Aunt Sandra

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I know that what I’m about to tell you, to most people, is considered as not normal and strongly considered taboo; I understand that. However, sometimes things happen and people find themselves in situations that are unique and more than a little bit unusual – emotions, desires, and deep needs often cause boundaries, sexual boundaries that is, to get stretched. It happened to me and I can tell you that it was unexpected and, at the same time, very pleasant.

I was in my junior year at college and I decided I needed some time off during the summer break. I didn’t particularly want to go home to San Francisco. My parents were planning to be vacationing in Europe so I accepted an invitation from my aunt Sandra to come and stay with her until I had to return to school. She lives alone in a large house on a hillside above Hollywood, California and has a great view of the city and most of southern California. Ok, I admit it; another big reason for my decision was that Hollywood is a great party town if you know the right places to go.

At the time Sandra was just a little over a year divorced from her second husband and obviously I knew that she would be glad to have the company. She’s my mother’s sister and even though there’s always been some tension between them, she’s always been my favorite aunt. I can’t explain it but, for some reason, she and I have always been very close. I enjoy being with her so I was really looking forward to staying with her.

Sandra’s in her late fifties and she’s still a very attractive woman. In some ways I think she’s actually gotten more attractive as she’s matured. She’s active and has always taken very good care of herself; she dresses well and has always had the face and body of a much younger woman. As I got older I came to realize that there always seemed to be a very slight – almost undetectable air of erotic tension about her. Perhaps it was in the way that she moved or it was her natural self confidence, but I’ve always sensed it whenever I was around her.

There were occasional family rumors about her and her first husband but it never mattered to me. I’ve always assumed that, as attractive and sexual as she is, she must have been a very sexually active woman – not only with her husbands, but also with several men (boyfriends) that she’d secretly had during and between her three marriages. She never openly said anything about it but it was something that I felt couldn’t be hidden very well within the family.

About a month before the semester break my girlfriend Brianna and I broke up and it had been a little tough on me. I was young and, as usual, always horny and slightly restless – probably because I hadn’t had any sex since the breakup. However, like any normal 24 year old male if I couldn’t have sex, I masturbated almost every night before going to sleep.

One night I’d been out partying at one of the clubs and I didn’t get home until a little after midnight. The house was dark and I went straight to my room and got undressed. It was a warm evening and I lay down on my bed; the cool sheets felt good against my naked body. I was thinking about one of the girls I’d met at the bar earlier in the evening – I’d forgotten her name (maybe she hadn’t given it) but she was very pretty and had an unbelievable body and I couldn’t help but wonder what she’d look like naked. I lay in bed and began fondling my cock which was about half-hard. I was tired and I wasn’t sure if I would jack-off or not but, naturally, I enjoyed the feeling of my own fingers as they probed my scrotum and shaft. I closed my eyes and pretended that the girl from the bar was caressing my cock and, in moments, my cock was hard and throbbing and I slowly stroked it. I also thought about my last girlfriend from college, Brianna. She was very good at jacking me off; actually, she was much better at it than I was. She knew exactly when, and where to use her fingers, tongue, lips and fingernails on my cock that would produce a very intense orgasm in me. Often I was surprised at the large amount of cum that she managed to drain out of me when she jacked me off.

As my hand stroked steadily up and down my hard shaft a few of my most lurid fantasies flashed through my mind adding to the pleasure I felt. Women that I knew…women that I’d never actually met but perhaps, briefly, saw somewhere, came to me…usually naked, and of course desirous of sex, my cock, and of my attention.

The steady rhythm felt good and I could feel the enjoyable tightness in my groin beginning to build signaling an impending orgasm. The muscles in my lower belly and thighs began tightening and relaxing with the rhythm of my hand as I worked on my own cock. My one deepest fantasies was actually little more than small fragments of erotic thoughts suddenly surfaced through the static that was in my mind at that moment – Sandra, in all her beauty, was lying on a black velvet bed smiling at me as she motioned for me to come and make love too her. I was a little uncomfortable and I quickly replaced Gaziantep Escort the thought with one of Brianna sucking my cock. The urgency was building in me and I was only moments from coming when I opened my eyes and in the dim light of my room I could see Sandra standing just inside the bedroom door watching me. I immediately stopped jacking off and tried to pull the covers over me.

She held her robe closed at the neck and when she realized that I saw her she stammered an apology – something about making sure I got home alright or if I was asleep yet. She turned and quickly left the room. I was so surprised, I just lay in bed not sure what to do. I didn’t know how long she’d been watching me and I was a little embarrassed to say the least, however, I felt oddly aroused at being caught, especially by her.

I stayed in bed for a while thinking about what had happened before I got up and went into the bathroom and splashed some cool water on my face. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I thought it would be best if I went to her bedroom and tried to explain myself or, at least, apologize for not closing the door to my bedroom. I pulled on my boxer shorts and walked down the dark hallway to her room. Her door was partially closed and her room was dark and I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or not. I remember lifting my hand to knock softly when I heard a soft buzzing sound coming from her room and it made me freeze. It took me only moments to realize that the sound was that of a vibrator. The sound continued and I could just make out the sound of deep breathing and an even softer whimpering. I thought about turning and going back to my room, yet, I simply stood there listening. I gently pushed the door open and even though her lights were turned off there was enough soft ambient light for me to see that she was lying on her bed completely naked. Her legs were spread and both of her hands were between her legs. As I suspected, the buzzing sound was coming from a long white vibrator that she was using to gently caress her clitoris and labia. My cock began stirring and with each deep throb it became harder and more erect until it was fighting against the material of my shorts to be standing straight out from my belly. I really didn’t know what to do at that moment. I knew it would be best to go back to my room but I didn’t want to move as I watched her. Her breathing became stronger and her actions more definite until I saw her body begin to tighten. Suddenly, she drew her legs up against her chest as she let out a low, breathy, strained moan indicating that her orgasm was flooding over her. My hand was on my cock stroking it gently and, as I was about to turn and go quietly back to my room to finish jacking off, I heard her soft voice call my name and ask me to come in to her room – I was stunned that she knew I was there watching her.

I hesitated a moment before I crossed the room and came to the edge of her bed. Even in the dim light of the room I could tell that her body was exquisite – more than I had ever imagined – and here she was, naked, and I sensed – vulnerable. She sat up on the bed and took my hand and told me to sit on the edge of the bed next to her. I hesitated a moment as I looked at her naked body. I don’t know why I did it, perhaps simply to be as naked as she was I suddenly slipped off my boxer shorts and let them fall to the floor before sitting on the edge of the bed facing toward her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt what you were doing or embarrass you,” she said softly. Then she added. “It was nice…it’s been a long time since something like that has happened in this house.”

“It’s all right,” I said awkwardly. “What you did…what I watched you do just now,” I said, “I liked it…I liked it a lot.” I tried to sound confident and cool but I don’t think it came across that way.

As I looked at her naked body I realized that I couldn’t find the words to tell her what I was really feeling at that moment – it was even a little difficult for me to understand it myself. I wanted to find the words to tell her that, just the idea, that she’d watched me jacking off gave me some of the strongest erotic feelings that perhaps I’d ever experienced. Most of all I wanted to tell her that I wanted more of it, and more of her.

We were both silent for a moment before she said, “There was a time when open sexual desire and pleasure use to be a very big part of this house. For many years this house was filled with lust, eroticism and an incredibly uninhibited level of sexual pleasures, especially on the weekends. There were so many parties here where both life and lust were enjoyed to their fullest.” Her voice was soft and erotic and I felt as if I could feel the heat of her body as she sat close to me. “We were young and we had many close friends that embraced their sexuality by participating in intense uninhibited lovemaking. Voyeurism, exhibitionism, bi-sexuality, and eroticism were all that mattered. Almost nothing was held Gaziantep Escort Bayan back and it was a time when everything was acceptable.” She was quiet for a moment as she smiled at the memories that ran through her mind. “Sometimes, a few celebrities would come and sometimes there were erotic performance artist that overflowed with life and sex. There was an unbelievably strong level of trust and acceptance and only those few who truly understood the largeness of human sexuality were part of it.”

She smiled at me and her smile was warm and very erotic. I sensed that she needed to share this deeply private and important part of her life with someone that she could completely trust and I was glad that it was me. She continued to tell me more details about many of the erotic happenings and parties that had taken place in the house. As she talked I could tell that the memories were having an effect on her; her body became more restless, and of course, it was making me unbelievably aroused too. I hadn’t really realized it but I had my hand on my cock and was actually just fondling it, not necessarily jacking off – just fondling; it seem natural under the circumstances. I was almost overwhelmed with the desire to touch her, to feel her warm skin under my touch. I’d reached out and started caressing her left breast with my hand and she responded by moving even closer to me and placing her hand on my naked thigh a few inches below my scrotum. The warmth of her naked breast sent a shockwave of desire through me. As she continued to talk her hand moved up and gently pushed mine out of the way as her fingers clutched my hard shaft and she began to fondle my hard penis. It took every bit of control for me to keep from cuming at that moment. I was sure of where things were about to lead to but, I thought, if things never went any further than this, it was, in a way, very nice and somewhat innocent.

I realized that there was a very strong possibility that I would be facing an unexpected decision about it and I already knew how I would decide. It was actually decided the moment I touched her naked breast. There was no chance that she could get pregnant so that removed a very large obstacle for me and I found myself desiring her in a way I’d never acknowledged before.

Erotic thoughts flashed through my mind and I finally openly admitted to myself something that I’d been suppressing for years…I wanted to fuck her and I’ve wanted to fuck her for as long as I could remember. I finally admitted it to myself…and with that admission I felt a huge sense of relief come over me. The feelings of relief however were replaced with a flood of desires that, for years, I’d been pretending didn’t exist. It was like I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I desperately wanted to feel my cock thrusting in and out of her vagina as we made love. Erotic thoughts flashed through my mind and I wanted to hear her soft moans as I lay between her legs, immersing myself in the warmth of her femininity. I wanted to feel my hot cum fill her as our bodies came together – our faces only inches apart as we shared the most intimate part of ourselves with each other.

I moved my hand down her body to the thick patch of her pubic hair and my fingers began searching for her clitoris which I found immediately. When my fingers parted her swollen cunt lips they released a small flood of her trapped pre-fuck lubrication that ran down and onto the bed. Her clitoris almost felt as if it was floating in the warm wetness created by the intense desire within her.

“It’s been years since I’ve felt anywhere near that level of deep sexual desire and excitement that once was a normal part of my life,” she said, “at least not until now. When I saw your hard penis as you lay in bed stroking it…it all came back to me in a strong rush. The intensity, the desire, the lust and satisfaction of having deep and powerful sex…for the simple reason of sharing it with another human being – man or woman is what I miss and what I’ve needed.” She paused before saying softly, “I can’t help feeling what I feel.”

My fingers continued to lightly caress her clit and she became silent for a moment as she struggled to control the obvious effect it was having on her and I knew that her orgasm wasn’t too far away.

“Sandra, I want to fuck you,” I heard myself saying.

There was a pause as she pressed her body closer to me. “Yes,” she finally said, “I’m here and I want you to fuck me!”

I took my fingers out of her wet cunt and rubbed the inside of her thighs making her spread her legs even more in anticipation of what was about to happen – of what we were about to do. I moved onto the bed and between her legs as my hands continued to caress the soft skin of her inner-thighs; occasionally brushing against her sensitive labia which sent a small shockwave through her. Looking down at her erotic and beautiful cunt I had the strong and honest sense that I was about to fuck a mature woman and not Escort Gaziantep a girl. I realized that up to this point in my life especially in college, I’d only had sex with girls mostly of my own age, never a mature erotic woman who showed honest sexual desires for me as much as I held for her. The fact that Sandra was my aunt was unimportant to me at that moment. The powerful emotions of intense lust and desire were all that mattered to me. She was a woman who knew what was happening and was not only at peace with it, she desired it.

Her green eyes looked deeply into mine as I moved onto the bed. I leaned forward and placed my hands on both sides of her body. Her thighs gently pressed against my hips almost as if guiding me into the best position to access her beautiful sex-hole. We both were taking our time – patiently savoring the moments before the act of possession, the moment when I slipped myself inside her and we were one. Our breath mingled as we lay face to face moments before I lowered my head to lick the erect nipple of her right breast. Her breathing was heavy combined with occasional soft whimpers that escaped from her lips as I rolled her nipple from side to side with my tongue.

I moved my hard cock forward and into her thick pubic hair. She let out a soft cry as the head of my cock parted her lips in-search of the entrance to her vagina. I pushed my hips a little harder and the head of my cock found her sweet love hole with ease. I hesitated for only a moment before thrusting the whole length of my cock inside her. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure that was soon followed by soft groans and we began to fuck.

Neither of us seemed to be silent. Our breaths were heavy with uncontrollable groans and spoken words – sometimes vulgar, and sometimes sweet that heightening the pleasure as we fucked. With each thrust I tried to go inside her as deeply as I could and she responded by thrusting her naked hips up to meet my hard penis as I went in and out of her body.

I was deeply aroused at the realization that this was a mature woman as well as my aunt that I was fucking and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out too long. I felt as if I wasn’t really controlling my own orgasm…it was controlling me. Her cries of pleasure had gotten louder and more vulgar as our fucking became almost frenzied. Our bodies were covered in light perspiration as we struggled to give and to receive to each other the power of the ultimate pleasure. We fucked each other harder and with more passion and urgency until our bodies were slamming together in delicious passion when suddenly she cried out loudly and drew her legs up and wrapped them around my body. She started to cum and I had no more ability to hold my own orgasm back anymore. I felt my own orgasm slam inside me as my cock began to ejaculate my white cum into the dark warm depths of her vagina. My mind was only focused on the fact that my cock was deep inside her and I was leaving something of myself in her. Her hands clawed at my arms and back each time her body jolted. After the most intense part of our pleasure had passed we fucked slowly and a little unevenly as if her vagina was milking every drop of cum from my cock, and didn’t want it to stop or give up a single drop of it.

I’d never experienced an orgasm as powerful as the one we had just shared. As we lay in bed we couldn’t help but fondle each other. Many times we simply lay quietly each with our own thoughts. She told me more of what happened in the house in those times. She talked about the sex, their friends, and about many of the people who came together for their own reasons. As she talked I tried to imagine what it must have been like and I realized that by having sex with her I had, in an odd way, experienced a small sampling of the powerful, uninhibited sexual pleasure that happened within these walls so many years ago. In a way I began to understand why she was completely comfortable with her decision to have sex with me. We both needed something, and it was something that she and I could only get from each other.

We continued to making love until very early in the morning. We fucked with passion in several positions beside the missionary position that we’d started in with. She seemed to have had her most powerful orgasms in the position where she was on top, facing me as she rode my cock.

She taught me a lot even that first time we had sex. I thought, like most young men, that I knew a lot about sex and making love to a woman. I came to realize that I knew very little. It’s easy to make love to a girl – but not so easy to make love, and satisfy, a mature woman.

As the morning light was just beginning to show, I finally went back to my own room. My body felt drained and pleasantly exhausted and I fell onto my bed without even pulling the covers over me. As I lay there, before sleep took me, my mind was flooded with conflicting thoughts that were interspersed with flashes of intensely erotic memories of what had just happened in her bed. One of the strongest visions I held was of her lying between my legs as she sucked my cock – her long hair partially obscuring her face as she gently nursed another (yes, much smaller) ejaculation from my body. Although I tried to hang on to the vision, it slowly faded until sleep crowded it out.

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