Aunt Brandy Initiates My Friends Ch. 01

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Aunt Brandy answered the door wearing the hottest outfit I’ve ever seen. She wore a transparent black lacy lingerie, with super high heeled black pumps and a tiny lacy black g-string. One size too small, the lingerie barely concealed her godly voluptuous ass and tits, as her hard nipples dented the fabric. Already super tall, Aunt Brandy now towered at what I estimated 6’3″ and was bursting out of that outfit with explosive sexuality!!

” Hi Jimmy! You’re early!…Is everyone here?”

” Yes….”

” You didn’t bring any underage kids did you, did you!?”

” No, no… they are all 18… but still virgins… just the way you wanted…”

With a lewd smile Aunt Brandy quipped.

” Ok!… I will have them cum thru my back door… better if the neighbor don’t see a bunch of horny kids entering at once….”

We went around and her back door was already gapping open. Aunt Brandy was standing in the leaving room, in a curvaceous pose with hands on her hips and legs slightly opened. I entered first and my friends followed me with gasps for air and involuntary exclamations.

” Hi boys!”

” Oh wow! ” Said Todd.

” Oh Moma! ” Simon cried.

” Oh shit… Check that ass! ” Jerome slobbered.

” Ooooo….My ass… yeah yeah…. Jimmy told me you horny pervs jerk off for my ass five times a day!…. Is that right?…. Huh? “

Swaying her voluptuous body sensually like a belly dancer, Aunt Brandy removed her lingerie with slow dancing movement, revealing her 36DD rock hard natural breasts.

” Let’s see you perverts jerk off for this…”

Aunt Brandy turned around swiveling and caressing her hips and ass with both hands. Bending over slightly, Aunt Brandy pulled her black g”string further up her ass, running her hands up and down her awesome butt cheeks, showcasing to us her marvelous back side framed by the tiny black g”string. Her high heels enchanced her long legs perfectly, and her big firm ass looked so smooth and inviting.

” … you horny teenies never thought you’d be seeing my ass this close… did you?….”

Looking straight back at us, Aunt Brandy pulled the g-string to the side and smiled lewdly. Aunt Brandy opened her legs, bent bent her back cocking her ass to us, and slitly lifted the lower folds of her buns with both hands!

” …. is that what you horny virgins jerk off for?… huh? … do you dream of sticking your virgin cocks up my tight ass hole?…. yeah??…. “

We got a glimpse of the most delicious shaved pussy and the sweetest, cleanest tight butt hole. Smiling back at us she continued teasing.

” Well… wouldn’t that be nice huh??…”

Even I was surprised with Aunt Brandy’s language and straight forwardness. She knew she was driving us crazy. Turning around Aunt Brandy cupped her big breasts and gently squeezed them together.

” Now…. Are you perverts all 18 years old???…. all virgins?”

The poor little bastards could only nod, as their eyes and mouth were trained onto Aunt Brandy’s poking nipples.

” Yes… Jerome, Simon and Todd are all 18 and still virgins.”

” Uhmm….. ” In a sensual exclamation of approval, Aunt Brandy brought each big nipple to her puckered lips, sucking them generously moist. Aunt Brandy finally gently pulled both nipples with the tip of her fingers, bringing those big suckers out to full hard blossom! Moving her hips seductively, the show continued….

” Now… you all gonna pop your cherries fucking Jimmy’s Aunt tonight… so….do you wanna fuck me slow and sweet?… tender missionary style?… huh…? “

Nobody could utter an answer but we all rubbed our hard cocks in anticipation of whatever Aunt Brandy was going to do to us.

” Oh… poor horny virgin boys! You all look like your’re gonna cum in your shorts already!.. Ok… we’ll play it by ear… now….let’s see those virgin cocks of yours… who wants a blow job for starters, huh?”

Moving to us, Aunt Brandy seductively pulled us by the back of our necks and french kissed us moistly. She rubbed the dick of each one of us, ending with Jerome.

” You must be Jerome… Jimmy told me all about you… you’re a big cock pervert aren’t ya?”

Aunt Brandy slowly crouched in front of him, ran her hand on his hardening cock and slowly pulled his shorts down. Looking up at him, her hands pulled Jerome’s cock out of his briefs.

” Yeah!!… There you go!!… Jimmy was right!”

Holding by the base, Aunt Brandy opened her mouth wide and mouthed Jerome’s big black cock at once without ceremony, stuffing his cock firmly down her throat.

” Uhmm!… I doubt anyone will ever suck your cock so good like this!… Uhmm!… Enjoy my mouth you big cock teenager!!… Uhmm!”

After mouth fucking in his cock several times, Aunt Brandy pulled back to pump and lick the big cock all over, and then put him back in her mouth, bulging her cheeks full and making herself gag to keep it all in.

” Uhmm! Uhmm!… is this big teenie cock gonna cum in my mouth??… Uhmm!

After casino siteleri pumping her mouth and hands on Jerome’s huge 10″ cock, Aunt Brandy teasingly stopped just short of making Jerome explore his boiling cum in her mouth. Aunt Brandy turned for Todd’s thick 8″ cock, which he was pumping in a full erection.

” Oh my!!…Wow.. what do we got here?? …. a fat cock!!… Uhmm!… Uhmm!… is it gonna cum good in my mouth too? huh?…. Uhmm!…

Stuffing her mouth with Todd’s thick cock, Aunt Brandy’s lips puckered out with the girth of his fat boner. Aunt Brandy started to alternate mouthing Todd’s thick 8′ fatty and Jerome’s 10″ black monster. Aunt Brandy spat on both poles and suck them again, pumping one on each hand, making sure they were just about to cum.

” Uhmm… Uhmm!… (Spit) … I can’t even wrap my hands around your teenage cocks!… Uhmm!… Uhmm!…(Spit)… you tell me when you gonna cum OK?… now watch me suck your cocks all the way in my mouth!!!…Uhmm!… Uhmm!…(Spit)… “

I was almost cuming just by hearing her slutty talk. Simon and I surrounded Aunt Brandy in a circle of hard aching teenage cocks. This amazing statuesque woman, bounced her abundant tits and ass as she pumped Todd’s and Jerome’s hard cocks in her mouth. Her position was so hot, with long open legs and g-string disappearing under her big hard butt, while squatting on her high heels. Swiveling her voluptuous body around in this crouching position made us madly hot for her.

” Uhmmm!… teenage perverts….Uhmmmm!… are you all gonna cum in Aunty’s mouth? … Uhmmmm!… I bet you never had your big cocks sucked like this before… huh?….. “

” My.. my girlfriend sucks me but won’t let me cum! Fucking princess bitch!…. She say she’s saving for marriage!” Said frustrated Simon handling his small 5″ pecker.

” Uhmm! Uhmm!…. Poor horny virgin… ” Swiveling to face Simon, Aunt Brandy handled and pumped his hard but tiny 5″ circumcised little pecker.”

“… let’s do this…. I’ll show you what that little bitch gotta do and you shoot all that saved up cum in my mouth… OK?… would that be OK with you…. huh??….”

Releasing his cock, Aunt Brandy grabbed Simon’s buttocks and pushed his entire tiny dick in her open mouth. Simon trembled as Aunt Brandy swallowed his prick in one gulp. She pumped his hips aggressively, shoving this tiny cock in and out of her throat….

” Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!… little bitch can’t fuck like this…. Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!… can she??…. would she make you cum in her mouth?…Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!… huh?…”

Face fucking his dick hard, releasing to spit the juice and talk nasty, Aunt Brandy was as slutty as it gets.

” Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!…(Spit)…. virgin pervert… Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!… (Spit) …. fuck my mouth!… Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!… (Spit)…. saving for that little bitch???…. huh?”

Simon grabbed Aunt Brandy’s hair pushing his cock hard down her throat. It was an amazing to watch face fuck. She was looking straight up at Simon, grabbing his buttocks and pumping his hips aggressively, deep fucking his cock down her throat, her tongue sticking out and drooling. He had his eyes closed and ready cum any second.

” Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!…(Spit)…. fuck it!… Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!….(Spit)…. cum in my mouth you bastard!! “

As soon as Aunt Brandy said that, Simon shot a huge stream of jism on the left side her forehead, spilling down her left cheek and side of her mouth. Aunt Brandy opened her mouth to catch the next stream which landed on the tip of her nose and dripped down her lips. Aunt Brandy closed her lips around his tiny cock and swallowed Simon’s jism. Simon kept fucking Aunt Brandy’s face and ejaculating his cock hard on Aunt Brandy’s mouth.

” Aagh! Aagh! Aagh! (Spit) ” Aunt Brandy couldn’t swallow all of Simon’s cum, drooling out a large chunk that dripped down her chin and hard tits.”

” Uhmm! Uhmm!… So much cum Simon!! … Uuhmm! ” Licking her lips and swallowing cum, Aunt Brandy pulled off from Simon’s still hard cock, face and mouth obscenely dripping fresh cum and ready for more…

” Uhmm… That little bitch should learn a lesson!… Now… Who’s next?… Jimmy… where is your cock baby? …. want Aunty to suck that big butt fucker of yours… huh?…”

I fed Aunt Brandy my aching 9 incher as she swiveled to face me. With a lewd cum filled smile Aunt Brandy approvingly looked and pumped at my engorged cock. Aunt Brandy opened her cum dripping lips and mouthed my cock slowly. After only a few head pumps, Aunt Brandy added Jerome and Todd to her cock sucking circuit, alternating stuffing our big cocks down her throat only a couple of times each time around.

” Uhmm!.. Goddamn big cock teenagers! Uhmm!… I’ve got so much cum on my face and still have three big ones to go!! Uhmm!! ” Aunt Brandy kept sucking our cocks until, out of turn, Todd announced his orgasm:

” I gonna cum, I gonna cum!! “

Pulling off Jerome’s black pole and turning her head swiftly, Aunt Brandy opened her mouth canlı casino wide to receive Todd’s load.

” Right here in my mouth honey!”

Todd’s orgasm was like an avalanche of milk. It blasted on Aunt Brandy’s nose, cheek and upper lip, spraying all over. Todd shot another jet right in her open mouth, which she swallowed down quickly, opening her mouth again for more. The third blast landed on her chin and lower lip. Aunt Brandy leaned forward, mouthing his fat cock head to deposit the last shot in her mouth.

” Uhmmm…. Uhmmm! … my goodness… you boys are drenching me in so much cum! Uhmmm! ” She sucked him down several more times.

” We didn’t jerk off for three days saving for tonight! ” I confessed our pact.

With her face dripping, and her mouth cheeks bulging full of Todd’s cum, Aunt Brandy turned back to Jerome and I and spat Todd’s cum all over our cocks.

” (Spit) (Spit) … Fuck!…. Is that right??!! (Spit)… That explains all the nasty teenager cum in my face…! (Spit)…”

After empting her mouth from Todd’s cum, Aunt Brandy mouthed Jerome’s huge cock, making Todd’s cum disappear back into her sloppy mouth. She forced the big cock down her throat, drooling cum thru the sides of her pretty lips, while jerking him off with Todd’s cum as lubricant. What a cock sucking slut!

” (Spit) … nasty black cock! Uhmm! Uhmm! (Spit) … gonna cum all over my face too huh?!…. Uhmm! Uhmm! (Spit)…. “

Holding my cock with the other hand and now turning towards me, Aunt Brandy did the same thing to me! She spat all the cum and saliva collected in her mouth into my hard throbbing cock!

” (Spit)…. How about you my dear?… wanna cum all that saved up cum on Aunty’s face too?… Uhmm! Uhmm! (Spit)…”

Then Aunt Brandy began swapping between Jerome and I, spiting and sucking Todd’s cum back and forth several times between us.

” Uhmm! (Spit) … big cock perverts!!… Uhmm! (Spit) … I’ll let you fuck me after y’all cum on my mouth… OK?… Uhmm! (Spit) … huh?”

She alternated sucking us hungrily down her throat while pumping our super hard cocks in her fists. Her face was a mess of two huge loads of cum, and she knew before long we too would be shooting our huge loads in her pretty face. Sensing our imminent orgasms Aunt Brandy decided to get kinkier…

” Ummmh!… my horny virgin boys… let’s move to the couch! ” Aunt Brandy swung her statuesque figure and kneeled on the couch, leaning forward on the back rest. Facing Jerome and I, we could see how Aunt Brandy’s face was so obscenely covered with cum. Specially around and on the corners of her mouth, where there were large portions still hardening. Spreading her knees and raising her awesome ass framed by the black g-string, Aunt Brandy offered her face for Jerome’s and my cock and we alternated stuffing her pretty mouth with our hard cocks.

” … fucking perverts…. you gonna mess up my face with your cum….?… kinky virgin bastards …”

Todd and Simon, still reeling from their huge orgasm, moved to each side of Aunt Brandy’s raised ass, each grabbing a hold of a butt cheek. Pleasantly surprised, Aunt Brandy exclaimed:

” …Oh!…. you kinky bastards!…. you just cum all over my face…. and now you gonna eat my pussy doggy style??!! …. you nasty virgins….!! “

Pulling the g-string to the side and sticking his tongue out, Todd lowered his face and licked his toungue on Aunt Brandy’s pussy and Simon followed next. They alternated licking the entire extend from clit to near her asshole. Aunt Brandy went crazy!

” Aaaah Yeah! Yeah! … fucking perverts… who taught you all this kinky stuff!!???…. aahh yeah!!… aaah yeah!!… lick my clit now… both together!! … “

Todd and Simon both flicked their tongues on Aunt Brandy’s clit, trying in vain not to touch each other.

” Ah Yeah! ….you perverts!…. that’s good!!… Oh fuck…!!…. now one in my clit and the other inside…. go for it …Ah Yeah!”

Aunt Brandy leaned forward against the back of the couch, allowing Todd and Simon even better access to her back hole. With each forcing one butt cheek open with both hands, Aunt Brandy tight asshole was spread exposed. Todd and Simon took long swipes from inside Aunt Brandy’s pussy all the way to her tight butt hole and proceeded to flick their wiggling tongues onto it, rimming her sphincter. Aunt Brandy was surprised with their naughtiness:

” Oooohh!!… goddamn perverts!… you’re gonna lick my ass now??!… Yeah??!!!… Oooohhh!!… I didn’t know you gonna be such kinky perverts…. Oooohh!!”

Todd and Simon alternated fucking Aunt Brandy’s tight asshole with their hungry virgin tongues. They hardened theirs tongues and were using them as ramming little cocks into Aunt Brandy’s distending sphincter. Simon and Todd started jerking their hard cocks while suffocating in Aunt Brandy’s ass.

” Oh jerk off perverts!!… You like that don’t ya??… tongue fuck my ass and jerk off your virgin cocks!!… Huh??!… kinky teenagers!!!…. are kaçak casino gonna make me cum with your tongues in my ass!!…”

Aunty Brandy all but forgot about Jerome and I. She was pushing the back of the couch onto Todd and Simon’s faces, as they tongue fucked Aunt Brandy’s asshole nice and hard. They had their faces engulfed in Aunt Brandy’s big ass, and were licking for their life.

” Yeah!!.. Yeah…. tounge my asshole!…!…Yeah!!.. Yeah!… just like that!! …Yeah!!.. Yeah!… I’m gonna cum!!… “

Aunt Brandy wiggled and rub her ample butt hard on their faces. Todd and Simon quickened the tongue fuck relay on Aunt Brandy’s asshole, wriggling theirs faces to get as deep as their tongue could do, and getting a lot of juice from Aunt Brandy in return.

” Aahh! Fuck!… lick my ass… Yeah!!.. Yeah!… I’m gonna cum you fucking perverts … Yeah!!.. Yeah!!… kinky teenagers!! …. lick my ass… I’m gonna cum!!… Aaahh! Aaah!”

Jerome shoved Aunt Brandy’s mouth with his hard cock as she opened her mouth to scream her orgasm from Todd and Simon’s tongue fucking her asshole.

” Aahh!… Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!….. Aaahh!… I’m cuming… you perverts!!! …Aaaaaaaaahh!!!….. Fuck!!!!! Aaaaaaaaahh!!… ” Aunt Brandy ground her hips hard back at Todd and Simon’s faces, as they both simultaneously shoved their tongues up her ass. She tensed and stopped moving for a couple of seconds with Jerome’s cock in her mouth, and then shook like she was having a seizure, squirting backward a jet of cum and hitting both teenagers faces with the clear, sweet liquid.”

Prolonging her overwhelming orgasm, Aunt Brandy kept rocking back and forth between sucking Jerome’s cock down her mouth and grinding Todd and Simon’s tongues buried in her big hard buns. Realizing her insatiable sexual nature and overwhelmed from her hard butt grinding orgasm, Todd and Simon emerged from between Aunt Brandy’s butt cheeks with his face red and drenched. In sheer kinkiness Simon slipped his middle finger inside her butt hole half way to the knuckle! Face distorted still in orgasm and dripping globs of cum, Aunt Brandy released Jerome’s cock from her mouth, looked back and hissed at Simon:

” Aaaah!!…. FUCK!!!… Goddamn pervert!! … you gonna finger my ass now??!!… huh?!… Aaaah!!”

Encouraged by Aunt Brandy’s nasty treatment, Simon used one hand to spread her big ass bun aside, and inserted his middle finger all the way up Aunt Brandy’s ass!

” Aaah!!… Fuck!!…. kinky mother fucker!!!… you licked my asshole and made me cum!!… now you gonna finger my asshole!!??… Yeahh??… kinky bastards… you are all a bunch of kinky teenagers!!… fuck!!… Aaah!!..”

Todd grabbed Aunt Brandy’s g-string and ass cheeks and pulled them apart as Simon proceeded finger fucking Aunt Brandy’s asshole deep with his middle finger…

” Aaah!!… you kinky perverts!… feel how tight that ass is!!?…. Aahh!… finger my ass slow you bastard!… “

Allowing Simon’s to finger her asshole deep, Aunt Brandy enjoyed looking at the finger invading her tight asshole. Aunt Brandy was pushing on the back of the couch, rocking her voluptuous body back and forth, butt fucking Simon’s finger with her ass buns spread wide open by Todd’s hands. Looking back at Simon, Aunt Brandy offered him the grand prize…

” … goddamn teenage pervert…. you like butt fucking my ass with your finger?? …. huh? … maybe you wanna put that little cock up my ass instead…. huh??…. yeah?… want it in my butt??… you kinky bastard… wanna loose your cherry up my ass now?… huh?”

Simon couldn’t believe his luck….

…. yeah?… fucking pervert!!… you wanna put that little pecker up my ass don’t you… huh??…. yeah?!… you kinky bastard want to butt fuck me now??!!….yes??!!…. ok… you got it… get up on the couch and butt fuck that ass good…. you teenager pervert!!…”

Simon immediately stood up on the couch, as Aunt Brandy lowered her head and raised up her ass even higher! Mounting Aunt Brandy like a mare in heat, Simon held his little hard dick down toward Aunt Brandy’s tight anus.

” …. lucky son of a bitch!… gonna loose your cherry corning my ass like this…huh?… kinky and nasty! …butt fucking pervert!!”

Todd moved behind them and pulled Aunt Brandy’s buns forcefully down, spreading them wide apart for Simon’s little dick. Aunt Brandy felt a pleasant cooling of her inner sphincter as the moist saliva inside got exposed to the air…

” Aaww my god!!!…you perverts gonna butt fuck me in the ass kinky like that!!! huh?!….with your friend spreading my ass open for you!?… yeah??… kinky mother fucker … butt fuck that pecker in my ass and enjoy it… GO SLOW!… goddamn teenagers…! “

Simon stumbled inserting his dick down Aunt Brandy’s butt-hole. Her hips were too high and wide for him to mount, and he kept missing. Half laughing and half impatient, Aunt Brandy reached back and pumped his little dick toward her glorious butt hole.

” Right here…! … now push that little dick right in the asshole!… Go for it! ” As Aunt Brandy helped position Simon’s little dick at the entrance of her sphincter, Simon finally popped his little dick head into Aunt Brandy’s tight asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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