Another Freakin Visit

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Hello. I haven’t written anything in a while. I wrote this story in a single afternoon. Hope to write more soon.

Also, if anyone has any “original” incest ideas that they’d like see in a story, and if you like my style, email me with it. I wanna try something different. Just a 1-2 sentence synopsis please.


Jennifer dragged her little sister up the stairs to their father’s apartment. Lindsay reluctantly went along with her, hoping that the visit would be short.

“Come on, Lindsay!” Jennifer said as she yanked on her sleeve.

“He’s not gonna care if we come over or not Jen. He’s never cared. We’d never see him if we weren’t the ones that initiated the visits.” Lindsay replied.

“It’s your birthday. We only need to see him on special occasions. This is one of them.”

“Whatever. He doesn’t even remember our birthdays.”

Jennifer said, “Stop being a baby.”

Lindsay whined, “Oh come on Jen! I’m eighteen-stinking-years old now. Don’t I get a say in this?”

“Nope. You’re still in high school, and Mom says you have to see him sometimes.”

“But…” Lindsay pouted like a little kid, “…this sucks.”

“Get over it.”

“And what about you?” Lindsay asked. “You’re in college and you still want to go and see him?”

“I do it out of grown-up obligation. He is our Dad after all. He did give us life.”

“Obligation-slobligation…he doesn’t even know what that word means.” Lindsay pined.

Jennifer flipped back her light brown hair and pushed up her glasses on her face. The two sisters reached the door and stood there, looking at it for a moment.

Lindsay said, “I’ll give you twenty dollars if we can leave right now.” The younger of the two crossed her arms and cocked her head. Her black ponytail dangled off to the side.

Jennifer rolled her eyes, “Okay, where’s my twenty?” She held out her hand.

Lindsay groaned and drooped her face, “I don’t have twenty bucks.”

“Just look on the bright side Lindsay. We see him now, and we wont have to see him for another month.”

“Geez, I know! But it’s just freakin’ awkward around him. Sometimes we just sit there without saying anything.”

“Tough it out Lindsay.” Jennifer stated and knocked on the door.

Lindsay shoved her hands into the pockets of her sweatpants. She tongued her cheek and looked annoyed.

A muffled voice called from the other side of the door, “Just a minute!”

The locks on the door clicked and the door swung open.Jennifer raised an eyebrow as she gazed upon her father. Lindsay raised both and gulped audibly.

“Hey there little ladies.” Bruce said with an unusual smile on his face. He stood there in the doorway wearing boxer shorts and no shirt. In his hand he held a bottle of Corona. His hand slipped off the door and he caught it again before it slammed shut. He was obviously drunk. It showed in his glazed eyes and his somewhat blank expression. He slurred, “Weren’t yous come in please?” And he backed away and held the door open for them to enter.

Jennifer looked carefully at her father’s chest. It was toned and with a little bit of hair. She had to admit to herself, he was in pretty good shape for a forty-year-old man.

Lindsay was hesitant to enter. She looked at the grinning man before them and smirked shyly.

“Well comes ons then girls, I don’t haves all day.”

Jennifer nodded and grimaced at her father, “Hello there, Bruce. You look…well.”

Jennifer walked past her father and into the apartment.

Lindsay wanted to go now. She looked back over her shoulder towards the car. But she didn’t have the keys.

“Well? Are you coming in or not?” Bruce asked.

Lindsay again rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She walked past her father and headed for the couch.

As she sat next to her sister, Bruce was busy latching the locks on the door. He took a great big swig of his beer and turned towards his two daughters. The apartment was a small one bedroom. It looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned in quite a long time. There were papers strewn across the floor and dishes everywhere. Bruce sat on the love seat that was adjacent to the couch.

“Well then,” he said as he exhaled deeply. “What are you selling?”

“Bruce, maybe you should drink some water.” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer…” Bruce began, “yours are so right. I think I’ve had a little too much to drink today. Water sounds like the ticket. I’ll just go get me-self some.”

Clumsily he stood and walked into the kitchen.

Lindsay immediately leaned over to Jennifer. “What the heck is we doing here, Jen?”

Sternly, Jennifer said, “We’re visiting our dear old Dad.”

“He’s not even going to remember this visit.” Lindsay stated.

“Just relax. We’ll be gone before you know it.”

“I don’t want to relax. I could be at the movie theater, making-out with Ben Hickman right now. But no, I’m here…with Dad!”

“Shush. He’ll hear you.”

“I don’t care, Jen. He’s a drunk. Drunks don’t care either.”

Bruce walked back into the room, bursa escort bayanlar smiling widely.

“Here! Got me-self some H2O!” he said. But he didn’t have a glass of water. Instead he had another beer in his hands. He took a big swig and made a loud “AHhh!”

Jennifer stood up and walked over to her belligerent father. She grabbed hold of the beer and pulled it from him.

“Hey! Come on Jennifer!” Bruce groaned.

“Come on nothing! You’re drunk off your ass Dad! Why’d you get drunk when you knew the two of us were coming over?”

Bruce looked at his oldest daughter’s face for what seemed like a whole minute. Finally he said, “I don’t know. I was thirsty I guess.” Then he turned his attention to Lindsay. “Soooo, little-sweet Lindsay-girl. How are you honey-pie?”

Lindsay shrugged her shoulders. “Fine.”

Bruce sat down next to her on the couch threw his arm around her. He pulled her to him tightly, giving her a great big hug.

“I’m soooo glad to see you sweetie. You look so pretty today.”

Lindsay tried to break free of her father’s grasp. She faked a little laugh, “Thanks Dad.”

Jennifer started heading for the kitchen. “I’m going to throw this away and get you some water.”

“Don’t you dare do that!” Bruce yelled at her.

Jennifer stopped and turned.

Bruce continued, “That’s a waste of money.”

“Well what do you expect me to do with it Bruce? You already opened it.” Jennifer said in a somewhat scolding tone.

Bruce sat there contemplating her question for a short moment. Then he asked, “How old are you now, Jen?”

Jennifer said, “21.”

“HA! Perfect!”

Jennifer looked back and forth between her father and her sister. She had a look of ‘do you believe this guy?’

She asked, “Perfect for what, Bruce?”

Bruce smiled and said, “You drink it. You’re old enough now.”

“I don’t think so.” And she turned towards the kitchen.

Suddenly, Bruce started sobbing. “Oh please Jennifer…” His voice cracked and he put his face in his hands. Lindsay inched away a bit and kept her hands tightly in her lap. Bruce cried, “I just want to spend some quality time with my daughters…”

Jennifer said, “Dad…stop this.”

“I can’t help it…I…I…I just wanted today to go smoothly…I just wanted to be calm and composed when…when you two got here…I…I just meant to have a little…but then…I don’t know…I just went overboard…” Bruce cried a river into his hands. He was very moody when he drank. His moods changed like chameleon skin, always to protect himself when around other people.

Jennifer felt a sort of pity for her father, like a pathetic homeless man with no friends. She had a good heart and always wanted to make people happy, no matter how miserable they had made her. She held up the beer in her hand and sniffed it.

Lindsay watched in astonishment, as her big sister was actually thinking about drinking it. Deep down in the pit of her stomach, she was yelling at her ‘No, don’t do it! What–are you crazy?!’

Jennifer sighed. After that she lifted the drink to her lips and took a gulp.

Bruce looked up at her and smiled. ” That’s my girl.”

An hour and a half later.

Bruce and Jennifer were laughing hysterically. What they were laughing at was hard to determine. Lindsay was sitting all the way off to the side chewing on her fingernails. She had one leg tucked up underneath her and she was busy counting the water spots on the ceiling.

Jennifer was rolling around on the floor giggling like a hyena. Her blouse was riding up and her smooth, flat belly was now in plain view. Next to her on the floor was the beer she was drinking. On the coffee table were the seven empty bottles that she had finished off.

Bruce was sitting on the love seat laughing down at his eldest, and intermittently swallowing another gulp of his ump-teenth beer for that day. He hazily looked at Jennifer’s belly button.

He said, “Ohhh, look there.”

Jennifer’s hair was disheveled and hanging down in her face. She careened her neck up and looked at her father.

“What?” She asked, and then giggled again.

“I see yer belly-button.”

“You do?” She looked down at her stomach. To her, it was the funniest thing in the world because her head fell backwards and she cracked up again.

Lindsay was bored and upset. She was here way longer than she had expected. And now, with her sister in the condition she was in, it looked as though they’d be there a little longer.

Bruce continued talking, “Your belly looks hard.”

Jennifer made a popping noise with her lips, and then she said, “Yes it is.”

“I always liked a woman’s belly. It’s sooooo…sexy.” Then he laughed like an idiot.

Jennifer crinkled her face momentarily, and then burst out laughing. The outburst was so forced that she spit.

Then both father and daughter laughed at that.

Bruce stared long and hard at the exposed skin of his daughter’s mid section. bayan sarisin escort bursa His head wavered back and forth as he stared down at the writhing form on his carpet.

“You’ve got really…pretty…skin…Jennifer…” he said in a soft, monotonous tone.

“Awwwwweeeee…” Jennifer said in an overly dramatic voice. “That’s sooo sweet there Bruce.”

“I mean…really, really…pretty…” he said and lightly licked his lips. “Really…pretty…and hard…smooth…”

“Well–that’s me! Hard n’ smooth.” Jennifer said. She reached down and opened up the bottom of her blouse slightly, exposing her whole mid-drift. Then she proceeded to slap her belly and hum the theme to Friends. “Well-no-one-told-you-life-was-gonna-be-this-way…da-da-da-da-da…”

Lindsay was barely paying attention to them, when in the corner of her eye she saw something that made her heart stop.

Her father, the drunk man whom she despised visiting, was staring down at Jennifer, with one hand on his crotch, rubbing himself slowly, and taking yet another swig of his beer.

All of a sudden, Lindsay’s world was spinning like a top. She felt her stomach begin to do flip-flops and somersaults. She felt like two logs swinging and then crashing together were flattening her head sideways.

Bruce squeezed his hardening boxers and said, “I…I like the way…the way your belly flexes when you move…it’s sooo…nice…” He blinked a few times like it was difficult to do so. “Your belly is…it’s soooo good…such sweet skin…”

Jennifer circled her belly button with her fingernail and lightly scratched down her waist. Her head flopping to and fro while humming the TV show theme song. Then she said, “Well…you made me Bruce…this stomach is a result of yer hard work…and yer dedication…” Then she continued to hum and play the drums on her belly, “Your-jobs-choked-ya-broke—your-love-life’s-DOA…I’ll-be-there-fer-youuuuuuu…”

“That’s right…Jennifer…” And Bruce squeezed himself harder.

Lindsay felt the lump forming in her throat. She began to feel light headed and extremely nervous. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know where this conversation was leading, but it didn’t feel like it could lead anywhere good. Her skin started feeling tingly and shivery. She wanted to say something that would snap both of them out of–whatever it was they were in. But she didn’t know what to say.

The only thing she could think to do was to get up. So she did. On shaky legs, Lindsay stood before the couch and looked at the messy apartment. Her vision was fuzzy. Like someone was jamming the signal with a—well, something you jam a signal with.

She looked down at her singing sister, writhing around like a seductress reptile, unknowingly putting on a show for the only male in the room.

Jennifer opened her eyes and looked up.

“Hey there Lindsay! What’s up?” she said and giggled without a purpose. “Besides you, that is! HA!” She cracked up. She ran her hands up her naked belly and lightly pressed her fingernails in.

Lindsay looked over and saw her father lick his lips again as he stared down at her drunk and unaware sister.

Lindsay rubbed her eyes and started to walk. “I have to use the bathroom.” And she began to walk away from her sister and father.

That’s when she heard it.

“Ah God, I just can’t…get enough…of that ass…” Bruce said almost incoherently.

Lindsay froze in her tracks. Slowly, and without turning completely around, Lindsay turned her head backwards toward the love seat. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were wide.

She saw that her father was rubbing his erect boxers and staring directly at her own rear end.

Through a crackled and nervous voice she said, “Were you just…talking to me Dad?”

She waited several seconds.

Bruce eyed the backside of his youngest daughter’s sweats with a hypnotized gaze. He was breathing heavily and fisting the outline of his swelling erection with all his might.

Finally he said, “Uhhhhh…I think…” he paused, “…ummmm…yeah.”

“Yeah…what?” Lindsay asked nervously.

“I uhhh…just cannot get enough…of that ass…Lindsay…” he said and sucked in a breath of air.

Jennifer rolled over onto her stomach and looked up at her little sister. She said giggling, “Oooohhh, ummmm…Dad likes your rump there Lindsay!”

As Jennifer rolled over, Bruce got an eyeful of her little butt as well. His staring jumped back and forth between the denim-covered butt of his oldest daughter, to the form fitting sweats that covered the little butt of his youngest.

Lindsay witnessed her father’s eyes move between hers and her sisters. Her knees were getting weak.

Jennifer pushed up her glasses and sized up her sister’s bottom. “Huh. I’d say it’s perfect for pinching. Come on down here and I’ll pinch yer toosh.”

“I…like your ass…too…God they’re both so damn…you know…” Bruce started.

“No, I don’t.” Lindsay said sternly, bursa evi olan eskort yet scared of what he would say.

Bruce said, “Doesn’t matter…I need to…touch it…”

This sent Lindsay against the wall. She turned her rear away from her father’s invading eyes and stepped backwards until a closet door met her.

“Hell no! Stay away from me!” Lindsay shouted.

Jennifer turned back over onto her back and tilted her head up. She stuck her bottom lip out and pouted. She started talking like a little girl.

“What’s wrong with my bottom? You never said you wanted to touch my bottom.” Then the alcohol really took effect. She started to cry like a little girl. Tears started streaming down her cheeks and her face flushed all red. She called out, “What’s wrong with me, Daddy! You don’t wanna touch me?! What’s wrong with my bottom?!” Then she hiccupped and sobbed some more.

Bruce licked his lips again and said, “I…I do…Jennifer…”

Jennifer rolled onto her belly again and reached for the waist of her jeans. Struggling, she unsnapped them and unzipped. In one swift movement, Jennifer pushed her jeans and cotton panties down over the smooth cheeks of her ass. The jeans and panties bunched up at the top of the backs of her thighs. She then extended her arms out to each side and flattened herself out. Only she raised her bottom up as far as she could. She continued crying like a child.

“What’s wrong with it? Huh, Daddy?!” Jennifer sniffed loudly and laid her face down to one side so she could look back in his reaction. “You only like Lindsay’s ass, don’t you! You don’t like mine! It’s not fair!”

Lindsay’s mind was in a state of shock as she watched her father slide down off the love seat and straddle Jennifer’s thighs.

Bruce spread his knees on the carpet as far as he could and pushed his crotch in closer until his tented boxers rested against the crack of his oldest daughter’s ass. Then he palmed her small cheeks with each hand and began strong caresses.

Jennifer cooed as her father squeezed each side of her bottom. She was still sobbing about how her bottom didn’t measure up with Lindsay’s.

“But it does Jen…oh sooo nice Jennifer…so good…” Bruce said and began pressing his pelvis against his daughter’s ass.

Lindsay watched in dumbstruck amazement.

Bruce squeezed harder every time his groin pressed between the cheeks of her ass. The only barrier between them was the light fabric of his boxer shorts. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop dry humping her because the friction was still enough to send shockwaves of pleasure through his body.

“Oh Daddy…is it okay? Uhhhh…is my ass good?”

“Uh-huh…” he responded.

“As good as…Lindsay’s?”

Bruce looked up at his youngest standing in front of the closet. Lindsay was frightened by the look in his eyes.

“I don’t know…yet.”

Within the next five minutes, Lindsay found herself being pulled by her father away from the closet.

“No, no, no…stop please…” Lindsay begged and pleaded. But her father didn’t answer. He simply grabbed her by the back of the arms and set her next to the couch.

“We need to leave…please Dad…don’t do this…” Lindsay was feeling the tears build up inside her. She was trying so hard not to cry. She wanted to be strong. Since her big sister was obviously in no position to help her, she would have to manage on her own. But the strong hands of her father were too much.

Bruce turned his youngest facing away and toward the edge of the couch.

She had her arms bundled up to her chest and she was chewing on her fingernails again.

All hopes were soon lost when she felt his hand on her back, pushing her over the back of the couch. Her bottom was pointing toward him.

Bruce reached for his beer and took another swig. After he set the bottle down he began running his hands all over Lindsay’s quivering back. He felt up her waist, up under her armpits (which were tightly pressed to her sides), and then he massaged her shoulders.

He said, “I’d uhhh…let you have a beer…but…you’re too young to drink.”

Lindsay’s teeth started chattering as she felt her Dad’s hands at the waist of her sweats. His fingers slid into the elastic waist and began pulling them down. Her sunflower cotton panties were pulled down too. As with her sister, Bruce pulled them down to the top of the back of her thighs.

“Please don’t…stop now Dad…okay? Please stop doing this.” Lindsay whispered softly as she felt his hands grab onto her ass cheeks. She looked down at the floor where Jennifer still lay flattened out.

Jennifer turned her head to the other side so she could see what her father was doing to her sister. Her expression was so glazed; Lindsay doubted she would remember any of this.

“Oh this ass…oh my…oh shit this ass…” Bruce said as he kneaded the hot skin like bread dough. He pulled her cheeks apart and stared down at Lindsay’s tiny puckered asshole. “Oh holy shit…Lindsay…I’ve dreamt about this ass…”

Lindsay’s ponytail fell down in front of her face. She noticed that it bobbed up and down in sync with her father’s caresses.

As he did to Jennifer, Bruce leaned his groin into Lindsay’s bottom. His tented boxers slid between the two small cheeks of her ass. He squeezed her cheeks and pulled them apart as he began dry humping her into the couch.

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