Black in Me Pt. 13

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Cable television was getting popular in the mid-80s so I joined in and scheduled an installation. The new viewing opportunities had me joyously anticipating the newly found media source. Just after finishing a work out the buzzer rang so I quickly answered the door, figuring it was the cable installer. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large, dark-skinned Black man, standing over six feet and weighing about 280. Knowing he was here to do his job I avoided gawking and let him in.

“How you doing?” he asked, in a deep voice as he walked past me. His bald head was sweating from the outside heat and his button down shirt was moist around the armpits and back. By his smooth skin texture and taught body, I guessed that he was about my age, in his late 20s. Unfortunately I didn’t have air conditioning so my place wasn’t much of a relief.

“Hot out there, can I get you something to drink? ” I asked.

“Yeah, water’s fine,” he said while putting down his heavy bag of tools. “Appreciate it.” As I handed him a glass of water I noticed how large his hands were, making me wonder if his dick was proportionate. I wanted this man bad but had to be reserved in making it obvious.

After he gulped down the water, I showed him the two places that I wanted the cable installed, the living room and my bedroom. “I’m going to take a quick shower if you need anything,” I said, heading to the bathroom.

“Yeah cool, will do. Name’s Tony,” he said. “I’m going to go outside first to see where to run it in from the outside line so I’ll be in an out.”

Unable to suppress a chuckle at the reference, it caught his attention and he responded with a sardonic smile, leading me to think that he perhaps caught on to my intentions.

After showering and drying off I wrapped a towel around my waist and entered the bedroom where I saw Tony bent down working on the wall where the cable was going. His ass crack was fully exposed, as were his meaty butt cheeks, causing me to take a deep breath and gather myself from the sudden horniness that was overtaking me.

“How’s it going?” I asked, hoping he’d turn around and see me half naked so I could see his reaction.

“It’s going. Just about finished here then I’ll install the one in the living room. Then we’re good to go.” Just as he stood and turned, I let the towel drop and opened my dresser, looking for something cool to wear. With nothing said, I glanced his direction to see him looking down in his tool box, appearing not to see me. Then I decided to choose a pair of black lace panties to send Tony the message of what I wanted. He had no choice but to see as he picked up his tool box and headed out of the bedroom, forcing him to pass me by.

To my surprise, and exhilaration, Tony rubbed his hand over my ass as he passed me. But he did not İstanbul Escort say anything and calmly sauntered into the living room. I stood and tried to figure out what was going on, creating a couple of scenarios in my head. One was that he wanted to have sex with me but wanted to get the job done first and another was that he was just being nice because I was being ridiculous.

My hopes were too high to not see his action as a sexual advance, so I went into the living room where he was about to start working and offered him another water in order to get a feel of how he felt.

“Just got to make one more connection, and be right back,” he said as he headed out the door. He sounded more chipper, which I interpreted it to be the opportunity to get his rocks off. He came in about 5 minutes, later, now fully covered in sweat. “Well that should do it, just going to get your TV set up and you’re good.”

“More water?’ I asked.

“Actually a cold beer sounds good right now.” As if he anticipated my next question, he quickly said, “And this is my last job so I’m about to clock off.”

“All done,” he proudly exclaimed as I brought him his beer. He spent the next few minutes eagerly showing me how to work the remote and channels. While I was excited about the potential of cable television I was focused on getting this big Black man naked.

“Mind if I sit next to you?” I asked.

“No, it’s your place, shit. You can get me another beer though,” he said, guzzling down the first one, then handing me the empty bottle. “So you like to dress up as a woman?”

“Just the panties, I like how they feel,” I said, handing him his beer then sitting next to him. He smelled of the outdoors and sweat, increasing my attraction to him.

As I placed my hand on his large leg, he extended his arm behind me. “You know no one ain’t got to know about this right?”

“Absolutely not,” I said, unbuttoning his sweaty work shirt., revealing a meaty, smooth chest with large, round areolas.

“You ever suck a black dick before?” he said, playing with his crotch.

“I have, several,” I said, gently sucking his nipple that tasted slightly salty. “You ever have a white guy suck you?” I asked.

“Fuck that feels good,” Tony said, pressing my face against his moist chest. “Yeah, I fuck an older white guy. He pays me, so what the fuck?”

Somewhat repulsed by the fact that he would take pay for having sex with someone, Tony went on to tell me that he refused the money, but that the guy he fucked was turned on by it. We sat and talked for a bit, mostly about sex, and I could see by the bulge in his pants that he was getting excited.

“So are you gay or bi?” Tony asked, drinking what was now the fourth beer.

“Gay, tried it with females Maltepe Escort but wasn’t that excited. You?”

“Definitely bi. Love pussy and a hot ass, which you have by the way. So you like getting fucked?” he said, suddenly sounding serious, looking at me directly in the eyes.

“I do.”

With that, Tony guzzled down his beer, stood up, and extended his hand. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Tony led me to my bedroom, letting my hand go when we got near the bed. “Get on your knees,” he instructed as he pulled down his pants, then his underwear.

“You want some head first?” I asked as I got into position on the bed, ass on the edge.

“Nah, I’m good. Got any lube?” As I reached for the jar of Vaseline I caught a glimpse of cock that was pointing straight up and extremely thick with a wide, flared head. Tony gently slid down my panties, then played with my hole until I heard him kneel down, then spread my ass cheeks. “Fuck this is a nice pussy,” he said before diving his tongue in, then expertly working it in and out. As far as ass eaters goes, Tony was one of the best. He was relentless, used different motions with his forceful tongue and did it for a long time. His strong hands kept my cheek spread until he stopped, standing up, then slapping my ass.

“When’s the last time you got fucked?” said Tony as he lubed my hole.

“Last weekend,” I grimaced as I felt myself being opened by more fingers.

“You got a man?” asked Tony. “Cause if you were mine’s I’d be fucking you every day.” Just then I felt the slow, steady intrusion of a fat cock. Sensing I was experiencing discomfort, Tony would occasionally stop, caress my butt cheeks, then slide in further until I felt him balls deep. “Fuck James, you got an amazing pussy.”

It was interesting how various men would refer to my asshole but somehow hearing it from Tony i felt natural, not forced. As a good top does, he stared fucking me slowly, working his cock in an out at different angles. What I enjoyed most with Tony was his ability to mix up the pace of fucking, along with his eagerness to try different positions.

After about an hour, I was on my back, legs wrapped around Tony’s thick back, his gold chains dangling on my chest as he rhythmically hammered away at my now loose asshole. His dark chest gleaned in the light of the day, sweat now steadily dripping from his forehead and nipples. Once in awhile he would shake his head of all the sweat, sending a spray of water around us.

“I’m about to cum, where you want it?” he asked, his voice sounding stressed.

“Inside of me,” I said, not only wanting it, but thinking it would turn him on as well.

“Fuck yeah,” he said, planting his lips on mine and engaging in a deep kiss while his stroking action intensified. Maltepe Escort Bayan After taking a firm grip on my hips, he pulled me into him and began to orgasm. The feeling of his throbbing cock that was fully inserted in my ass sent me over the edge and I began to ejaculate hands free. My own orgasm was so intense that cum spurted over my head, onto my face and chest. Tony, breathing hard, collapsed onto me, our juices mixing together between our heated bodies. I could feel him still inside of me but less so as his cock softened.

After calming down enough to talk, I commented on how much I enjoyed him. “That was fucking intense Tony.

“Hell yeah,” he said, pulling out with one yank. “You got one of those snapping pussies,” he said as he rolled off of me.

I looked down at his cock, still half erect. “Appears as if you got in some overtime today” I joked. “You lay cable quite well after hours.”

We both laughed at the corniness of the joke. “My long, black cable fit quite well into your hole,” Tony retorted. “You’re not the only one who can tell bad jokes,” Tony said, positioning himself so that he laid on his side. I did the same so I faced him, gazing at his glowing body, still dripping with sweat. He reached out and moved my hear off my forehead, staring at me with his beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

“We should do this again, ” he said.

I went on to explain to him that I was in an open relationship with Leo and that I was free to play, but had to tell him when I had sex with someone else.

“That’s cool. You all do threesomes?” asked Tony.

I was hoping he would ask that. Leo and I often had others join us, but it was mostly guys who he fucked. “Yeah we do, you interested?”

“Hell yes! I’m assuming he’s a top.”

“He is. Does that work for you?” I asked.

“Yeah man, never done one before but interested.”

“Cool, He’s working double shifts right now but I’ll arrange something.”

“That’s hot man,” said Tony, leaning over to kiss me. After a few minutes of increasing passion, Tony guided my hand to his hard cock.

“Double overtime?” I asked.

“What you think?” he said, rolling onto his back. “This time you do the driving. Hop on.”

I climbed onto Tony and lowered myself onto his hard-on. The length of him allowed me to bend over and kiss him without it slipping out of me. I especially enjoyed sucking his large nipples while he fucked me, prompting loud moans from him. After a long period of me riding hi, Tony said he wanted to finish doggy style. With a few minutes he was pumping his 2nd load into me,

“Fuck! you have a hot ass!” he exclaimed pulling out and backing away. I intentionally allowed his cum to squirt out of me, enjoying how it felt running down my leg. I felt him stick his finger in my raw butt, then offering it to me so I could suck it off. “You’re a goddamn freak James. Love it.”

After showering Tony left, telling me how much he enjoyed himself.

Tony did join Leo and I many times over the next couple of years before he moved on to someone else. The sex with the three of us was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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