At Long Last, Sex

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My girlfriend Casey and I had been going out for two years when the events of this story took place. The two of us were just out of college and were working long, outrageous hours, so unfortunately we hadn’t been able to see each other all that often.

I was sharing an apartment with a buddy of mine and Casey was sharing one with a girl named Amanda. Casey had found Amanda through an ad in the paper, and it had not been easy for the two of them to get to know each other. They had very little in common, and Casey was not all that crazy about her.

Needless to say, our sex life was almost non-existent. We really couldn’t afford to get a hotel room, and we were both sharing apartments, and it always worked out that in the rare event that we could see each other; we were never able to have any real privacy.

We were both ecstatic when we found out that the two of us both had a Saturday night off. The only problem was that we had to figure out a way to get one of our roommates out of the apartment. My roommate too worked crazy hours, so I felt guilty about kicking him out, so we set our sights on Amanda. Amanda was a very attractive girl, but she had a dreadful personality. She was a total bitch. She never had a problem meeting men, but she couldn’t keep them around. We decided that the best way to get rid of her was to set her up on a date. Amanda had met my roommate and he immediately hated her, so we knew he was out. We racked our brains and came up with Casey’s friend Peter. I was never fond of him. I always felt that he had a thing for Casey even though he knew that she and I were very serious. He was a handsome enough guy, so I hoped Amanda would give him a shot. Casey discussed our idea with the two of them, and thankfully they agreed.

That Saturday, Casey and I were in the living room of her apartment when Peter arrived. Amanda was still getting ready, so Peter joined us. After what felt like an hour, Amanda finally emerged from her room. I must admit, she looked damn Travesti sexy. She had on a long black dress, and black high heel shoes. Amanda is average height, with medium length dirty-blonde hair, and a nice, shapely body, including a great set of perky little breasts.

She seemed impressed when she met Peter, so we hoped they’d have a long evening together.

Soon after the two of them were gone, our dinner was ready. We settled in at the table for a romantic, candle-lit dinner. I had done the cooking, which I’m sure she appreciated. Even though we were planning a romantic evening, we agreed not to get dressed up, since we rarely had the chance to relax. Casey was wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, and I was wearing a T-shirt and mesh shorts. She still looked incredible to me though. Casey is 5’5″ and about 150 lbs. She has shoulder-length brown, curly hair, and the cutest 36B tits you’ll ever see. We were having a great time together as we ate; laughing and joking, just enjoying each other’s company. We were having such a great time that almost two hours had flown by. As we enjoyed dessert, I felt Casey’s foot on my bare leg. Slowly and sexily, she began rubbing it up and down. As she was teasing me, she was her big brown eyes were staring deep into mine. I had had enough of the teasing and stood up. I walked over to her and took her hands.

“There’ll be plenty of time to clean up later. Right now, we have more important things to do.” I told her.

She rose and followed my lead as we headed to her bedroom. We hurried inside to get things started; Casey took charge and threw me down on the bed. She fell on top of me and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Just from our kissing, I could feel my rock hard member pushing into her crotch. Casey broke our kiss and pulled my t-shirt off. I returned the favor, and pulled hers up and over her head. She was wearing a sexy push-up bra which showcased her cute little tits. As we resumed our kissing, our hands began roaming each izmir Travesti other’s bodies. She ran her hands over my chest as I caressed her plump ass, taking hold of a cheek with each hand. Taking my cue, she began grinding her crotch over mine, rubbing up and down over my aching cock. As she dry-humped me, my hands found their way under her sweatpants and panties and explored her bare ass. Soon Casey began to groan as her hips began to quiver and shake as she climaxed.

Her grinding slowly ground to a halt. I pushed her off of me and onto her back. I leaned in and kissed her ass my hand began groping her tits. I started moving my lips lower and lower, kissing her chin, then her neck, and then down her chest to the top of her tits. As I kissed the tops of her tits, I reached behind her and un-hooked her bra. Casey reached down and cupped her bra-covered tits, then moved her hands away, taking the bra with her, exposing her boobs. She has magnificent dark, small nipples. I took hold of one of them with my thumb and finger as I sucked and nibbled on the other. After pleasuring both of her nipples, I slid lower down her body. I love Casey’s soft stomach, so I took my time smothering it with kisses and licking my way around. As I moved lower and lower, I took hold of the waistband of her sweatpants, and pulled them down and off her legs. She now was naked except for a pair of striped bikini panties. I kissed my way around her hips and legs, allowing her to get accustomed to me being in her crotch. After a minute or so, I hooked my thumb under the waistband of her panties and began pulling them off. I pulled them down very, enjoying every inch of her crotch, inch by inch.

I slowly exposed a large patch of brown hair. As her patch was uncovered, I peeled her panties from her soaked lips, then finally down over her legs, throwing her panties to the ground. I kissed her sexy stomach, and then kissed my way back up her body, as I reached my hand down to her crotch. When my lips Konya Travesti reached hers, I engaged her in a deep passionate kiss as my hand reached her pussy and began rubbing her lips. As we kissed, my fingers explored more and more of her. I began making slow, circular motions over her clit with my thumb as I pushed a finger deep inside her hole. I continued playing with her nub as I pushed my finger in and out of her, exploring her depths. I could not get over how wet she was! Again, Casey began to moan. Sure enough, my hand was soon drenched.

Casey pulled her pussy from my hand and rolled me onto my back. She began kissing and nibbling her way down to my stomach. As she teased my navel with her tongue, she reached down and pulled my shorts and underwear off. In one swift move, my cock was freed from its confines. As she leaned up and kissed me on the lips, she began tugging at me with her right hand. She stroked up and down getting harder and harder. When she was satisfied with my erection, she pulled away from my lips. She moved down and straddled me, her knees on the bed surrounding my legs, her pussy just inches from my cock. Casey reached down and pointed my cock at her pussy, placing the tip just centimeters from her hole. Slowly, she sank down on me, taking me inside her inch by inch.

Her hot pussy felt incredible as her muscles clenched around me, surrounding my cock, pulling me deep inside her. She rode me very slowly at first, which was driving me insane. Gradually she picked up her pace. As she was riding me, my hands covered her breasts, playing with her nipples. Casey was still riding me at too slow a pace, so I reached down and took hold of her hips, pulling her down on top of me faster and faster. Casey put the tip of her finger in her mouth between her teeth as she bounced up and down on me. She began to moan and groan her approval. Her noises grew increasingly louder and louder until I felt her pussy quivering on my cock as she screamed out. Feeling her pussy spasming around my cock brought that familiar sensation to my cock. I slammed deep into her one last time, filling her with wave after wave of my hot come.

Casey collapsed down on top of me, both of us covered with sweat and completely spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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