Bisexual Haitian Marriage

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Life is hell and then you die. That’s my outlook on things most of the time, and it’s got to change. My name is Timothy Joseph. Friends call me T.J. I’m a big and tall, dark-skinned and rugged young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Every day, I’m basically trying to make it in this life. I work as a security guard at Westgate Mall and take evening classes at the University of Massachusetts campus in Boston. I major in Criminal Justice. Lately, like most of you, I’ve been having a tough time. Lousy economy. No jobs. Increase in student fees. Anger at President Barack Obama’s changing policies. Earthquakes in the Republic of Haiti, Chile and Turkey. Yeah, it’s been a fucked up time for this brother. Which is why it’s so important to stay positive.

Lately, my existence has been chaotic. My parents, Antoine and Ellen Joseph disowned me for being Bisexual. It’s weird, you know. Theirs isn’t exactly a perfect union. Both of them have affairs with other people. My dear old Dad has been banging Ashley Mendes, a big-booty Cape Verdean chick I knew back in high school. This chick is in her early twenties now, young enough to be his daughter yet my Dad is banging her. And he sees nothing wrong and un-Christian with what he’s been doing. As for my mother Ellen, let’s just say that she and her friend, Pastor Eugene Abelard are a bit too close for comfort. Yet in the eyes of the community, they’re respectable people. He’s a Sergeant with the Brockton Police Department and she’s a teacher at the local community college. It’s okay to cheat on your spouse and have public affairs outside your marriage but it’s not okay to be Bisexual. Welcome to the Haitian-American community of New England, folks.

My sister Samantha is Little Miss Perfect in the eyes of our parents. She’s got her bachelor’s degree in business from Boston University and works for the Boston Public Schools System. I can’t stand her. In part because she’s always had it so damn easy. Tall, slender and light-skinned, Samantha is loved by all. Recently she married this guy named Jose Santiago. He’s half Black and half Mexican. They met at a Boston University Alumni Association luncheon. The dude’s a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and thinks of himself as a god. I can’t stand either of these two. Too bad my parents worship them. It seems that I can’t do anything right in their eyes. So to hell with them.

And I think I’ve thrown myself into these not so healthy relationships just to avoid that which truly troubles me. At my church, the city of Brockton’s only Haitian Adventist church, I’ve been having a dalliance with this married lady. Her name is Roselyn Armand. She’s tall, long-haired and dark-skinned, with a curvy body, wide hips and a big butt. Roselyn always come alone to my church. I don’t know why. In the Haitian community, it’s rare to see a sexy woman in her mid-thirties who comes to church solo. Well, let’s just say that Roselyn caught my eye. I’ve always had a thing for sexy older women. Especially if they’ve got a booty like hers. I approached Roselyn at a church event and flirted with her big-time. This lady was hot and liked attention but she was coy about it. I could tell she liked me. Cause she gave me her number and then ankara dansöz escortlar summoned me to her place the very next day.

The thing I like most about getting involved with sexy older Black women from the Haitian community is that they don’t play. If they want you, they got no problem letting you know. I went to Roselyn’s place, all fresh and looking good. Roselyn lived in the Hillberg area of Brockton’s West Side. One of the whitest parts of this racially diverse city. I took the Bat Bus to her place because I don’t have a car right now. My sister’s girlfriend totalled it the one time I let her borrow it. I’m still bugging her for the funds needed to repair it. That’s what happens when you loan a chick your car. She’s going to mess it up because that’s what they do.

Anyhow, I went up to Roselyn’s house and she greeted me at the door. This sexy Haitian lady was looking really good in a bright red dress. She welcomed me inside and led me to the living room. I took a look around. Whatever she does, she must be making money because the place was really off the hook. I saw African statuettes, Caribbean paintings and other unique artworks. Roselyn sat me down in the living room and offered me a cup of wine. She wanted to know more about me. Not much to tell. I’m twenty three years old, a 2007 graduate of Brockton Community High School. I attended Brockton Community College from 2007 to 2009, then transferred to UMass-Boston. I attend service at Brockton’s only Haitian Adventist church every weekend, though mostly to see my friends.

A lot of the members of the Haitian Adventist church of Brockton give me dirty looks because some of them know of my bisexuality. Months ago, my private life became public after my sister Samantha and her friends began to tell the world about my being bisexual. It really hurts, being betrayed by your own family. Now, I don’t give a crap. I am bisexual. I do it with guys and girls. And I don’t give a fuck who knows. I don’t run around shouting it to the mountain tops but I don’t deny it when queried on the subject either. Anyhow, sorry for drifting off. Where was I? Oh, yeah. I was in the living room of Roselyn’s apartment.

Roselyn smiled at me as I talked. She looked really pretty. Got that mystique that gorgeous Haitian women develop in their later years. I wanted her, and quite badly too. Roselyn told me about herself. She was an author, having penned a number of women’s fiction books in the past decade. Several of them were New York Times Bestsellers. Her works had been optioned for movies by the Lifetime Network and Black Entertainment Television. Cool. Looks like I was right. This lady was alright. Still, what was a sexy Black female author doing in Brockton? Someone like her belonged in New York or Los Angeles. I was curious so I asked her. Roselyn told me, and I must say I was surprised. She came to New England for some tranquility. Roselyn fell in love with the city of Brockton during her days at Pine Manor College. Wow. The lady was tall, sexy, educated, successful and independently wealthy. Looks like I hit the jackpot.

Roselyn sat awfully close to me on the couch, and started touching my thighs. I liked that very much. I liked it even better when she kissed me. We ankara saatlik veren escortlar were starting to get into it when I heard a knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat. Was this her husband? Roselyn nodded. I panicked and tried to flee but she blocked my way. What game was this woman playing? Roselyn smiled and went to open the door. A tall, slender and good-looking Black man in his early forties came in. He looked at me sternly. I looked at him sheepishly. Exactly what was I supposed to say to a man who caught me with his wife?

Roselyn went to kiss the guy, and called him Gary. The guy looked at me and smiled. Roselyn told him she brought him a special treat. Stunned, I stared at them. What in hell were they talking about? Roselyn told me that her husband Gary was bisexual and she wanted to surprise him for his birthday. So she brought him a sexy younger man to play with. I stared at both of them. Wow. I heard of such marriages but never knew Haitians got down like that. Gary walked up to me and shook my hand. He told me I looked good. I must admit he looked good too. He asked me if I wanted to play with his wife and him. I looked at this sexy Black man and his equally gorgeous wife. What do you think I said?

Roselyn got the party started. The tall, sexy and big-bottomed black woman quickly got naked, and urged Gary and I to make ourselves comfortable. I stripped down to my underwear, and so did Gary. The older black stud looked really good in his boxers. Roselyn stole the show. With her curvy body, big breasts, wide hips and big butt, she looked hot as hell. Gary began stroking his member, which was long and thick, as Roselyn did a sexy little dance for us. Roselyn was hot but Gary’s big dick caught my attention. Like mine, it was long, thick and uncut. One of the few good things my parents ever did was NOT to cut me. I’m uncircumcised and proud. The way all men should be. All natural.

Gary smiled and kissed me, and I kissed him back. We began stroking each other’s cocks while Roselyn watched us. She was clearly turned on. Gary and I got our freak on. I knelt before the sexy older Black stud and took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked on Gary’s member, I watched Roselyn. The sexy black woman sat near us, fingering her pussy while I sucked her husband’s cock. She joined me in sucking Gary’s member, licking his balls while I went down on him. Roselyn also stroked my hardened dick while I sucked Gary off. Man, this was hot. My first threesome, and I didn’t even have to look for it!

Once we were all ready to fuck, Roselyn handed condoms and lubricant to Gary and me. Then we got to fucking. Gary put me on all fours and rubbed his dick against my asshole. With a swift thrust he penetrated me. Meanwhile, I licked Roselyn’s sweet pussy. She was hairy down there but I didn’t mind. I fingered Roselyn’s snatch while Gary pounded his cock into my ass. It hurt but also felt really good. Gary fucked me with gusto while I went down on his wife. Roselyn squealed in delight as I fingered and licked her pussy. Hey, I know how to please my lovers, both male and female.

After Gary fucked me good and hard, his wife Roselyn took him for a ride. Roselyn grabbed a strap-on dildo from her purse and put it on. ankara azeri escortlar In front of my amazed eyes, she ordered Gary to kneel before her and suck it. Obediently, Gary got on all fours and sucked his wife’s dildo. Winking at me, Roselyn told me to fuck Gary. Wow. This chick completely steals the show. Amazing. With Gary’s consent, I got behind him and applied lube up his ass. Pressing my dick against his backdoor, I eased myself into him. Gently I began fucking Gary while his wife Roselyn made him suck her ‘cock’. This was the kinkiest thing I’d ever seen.

I fucked Gary good, slamming my dick deep up his ass. He wanted to scream but couldn’t. Not with Roselyn’s strap-on dildo filling his damn mouth. I fucked him hard, making him pay for fucking me so hard earlier. Roselyn, acting like a movie director told me to stop fucking Gary. I didn’t dare disobey the Lady of the House. I pulled out of Gary, who slumped on the carpeted floor, spent. Roselyn still wasn’t done with me. She wanted some of my dick, which I was happy to provide. Roselyn got on all fours, still wearing the strap-on, and told me to fuck her like I fucked Gary. I smiled. I was hoping she’d say that. I took off my condom and put on another one. I came up behind Roselyn, and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open.

I slipped one finger inside Roselyn’s asshole. It was warm and tight. She begged me to fuck her. I smiled and pressed my dick against her anus. Gently, I eased my cock into her asshole. Roselyn moaned as I penetrated her. Sitting really close nearby, Gary watched us as we did our thing. He was stroking that big dick of his. I told him to make himself useful. When he looked at me askance, I grabbed his dick and rubbed it against Roselyn’s face. Smiling, Gary put his dick in Roselyn’s mouth, silencing her. I wondered how this dominant Haitian woman liked getting a taste of her own medicine. Only one way to find out.

I spanked Roselyn’s big butt while working my dick up her asshole. The tall Haitian woman’s ass was so damn tight. I absolutely loved it. I hadn’t fucked an ass this tight in ages. Gary leaned over and kissed me while thrusting his dick down Roselyn’s throat. His lips felt soft against mine. I liked it. So I kissed him some more. We broke the kiss, and I resumed smacking Roselyn’s ass while fucking her. Not a single sound came out of her. She couldn’t say a word, not with Gary’s big dick down her throat. How I loved that. Gary and I double teamed her, as they say. When she got him nice and hard, Gary pulled his dick out of Roselyn’s mouth. She straddled him and lowered herself onto his member. Holding his wife tightly, Gary thrust his cock into her pussy. Meanwhile, I drilled my dick into Roselyn’s ass. The sexy Haitian woman squealed in pain mixed with pleasure as she got double penetrated. Now that’s what I call fun. Gary and I fucked her good, slamming our dicks into her holes. Our screams of passion filled the house.

An hour later, I showered and parted from the wonderful company of Gary and Roselyn Armand. This is the best time I’ve ever had, folks. Exactly what I needed to bust me out of the funk I’ve been in for the past couple of months. Nothing like a sexy lady ( and a sexy man ) to take a young man’s mind off his troubles. I returned to my apartment that night with a big grin on my face. I’m definitely going to be visiting Roselyn and Gary more often. They tell me I’m always welcome to their house. Well, I like the sound of that. My existence just got more fun-filled, and I like it. I love being a bisexual man!

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