Angia V Pt. 02

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The next couple of days passed in a bit of a blur. Lyn had muttered something about the new girl needing to provide some sort of entertainment at the party, but I couldn’t get out of her what exactly was required, and she didn’t seem to have that much idea either. She went over to M&S a couple of times, or at least that was what she said. Could I really trust that she wasn’t going back to Angia, or at worst that she would tell me if she did? I tried to use my nose to detect if she had any smell of a woman on her. I asked the dog to help, but she just ignored me.

Anyway, Saturday came around and we headed off to Angia’s house, which turned out to be a very grand place on the edge of Torquay, with huge rooms and even a swimming pool. Lyn said she had thought of something to do, but she was exceptionally secretive about it, and wouldn’t tell me what it was, however much I asked. We parked the car, and as we walked up to the house, a woman, who I took to be Angia came out to meet us. She hugged Lyn, and kissed her not on her cheeks, but on her mouth, but whilst she also hugged me, she just air kissed me on both cheeks. She definitely had something about her, just as Lyn had said, and I started to understand how she had got hooked.

“You must be Ricky” she said, “Lyn has told me so much about you. Let me introduce you to my husband, Keith, and his secretary, Annette.”

I had got a fair picture of what I expected Annette to be like from Lyn’s telling of Angia’s story, and she matched my preconception quite well. However, I had somehow got the impression of Keith as being a bit of a wimp, when in fact he came across as composed, and with a degree of authority. I later found out that he was the CEO of the largest clothes logistics company in the west of England, which explained how he came to own such a large house, and how he managed to get Angia set up in her lingerie business. If things were going to get wild, there was no sign of it, with everyone fully dressed in smart casual clothes, and behaving normally.

“Come inside”, said Keith, making way for Lyn then me to enter, “and let me introduce our other guests.”

As we entered into a large lounge, with a fantastic view over the cliffs and out to Lyme Bay, there were two other couples already in the room. One couple were both black, he especially so, and while he was very tall and slim, his wife was shorter, and whilst not fat, she had a huge pair of boobs, which wobbled alarmingly as she moved. Her hair was made up in to tight dreadlocks. I found the wobbling fascinating but a bit worrying: either those tits really had to be huge underneath, or Angia’s bras weren’t all that Lyn had cracked them up to be.

“Hello, I’m Charles, and this is my wife Ruby” the tall black man said, and in this case Lyn and I just shook hands.

The other couple were quite different. The woman was really quite tiny, with vivid ginger hair tied back in a ponytail, and her husband was pretty much like me: non-descript, slightly stocky, and with a full head of white hair.

“Hello, I’m Penny, and this is my husband Tony” the woman said. “We’re really pleased to meet you, but I’m afraid we have to leave straight after the buffet, because we have to take our dog to the vet. However, I’m sure that we will see you again. Once Angie latches on to people, they do tend to stay around.”

It was hard to believe that these were people who fucked each other regularly and openly, as they all seemed so normal. We had pink champagne, which this time Lyn did get to drink, and we grazed on a pre-prepared cold buffet, with the conversation being entirely innocent and just all about finding out a bit more about each other’s backgrounds, just like any normal boring party.

However, after an hour or so, Penny and Tony said they had to get going, and this seemed to be a signal for Angie to tell us we needed to move into the games room. Wow, this turned out to be a huge room over the swimming pool, and it really showed the sort of games that were played in here, as there were several huge beds, three settees and a few armchairs. All along one wall, there was a set of hooks, on which were hung plush dressing gowns of the sort that you see in posh hotels. At one end of the room, there were stair down to the pool area, and three doors, which weren’t fully shut, and which seemed to contain either toilets or showers or both, which would make sense given the pool below.

We all sat down, except Angia, who walked over to Lyn and took her over to a settee which was facing the rest of the seats.

“So, as is our tradition, a new girl always opens our entertainment, and obviously, this time it is Lyn, who I had the pleasure of serving last week.” she said, with the same smile and twinkle that Lyn had described to me. “However, it’s especially exciting for me this time, as I have no idea what Lyn has prepared for us. So, I hand you over to Lyn”.

We all applauded and looked at Lyn in anticipation, me as much as anyone. I must say she looked really nervous, and as if part of her just wanted to get up and run out, but she seemed to pull herself together, and Bostancı Escort said:

“Do you all like sugared almonds? I hope you do, because my cunt is stuffed full of them, and I thought you might enjoy getting them out.”

And with that Lyn opened her legs as wide as she could manage, and laid back on the settee. She’d obviously come out without any knickers on, because we could all clearly see her hairy pussy and beneath the hair, the hint of the opening to her vagina. A gasp ran round the room. I was shocked and stunned. Clearly Angia had had a much stronger effect on her behaviour than I’d reaLyned. For a few seconds, no one moved, and I had a brief moment of terror that Lyn had totally misjudged it, and opening up her cunt to almost complete strangers, both male and female, was completely the wrong thing to do. However, the next moment everyone was up on their feet and moving towards her.

“Now let’s have some order” shouted Angia “Ladies first, and since it was me that recruited her, I claim the first go”.

Given all that was going on, I clearly wasn’t able to see everything, but this is how I later told Lyn the story of the evening from my perspective.

I watched as Angia knelt down in front of you, pulled open your cuntlips, and put her mouth over your hole. We could hear here sucking hard, then all of a sudden, she stood up, opened her mouth, and said

“I’ve got one! It’s a pink one, which is my favourite, but better than that it is flavoured with Lyn’s cunt juice”.

Then there was a bit of pushing, and Annette stepped forward, and said

“My turn next”.

I watched, fascinated, as she also knelt down between your legs, and pulled open her lips. But she didn’t immediately put her mouth on your cunt.

“Let me see what colours there are in here” she said. “I think if I put my fingers in her hole I can open her up enough that I might be able to get one I want.

Everyone crowded round as she stretched open your hole, which showed several different colours of sugared almond nestling inside you. Only then did she poke out her tongue and push it into you. And with a bit of jiggling around, which I’m sure was more than was needed just to get one out of you, she finally stood up and showed us the sweet in her mouth, which she’d prised out of your cunt.

“Shit, she said, Angia wasn’t wrong when she said what a great taste Lyn’s cunt has. Maybe I could go back for another one.”

But then she was pushed out of the way by Ruby.

“Fuck off,” she said, “it’s my turn next, then Angie and then Keith and Charles before you get another turn.”

She managed to suck an almond out of your cunt, after what seemed a remarkably long time of moving her face around your pussy. I could see that the tension of doing the wrong thing had left you, but was being replaced by a different tension as all of the action around your clit was starting to get you aroused. Not surprisingly, having Angie come over and lock her mouth between your legs only excited you more. Not only that, but she’d already learned how best to get you closer to climax by using her mouth. Of course, I’d got pretty aroused myself watching these women sucking your hole, and this only increased as I watched Keith and Charles take their turns.

All of a sudden, I noticed that Angia had slipped away quietly, taken her clothes off, and just had a dressing gown on, very loosely tied, so that I could see her cleavage and her breasts moving around through the neck. Yes, it looked as if you were right about this as well: her tits looked fantastic. Angia came over to me and said:

“Why don’t you go over and change into a dressing gown, while the others finish getting the almonds out of Lyn’s cunt? That was really an amazing intro she gave us, and I think things will be kicking off quickly, as everyone will have got nicely aroused.”

And she led me over, to one of the changing rooms, and started to undress me. I could smell your slime still on her face, and of course, my knob sprang out of my trousers in front of her, but she just gently stoked it, and handed me a dressing gown. When we walked back in to the main room, I saw Charles claim his almond out of Lyn, though I was a bit distracted by trying to stop my knob from keep poking out through my dressing gown. I also saw that Annette, Ruby and Keith had already changed out of their clothes, but rather than a dressing gown, Annette was fully naked.

“Right”, said Angie, “let’s get Lyn out of her clothes, so we can give her a proper thank you for that absolutely fabulous show.”

She and Annette went over to you, and helped you stand up. You had a look on your face that was a mixture of ecstasy over the sensations and success of your almond stunt, and fear over what might come next. Before you had a chance to say anything, Annette had pulled your dress right over your head and off, and Angia undid your bra. You were then standing, fully naked, in front of three men and four women, most of whom you’d never met before, and you could feel their eyes boring in to you, inspecting your tits, your ass, and trying to get another Bostancı Escort Bayan look at your pussy. I could also see your eyes focus on Annette’s tits, which were everything Angia had said they were. Prominent, slightly sagging, but with the most enormous aureoles.

“That was fantastic” Annette said, as she registered you staring at her breasts, “and because it was so good, you get the first turn at making my nipples stiff. I know that Angia has told you how amazing this can be”.

She pulled your head down to her chest, so you could suck one of her tits.

“Just suck hard, and roll your tongue around my nipple, and you’ll get the amazing sensation as my aureole crinkles up and my nipple extends by at least a centimetre.”

As you were doing that, both Charles and Keith moved over to you. Keith started playing with your breasts, which were dangling nicely as you were bent over, and Charles ran his big, black hands over your bum, occasionally letting one stray in between your bum cheeks towards your arsehole and your cunt.

By this time, I’d given up trying to keep my knob in my dressing gown, not least because Ruby had shed her gown completely. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her tits, which were absolutely huge, hanging down on her belly almost to her waist. She walked over to me, opened my gown and pulled herself close to me so that her massive breasts were pressing against my chest, and my prick was pushing hard into her. She kissed me, and I reaLyned that I had actually never been kissed by a black woman before, let alone one who was naked. She moved her had down to my knob and pushed to down so that it was pushing against her pussy itself.

“I think Lyn must have told Angie that you like big black tits, so tonight you can fuck me and Angie, while Charles, Keith and Annette fuck Lyn. If you’ve never seen a huge black cock forcing itself into Lyn’s cunt, then you need to keep your eyes open. It will be an amazing sight!”

Looking across to where you were sucking Annette’s other tit, I could see that Charles had also dropped his gown off, and his prick was enormous. Not just long, but massive round as well. I desperately wanted to watch it slide right into you, but I felt Angie’s breasts pressing into my back, and her hand came round to my prick, and started to rub it against Ruby’s pussy. In any case, I couldn’t get Ruby’s huge tits out of my mind, so I grabbed them with both hands, and started to play with her nipples. Angia started to kiss the back of my neck, which combined with the effect she was having on my prick really got me bursting with excitement.

“Let’s go over to the bed” Angie said.

As we walked over to one of the beds, I could see that you were already on your back on another one, with what looked like Annette, Charles and Keith all with their hands up your cunt. When we got to the bed, Ruby forced me back down, and knelt over me, dangling her enormous breasts in my face. Angie knelt behind her, and caught hold of my knob, opened Ruby’s slit with the other hand, and rubbed my cock round and round Ruby’s clit. It felt fucking wonderful, the only problem being that I was worried I might come too soon, and lose out on the opportunity you’d promised me to fuck your seducer, Angia. I put my mouth around one of Ruby’s breasts, at least as far as I could and sucked hard. I felt her nipple stiffen against my tongue, although I suspected that this was as much because of what Angie was doing to her with my knob as what I was with my mouth. Then Ruby said

“Stick his prick in my cunt, and let me ride him”

Angia did just that. As Ruby sat back, I could feel her slide my knob along her black slit and into her cunt. Shit, that felt good, and the sight of Ruby’s tits swinging around in front of me almost made me come, but I managed to control it. Just as I thought I had things under control, Angie, who had moved around the bed, suddenly straddled me and forced my face hard into her pussy. Then I could feel her hand come round and pull her slit open, and she then started to rock backwards and forwards so that my face was sliding between her clit, and even past her cunt hole right back to her asshole. I thought back to your story, when Angie did the same to you, and I began to understand some more why you found her so compelling. At the same time, Ruby was rocking herself backwards and forwards on my cock, and I could feel how wet she was as I slid in and out of her hole. I sensed that Angie and Ruby were kissing deeply, and I felt Angia’s hand move down my stomach to find Ruby’s clit, which she then rubbed faster and harder, it seemed, than I would ever have dared do myself. Not surprisingly Ruby couldn’t take much of this, and I felt her buck up and down, forcing my knob even deeper inside her.

“Fuck it, Angie” Ruby said, “that wasn’t fair to get me to come that soon, and I was afraid that Ricky was going to shoot his spunk up me far too soon.”

“Well, let’s let him cool off a bit, while you play with my cunt. This might also be a good time, because I think Charles is about to push his cock into Lyn’s cunt, and I’m sure he’d want Escort Bostancı to see that.”

Angia moved off my face, and Ruby pulled my cock out of her with a sucking noise.

“First, though” said Angia “Lyn said he likes looking deep into women’s cunts – and believe me Lyn liked looking in mine, so let’s give him a show.”

The next thing I knew they were both on their backs on the bed, with their legs wide open, and their hands pulling open their cunts so I could see way up inside them. Angie’s was stunning. Although she had kept a lot of pubic hair, which I liked, it was trimmed on either side of her slit so that her entire cunt was clear and visible. She had really large lips, which she was pulling apart, a shiny, erect clit, and an almost perfectly circular inner hole which was open and inviting. Below that, she had the most beautifully symmetrical, puckered little asshole. Ruby couldn’t have been more different. She had tightly curled pubic hair, which went right through between her legs and round to her ass. The inside of the front of her slit was still almost as black as the rest of her skin, making her clit harder to see, but then her hole opened up like an amazing flower with different shades of pink, going from dusky through to vivid pink moving in to her hole itself, which looked like the black centre of a pink daisy. Fuck – this was supposed to cool me off? My knob was pulsing with desire to get inside both of them and to fill them up with my spunk. Not only that, but across the room I could see you knelt over Annette, who seemed to be working on your tits. Charles had his huge cock up your cunt, and Keith was fucking your ass with his finger. Unfortunately, I knew only too well that I was only going to be able to come up just one of them, and partly because you had worked to make it happen, and partly because she just looked so fantastic, I knew it would have to be Angia.

So what I did was to pull Ruby towards me, so that I could slide my knob into her slippery, slimy hole, but I could bend forward and lick Angia’s cunt, which she was still opening wide for me. I knew that my problem was going to be to stop myself from coming inside Ruby, through the combination of fucking her and sucking Angie. I tried thinking of you, but that just made things worse, so I concentrated on trying to do as good a job at getting Angie to come as you had a few days earlier. I remembered you saying that she liked you running your tongue up and down her slit, then thrusting your tongue deep into her hole, then at the other end of her slit, going round and round her clit, from time to time biting it with my teeth. It was an amazing feeling, as I could also feel Ruby’s juices oozing out of her hole, creating the most intense feelings in my prick as it went in and out of her. I just hoped that you might have had time to look up and see it stretching her hole, not just because I thought you’d like it, but because it was payback for you going off and fucking another woman. I also wanted you to see me licking Angia’s cunt, for the same reasons, though I hoped that it would also make you jealous, as I was sure that’s what you would feel when I described how it felt and tasted when we got back home. Anyway, while all this was going through my mind I must have been doing a good job, as Angia suddenly started to shake and twitch as she came when I bit down on her clit. And just as you’d told me, the amount of cum which came out of her hole was amazing, tasting salty and spicy and sexy.

I just had to pull out of Ruby, else I knew I was going to come inside her, though this almost didn’t work because of the loud sucking noise as my cock came out, and the fact that for a few seconds it left her hole even wider open than before, so I could see deep inside her pink heaven. I knew that at some point in the future, I just had to fuck her and come inside her. But I managed to keep my spunk in my balls, and I dived on top of Angie, with one hand grabbing a breast, and the other pulling her face towards me so that I could kiss her and share her cunt juice just as you had. What I’d forgotten was that this meant my prick was touching her pussy, which made me almost come again.

“I think you’d better shove that cock up me, before it goes off outside” Angia said, laughingly, after pulling away from the kiss. “It looks as if Charles and Keith are going to come inside Lyn soon, and I think I’ll need to rescue her then from that vicious little bitch Annette. Don’t worry, you can suck Ruby’s cunt another day. For now, I want to do it again.”

She slid her ass down the bed, which turned out to be a prefect height for me, after I’d pulled open her lips and forced my cock inside her beautiful hole. That meant Ruby could kneel over Angia’s face, so she could lick her cunt to organism again. The whole feeling was indescribable: my prick sliding in and out of Angia’s hole; seeing Ruby sitting on Angia’s face with her huge tits swinging around in front of my face, and knowing that you were in the same room getting fucked by two men and a woman. I put my hand down and played with Angia’s clit, as my knob was powering in and out of her slimy, squelchy hole. Fucking hell, it was amazing, knowing that any minute my spunk was going to jet deep inside the hole of this woman, who I’d only met a couple of hours earlier, and watching Ruby get visibly more excited as she rocked away on Angia’s face. Suddenly she leaned forward, holding one of her tits out towards me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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