Artist and the Fisherman

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The sun is hot and blazing as she walks along the stream, following it to the wider river. She carries her paints and easel, looking for a cool spot to sit. She spies a glorious big oak tree near the bank of the river; the water looking so inviting; she sets up her tools and her canvas. From here she can see the magnificent mountains beyond the other side of the river. She takes a water bottle out of her knapsack and drinks, the water flowing down her chin onto her neck and chest soaking her light shirt.

He watches from the forest, he has seen her come here before to paint. She is beautiful like her paintings. He sits on a rock, setting his fishing rod down on the grass, his attention on her instead of his sport. He watches her drink water from a bottle, watches as it pours down onto her body soaking her shirt. He admires her form, her long curly hair falling out of her cap.

She looks out, taking in the scenery and setting her sights on the view she would like to paint. It is so hot, perhaps a swim first to cool off, the river looks inviting, and she is alone. She unbuttons her shirt, slipping it off; the water that spilled from her chin has soaked through to her pink lace bra. Her breasts spill out of the lace cups. She slips her shorts off and stands in her bra and pink lace thong. She sheds the cap, letting her curls fall across her shoulders She wipes her brow, she is so hot.

He is mesmerized, watching her; she starts to undress, her shirt off, revealing exquisite firm breasts in a skimpy lace bra,” Ohhhh yessss” a gorgeous site. She slips out of her shorts and stands in her thong and bra, taking off her cap. He is aroused, just watching her undress, he anticipates more.

She tiptoes to the edge of the water. She looks around shyly to make sure she is alone and undoes her bra, letting her breasts free to the sun. She gecelik escort takes her thumbs under her thong and slips it down over her legs and off. She loves the feel of the sun on her naked body This girl does not test the water, she dives right in, swimming deep and touching the bottom. She comes out of the waves with a splash, the coolness invading her senses. It is heavenly, her nipples harden with the coolness of the water she is waist deep in.

He sees her slip out of her underwear and no dainty girl this one, no testing the water with her toe, watches as she dives in going under and coming up, her breasts bouncing, her nipples hard. He is breathless, this sight before him, he has forgotten all about the fishing he was doing. He moves and sneaks from tree to tree to get a closer look.

She swims and dives and enjoys the cooling of the water on her body. She wades out and lays back on the soft grass, letting the sun dry the water from her body. Her hands move over her hard nipples causing her to whimper softly, the feeling it brings, like warm blood flowing to her groin, her other hand moves to her shaven pussy and she opens her legs slightly. She uses her fingers and rubs her slit, opening her girl lips and caressing that soft magic bud. She moans and opens wider; she loses herself in her arousal, feeling her womanhood inside and out.

He is close enough now to see everything, she swam and dove and then up onto the grass. Her naked body spread out before him. His breathing is ragged; he feels the arousal in his trousers, his hand running along his erection, he licks his lips. She starts to fondle herself and he rubs his cock as he watches. She is oblivious to his stare.

She rubs and fingers her pussy bringing herself closer and closer to an orgasm, all thoughts of her painting istanbul eskort gone for this moment of pleasure. She is close but wants to go over the edge She is writhing on the grass, she senses something… she sits up and looks behind her, something moved behind the tree. She does not attempt to move or cover herself; she just waits and watches. Then she sees him.

He notices that she has spied him, he comes out of the cover of the trees and walks toward her, no words are spoken, their eyes speak the language. He comes to her and kneels down on the grass beside her, she is not afraid or shaken, and she looks into his dark sexy eyes. He reaches out and touches her hair; her curls and runs his finger down over her lids and eyelashes down to her mouth. She takes his finger in her mouth and sucks lightly,a signal.

He bends forward and kisses her softly; she takes his kiss and feels his breath mixed with hers. They are here together, two souls….. she lays back and he watches her, his eyes travelling over her naked body. He takes his shirt off and leans over her, his mouth finding her hard nipple, he sucks it in and nibbles, her back arches as he takes his hands and kneads her firm breasts and suckles her nipples, one and then the other, her body molding against his chest. She reaches for his belt buckle and undoes him. His arousal is evident; his cock hard and red, pushing against her belly as he licks and sucks her nipples. She moans “ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss”, he licks along her chest and up to her neck, kissing her behind her ears and nuzzling her neck. She whimpers “yes ,yes”, she is losing control of her actions wanting him wanting…….

He runs his mouth down again to her chest and takes her breasts into his hunger. He trails kisses down her belly and over her bare mound. He takes his hands and spreads her legs otele gelen escort apart wide, baring her pussy to the air and to him. He looks at her, she looks at him Wanting, wanting….. he takes his tongue and licks the inside of her thighs, positioning himself so he holds her ass up off the grass with his hands his, face right there in between her legs. He runs his tongue over her slit, she squeals and arches her back pushing her cunt to his mouth, he eats and feasts on her, taking her lips and clit in his mouth, sucking, Nibbling, he ravages her with his tongue. He sucks her clit so hard she screams and she loses touch with any control she had and explodes into his mouth, her creamy juices flowing and he puts two fingers in her pussy and fucks her g spot hard. She sprays and he drinks from her womanhood.

She is breathless, she is moaning He finishes undressing and leans over her again, he stares into her eyes and moves between her legs, his strong thighs pushing her tender ones apart. Her soft moans turn to cries of pleasure as he forces his cock into her cunt hard and fast. In, out fucking her, reaching the depths of her body with his cock, he is like steel, moving fast and hard, she screams and her legs wrap around his waist. He moves fast and hard,pumping in and out,her cunt sucking at his cock, drawing him in,tightening against him as he swells and fills her.He feels the tingle.He wants to cum with her.She is writhing, reaching that edge, they stare into each others eyes as they dance the dance.

He pounds into her driving her against the grass, she is moaning with every thrust. They feel it; it is there, so close. “More, more, more,yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, oh god yessssssssssssssssssssss.”

He growls as his cock explodes inside her , his seed flowing into her cunt, her juices mix with his and run down her thighs as he falls against her, holding her, kissing her face, her eyes, her nose,her lips. They kiss, they sigh, and they fall side by side, still together skin to skin, as one.

The sun begins to fade, the cool breeze against their nakedness; they sleep in each other’s arms……..Two as one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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