Bad Girl

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I watched you walk by but you didn’t see me standing there so I followed behind you. Admiring your ass as you walked down the sidewalk, thinking about all times you have teased me. You have done it online, in person, over the phone, through pictures, in texts messages. You thought it was so cute and fun to tease me. To talk about spanking, being tied up, using sir and master with me but now it is time for it to be real. I pick up my stride to catch up with you, closing the distance rapidly. You turn and glance my direction as I step up beside you and you give me that cute, naughty little smirk, like you are about to start teasing me. You bite your lower lip right as my hand lashes out and I spank your ass once really hard.

“Oww, what the fuck?” you yelp out.

“Now, firecracker, follow me,” I tell you, as I walk towards my car. You sputter angrily behind my back. I ignore it.

Opening the passenger side door for you, waiting for you to get to the car. You have no idea what is going on as you stare at me. I can feel your anger but I continue to watch you, waiting for you. My gaze meets yours and you look away first as you hesitantly walk to the car. I glance at the seat and you sit down. I close the door behind you and walk to the driver’s side of the car. Once I get in, I turn towards you and smile at you.

“Good girl,” I say as I start the car and drive.

“Really? what the fuck do you mean by that?” you ask.

I don’t respond, again.

“Seriously, what do you mean Dave? and where do you get off spanking me like that?”

I glance at you and hold up a finger to my lips. You stare at me as I look away but you say nothing as we drive down the road. Fifteen minutes later we pull up to my house, I motion you to stay in the car as you reach for the handle. Going around the car, I open the door for you and hold out a hand to help you out of the car. My seemingly nice behavior, matched with my silence has thrown you off. I can tell that you have no idea how to respond to me. You take my hand and exit the car. Moving towards the house, I leave you standing there to follow me. You make a frustrated sound in the back of your throat as I ignore you.

Opening up my house, I walk in, stepping out of your sight for the moment. You follow more slowly, thinking maybe I have some weird surprise for you or I am doing something nice and silly and don’t want to give it away. You step through the doorway as it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. You see me standing there in the gloom of the house. I take a step forward and shut the door behind you. You turn to face me, a question on your lips but you don’t get a chance to voice it.

I grab you by your neck and push you against the wall.

“Now, little one, we are going to change our relationship and we can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way,” I tell you, my voice deep and stern.

“Listen, here, I don’t know what you think is going to happen…,” you start to say but your words are choked off as I squeeze your throat.

“Did I ask you? Did I say please tell me what we are going to do? No, I told you are relationship is going to change. Your teasing little ass is going to be mine and you will see the value Pendik Grup Escort of being a good girl for me, instead of that naughty little tease you have been. Am I clear?”

“Just let me go and I …errrk,” You try to bargain as I squeeze your throat again.

“I guess it will be the hard way,” I say to myself as I drag you through the living room into the bedroom.

You struggle a little but I just tighten my grip on your neck.

“We could have started this off with kindness and caring but you had to keep pushing the teasing and the naughty behavior so now I am just forced to punish you.”

I sit down on the bed and drag you over my lap. You start to kick and fail, fighting against me but I am stronger than you, more forceful and have a purpose behind my actions. I hold you down as you continue, ignoring the language and the screams as you fight. Grabbing your hair, I pull back hard on it causing you to gasp in pain. My hand slams down on your tight little ass causing you to squeal and try to get away. I spank your ass again and again.

“If you start to behave none of this will be necessary and we can move past it,” I tell you firmly but gently.

“Fuck you,” You growl out that turns out to be a yelp as I spank your ass hard again.

Sighing, I reach out with my free hand and pull down your pants, using your struggles to aid me in getting them down. Your panties slide down with them as you squirm and try to get away forcing me to pull hard on your hair.


I stare down at your bare ass, not that I haven’t seen it before but it already has the beginnings of red marks on your pale skin. That turns me on, knowing that I have started to train you, to punish you and before the night is over, to reward you. That is what I want from you and I know you want it to but you always have to fight everyone until they prove themselves, well this is my proof.

My hand smacks down on your bare ass, with a crack. It makes my hand tingle and I see your flesh quiver from the blow.

“One,” I tell you.

It comes down again, just as hard as the one previous, making my hand tingle more.


Again, smack.






I see the red marks bright on your ass, my hand prints on that skin, makes me harder.

“You going to behave?” I ask.

“Yes,” you respond timidly because of the pain from the pulling of your hair and the spanking you just received

“Good girl, I hope it continues,” I say as I release you.

You try to scramble away from me but I grab you and pull you close to me, keeping you on my lap. You end up facing me and I can see a little fire in your eyes as we look at each other.

You open your mouth to speak but before you do, I interrupt you.

“Remember, be polite little one,” I order you.

“What is this about?” You ask, softly and politely.

“Like I said, this is going to be about you and me and how are relationship is going to change. You are going to be my mine, my girlfriend, my partner, my lover and my little slut. I am going to train you and you are going to surrender to me. You have always teased me and taunted Pendik Manken Escort me and that is going to stop, unless I want it.”

You stare at me, trying to figure out the change but it isn’t a real change, it had always been there just I didn’t let you see it.

“Listen, I have liked you but I don’t think about you that way, we are just friends,” You tell me, trying to sound convincing.

“Now, see you can’t lie to me like that, that one is free but don’t lie to me. I know you like me, I know you want me, I know because you teased and pushed and flirted since I have known you to see what you could get away with but now that is over. So don’t lie to me and we can start to get to the good stuff.”

I kiss you, passionately. Holding onto the back of your neck, my fingers stroking your skin as we kiss. You are hesitant at first but your start to return the kiss. My other hand slides between your legs and I feel that you are already wet, from the pinning, the spanking, or the control I am already exerting over you. I don’t touch your pussy but I can still feel it between your thighs. You quiver a little and moan thinking about me touching your pussy but I don’t, teasing you.

Breaking the kiss, I brush your hair back, finger tips lightly play across your ear and trailing down your neck. Leaning forward I kiss your neck softly, going around to kiss the base of your throat, then back up to your lips.

“isn’t that better?” I ask you.

You nod.

“Use your words, I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes…” you say.

“”Yes, sir,”” I correct you.

“Yes, sir,” you return.

“Good girl,” I say to you as I kiss you gently.

I push you back onto the bed, moving you softly across the bed. My hands slowly strip your clothes off, your shirt comes off first, my hands brushing your skin. I slide my hands over your breasts, my fingers caressing your nipples. I kiss you as it continue to caress your body.

“This is the good part, the rewards for being a good girl for me,” I tell you as I kiss my way down your chest.

My hands finish taking off your pants along with your panties, sliding them off you. I skip your pussy to kiss the inner thigh, my fingers tips tracing patterns across your skin. The feel of your skin on mine, gets me going more and more as I tease you. It is fun to have you finally under my hands, my lips and my will. The teasing you have done, is beyond compare but you will feel how much I can tease you.

“You are going to be a good little slut for me when I am done with you,” I tell you as I stare at you.

The look in my eyes makes you cover yourself, it is so filled with lust, desire and control. It makes you nervous and shy but still excites you as well. As you try to hide yourself from me, I smile at you. It is an impish smile that sends shiver up your spine. I just stare, my hands still on the bed. I am devouring you with my eyes, making you feel even more than naked, vulnerable, exposed. I reach out pulling your arms away from your body, softly pinning them to the bed. Climbing on top of you, I position myself so I can stare down at your body, you can’t meet my eyes as my gaze lingers over ever inch of you.

“Now Pendik Masöz Escort now, look at me darling,” I command you softly.

“Please… no ….. sir,” you respond, shaking your head.

Moving both your hands above your head, I hold them both with on hand. The other hand takes your chin firmly and tilts it up, making you look me in the eyes. I smile at you and kiss you softly before staring into your eyes again. I let my grip relax on your chin to see if you will keep staring into my eyes but you turn your head slightly and just look away.

“We will have to work on that,” I tell you as I kiss your neck. I climb off of you. I stand up and unhurriedly take my clothes off. I don’t need to rush and I am not worried about you trying to get away. You barely can look at me as I undress and a smirk appears on my face as I think about how much I have already changed our relationship. Oh, you are going to be mine and how much you will enjoy it. Once I am undressed I climb back onto the bed and take your wrists in my hands, pinning them back down. I push your legs apart with mine and you look at me worriedly.

“Don’t, I am not on the pill,” you tell me.

“Trust me, you are going to have to learn to trust me,” I tell you as I kiss you.

I run my body along yours, our skin sliding against each other. I kiss your neck softly as I caress your body with mine. My cock runs along your skin, occasionally brushes against your pussy. It feels so sensual as I just tease you with my body. My lips continue to kiss your neck, your lips and your throat. You start to whimper from the teasing and your brain starts to shut down as your hormones take control. After some time of teasing you, making you quiver and try to squirm your way out and get some measure of control back but you don’t succeed. I slowly roll off of you, releasing your wrist as I do.

“Now little one, time to learn to touch each other.” I tell you as I take your hand in mine and slowly make you touch my hard cock.

My other hand reaches between you legs and I touch your pussy which makes you shudder a little as the excitement builds.

“Stroke me darling,” I tell you as my fingers work deeper inside your pussy. My thumb brushes against your clit as they go deeper and deeper inside you.

You slowly stroke my cock, having a hard time paying attention as my fingers work your pussy. You look at me for a moment as you realize I am staring at you as you quiver and gasp under my attention. It you look down at what you are doing and that turns you on even more realizing you are touching me. I lean forward and bite your neck and then kiss it softly. My fingers continue to fuck you as start hitting you other spots with my mouth, your neck, your ears, your nipples all get the attention of my lips and tongue. You start to cum, shuddering and gasping. You stop stroking me as you cum but you don’t care as you my hand stops, my fingers inside you.

“Good girl, but you better finish me up,” I tell you, after you are done.

Grabbing you hair I slowly guide you mouth down, pulling your head towards my cock. You take me into your mouth and slowly start to suck on my cock. I play with your hair as you go down on me. You really start to enjoy the light control I am exerting on your head as your lick and suck on my cock. All too soon I pull you off of me and smile.

“You haven’t earned my cum yet little one. We will continue you lessons, soon.” I tell you. “But first trust is going to be established.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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