Black Magic Pt. 02

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Eva woke up with a full fifteen minutes to spare till Alexi showed up. She decided to use that time to wash up. She didn’t think she could handle having someone wash her as well.

She slipped on the robe and found Alexi standing near her bed as she opened the bathroom door.

“Oh hi, I let myself in.” He said cheerily. He picked up a bottle from the bag he had set out on the bed. Eva had to stop her mouth from hanging open. Was that lube? What did you expect? She screamed at herself Silently. This is a sex shop.

And she was a.. Sex worker

A paid slut.

The words made her cheeks heat up. She shook her head. She has got to stop doing this.

“Let’s get you ready”

Eva moaned as she buried her face deeper into the pillow. Alexi’s fingers twisted inside her ass.

She muffled a moan as he pulled his fingers out.

“Oh wow, you’re really dripping aren’t you?” he said and Eva looked under her to see a stain on the sheets under her pussy. Her pussy which had transparent strings of slick dripping out.

“If this keeps up…you’ll drip right through your suit baby” He drawled as he spread the excess slick on her inner thighs. She shivered at the contact. Unknowingly she leaned to the touch and Alexi smiled. “Hungry are we?” She heard something rustle behind her. “Let’s give you something to swallow down.”

She cried out as she felt something slip inside her ass. “So loose. It’s a good thing we took our time wasn’t it?” Eva shuddered. The fifteen minutes Alexi fingered her ass was torture . She wanted to come so badly. Alexi pushed more of the toy into her. It felt big and heavy.

She tried to hump against the sheets. To get some friction. Oh, her ass felt so good… she could come just from that but Alexi placed a firm hand on her hip and stilled her. Eva whined and then gasped as he gave her kadıköy escort ass cheek a light slap.

“Down girl, behave or I won’t be nice.” Eva bit her lip at the demeaning term. Alexi noticed. “You like being talked down to?” Eva nodded shakily.

“Such an obedient girl, do you like being reminded you’re are bitch?” He pressed the toy in further. “Answer me bitch.” Eva nodded as she arched her back at the intrusion.

Her nipple piercings caught the sheet and tugged her hyper sensitive nipples making her moan. “Yes, yes I like being reminded that I’m a bitch master!” She gasped. Suddenly Alexi was near her ear, whispering. “Good girl. Now, if you can hold out till I finish fixing your tail…” He pulled back the toy in her as right to the tip. “You can come.” He drawled before plunging it in again.

Eva cried out at the sudden movement. She tried to press her legs together to stop herself from leaking but Alexi held her legs apart as he fucked her ass. Her cheeks burned and her skin was on fire despite the air-conditioning. Seeing herself drip onto the sheets was humiliating and yet, it turned her on so much.

Not yet, not yet.

She tried not to focus on Alexi’s thrusts and failed miserably. She was being pounded by an anal toy and her legs threatened to give with every thrust. She was almost at her limit when Alexi gave one final push making the toy pound into her gut before commanding. “Come.”

Eva’s hand shot to her pussy. She rubbed at her clit until she felt the heat build up inside her before letting go.

She squirted on the sheets and her ass clenched around the toy.

She was going to slip onto the mattress when Alexi caught her. “You did well girl. Let’s clean you up a bit before we get you made up shall we?” Eva nodded. Her head fuzzy after climaxing. She closed her eyes as she felt Alexi wipe her down taksim escort with a cold towel.

“Miss Wilson” A voice called from the other side of the door. Eva’s breath hitched as she got up.

“They’re ready for you.”

Eva could feel her heart pounding. Had she really thought this through? But then she felt Alexi’s hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s get going shall we?” and for some reason it soothed her.

She looked back at her trainer and nodded. Alexi smiled before his hand tugged at the chain connected to the collar on her throat.

“On your fours then pet. We’ve got an appointment to get to”

Eva silently slid to the ground, biting her lip as she felt the tail plug settle deeper in her ass. She was wearing a black leather bodice that left her breasts hanging and nude save for the golden chains that ran between her pierced nipples. Her breasts were dimpled with goosebumps as the chains rubbed against her skin tantalizingly.

Her hands were fitted into some black gloves. They were sheer just like her thigh high stockings. The bodice was almost like a swimsuit as it covered her nether regions with the exception of the perfectly sized hole were here asshole was to show off her bouncy black dog tail. The bodice was zipped up in the back so that there was no way for her to open it.

And her pussy… Eva blushed as Alexi had opened the zipper along her crotch that left her pink hole in full display.

Of course he had padlocked the buckle on the thin leather belt that went over the zipper so that she wasn’t able to relieve herself. Eva was glad that the suit was leather anything lighter and the way she was dropping there would be a dark spot long before she got to her client.

Alexi opened the door and Eva crawled out. Now as her hands and feet padded on the floor she understood why it başakşehir escort bayan was carpeted. Alexi gave a light tug at her collar making Eva stop by the elevator. Just then they were joined by another pair. This pet, however had her hands and legs fitted into leather hooves so that she could move.. Like a dog. Eva repressed a shudder as she thought of herself walking in that attire. Strutting alongside her master.

“Ah, Michael going down as well?” Alexi greeted the other trainer. Michael smiled. “Yeah, we have an appointment scheduled for 7.15”

He was attractive. But then again this was a sex shop, Eva thought. Good looks must be in the job description.

The elevator dinged and the two trainers walked their pets inside. Eva noted that the other girl had a curly pink pig’s tail plug set in her ass.

Her eyes widened as she saw the girl’s pussy slick drip onto the floor. She whimpered and Michael gave a small sigh. “Come on pet you can’t dirty yourself just yet. We have to look nice for master don’t we?” He said taking a cotton tissue from his pocket he bent down to stuff it in her pussy making the girl gasp. “There, I’ll leave it there so you won’t go dirtying the carpet.” The girl moaned at the feeling of the tissue against her sensitive pussy. “Will you keep it in for me?” Michael asked and the girl nodded pressing her legs together. Her trainer stroked her hair. “Good girl. Oh, this is our stop.” He said as the elevator stopped. He gave a little wave to Alexi and Eva and walked out with his pet trailing behind.

“Wow” Eva couldn’t help but say as the doors closed.

“It was intense wasn’t it? Even for a small time” Alexi smirked as Eva blushed. “Do you want to try that hmm?” He asked voice low and Eva spluttered “N-No I-I just-” Her denial was cut of as Alexi tugged her chain making her arch her back. “Don’t lie pet, come on be honest” He said and Eva buried her head between her bent hands before breathing out a small.


Alexi loosed his grip. “Very good pet, let’s see what we can do later but for now…” The elevator doors opened. “Let’s get you to your master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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