Billy Bob’s Glass Cutter

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One day last week this ol’ boy I knowed come by with some crank and we got fucked up and he told me about the time he done his sister.

His story got me fired up and I would of pulled my root out right then-there and took off some of the pressure, except I didn’t want him to think I was queer, so I waited until he left.

But then I got to thinking about it, and how it boned me up and all, and I figured I’d write it out and send it down the wire to this literary place and see if you’ll liked it as much as I did.

Here it is, wrote out just the way he told it to me:


I stopped at the Red Dog to cut the dust after clocking out at the mill, and there was 3 or 4 boys doin’ this woman on the pool table. It was a sight, and it stirred me up some; but I had me a buzz on, and didn’t know any of ‘em, so I didn’t line up for a taste; went on home instead.

I come in the kitchen and my sister June was at the sink in a T shirt and panties, gettin’ a drink of water. She’s just come home from high school and was half way changed. No bra; I could see her nips poochin’ the fabric.Name’s June, on account of that’s the month she was born. Bet she’s glad it wasn’t February.

She goes,“Hey, Billy Bob, what’s up? What you smiling about?”

“I’s thinking about what I saw awhile back at the Red Dog, this old woman gettin’ fucked on a pool table.”

”Billy Bob, you mind your tongue!”

“You sound like Ma, back when.” I grabbed my crotch, gave it a squeeze. “ Anyway, it got me hot and all swole up, so I come on home.”

She looked down at the bulge in my pants. “Well, go on in the bathroom and take care of your problem.”

I had a belly full of beer and a dick full of blood and I said without thinking, “How ‘bout you do that for me?”

“Billy Bob! Don’t talk nasty.”

I laughed, the beer making me loose. “I’s just teasin’, sis,” I said. June’s a little bitty thing, but she’s got a set on her that could suckle triplets, with enough left over for the cat, and a be-hind that sticks out like the coloreds. “Anyway, you ain’t got the nerve!”

“Nerve!” She set the glass down on the counter and faced me. “Well, fish it on out, and let’s have a look at it!”

I undid my belt and let my pants drop and pulled my shorts halfway down. My prong stood up tight against my belly, the tip even with my navel.

“Lord!” she said, “where’d you grow that there thing? I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that!”

I go: “Yeah? And how many dicks you seen?”

“None of your beeswax, Mister; but I done peeped Daddy’s picture books he’s got under his bed, and you could give most of them men a run.”

“Big, huh?” I hadn’t seen too many dicks; just in the shower room at school and the mill, but they weren’t never hard. And I’d watched videos at the peep show, but never paid much attention to what the men had, I was too focused on the females.

June took a step closer and reached out, ran her fingers down the underside of the shaft. “Whoo, that’s hard!”

I laughed. “Yeah, I bet I could cut glass with it right now!”

She wrapped her hand around it , as far as it would go. Pulled the skin down toward the base.

“Ooh, that feels good!” I said.

“Yeah? bursa escort You like that, do you?” She put her other hand around the tip, circling it with her thumb and forefinger, pulled the foreskin down off my knob. “Wow! It’s as big as a plum!” She laughed. “Same color, too.”

I looked down at her two hands on the shaft, the head above them, shiny as a brass doorknob. She began to jerk me off. I leaned back, elbows resting on the countertop. The beer had me buzzin’. “Show me your tits,” I said.

“Don’t you talk rough to me, Billy Bob!”

“Sorry. Breasts. Is that O.K.? Show me your breasts?”

She took her hands off my dick. Damn, had I put my foot in my mouth? Then Lady Luck tapped me with her wand. June pulled her T shirt up over her head and tossed it on the kitchen table. “There, now. You satisfied, Mister Curious?”

Her mounds were like melon halves, the nipples the color and size of raspberries. I reached out to touch one. “Unh, uh,” she said, leaning back. “I’m the one doing the touching around here.” She grabbed my dick again and went back at it, stroking her hands up and down over the blue veins, then squeezing it, pulling the skin over the rock hard shaft beneath. “Too dry,” I said. ”Pu- put it in your mouth.”

She looked me in the eye, then down at my dick. “It wouldn’t fit. Besides, that’s nasty.”

“It ain’t nasty. And, I bet you done that before.”

“Yeah, a time or two, but not with my brother! Anyhow, it’s too big.”

I gave her a beery grin. “You’ll never know,’till you’ve tried.”

She thought that over,went back to stroking it, and bent her head down to my head. Opened her mouth wide like a rattler about to strike, took me in. I felt her tongue on the bottom, just under my knob- right at the spot that gets me off. I reached down, cupping her hanging tits, er, breasts. I pinched her nips. She bit my dick. I took my hands away.

After another 30 seconds I felt it startin’ up. “Oh, baby, I’m gonna come!” I said. “Yeah; oh Junie, Junie, here we go!”

“NOW” I yelled. “Yeah, yeah, keep doing it, baby baby- I’m gonna shoot!” and I did. It boiled up out of my balls like a shook-up bottle of pop, blasted into her mouth, which she kept locked on my bone like a trooper. Cum leaked out of her mouth, drooled down her chin as she kept on pumping with her hands, until I was dry. She stood up, cum running down off her chin and onto her breasts. Not a swallower, but not exactly a spitter, either.

We looked at each other. My eyes were half closed, glazed with that just fucked feeling. Hers were blazing; with anger? Or lust? I figured I’d find out soon enough. The beer started talkin’ again, and I said, ”You want me to do you?”

“No way, Billy Bob! Soon as I finish up at school, I’m goin’ to study hair at the Beauty Academy, get me a place with three chairs and a shampoo girl, buy me a car and see some of this world. I ain’t never been out of the county, except for the seventh grade when we took a bus trip to the state capitol. I got plans, big brother; and gettin’ knocked up with your baby ain’t a part of it!”

“I just meant, did you want me to pleasure you with my tongue, you know; down there?”

I don’t know; I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“I just though I’d pay you back, bursa escort bayan for what you done for me.”

“Well. . .Doin’ what I did has got me feelin’ randy; I am about ready to go finger myself.”

“Here,” I said, reaching for the lacy top of her panties. “Let’s peel these off, and then get you up on the table.” She didn’t resist, let me pull down her drawers. I put my hands on her waist and lifted her up onto the table. “Push that salt and pepper and ketchup bottle aside, then lay back.” I put two chairs on either side of me, put her feet on them, spread her legs wide like a cheerleader doing the splits. I leaned down until her knees were level with my head. I put my hands on the inside of her thighs and started munching furburger. She was wet and as I tongued her she got wetter. My spit mixed with her juices, and soon I was makin’ slurpy noises like a flop eared bluetick at his water dish.

“Oh,” she said, “That feels soo good! It’s bad, but it’s good. We shouldn’t be doing this,Billy Bob. Don’t stop!”

I reached up for her mounds. They were still sticky from my jizz. I rolled those sweet nips between my thumbs and forefingers. I ran my tongue up to the top of her pussy and opened the hood, started to work on her motor. Her ass came up off the table, pressing against my face. I took my one hand off a breast, and slid my thumb in her hole, kept strummin’ her button. She let out a howl like a dog workin’ a coon; reached down and grabbed my hair, clamped my ears with her thighs.

“God damn to Hell; shit fuck piss!” she yelled. My hair was on fire. I couldn’t breathe. Kept sucking her buzzer.

She slowly relaxed, let go of my hair, opened her thighs. I came up for air. Now I was the one with wetness drooling off my chin. I stood up. Now she was the one with glazed eyes.

She raised up on her elbows, looked down between her mounds at my woody.

“Glass cutter’s back,” I said with a smile, and took a step forward.

“No you ain’t, neither,” she said, closing her thighs. “I told you I ain’t doin’ that with you. I only done it once, with Herm Yoder, and he wore one of them rubbers. Shot off in about three seconds; felt like gettin’ poked with a hot dog weiner. Besides, you’re too big.”

“Well,” I said slowly, “there is one other place I can put this thing. . .”

I watched her face as she puzzled out what I had in mind.

“No way!” she yelped. You’re NOT puttin’ that up my butt! Besides, Daddy’ll be home any minute.”

”Daddy’s at Grammy’s, working on her well pump. Said for us not to wait on him; he’s eatin’ supper over there.” I got the can of lard off the stove, put it on the table. ”Come on, June, honey. Let’s give her a try. You tell me to stop, I’ll stop.” I looked her in the eye. “That’s a promise.” I put my hand between her breasts and gently pushed her backwards. “Lay down, lock your arms under your knees, and pull your legs up, far as they can go.”

“No, nuh uh,” she said, shaking her head and doing exactly what I’d said. She was wide open, her slit still shiny with juice, her brown eye puckered like a highway sign been shot with a .30-.30. I put my thumb on her berry and my tongue on her ass. It tasted like cider.

“Oh,” she said. “Oooh,” she said. I pushed my tongue in. First escort bursa time for me, too. Couple minutes later I got a dollop of lard, spread it around down there. Replaced my tongue with my thumb. Thumb up top, thumb down below. I pressed it up her butt, real slow, past the knuckle. Worked it around; in and out. In and out. She moaned. I let the top thumb slide down into her hole. I replaced the bottom thumb with two fingers. After a bit she was stretched on out.

I larded up my pole. “Keep your legs pulled up, baby,” I said. “Yeah, that’s it, pull ‘em up tight! You ready?”

“Yeah . . “

“You sure? We can stop.” The hell we can.

“No, go ahead, give it a try. Just be gentle. Go slow.”

I grabbed my bone at the base, pulling the skin tight, making it as hard as I could. The knob was shiny with lard. So was her little butt hole. I put it center target and pushed.

“Oww! Oh, shit!” she said.

“Not right now, baby,” I said, pushing myself inside. It plopped in and I stopped. “You O.K.?”

She breathed for a moment, then sobbed. I looked at her face; there were tears in her eyes. “Yeah, I’m O.K.” She sniffled, huffed. “Go slow, Billy Bob.”

I leaned forward, letting it slide up her butt. I looked down at my cock, thought of a freight train going into a tunnel. Inch by inch it disappeared into my sister. Then all I could see was my belly hair and her snatch.

I waited.

“How far you got that in, Billy Bob?”

“All the way.”

She let out a little cry, then a moan. “Damn,” she said.

I slowly began to pull it out. Reeeal slow. “How’s that feel?”

“Uhm.Ooooh. O.K., I guess. Good, actually. Funny, but good.Sorta like I’m goin’ potty. How does it feel for you?”

“Jesus, Lord! Like my cock’s being strangled. You’re so God damned tight my dick feels afire from the pressure.”

“Billy Bob! Don’t you take the Lord’s name in my presence!”

“Yes’m. I’m gettin’ ready to come.”

“Play with my button. Get me off again. You go, I go!”

I put both thumbs to work, rolling her buzzer between them. She yelped. I slid about halfway back into her, then worked in and out, letting the outer skin stay locked by her ass, so as not to chafe her as the shaft went back and forth. I felt my second coming begin to rise. I pulled out until just the head was clamped in place by her ring. I reached one hand down and used it to guide my cock. Pulled the head out, put it back in. In and out. In and out.


I blowed my load. “AAARGH” I said, and plunged my cock all the way up her ass.

“AAAAH AAH” she said, released her knees, and arched her back up off the table. Reached down and pulled my hand away from her cunt. Squeezed my fingers as she came. I slowly slowly slowly pulled out. Cum seeped out of her ass. She sat up, smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. I leaned forward and kissed her. Forehead; not on the lips- that’d be wrong.

I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. We showered, cleaned up, got some clothes on. I took her out to the roadhouse for supper. Fed my little sister a chicken fried steak and sweet potato pie.


I ain’t seen that ol’ boy since he told me that story; I guess he’s keepin’ hisself busy at the mill. Or someplace. Damn; just readin’ what I wrote here has got me all boned up. I better go stroke myself. Or maybe go on over to Billy Bob’s, see if his little sister is home from school. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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