Blame It On The Mistletoe

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It was Christmas morning and, like so many other families all around the world, the Ferguson’s had risen early to meet it.

Still dressed in her bathrobe and carrying a steaming mug of coffee, Polly made her way slowly through the house as she tried to shake loose the cobwebs. Why was it that the older one got, the earlier morning seemed to come? She chose to take the long way around her suburban home to give herself as much time as possible to wake up, but still managed to reach the front room well before she was ready for it.

As she passed through the archway, the first thing that caught her eye was naturally the beautiful, if artificial, snow white tree with all of it’s gleaming and flashing lights and skillfully arranged decorations standing amid a pool of gaudily wrapped packages. This was to be expected however as this spectacle had been purposely set up where it could dominate the room.

However, the second thing she saw as she entered this room brought her to an immediate halt.

Her eighteen year old son Brendan was standing opposite her beneath the other archway that gave access to this room, his feet apart to brace himself and supporting himself with one hand on the wall. He had evidently been too eager to get down here this morning to even take the time to get dressed and so his lean frame was clad in nothing more than a pair of socks, some boxer shorts, and a T-shirt.

Her nineteen year old daughter Gwen was also over there, dressed in a pair of sweat pants and one of those tops that left the belly bare. She was kneeling on the carpet right in front of her little brother and had tugged down the front of his shorts to pull out his very erect cock. Holding his balls in one hand and gripping the shaft of his manhood in the other, she was sucking earnestly on the bulbous head.

And they were doing it right beside the sprig of mistletoe her husband had so thoughtfully hung up at the apex of that arch.

Polly let out a moan of exasperation, not worrying about whether or not her two children would hear it and realize that they had just gained an audience. It was not exactly news to her or her husband that their kids had entered into this kind of forbidden romance after all, nor did the two teens imagine that they were somehow managing to sneak around without their parent’s noticing. It wasn’t something anyone really talked about, but everyone knew what was going on.

When the couple didn’t stop what they were doing even after realizing that Mom was there, Polly decided that she would need to speak up.

“You know, kids, you’re supposed to kiss under the mistletoe, not do . . . that.”

Though he was breathing hard thanks to his sister’s efforts, Brendan still managed to answer in a remarkably clear and even voice. “We did start off kissing, mom,” he candidly admitted, using his free hand to brush some of his sister’s long hair back out of her face, “but things started heating up pretty fast and our hands started to wander and I guess we got a little carried away.”

Gwen took her brother’s dick out of her mouth for a moment but he didn’t get even a moment’s respite as she then started jerking him off. Grinning at her mother, the young woman gave her side of the story. “I’m just giving Bren an extra little Christmas present, mom.” Without waiting for a response, she popped him right back into her mouth and went back to work.

That had been the first time Polly had ever gotten a really good look at her son’s manhood and she could see for herself that he was even bigger than her husband! She felt a twinge of jealousy over the fact that Gwen had access to that and she didn’t, but then vigorously chided herself for that wicked thought.

If there was anything even worse than a girl having sex with her own brother, it was a woman who had sex with her own son!

“Well, why don’t you take it back upstairs, kids? The living room really isn’t the right place for that sort of thing,” Polly told the young couple sternly, crossing her arms. Hearing someone approaching from behind her, she knew it could only be her husband and so she called out, “Honey? Come here and see what your children are doing in my living room!”

There was a chuckling as Owen came up behind her in his own robe, resting a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “How come those two are my kids whenever they’re in trouble, not ours anymore?” Just as soon as he got a good look at what the two teens were doing though, he let out a gasp. “What on earth do you two think you’re doing?!”

Brendan couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking that was a pretty stupid question all things considered. “Sorry about this, dad,” he said, his hand now on the back of his sister’s head as she continued to blow him. “We’re almost done. Gwen’s way too good at this for me to ever hold out too long.”

Taking a moment to make sure his legs would support him, the young man pushed himself off that wall so that he could bend forward to tug the front of the girl’s shirt up. This revealed a set of pert, but not oversized breasts izmit rus escort to everyone in the room and his nimble fingers went straight for the large nipples.

Owen had always thought that his little girl was growing up to be a real heartbreaker and the knowledge that she was into incest had fueled plenty of steamy fantasies for him. Of course, he did not imagine that he would ever end up having sex with her himself, but he had certainly rubbed his dick raw imagining it.

Now, with his baby girl’s firm young breasts being revealed to him for the first time in all of their glory, those fat nipples standing proudly erect, he couldn’t help but stare and drool. Had his family noticed his awestruck expression, he might have tried to play it off as astonishment at his children’s behavior this morning, but there was only one explanation that could be given to the big erection he was getting.

Except for the sound of Brendan’s heavy breathing and heartfelt grunts and the slurping and sucking Gwen was doing on his meaty member, silence fell over the Ferguson’s front room then. The teens were clearly not about to stop before they had finished what they were doing after all and their parents were becoming far too fascinated by the show to even consider turning and leaving them to it.

Even as her husband’s dick was getting so hard that it actually ached, Polly realized that her cunt was lubricating as a fire ignited within her, quickly flaring up out of all control. Soon enough, the couple was breathing just as hard as their children, small moans escaping their lips.

Brendan had claimed that it would not be much longer before he came, but to the two people observing the action with rapidly mounting excitement, it seemed to take forever. Time seemed to slow down to an inexorable crawl as these two normally reasonably responsible parents simply found themselves overwhelmed by the stimulus of their children’s performance.

Without even realizing that he was doing it, Owen stepped sideways so that he was a little more behind his wife and standing even closer to her. Though her eyes never left the two teenagers, Polly was aware of her husband’s approach and sagged back into him and let him wrap an arm loosely around her waist.

With the heat in that room steadily rising though and driving good, common sense into hiding, it was not long at all before Owen’s hand went upwards to claim one of his wife’s big breasts.

Brendan let out a hoarse groan that announced to one and all that the end had come at last. A profound shudder coursed through his body as he shot a jet of hot cum down his big sister’s throat, giving her so much at once that she just couldn’t swallow it fast enough. By the time he was done spurting seed into her and had stumbled back a pace or two, Gwen’s mouth and chin were thoroughly frosted.

To all three of the people watching her gather up the spillage with her fingers and lick it up, it looked as if Gwen really loved the taste of her brother.

Inasmuch as she was still pressed up against her husband, Polly was very aware of the fact that his cock was fully erect and she reached behind herself for it without looking – unwilling to take her eyes off the sexy scene in the living room. Somehow or other, her hand not only found it’s way inside Owen’s robe, but had soon dipped into his boxers to grab hold of him.

By the time the two teens had recovered enough to look around and see how their parents were reacting to the lewd display they had just put on, it was to find him groping her breasts and her stroking his hard cock. Confronted with a sight like that, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that their show had found a very appreciative audience.

The two kids looked to each other again with matching grins.

“Wow,” laughed Brendan. “Just look at the old folks go!”

Gwen had a gleam in her eye as she rose to her feet. “Perhaps this is the start of a whole new Christmas tradition for this family.”

Polly caught what they were suggesting and was torn.

On the one hand, she was a perfectly normal suburban housewife except for the fact that her children were lovers. The very idea of having sex with her husband right here in front of her children was just weird and shocking to her. People simply didn’t do that sort of thing! On the other hand though, they were hardly anybody’s idea of an ordinary family and the atmosphere in that living room right then was positively supercharged with sexual energy. It was hard to think of anything just then but how great it would be to get laid right now.

At a complete loss about what they should do, Polly turned to ask her husband for his opinion. She was met by a long, firm kiss full on the mouth that absolutely took her breath away. Whatever reservations she might have had, this made it quite clear that Owen had already made his mind up.

Polly barely had enough time to come to terms with what this meant before her hand had to be quickly yanked out of her husband’s izmit escort shorts. Owen scooped her up into his arms and walked her over to the nearest couch, dumping her onto it none too gently. By the time she had stopped bouncing on the thick cushions, he had already tossed off his robe and was now pulling off his boxers. The middle-aged woman just watched dumbly as her man undressed until his hard on sprang out into view, then hurriedly threw open her own robe to expose the bra and panties she had been wearing beneath. Those panties were torn off just in time, too.

Without hesitation, Owen threw himself onto his wife with an impassioned snarl and immediately guided his stiff member into her wet and very aroused cunt. She accepted his length into her depths with a strangled gasp, her arms snaking around his neck and her legs going around his waist.

Without any more concern about the two teenagers who were watching them with wide eyes and amused expressions, husband and wife started fucking each other in earnest.

“Come on, Bren,” Gwen said, bending over to haul off her sweat pants to show that she hadn’t been wearing anything beneath it. “We don’t want them to get too far ahead of us, do we?”

Brendan was not a man who was used to refusing one of his sister’s carnal requests and he was swift to close the distance between them again and take her into his arms. He didn’t waste time with removing his shorts given that his wet dick was still hanging out and it took only a few moments of making out to make his manhood start rising to attention again.

It was the kind of near instantaneous resurrection that only a healthy young man in his prime could have performed. His father could have told him that it wouldn’t last forever, though.

Gwen soon found herself pressed up against the wall right next to that mistletoe decorated arch, pinned there by her younger brother. One of her legs rose to drape itself around his waist and a moment later she was deeply impaled by Brendan’s big dick. Her deep groan as she was filled up was echoed by his own.

He hesitated a moment then, stealing an intimate moment to gaze lovingly into her eyes as each of their bodies adjusted to the intrusion, but was soon ready to go to work. They started slowly, savoring the experience and making sure their footing was sound so that they would not take a tumble, but soon he was giving her the kind of feverish, frantic, all out fucking that would make it hard for her to walk normally.

While each couple was consumed with passion and naturally very focused on what they were doing, they still managed to be aware of the other two. Though none of the foursome were consciously aware that they were doing it, they were still careful to pace themselves so that when the big finish came, it would hit all of them at once.

The result was a spectacular success that left all concerned wet and exhausted, but exquisitely happy.

Fighting to catch his breath, Owen levered himself up and off of his wife with a grunt that showed his age. Leaning on the couch for some support, he looked across at the two kids who were even now getting themselves untangled. “Hey, Bren?” he called out to his son. “How would you like to trade?”

Having staggered a step or two away from his sister by now, Brendan looked over at the middle-aged woman who still lay sprawled on the couch with her legs spread wide and cum oozing out of her slit. Well aware of his scrutiny and thinking that she would really like to feel her boy’s big dick plowing through her, Polly gave him a smile and opened the front catch of her bra so that her generous bosom spilled out into the open.

Once again, Brendan proved just how deep was the well of energy available to someone of his age. For the third time that morning, his cock began to stir to life.

“I would,” he answered. “I would like to very much.”

Gwen was a bit less enthused about the idea of swapping partners in all honesty, but when you came right down to it she had no objections. With a sly smile on her face, she motioned her father over to her. “So you want a piece of me, do you, Daddy? Well, come and get it.”

Owen didn’t hesitate for a moment to head across the room to her, eager to see if real-life could possibly be as good as all of those fantasies had been. He would not be so quick to come back to life as his son had been, but Gwen had a plan on how to get him good and hard once more and met him with a long, deep kiss before going down on her knees in front of him.

Her father’s dick may have been liberally coated with his cum and her mother’s juices, but Gwen did not hesitate for a moment to take him into her mouth.

In the meantime, Polly had urged her son close, raising herself up just a little when he reached her as she was dying to have a taste of her boy’s dick. She found it seasoned in much the same way her husband’s had been, but flavor was no more of a deterrent to her than it had been to her little girl. In fact, she seemed to really relish the combination of tastes kocaeli escort that her two children had to offer.

Even so, with him already as hard as a rock, what she really wanted was to have him in her cunt and she was not prepared to wait long for it.

Owen’s little buddy was coming back to life by now under the skillful ministrations of his only daughter. She must have gotten in a hell of a lot of practice on her brother to be as good as she was at this, he reflected. It had been some time since he’d been able to get an erection so soon after an orgasm, but the inescapable knowledge of who was blowing him was helping raise him to full stand again.

When Gwen judged that it was time, she let him slip out of her mouth. Turning her back to him, she lowered her head to the floor and stuck her butt up into the air in a clear invitation to her father.

Dropping down right behind her, he started to go for her wet twat, but then changed his mind.

“Daddy!” she squealed in surprise. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass before!”

“I’ve never done it before either, babe,” he grunted as more and more of him disappeared into her. “I think it’s about time we both got started though.”

Across the room, things were also proceeding apace.

“Take me now, baby,” said Polly to her son, looking up into his eyes with eyes that glowed with the light of lust. “I need you to fuck your mom good and hard!”

Brendan was not someone who would disobey his mother and so he moved to get up on top of her just as his father had been previously. She happily pulled him down, her arms going around his shoulders as she pressed kiss after hot kiss to his mouth. She buried her face in his neck though when she felt him penetrate her, sinking all the way in quite easily thanks to all the fluids that were already in her cunt, wanting to focus on the feeling of being filled up so completely by her son.

“Oh, man!” he groaned, sheathing himself in her right up to his balls. “This is so incredible! I never imagined for a moment that I might one day be able to do this.”

“But you wanted to?” Polly sighed, sounding hopeful but a little surprised.

“Oh, yeah, mom. What guy wouldn’t want to fuck a hot babe like you?”

Her cheeks colored at that and she gave him a grin. “Well this is it, honey. It’s time for you to show your mommy just what you can do!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

No further words were spoken in the Ferguson’s living room as a mother fucked her own son on the couch and a father screwed his daughter’s ass just across the room. Voices were heard, but confined only to the most hoarse and guttural moans and cries of ecstatic pleasure. The slap of flesh banging together rapidly, the sloshing and sluicing of their interlocked body parts, and the creaking of an old couch that was not designed for this kind of abuse also joined the animalistic cacophony to create the unique music of lust.

It wouldn’t take long for either couple to reach their climax and they once more worked to time their orgasms so that they would strike at the same time without even realizing it.

Brendan sounded almost as if he was in agony when he let out a howl, shooting a jumbo sized load of his seed deep into his own mother. Polly echoed him with a wail, crushing his body to her own with her arms and legs both. The middle-aged woman’s twat was simply not designed to hold so much cum from two separate men and so it came leaking and spurting back out despite how snugly he might be filling her.

Owen had been merrily plowing his little girl’s butt, marveling at how tight she was back there and at how different it felt compared to anything he had ever experienced before. She was having an especially good time with it, too, and was humping her butt back good and hard to meet his every thrust, one hand between her own legs to give herself a hard and vigorous finger-fucking.

As he was overcome by his own massive climax and started pumping his cum into her, he immediately bent forward over the girl and reached around her to firmly grab hold of her breasts with both hands. She let out an ear-piercing squeal of pleasure as she too came, pushing herself back into him and working her cunt in such a way to make this orgasm last for as long as possible.

In the aftermath, completely drained of every last trace of their strength, the couple weakly toppled over onto their side under the arch, still intimately connected.

“That was so awesome!” Gwen sighed happily at length, laughing at the chorus of agreement that followed.

He couldn’t prevent his softening dick from slipping out of his daughter’s bottom, but Owen still held onto Gwen tightly. “Perhaps we should take this upstairs? We’d certainly be much more comfortable in a bed.”

“No way!” Brendan said, lifting himself up and off of his mother, reluctantly leaving her warm embrace. “It’s Christmas morning! What better place for a party like this could there be than right here at the foot of our Christmas tree?”

His mother agreed, pushing herself off the couch and crawling over to her hands and knees over to where her husband and daughter were still sprawled. “Bren’s right. This is the one and only place in this entire house where a Christmas party should be taking place.”

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