Becoming Just Another Family Ch. 02

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“Oh my God,” my best friend Tracy practically squealed. “There he is.”

I looked around. “Who?”

“Your brother. In the waiting area.”

“Oh.” I looked over and saw Ryan’s black muscle car parked in the school’s pick up area. He was leaning against the side with his arms and legs crossed obviously waiting for me wearing his usual outfit of baggy jeans and a ribbed, white tank top. As I drew closer, I could see him fiddling with a cigarette in one of his hands that because of school rules was unlit. While I was excited to see him, I was also very nervous and worried because he usually didn’t pick me up after school.

“I’d gladly get in as much trouble as you are in if I could lose it to him.” Tracy said it quietly, as if she were talking to herself.

After I went to bed the night Ryan had sex with me, my parents had called all of the friends that had been invited to my party to tell them it had been cancelled. In the process, my parents spoke to their parents and asked them to try to find out from their daughters who the boy was that had been in my room. Needless to say, the girls then hounded me with questions and tried to guess who it was. It didn’t take long for it to get around school that I had lost my virginity while my parents were at home, suddenly making me both the most popular and most hated girl in school.

I blushed and covered my secret by chastising my friend. “Tracy! Don’t be crazy.”

“I know. But you think he’s cute, too. You’re so lucky to have him in your family.”

“Hey, sis,” Ryan said once we were close. “Tracy.”

Tracy gave a shy grin. “Hi, Ryan.”

Ryan, ever the flirt, winked an eye at her.

I asked, “Why are you here? Where’s Mom?”

“Someone from the church got sent to the hospital so they went to help out the family.” Ryan stood up straight and opened the door for me. With a serious tone, he said, “I’m to take you home and stay with you until they get back. And you’re not allowed to have any company or phone calls. Sorry, Tracy.”

Tracy nodded. “That’s okay. I know she’s grounded for the rest of her life. I don’t want to get her into any more trouble. Bye, Ryan. See you tomorrow,” she said to me before walking away.

“Bye, Tracy,” Ryan said with an overly friendly tone as he closed my door.

I sat with a bit of nerves waiting for him to get in the car. In the two weeks since he had taken my virginity we had talked and seen each other a few times when he came to visit but this was the first time we were going to be alone for a stretch of time.

As soon as he got in, he said, “After we’re out of the lot, I want you to take off your underwear.”

“What?” I turned to him surprised at the sudden request.

Ryan gave me a smile. “You don’t think I’m going to spend the day with you and not show you a good time, do you? It seems like today would be a great time to show you what sex is really like.”

I blushed happily. “Oh. Okay.”

It took us a few minutes to work through the school’s parking area following the line of cars. Once we were on the street and headed home, while he lowered his window and lit the cigarette, I pulled my underwear off from under my uniform skirt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan also open his zipper and fish out his soft dick.

Ryan took my underwear from me then took my left hand and placed it on his exposed flesh. As I began to stroke him, he took a sniff of my underwear. “You’ve got a nice scent.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I felt his dick swelling in my hand and it brought to mind how much larger he was than the other guys I’d played around with. “I noticed the other night, you’re really big.”

Ryan chuckled. The sound was a mix of smugness and pride. “I guess that’s my part of our family curse. You got the tits and I got the dick. Your tits are perfect, by the way. Just like you.”

I had been told something similar many times by many different guys in school. My breasts were on the large side and stood out in my white uniform shirt on my waif-like body. Even though I tried to hide the immodesty of them, they were noticeably larger than most of my classmates’ in our uniform tops.

I looked at Ryan’s dick in my hand and immediately thought of the tube inside a roll of paper towels due to its length and girth. Unlike the cylinder of cardboard, his hard flesh arced back toward him out of his fly. The tip was pointed like an arrow and there was already a bit of moisture in the slit. The skin was lighter in color than the rest of his tanned body but there was a darker ring about an inch below his crown where he’d been circumcised. I could see the definition of the three tubes that made up the shaft as well as a few blue veins running under the surface. Like mine, his bush was untrimmed, a forest of blond hair that spilled out of the fly of his boxers and pooled around the bottom inch of his length. “I bet you’ve got the biggest one ever.”

“You won’t come across one too much bigger. Not on the guys bursa otele gelen escort you go to school with, anyway, from what I’ve heard from some of the girls. I can’t wait to stick it back inside you. You’ve got such a nice pussy, Rach. And I’m not just saying that because you’re my sister.”

His right hand had been under my skirt since after he sniffed my underwear and he had a finger inside me with his thumb playing with my clit. Even though I had messed around with some guys, I had never let them into my proverbial pants. The feeling of someone else—my brother—playing with my nub was novel. Even though he was doing essentially the same thing I did for myself, his slow movements were moving me closer to orgasm faster than my furtive diddling in my room under a blanket ever had.

“I can tell you like this.” He pulled his hand out and showed me the wetness on his middle finger before putting it in his mouth and sucking it clean. “Fuck, you taste great.”

When he reinserted his finger then offered it to me, I hesitantly sucked on it as well. Having never tasted myself, I was surprised to find it a somewhat pleasant mix of salty and bitter. There was even an underlying sweetness buried in the slippery fluid.

“I know you were a virgin, but have you ever sucked a dick?”

I was embarrassed by his question and at having to give that answer to my brother but didn’t hesitate. “I have.”

“But you haven’t been eaten out.”

It wasn’t a question but I answered anyway. “No. Until you, there has never been anything close to down there. I don’t even use tampons.”

Ryan smiled and I felt his dick twitch in my hand. He put the hand that had been inside me on my neck along with the wetness still on his finger and pulled my head down into his lap. “Good. Show me what you can do.”

I closed my mouth over him then worked up some spit as I slowly bobbed my head up and down.

After a few minutes he said, “Not bad. We’ll have to work on your technique but you’re doing good.”

For the rest of the trip home, my head remained in my brother’s lap. While he continued driving and smoking with the window down, he worked his hand under my shirt and succeeded in pulling one of my breasts out of its cup to play with the nipple. I heard a number of horns, whistles and catcalls along the drive but never realized that it was because we were giving other commuters a show.

“We’re here,” he announced as he turned off the car.

After minimally straightening our clothes—he kept my underwear and placed them in his glove box—we went inside and straight to my room.

Ryan directed me to sit on the side of my bed then kneeled on the floor between my legs.

“Lay back,” he said as he pulled my legs up over his shoulders and moved his head beneath my skirt.

I let out a gasp as I felt his tongue touch my slit. It was pleasantly rough on the sensitive skin as he slipped it into me. I felt him use his fingers to gently spread my folds open and tease my nub as his tongue explored me. As he worked, I could feel myself relaxing and loosening around him. The wet sounds of his exploration and pleasure were loud in the otherwise quiet house and seemed to enhance everything I was feeling.

“Let it out, sis.”

I could feel the warm air of his breath on me as he spoke directly into my pussy.

“We’re alone,” he continued. “I want to hear every sound you need to make. Let me know how good it feels for you.”

I had been biting my lip, stifling moans of pleasure. Having been given permission, I no longer held back. As he placed some fingers in me and used his mouth directly on my clit I let out a loud moan. With that one out, I couldn’t stop the many others that followed.

Ryan’s long fingers moved back and forth through me with purpose, much like his dick had when he had fucked me. His tongue kept working my stiff nub while his fingers found a spot inside me I didn’t know existed. Soon, I felt that elusive, warm feeling swell within me. As my moans grew louder, Ryan’s movement changed so he wasn’t finger fucking me but keeping his hand still while drumming his fingertips against that newly discovered place inside me. I began to writhe on the bed both trying to escape and to capture the sensations flowing through me. Ryan placed his free hand on my stomach trying to hold me down and the act of restraining me only served to heighten my arousal.

Suddenly, the pressure broke and I let out a scream. A wave of pleasure flowed through my body like nothing I had felt before. Though my muscles tensed, I felt relaxed and at peace as my mind went blank. I could feel Ryan still working me, though it was now gentle and soothing.

“That was amazing,” I said when I could finally speak.

“It’s about to get better.”

I opened my orgasm-tightened eyes and watched as he stood and lowered his pants and boxers. As he climbed onto the bed, he said, “Scoot back. bursa eve gelen eskort I need to get in you.”

I did as he requested and positioned my legs to give him access. As with our first time, he did not remove his shoes or jeans, and his shorts remained lowered just beneath his balls as he situated himself.

“Shit,” he said around a moan as he began to slide into me. “That’s nice. Much better than the other night. So wet…”

Though I was still tight around him and he was stretching me seemingly to the limit, I agreed it felt much better this time. As my first orgasm began to wane, I could feel a new fire building behind it as Ryan fully sheathed himself inside me.

“Goddamn, Rach,” Ryan said after letting out a low moan.

He balanced on one hand while the other opened my shirt. With little to no tenderness he pulled my other breast out of its cup leaving my bra to hang uselessly around my neck then lowered his mouth to capture a nipple between his teeth. As he began to rock his hips gently, Ryan nibbled and sucked on my tit.

While my brother mouthed my tits and slowly fucked me, I laid there in disbelief at the sensations coursing through my body. Even after the orgasm he had already eaten out of me, it didn’t compare to what I was feeling now. While our first time hinted at how good things could be, it didn’t prepare me for this. “This feels so good. Why is it wrong?”

Ryan lifted his head and smiled down at me. “I don’t know. I wish it had happened sooner.”

Though I had meant sex in general, Ryan’s tone and the look on his face told me he was speaking about having sex with me, specifically.

He settled into a steady pace sliding his dick through me. As he did, my body responded by writhing beneath him. My hips began to move of their own accord and eventually they matched his rhythm and began to move in counterpoint to his. The pleasant sensations seemed to double almost immediately and I began to moan loudly.

“This is so hot,” Ryan said as he began to move his hips faster. “You’re so hot. I can’t believe my own little sister is such a perfect, hot fuck.”

His hips began to slam into mine and the sound ricocheted around the room. My moans became stuttered from the force and I let out occasional squeals as the tip of his cock jabbed into me. Unable to cope with the overload of sensation, my eyes closed and my back arched involuntarily from the acute arousal.

Then with a suddenness that seemed more violent than his thrusting, Ryan pulled out and laid on his back next to me breathing heavily.

As he pulled me to straddle him, he said, “Ride me.”

Once I was impaled on his cock, having never done anything like this before, it took a few moments for me to find my rhythm on top of him. At the same time, Ryan reached under my skirt and began stimulating my overly sensitive clit with one hand while the other worked my tits.

“Fuck, Rach. You’re so beautiful…especially on my dick like this.”

I wanted to say something, anything in response but the only sound that would leave me was a moan of pleasure. With all the stimulation, I began to lose focus and surrendered my conscious will in order to let my body take over. As my hips moved up and down, they began to roll against his hand searching for something more. In the process, Ryan’s dick increasingly dragged against my walls stimulating every inch of my now awakened pussy. At the same time, I arched my back trying to escape Ryan’s hands on my sensitive nipples but it only served to change my angle of attack on his dick. Before long, I was resting my hands on his legs behind me to support my backward arching body while he held my hips and rapidly thrust up into me.

Ryan let out a deep moan that rivaled my own sounds. “Oh, fuck. That’s it. Ride my cock.”

I had no choice. I was no longer in control. Even if our parents and the whole congregation of our church appeared at the door to my room, I wouldn’t have stopped. I could feel another orgasm building within me and needed to get there. My hips began moving faster along Ryan’s length and he immediately matched my speed.

“Oh, shit. Rach. I’m going to come. Oh…fuck…me!”

I was almost there when I felt him go rigid and his cock swell inside me. As his warmth filled me, I continued riding him. His seed added a new level of lubrication to my already slick hole and I had another orgasm while he was still pulsating within me. It was more intense than my first one and, unable to hold myself upright, I fell forward onto him. In my haze, I felt my brother grab my ass and resume slowly moving his dick through me, prolonging my climax.

We remained together as our breathing calmed. His thrusting eventually stopped but he remained inside me and continued to hold me through our afterglow. When he finally softened to the point of falling out of me, he used a few fingers to rub my sex slicked nether lips. With his bayan escort bursa lips against my ear, he said with open satisfaction, “That was nice.”

I restrained a moan from feeling his cum being rubbed over and into my pussy as he gently finger fucked me. Despite the rawness of my flesh, it was soothing and I didn’t restrain the purrs that rumbled through my body.

After a few quiet moments, he whispered into my ear, “I like knowing my cum is inside you.”

I blushed with embarrassment. It was as if he had read my mind. “I think I like it, too.”

We laid together for a few more minutes while he played with his cum in my pussy. Eventually I rose, grudgingly, and went to shower then started my homework while Ryan watched TV downstairs until our parents got home.

The next day, Ryan again retrieved me from school. Like the day before, I pulled off my underwear once we were on the road and he fingered me while I stroked him and told him about my day until we arrived at home.

“On your knees,” he said as he sat on the sofa then lowered his pants and shorts just enough to free his dick and balls. “We’re going to work on your oral skills.”

Even as I slid to the floor, I said, “I don’t really like doing oral. It’s kinda nasty.”

“Maybe that’s because you haven’t had the right guy. Or the right dick.”

After heaving a disinterested sigh I opened my mouth and took him in.

“Take your hand off,” he ordered. “It’s called oral for a reason. And it’s not just about bobbing up and down. You have to show gratitude. If a guy wants to put his cock in your mouth, or anywhere, you have to appreciate that fact, not treat it like a chore. Remember what it was like when I went down on you? Think how boring it would’ve been if I just flicked my tongue around a few times and did nothing else. I was thankful for you allowing me to eat you out and wanted to show you that.”

Even though I was eighteen, my religious upbringing didn’t provide me with the understanding to disagree with the words he used. In fact, even though he was teaching me about sex, it sounded very much like the patriarchal type of thing I heard from my parents and at church so it made sense. But aside from that, I did appreciate that he was taking the time to teach me these things and I did want to show him how grateful I was for that.

“Use your tongue around the top. Yeah, like that. And on that spot on the bottom near the tip. Flick it a little. Lighter. Now pretend it’s a popsicle and lick it from the bottom to the top. Slowly. Softer.”

Taking his direction and encouragement, I continued working my brother’s dick. What he had me doing was much different than anything I had done to my boyfriends before. Granted, unlike trying to do it in a closet or under bleachers, we could take our time.

“I’m close. Keep going. Give me a little more suction and move a little faster. That’s it. When I start shooting, hold your mouth still while I fill it. Swallow some of it if you have to, but try to keep it all in your mouth to show me. And never spit it out. That’s rude.”

I thought back to the one time I had let a guy finish in my mouth and repressed a shudder. That guy’s cum had not been pleasant and had put me off ever letting anyone come in my mouth again. Even though I wanted to please him, I was wary about having Ryan’s cum in my mouth, let alone swallowing it, but I knew I’d do it simply because he asked me to.

“Okay,” he said after a heavy moan. “Here it comes.”

Ryan’s dick stiffened suddenly and I felt his load travel up its length before flooding my mouth. Tasting his bitter fluid for the first time I almost gagged. It was even worse than the other guy’s. I tried to pull away but felt him place a heavy hand on my head holding me in place. Trapped, my mouth opened reflexively and most of that first shot dripped out of me onto his crotch. I looked him in the eyes and saw him give me a pleading look.

“Come on, Rach.” Ryan’s words were disjointed as they broke through his orgasm. “Take it for me.”

Reluctantly, I relaxed and closed my lips back around his crown. I felt him knead my hair as he closed his eyes and let his head fall back while his dick pumped the rest of his load into my mouth. I did my best to store the warm fluid in my mouth as requested but did swallow some. When the force of it diminished, he began to hump my mouth slowly.

After letting out a deep breath, he finally pulled out and said, “Let me see it. Fuck, sis. You don’t know how nice that looks. You can swallow it. Yeah. Now, lick me clean.”

I was in the middle of sucking and licking his softening dick when we heard our parents’ car arrive.

Ryan tucked himself away as he said, “Go upstairs and look like you’re doing your homework.”

I made it into my room just as they walked into the house. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps on the stairs and our father came in to check on me. After giving me a quick update on the other family they’d been caring for, he left. A few minutes later, I heard another set of steps approaching.

“You did good today, Rach,” Ryan said as he entered my room.

I stood and gave him a heartfelt hug. There was so much I wanted to say but all that would come out was “Thanks, Ryan. I love you.”

After giving me a wink and an uncharacteristic shy smile, he left.

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