Aunt and Cousin’s Summertime Visit

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Aunt and Cousin’s Summertime Visit

Slutty aunt and sexy, virginal cousin stay with sister, niece, and horny nephew.

After having sexually lusted over my mother and sister for years, I finally had sex with my 42-year-old mother, Jenny, and my sister, Emma, on her 21st birthday, the first day of summer. There, I wrote it and publically posted it for all to read. I had outrageous sex with my mother and sister and I’m glad that I did.

Not feeling bad and certainly not feeling guilty that I had sex with my mother and sister, I made incestuous, sexual memories that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. This summer, bar none and without a doubt, is the best summer of my life. What started out as pure incestuous lust has morphed to romance and has become a mother/son/sister/brother love story.

Even better than I imagined it would be, the sex that I had with my mother and sister was all that I hoped it would be and so much more. Truly, now in a special way that no son should ever love his mother and no brother should ever love his sister, I love my mother and I love my sister, even more so when we’re all naked and in bed together.

“So happy. I’m so very happy,” I said with my arm around my naked mother and my other arm around my naked sister. Feeling as if I was king of my castle in my own Game of Thrones, sexually sated, I was satisfied how well our threesome is working. “This is how it must have been in the dark ages with the son the man of the house and keeping his mother as well as his sister warm and sexually satisfied when there were no other men around,” I said.

“Sire,” said my mother. “May I sucketh your cock again?”

“Blow me mother. I mean, of course, sucketh my cock again wench.”

Ah, if only I lived back then how happy I’d be without cars, television, sports channels, the Internet, video games, running water, indoor plumbing, refrigeration…never mind.

“Would you do me the honor of eating my pussy, my Lord?” My sister looked at me with a sexy smile.

“If it’s an oral orgasm that you want sister, I’d love to most graciously lick your pussy. Sit on my face sister while mother sucks my cock. Ah, this is the life,” I said as my sister lowered her pussy to my waiting, horny mouth.

* * * * *

It all started when my whore of a mother took my slut of a sister out to a CFNM strip club for her twenty-first birthday. Even though I’m an incestuous pervert lusting over my mother and sister in the way I did, if I had a father, I’d be okay with my father taking me, his son, to a strip club for a private lap dance. What’s wrong with that? It’s just a rite of passage to becoming a man.

Maybe because I’m a selfish guy, but it just seems to me that my mother taking her daughter, my sister, to a CFNM strip club on her birthday to suck some stripper’s cock is just wrong. What does my sister having sex with a stripper have to do with her becoming a submissive woman to her husband’s wants, whims, and needs? I dare say it would better suit my sister if my mother took her daughter to a home economics class on how to better clean, cook, and sew.

Nonetheless my twisted morals and my distorted sense of what’s right and what’s wrong between the sexes, I was hoping that they’d come home drunk. I was hoping that they’d come home horny. I was hoping that they’d be so drunk and so horny that they wouldn’t know that I was their son and brother and would give me the incestuous sex I was yearning to have.

Thinking that it was all just a sexual fantasy that would never happen, suffice to say that I wasn’t disappointed when they finally came home in a cab and fell through the front door laughing and singing. Fortunately for me, they did come home drunk. Fortunately for me, they did come home horny. Fortunately for me, they did give me the incestuous sex that I was lusting and hoping to have with their naked bodies.

Now more than a month later, with my mother and sister fucking and sucking me nearly every day and with me fucking and licking them in return nearly every night, things between us couldn’t be any better. I couldn’t be any happier. I couldn’t be any more sexually satisfied than I am today having sex with my whore of an ex-stripper mother and my slut of a sexy, bitch of a sister.

“Thank you Jesus! Sorry, I meant to say, thank your Satan, I’ve been blessed. Pardon me again, I meant to say, after playing in the Devil’s playground, thank you Satan, I’ve been cursed by the incestuous demon of forbidden love but in a good way.”

Ever since that fateful day six weeks ago, a sexual fantasy come true, it was as if the three of us were meant to have incestuous sex. As if we’re having an incestuous Honeymoon, we’ve been having sex nearly every morning and every night. With her long legs, big tits, sexy body, and experienced moves that she learned working as a stripper giving private lap dances to so very many men, so many years ago, I can’t get enough of my mother. She’s such a good lover in bed, an understatement.

Better Ankara bayan escort than Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn in the Tudors as my Queen, my mother is spectacular in bed. Maybe because she’s my Mom, I love having sex with my mother. I love watching my mother suck me while looking up at me with her big, blue eyes before I put a hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head and cum in her mouth. I love watching her big tits jiggle and bounce as I fuck her harder and faster with all the pent up incestuous passion that a son has for his mother. I love watching her and hearing her having an orgasm while knowing that it was me, her son, who has given his mother such sexual pleasure.

“Depending upon how I look at it, I’m either in Heaven or in Hell.”

“Heaven or Hell?” My mother removed my cock from her mouth to speak while looking up at me. “What do you mean by that Jack?”

“Oh nothing Mother. I was just talking to myself. Suck Mother, suck,” I said putting a gentle hand to the back of her head while watching her reinsert my cock in her mouth.

* * * * *

With her long, blonde hair, pretty face, and my determined desire to fuck and to sexually control my slutty bitch of a sister, in the way that I can’t get enough of my mother, I can’t get enough of my sexy sister. The Princess slut bitch, everything she knows she learned from her whore of a mother. With her long, shapely legs tightly wrapped around my back, her blonde hair pressed tightly against my cheek, and the sound her breathing heavily in my ear, I love pounding my sister’s pussy until she screams with an orgasm. Then, once I sexually satisfy her, after she’s regained her composure while relishing in the afterglow of sex, she sexually satisfies me as if I’m the King of her Castle and the Lord of her Kingdom.

With her poised on her knees in front of me and looking up at me with her big, blue eyes, I love watching my sister suck my big, hard, hairy cock in the way that my mother just did. If it’s not enough that I’m having sex with my mother and if it’s not enough that I’m having sex with my sister, being able to go from my mother to my sister is a sexual fantasy come true.

“Suck it Emma. Suck my prick. That’s right sister, blow me. Blow your big brother.”

Then, if my having sex with my mother and sister isn’t enough, to see them together kissing and touching one another while making love and licking and fingering one another as I watch and masturbate, never have I imagined how hot having sex with my mother and sister could be. Before having sex with my mother and sister, even when I masturbated while fantasizing over having sex with my mother and sister, even when I fantasized about an incestuous threesome, I never fantasized about them having sex with one another. A sizzling, sexy, steamy summer that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, this is the best summer of the twenty-three years of my life.

“Thank you Mom. Thank you Sis for making me so very happy.”

“You’re welcome Jack,” said my mother.

“You’re welcome Johnny,” said my sister.

* * * * *

Fortunately for me, our forbidden relationship morphed from mother and son and sister and brother to incestuous lovers resplendently complete with threesome sex highlighted with lesbian sex between my mother and sister. Whenever they physically exhaust me, I’ll watch them going at one another. Non-stop as if they’re rabbits, both are insatiable sexual nymphomaniacs. As much as my mother and sister want me, they both want one another. A son and daughter in love with their mother, and a mother in love with her children, we are a family joined together by love as we are by incest.

A sexual fantasy come true, after having sex nearly every day and every night, with me ejaculating multiple times a day and them having multiple orgasms in a night, alas, all good things must come to an end. Unbelievably, especially for someone who has never had sex with their mother and/or sister but who has always wanted to have sex with their mother and/or sister, I was bored. Restless, I was sexually frustrated.

After a while and after a steady diet of sex, sex, and more sex with my mother and with my sister, as unbelievable as it might sound, I was sexually unsatisfied. I was depressed. I was unhappy. Having reached the ultimate pinnacle of my incestuous sexual relationship and with nothing left to achieve, now what? How can I possibly top having sex with my mother and sister?

“Woe is me.”

Hard to believe but having sex with my whore of a mother and my sexy bitch of a sister didn’t excite me in the way it did the first few dozen times that we partied together. A real dilemma with me at a worrisome crossword in my life, I didn’t know how to recapture that sexual excitement and that lustful feeling. Oh my God, the first time that I saw my mother and my sister naked and the first time that I touched and felt their naked bodies was a dream come true. Then, even though they were both drunk but as horny as they Escort bayan Ankara were drunk, that first night that the three of us had sex together was better than I ever could have imagined.

Now bored and disheartened and with nothing to look forward to sexually excite me after all of my sexual fantasies have been fulfilled, sex no longer holds the anticipated pleasure that it once held for me. Something impossible in most men’s lives, I was only twenty-three-years-old and had realized all of my sexual fantasies. Unable to top having sex with my mother and sister, with nothing left to give me that sexual excitement and the erections that I once had, now what do I do with the rest of my life?

It was then that I wondered, perhaps we’re having too much sex. Perhaps that sexual lustful feeling would return if we took a break. Maybe it’s time for us to have sex with another to see what we’re missing. Only, what if one of us meets someone else and falls in love? What if one no longer wants to have sex with the other? What if this is the end of our incestuous union?

Obviously being the testosterone filled stud that I modestly am, I needed more sexual stimulation than making love to my mother endlessly and fucking my sister senselessly. I needed more sexual stimulation than having my mother blow me and having my sister suck my cock. It wasn’t enough for me to cum in both of their mouths and watch them swallow numerous times. I needed even more sexual stimulation than having a threesome with my mother and sister. Still not enough, I needed more sexual stimulation than seeing my mother and sister together naked in bed while I masturbated to the two of them making love. I needed that erotic emotion and sexual excitement that I felt before I had sex with my mother and sister.

“What do I do now? A hard act to follow, how can I recapture that sexual lust filled excitement after experiencing my mother and sister in the way that no son and no brother should ever experience his mother and sister?”

Yet, a dream come true for any incestuous man, especially one who was bored with incestuous sex between his mother and sister, how much more sexual stimulation can I possibly have after having incestuous sex with not only my mother but also with my sister? Where do I go from here? After lusting over two of the most beautiful women in my life for years, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t sexually stimulated enough to be sexually satisfied after finally having my sexual fantasy of bedding my mother and sister come true? Yet, fortunately for me, there was a sexy rainbow on my incestuous horizon. Just when I started getting bored seeing my mother parade around the house in her sexy, sheer bathrobe with nothing underneath and just when I was no longer interested in seeing my sexy sister strutting around in her low cut bra and bikini panty, my mother received a call from her crazy sister.

* * * * *

“Kathy, what’s wrong? No way! He did? He did not. You did? You did not. Shut up! Get out of here. Wow! Oh my God, you poor thing. You don’t? He didn’t? He did. I don’t believe it. He’s such a dirty bastard. God, he’s such a dirty bastard. Oh, what a dirty bastard he is.”

Sounding so serious, I listened to my mother talking to her twin sister on the phone while wondering that had happened. Always so close, whether crying or laughing together, they shared every victory, every defeat, and every secret. Then, an answer to my prayers that would alleviate my boredom and return my cock to the hardness that it once was by renewed incestuous, sexual excitement, my mother said what I hoped she’d say and what I had wanted to hear.”

“Well, my door is always open to you and Diane. You are always welcome here. We’re family. Until you can sort things out and find another place to stay, you two come stay with me for the summer. I can make room for you both somewhere temporarily, even if we all have to share the same bed,” said my Mom.

What? What did she just say? Share the same bed? Did my mother just invite my aunt and cousin to spend the summer with us? Did my Mom just say that she’d make room for my slutty aunt, Kathy, her whore of a sister, and my sexy, virginal cousin, Diane, her sexpot of a niece, even if we all must share the same bed?

“No way. Are you kidding me? I don’t believe it.”

Suddenly as if my cock was injected with illegal testosterone supplements, I was rock hard again. As if my cock was a seething volcano that had lay dormant for years, okay months, weeks perhaps, alright already, an hour and a half ago, I felt that unsatisfied lust that I once had before having sex with my mother and sister now ignite with lust for my aunt and cousin. An unrequited, incestuous stimulation that has since been satisfied after having sex with my mother and sister, I now felt again when pondering the thoughts of having sex with my aunt and my cousin.

Just as I always wanted to have sex with my mother and sister, I’ve always lusted over my aunt and cousin. My aunt, Bayan escort Ankara my mother’s identical twin sister, is just as hot as my mother. And my cousin, Diane, albeit a virgin, is even hotter than my sister. Perhaps because she smiles instead of scowls, so much nicer than my sister, my cousin isn’t a bitch.

Suddenly, I felt as if I needed to be committed to an insane asylum for having an overload of incestuous thoughts. Replacing the sexual fantasies of my mother and sister, my mind was filled with sexual fantasies of my aunt and cousin. What I thought was going to be a boring summer was going to be a sexually exciting summer. Conceivable, after having sex with my mother and sister, now with my aunt and cousin living with us for the summer, this could be my best summer ever.

I had a surreal image of me sleeping naked in the middle of July and in the middle my Mom’s big, king-sized bed with my naked aunt and naked cousin on one side of me and my naked mother and naked sister on the other side of me. In the way of a train whistle blaring through my mind in a cartoon, my head was ready to explode with incestuous lust for my aunt and cousin. Unbelievably, after beginning to become bored having sex with my mother and my sister, with the addition of my aunt and cousin in the mix, my sexual, summer life couldn’t possibly get any better than that.

In the way that my mother and sister have had lesbian sex, I wondered if my aunt and mother would have lesbian sex too. I wondered if my sister and cousin would have lesbian sex. A moving chain of incestuous sex, I wondered if my mother, aunt, sister, and cousin would have a foursome of hot lesbian sex.

Suddenly, just when I thought I was lost and destined to have boring sex with my mother and sister for the rest of my life, I was renewed to have mad, crazy sex with my slutty aunt and possibly even my sexy, albeit virginal cousin. I couldn’t believe what such a serendipitous surprise this was. Impossible to bed my aunt and possibly my cousin before with them living too far away, now with them living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed with me, all that I had to do was to roll over and stick my cock where a nephew or cousin should never dip his cock.

The King of my Castle and now with my kingdom complete with my three willing subjects and possibly four willing subjects to fuck me and suck me, I was a happy man.

“It’s good to be the king. Long live the king. I so very happy.”

* * * * *

Probably she did, being that they’re identical twins and share everything, I wondered if my mother told her sister that we’ve been having sex since the first day of summer, Emma’s birthday. If she did, I wondered if my aunt told my cousin that I’ve been having sex with her cousin, my sister. If my mother told them anything at all about our personal, sexual relationship, I wondered how they reacted to that bit of incestuous information. No doubt, knowing the whore my aunt is, not much different from her sister, only worse, she’d probably be jealous that I was boning my mother and not her. Perhaps my sexy cousin, if not aghast by hearing such incestuous information so close to home, would be curious what it would be like to have sex with me, her cousin or with anyone for that matter, being that she’s an innocent virgin, the poor thing.

The only fly in my incestuous ointment and the only one there who could ruin all of my anticipated fun with my aunt would be my cousin, of course. Difficult for her to understand that people have sex, it would be even more difficult for her to understand blood relatives wanting to have sex with one another. I suspect that the only time she’s fallen to her knees is to pray.

Even though she’s drop dead gorgeous, she strikes me as a little prudish. Of course, I haven’t seen her in a couple of years and people change. Notwithstanding her changing, she’s not twisted like the rest of us. As if God is playing a joke on me by teasing me with my unapproachable and unattainable cousin, she’s a good, kind, and religiously wholesome woman in a stripper’s body with a model’s face.

Alas and unfortunately, my sexy cousin would never engage in incestuous sex, not in a million years. A throwback to another generation that dates back to the Victorian era of the 1890’s, she’s a lady. In the way that I’ve seen my mother on her knees, in the way that I’ve seen my sister on her knees, and in the way that I’ve imagined my aunt on her knees, I couldn’t imagine my cousin on her knees with my cock in her mouth. My cousin sucking me would never happen. Now that I think of my cousin sucking cock, except for one occasion when she gave an emergency medical blowjob, I seriously doubt if she’s willingly given anyone a sexual blowjob.

Yet, even more than the unimaginable vision of my cousin blowing me and even more than the thought of what my mother may have told her sister about us having incestuous sex, if she said anything at all, I was dumbfounded by her phone call. My slut of an aunt and virgin cousin were spending the summer with us. Filled with every sexual image of me having sex with my aunt and perhaps even my having sex with my cousin during the long, hot summer, I couldn’t remove from my mind what my mother said to my aunt.

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