Blackmail (MM FV)

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I am in love with Julie. She is a beautiful brunette with a fantastic figure and a great personality. She lights up the room when she enters.

One of Julies old boyfriends work at the same law firm as me. His name is Ron. He is taller than me at six foot two, and well built.

I was working late in the office one night, when Ron strode into my small office to my desk and threw a folder full of pictures onto my desk.

I looked up irritated and asked him what this was all about. But as I flipped the photographs a pang of fear and arousal shot through me. They were all pictures with my lovely Julie in sexual intercourse. Her beautiful face was seen in close ups with big cocks and licking women’s pussies. They were obviously forgeries, but so professionally done no one would ever be able to tell the difference.

I looked up at him. These pictures could lead to Julie, a very successful business lawyer at another firm, loosing her job and ruining her career. Ron reached out and gathered the pictures and picked up the folder again.

“Wow, what do you want? Money?” I asked.

“No Tom, I don’t want your money.”

“Fact is that this can destroy your lovely wife! But I’m going to give you an option. If you do exactly as I say, I will return my copies and the original files to you and she’ll never be found out. OK?”

I just nodded. He pulled out a picture of my wife’s face seemingly about to suck on a big erect cock. He showed it to me for a long while. I felt myself grow hard, despite the unusual situation. .

“I thought you’d go for that. Now strip and kneel in front of me! “

I sat gaping like a fool for a moment then returned to my senses. I stood up and he watched as I undressed before him. He left me standing naked before him, holding the picture in front of him so I could see it. As the minutes passed I slowly began to harden. He smiled and pointed towards the floor. I knelt down before him. He put the folder and the picture aside and deliberately stepped forward so his crotch was inches from my face.

“Unbuckle my belt”, Ron commanded.

I looked up at him and swallowed hard. With trembling hands I undid his large belt buckle until it came loose. When I undid it I looked up to see a look of triumph on Ron’s face.

“Now undo my button and lower my zip” the large bulge in his trousers was lengthening and stiffening as he spoke each word.

I reached forward and undid the button at the top of his zipper, and pulled it down. With no other interaction his trousers plummeted to the floor around his ankles and I discovered that he wasn’t wearing güvenilir bahis any underpants. Now his large erection was just inches from my face. I looked at it as it continued to stiffen.

For a long moment I was mesmerised by the large member bobbing in front of me, unable to take my eyes off it. I looked up eventually into the eyes of my blackmailer and knew there and then what I would have to do to get his silence. I also realized that in fact I was also turned on by the situation.

“Big, isn’t it?” Ron asked.

I just knelt there unable to coherently answer.

“Come on, answer me, tell me how big I am” he demanded.

“Your cock is so big and hard!”, I feebly answered.

“I want you to lick it, if you don’t I am handing over that evidence.”

I swallowed slightly, moved my head forward and then extended my tongue licked the tip of Ron’s rock hard cock.

“Come on, I want you to lick the whole of it”.

I responded by following his command and traced the length of his cock with my tongue. He smelt of manly perfume and after shave. Only now I noticed that he was almost completely shaven.

“Now take it into your mouth, and let’s see how much you can swallow – cocksucker!” , he laughed at his own joke.

I opened my mouth wide and he slowly pushed himself in.

I closed my eyes as he pulled out and pushed in again and again. Each time he managed to enter me a bit further, and I managed to relax. Finally, he grabbed me head thrust his hips forward all the way. I was astonished to feel his large balls whacking off my chin and his thick small patch of pubic hair tickling my nostrils. He pulled out a bit and just held it there for several minutes. I sucked on him, and with I realized that I had myself a raging hard on. I grabbed my own cock and slowly caressed myself.

“Open your eyes and look at me!”

I did so only to be blinded by repeated flashes of a handheld camera snapping. He was producing more material for blackmail I realized but at the moment I didn’t care.

He rocked his hips back and forth, face fucking me. His long penis was slick with my saliva and soon we settled into a rhythm.

After a long while I felt Ron’s member stiffen and I knew that Ron was on the verge of his climax. I did not have to wait long. With a load groan he shot a large wad of cum into my mouth, he pulled out and grabbed himself. He masturbated frenetically as he continued to spray his seed over my face and hair and into my open mouth.

After several shots his orgasm finally started to abate. He pushed himself back into my mouth and stood güvenilir bahis siteleri panting as I very softly sucked on him.

“Stay like that”, he ordered.

He stood back and raised the little camera. Flash! Flash! He shot another set of pictures of me on my knees with his seed in my mouth and over my face.

I just sat there looking up at him as he took pictures of me. My mind was in a daze of sexual excitement.

“I knew you’d love sucking cock, I could tell. You’re a cocksucker now and you don’t want you’re wife Julie’s sexual exploits, or your own cum tastings to become public do you?!”

He pulled his pants up, grabbed the file of pictures and left through the open door. I remained on my knees contemplating what had happened. I felt his sperm trickle down my chest and stomach. I slowly masturbated.

I was startled by the young beautiful Latin cleaning woman appearing in the door way. She wore a dark blue dress that accentuated her lovely figure. She smiled at me and slowly walked towards me.

“I watched you and Ron. Very sexy!” she says in her heavy accent.

She hands me a towel and I thank her and stand up. She watches me as I wipe myself off.

“Now, you masturbate for me!”

I look at her in bewilderment, but realizing that she’s got as much a hold over me as Ron and grab myself and start pumping. She stands watching me intently, and within short I shoot a big load into my own hand. I stand breathing heavily from the intense orgasm.

“Thank you! See you tomorrow! She turns and leaves.

With shaking legs I wipe my own cum off on the towel and slowly dress and drive home. Luckily Julie is already asleep as I crash into bed.


The next day was a blur to me. I had difficulties concentrating and remained most of the day in my office over some complicated case.

In the early afternoon Ron cornered me at the water cooler.

“Hi there, I am looking forward to this evening. I am sure Julie appreciates what you do for her. Prepared?”

I nodded unconsciously, totally unsure as to what I should do.

“Good. Now here’s the thing, lets make it a bit more exciting shall we? I want you to head to the small meeting room at the end of the corridor at half past six. Once you are there I want you to strip naked, pile your clothes up neatly in the corner and wait kneeling on the floor. Do not lock the door.”

“Don’t forget those pictures you want of your wife, and of course those of you sucking cock!”

“Besides, remember how excited you got last evening.”

He was right. That iddaa siteleri evening, at the agreed time I sat naked on my knees in the little meeting room. I heard steps approaching in the corridor. What if it wasn’t him? What if it was someone else in the company? What if…

The handle snapped down and into the small room stepped Ron. He flashed me a big smile. He produced the camera again and before I could protest he snapped a few pictures of me kneeling there in the nude.

“Now stand up and lean over that table, facing the big window!”

I did as he commanded and leaned across the cold wooden table. In the middle was a big speaker phone. Just across the street I could see the cleaning ladies move from office to office. And, yes, I was excited and turned on by this. I knew that as my stiffening cock strained against the edge of the table.

Ron came up behind me.

“Good” he said as I felt his hand trace the curves of my but. I heard him unzipping and dropping his trousers and closed my eyes in preparation of what was to come. Then I felt a wet slippery finger slide across my backside. I moved inexorably towards my sphincter and once there easily pushed passed resisting muscle to penetrate me. I gave a low moan of pleasure and felt him send a second finger up next to the first to loosen me up a bit more. It was exciting and a turn on to be taken like this. Then the fingers were pulled out and I felt the tip of his cock nudge against my asshole.

He was surprisingly gentle, slowly easing my buttocks apart and guiding his cock into me. He pulled out, and then again eased it in deeper and deeper with gentle thrusts until he proclaimed:

“All the way in!”

Just then the door opened. We both startled and turned. It was the Latin cleaning woman – again!”

“I looked for you. I want to watch you come over his face again, like in the real porn movies! So sexy!”

Ron smiled and grabbing my hips, he fucked my but with long powerful strokes. After a short while he pulled out.

“On your knees in front of us!”

I turned around and sat down in front of him.

He was clearly on the verge of cumming. I opened my mouth automatically, expecting him to want me to suck him but he had other plans. He pumped himself in front of me, and soon a big stream of white cum shot across my face. He pumped continuously and with shot after shot he emptied his balls over me. Splashing trails across my chest, onto my nose, lips and hair.

“Stay like that – our little cocksucker!” she said.

She fumbled in his pile of clothes to produce his camera and took a series of photos of me kneeling in front of his cock, my face covered in cum. Finally, she approached us again and gently pushing my head forward I again took his semi-erect penis in my mouth. She looked up at Ron, and they both kissed passionately.

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