body. She had perky B-cup breasts, and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers from her areolas. She was deeply in the throws of pleasuring herself.

Jack couldn’t help but get hard. He knew it was wrong, but his hand went instinctively to the tent that sprung up in his pants. He started stroking his cock, looking at the sex on the big screen, and then his sister on the floor. He gasped when she said out loud, “Oh, yes, Jack, that feels so good!”

She was fantasizing about him! Jack didn’t know what to think. He stood there frozen as his kid sister climaxed, letting out a grunt as she obviously gave herself an orgasm. Jack decided there was only one thing to do. He quickly shed his clothes, and revealed himself to Andrea. “Here’s the real thing, if you want it,” he said.

Andrea screamed and tried to cover up. She then looked at her naked, aroused brother and was mesmerized by his eight-inch pole. She called his bluff, “Come here, and show me how much you love me, big brother.”

Jack strode over to her, and offered her his hand to help her up. Instead, she got on her knees, and brought her face equal to his cock. She then gave him a conspiratorial glance, as she leaned forward, and sheathed his manhood with her mouth.

It was bigger than she had ever fantasized about, and she wasted no time getting to know every inch, bump, and vein of her sibling’s cock. What she didn’t have in her mouth, she stroked him with one hand. With her other hand, she fingered her clit, her moans adding to Jack’s pleasure.

Jack couldn’t believe the blowjob he was getting, never mind the fact that it was from his baby sister. She really knew what to do, and before long, he was shooting his hot spunk down her throat. She took almost all of it; a little dribbled down her chin.

Andrea stood up, pulled her brother’s head down to her and kissed him in a not so chastely manner. A little bit of Jack’s semen was still in her mouth, and she passed it to her brother with her tongue.

“So that’s what I taste like? Not bad,” Jack told Andrea. “But now it’s my turn, sis. Get on the sofa. Andrea sat down on the couch, and parted her legs, revealing her slit to him.

Now it was Jack’s turn to get on his knees. He took her left leg, and began to massage her foot with his hands. He sucked on her toes with his mouth and slowly worked his way up Andrea’s leg. He stopped halfway up her thigh. He then focused his attention on the center of her womanhood.

At first his fingered her clit. Then he inserted a finger into her cunt, working it back and forth, and in and out of her. He then replaced the finger on her clit with his mouth, rolling her nub with his tongue. Andrea was in orbit. She started grinding her pelvis into her brother’s face.

After several minutes of making her squirm, he stuck a finger into her hole, while with his other hand, stuck a finger into her ass. Andrea orgasm was explosive, and Jack’s face was covered with her pussy juice.

Hard Hatay Escort Bayan again, Jack pushed his sister onto her back, and positioned himself between her legs. It was the point of no return, and Jack looked into his sister’s eyes, and they both knew instinctively what to do next. As Jack lowered his cock to the folds of her pussy, Andrea was eager to accept his member.

As Jack entered the taboo zone of his sister’s cunt, he leaned down and kissed her. She returned his affections, stopping only to gasp as her brother entered her. She’s so tight, Jack thought. He’s so big, Andrea thought.

Jack began to thrust in and out of her. She took one leg, and then the other, and wrapped them over Jack’s shoulders. It allowed for deeper penetration, which they both enjoyed almost immediately.

After what seemed like an eternity, Andrea stopped her brother and got on all fours. Jack caught on quickly; and they resumed their passions doggy style. The intensity of their sex peaked as they both orgasmed. Jack pinned his sister to the couch while his cock erupted inside her.

“That was intense,” Andrea said between gasps. “I’ve never cum like that before.”

“Me either,” was all Jack could manage. He slowly pulled out of Andrea’s cunt, and lay down next to her.

“How long were you standing there?” Andrea asked, after catching her breath.

“Long enough to see what you were doing, and hear you call out my name,” Jack told her, as his hand lightly traced the curves of his sister’s body. “How long have you wanted to fuck me?”

“Probably since I was sixteen, and walked in on you in the bathroom. I see you’re still keeping in shape,” Andrea replied. Playing with Jack’s flaccid member, she asked her brother, “Have you had sex with Mary? If not, she’s missing out on a great cock.”

Jack blushed. The thought of his being embarrassed after what they just did amused him. “Oh, yeah, Mary definitely likes my cock. I thought that she gave great head, until you went down on me.” The memory of the last time he fucked Mary brought the life back into Jack’s cock; it slowly started to get hard at Andrea’s touch. “Ready to go again?” he asked her.

“You bet,” Andrea replied. “Let’s go to my room, so there’s less chance of us getting caught. Donna would flip out if she caught us.”

“Yeah, she would. It’s too bad, she’s as hot as you are,” Jack told Andrea, as they gathered up their clothes, and headed to her bedroom.

Walking down the hall together, Andrea asked her brother, “Really? What about Donna turns you on?”

“Everything. Her eyes, her hair, her body.”

“I’ll bet you like her big tits,” Andrea teased her brother.

“Yeah, I do. I like your tits, and I like Mary’s tits,” Jack told his sister as they arrived at Andrea’s room. It was a typical teenager room: posters of bands, hot guys, and a couple of female rockers.

Andrea had a full sized bed, and she sprinted to and jumped onto, landing on her back. “Come here big brother, I have a present for you.”

Jack walked to the Escort Hatay edge of her bed, “Oh? I’ve got something for you,” he playfully replied. As he lay down beside his sister, he reached over, and put his hand on her face. As animalistic as it was moments ago, he wanted to take it slowly, and get to know his sister’s body (and drive her crazy, too). He caressed Andrea’s cheek, moving his hand up and around her eyes. Then, with one finger, he lightly touched her nose, moving towards her mouth.

As his finger outlined her full lips, she tried to capture his finger with her tongue. But Jack proved to be too elusive, as he moved his hand over her chin, and slid it down her neck towards her chest.

While Jack was doing this, Andrea’s hand hunted for her brother’s cock. She found his right leg, and she the zeroed in on his manhood. By this time, Jack was tracing one of her breasts with his hand, spiraling up to her nipple. All the while, they gazed at each other with a combination of love, and lust, ramping up the tension.

When Jack reached his sisters nipple, he noticed Andrea had goosebumps. Figuring that she liked this, he began to pinch her nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb. At the same time, Andrea’s hand explored her brother’s manhood with her hand. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft of his cock, then ran her fingers through the tufts of hair on his ball sack.

Instead of playing with his sister’s other breast, Jack moved his hand down her body to her pubic region. He then swung one leg over Andrea, and he was now astride her.

“Jack, my other breast feels left out,” Andrea mockingly pouted. Jack smiled, leaned over, and began to explore the “left out” breast with his tongue, all the while playing with her slit.

Andrea said, “Jack, I know you want to take this one slowly, but if you don’t put your cock in me now, I’m going to pluck all the hair off your balls… one by one!”

“Okay, but lets do something different this time. Lay on your side,” Jack instructed. As she turned on her side, Jack maneuvered himself so that he was between her legs, and had one of Andrea’s over his hip. He then moved forward, and plunged his cock into his sister’s moist entrance.

Andrea loved the feeling of Jack’s cock sliding into her again, and groaned at how wonderful it felt to have his stiff pole in her twat at this angle. Jack began to rock back and forth, his cock glistening with his sister’s natural lubricant. Jack loved the feeling of Andrea’s pussy enveloping his cock, and his rhythm increased. Andrea, too enjoyed the sensation of her brother’s taboo violation of her, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again.

Jack couldn’t hold back any longer, with one final push, he cried out as his cock spurted over and over into his sister. Hearing Jack grunt pushed Andrea over the edge, and she too tensed up and her orgasmic dam burst.

A short time later, Andrea awoke to find her clothes folded neatly on the bed, and heard the distant sound of what could only be Jack showering. She smiled to herself, and then noticed a note on the clothes. She picked it up and read, “You shouldn’t leave your clothes lying around,” with a smiley face as the signature. Andrea laughed, and lay back down under the covers falling asleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

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