Blind Faith

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As I have mentioned in my other stories they are based on truth. This story is no exception. “Troy” e-mailed me and asked if I would like to write his story. This resulted in a flurry of e-mails between us to ensure that I got all the facts. Troy has told me that he has read the final draft of the story to “Julieanne” who has approved it being sent to Literotica. Please e-mail me and let me know what you think and I will forward you comments to “Troy” and “Julieanne.

There was a loud knocking at the front door which had awakened me from a deep sleep. Glancing at the digital clock I could see that it was 2.34am. Getting out from my bed a grabbed a robe to cover my naked body and headed for the door. Looking out the window before answering the door I could see a police car parked in the driveway. Without removing the chain I opened the door and could see two police officers standing there.

“Does Amanda Louise Barrett live here” asked one of the officers “Yes that’s my Mother, She must be asleep and didn’t hear you knocking.”

“Son” the officer said ” I have some bad news for you. Your Mother was involved in a bad MVA at about 7.30pm last night and is in Hospital not expected to live”

By this time I had removed the chain from the door and invited the cops inside. “First of all” the officer said “What is your name and how old are you.” I told them that my name was Troy Barrett and that I was 18 Years of age. They asked me if there was anyone else living in the house and I told them that my 20 year old sister also lived there and was in bed. Just at that moment my sister came into the room moving her cane in front of her. To explain this to the cops I pointed out that my sister was blind and had been since birth. I told my sister that the two persons I was talking to were police officers and had brought us bad news.

“What is it.” Julieanne asked. I told her that Mom had been in an accident and was in hospital. Immediately Julieanne wanted to go to the hospital but the Officers said that they understood her concern but thought it best to wait until morning.

The Officers wanted to know if we new of Mom’s movements last night and we told them that she left the house about 7.00pm to go to her weekly gym session. She usually returned about 11.00pm and went to bed. Often we would not hear her come in of course we assumed that his happened last night. The Officer said that about 10 blocks from home at the corner of Aspen Street and Maple Street her car had been broadsided by a drunken driver and she had suffered massive injuries. Fortunately she had been wearing her seat belt for if she had not she would have been killed instantly.

The Officers left leaving their card to contact them later regarding Mom’s personal effects that were in the car and also they would tell us where the car had been taken.

I held my sister in my arms and guided her back towards our bedrooms. She was sobbing as I put her into bed and tucked her in telling her to get some sleep and we would go to the hospital first thing in the morning. I returned to my bed but could not sleep laying there thinking about my Mother.

Mom was 36 years old having married at just 16 when she found she was pregnant with Julieanne. Two years later I escort izmit came along and it was at that time that my Father decided that he did not want to be tied down with wife, blind daughter and a son and left with one of his female workmates never to be seen or heard of again. Of course Mom tried unsuccessfully to trace him to sue for maintenance but he had just disappeared. Over the next 18 years mom had opened her own dressmaking business specialising in wedding gowns that had grown and provided her and us with a very satisfactory income.

I was just dropping off to sleep when I heard the door to my bedroom open and Julieanne came into the room. “Troy, are you asleep” she asked. “No” I replied. She went on to tell me that she could not sleep and wanted to get into bed with me so that I could comfort her. I said “But I am naked” and she replied “that’s OK you know that I can’t see anything” She climbed into bed beside me and she turned her back to me pulling my arm across her belly.

I had never thought of my sister in a sexual way and over the years had seen her in various modes of undress. Julieanne as I have mentioned was blind and had been since birth because of something to do with the non-development of the optic nerve while she was in the womb. Of course she had relied on Mom to a large extent to help with her wardrobe and other things that sighted people take for granted. Julieanne was 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed about 110 pound; she had 34B breasts, a slim waist branching out to proportional hips. She was not beautiful in the conventional sense but was pretty in her own way. Unless you knew you would not know that she was unsighted.

Laying there with Julieanne I drifted of to sleep. I awoke with a start at 7.45am with a piss proud hard on pushing into Julieanne’s back, her nightdress had ridden up during the time she was in bed with me and I could feel that she wore no panties. I threw back the blankets and got out of bed. Julieanne turned onto her back giving me an unobstructed view of her very hairy pussy, she had opened her legs slightly and I could clearly see her hairless labia.

Feeling guilty I covered her with the blanket and headed for the bathroom and the shower. When I came back to the bedroom Julieanne had gone back to her room. As I passed her room I called out that Breakfast would be ready in 20 minutes.

Fifteen minutes later Julieanne came into the kitchen and asked me if she had dressed OK. Looking at her I told her she was fine and as soon as we had eaten we would go to the hospital. We left home about 8.30am driving down the route that Mom would have driven the night before. At the corner of Aspen and Maple there was indeed evidence of a bad collision, Skid marks in both directions, some glass from a broken windshield and small pieces of debris in the gutter.

When we arrived at the hospital I told the Charge Nurse who we were and were ushered into room where our Mother laid. When we entered the room I was glad that my sister could not see our mother who lay there bandaged, splinted and monitored. The nurse also said that Mom had not yet regained consciousness and it may be a few days before she did. I could see a nasty burn across her arm and shoulder and the nurse told us that it was izmit escort as a result of the air bag that had activated in the collision.

We sat with Mom holding her hand until late afternoon before returning home stopping only at Maccas to get something to eat. Julieanne announced that she was going to change into something more comfortable. She returned about 30 minutes later wearing a type of housedress and bringing her “talking book” tapes and player. She sat on the sofa putting on her earphones and started to listen to her tapes. I turned the TV on and also got a set of earphones so that I could listen and not annoy Julieanne. As I walked behind the sofa I had the sudden urge to massage her neck and shoulders. I started at the top of her spine and gently rubbed there. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her housedress and pulled it down revealing her shoulders. She asked me to rub her shoulders which I did. While doing this the front of her house dress billowed open and I was looking straight down at her tits. It was obvious that the housecoat was the only thing that she was wearing and looking past her tits I could see some of her pubic hair. After about 15 minutes I stopped massaging and went to watch the TV for if I hadn’t I would have blown a load right into my shorts.

Looking over at Julieanne I noticed that she had moved her legs up onto the sofa and the bottom button of her housedress had come undone allowing me to look directly at her cunt. Unconsciously Julieanne scratched at her pubic hair and also let her finger run up and down her cuntal split a couple of times. Knowing that Julieanne could not see me I took my cock out and started to gently masturbate looking at her cunt for inspiration. Feeling my orgasm rising I quickly went to the kitchen for some tissues and after only a few strokes my jism erupted into the tissue.

When I returned to the family room Julieanne announced that she was going to have a shower and go to bed. After about five minutes I decided that I would also go to bed. As I headed towards my bedroom I heard the shower in Julieanne’s en-suite start. As I passed her room I noticed that the door was open about 6 inches I suddenly thought that if I turned the light on I would be able to spy on Julieanne. After about 10 minutes Julieanne came into the bedroom naked and pulled the blankets to the foot of the bed and lay down. I noticed that she had a bottle of body lotion and she started to rub this all over her breasts. I could see the nipples becoming erect and she moved down her body until she was rubbing her cunt with the lotion. After a couple of minutes she reached into the top drawer of her bedside table and pulled out one of the biggest dildoes that I have ever seen, it was about 12 inches long and about 8 inches round. It was shaped like a big cock.

After lubricating it with some of her body lotion she started to push it into her cunt. I was surprised to see about 7 inches of it disappear into her. She started to move it in and out until suddenly she pulled it out replacing it with her fingers and pulling herself into the foetal position climaxed shuddering and moaning.

Of course I had a hard on just watching this performance and I moved quickly to my bedroom only izmit kendi evi olan escort stopping in the laundry to retrieve a pair of Julieanne’s panties from the hamper. In bed I wrapped the panties around my cock and masturbated myself to a most pleasurable orgasm shooting my load into the panties.

After about an hour I lay there reading when there was a light knock on the door and the door opened and Julieanne came in. She was wearing a sheer nightdress and she came up to my bed feeling ahead of her so as not to knock anything over. She said, “Troy, I feel so lonely and I want to sleep in your bed again tonight.” Once again I protested that I was naked and she said that was OK and if that was the case she should be naked too immediately pulling her nightdress over her head.

Looking at my sister I could not but think that she was beautiful and her breasts and cunt only reinforced this thinking. She got into bed beside me and turned her back to me pulling my arm across her body. My cock started to become erect and push into her back and she moved towards me making my cock press harder against her.

Becoming bolder I moved my hand upwards massaging the bottom of her tits gradually moving until I was cupping her breast in my hand. I felt her nipple harden and she moaned as I ran my fingers around her areolae. After about two minutes I started to move my hand down her body stopping at her navel where I ran my fingers around it. Julieanne took my hand and rolling onto her back moved my hand down to her cunt. Still holding my hand she started to move it up and down from her arsehole to her clit and I moved two of my fingers inside her vagina. Her cunt was saturated with her juices and she started to orgasm from my ministrations. She started to lift her body up and down in tempo with my fingers moaning loudly until suddenly her body stiffened and she screamed, “Fuck me, Fuck me oooooooooooh I’m cumming.

She grabbed my hand to stop me from rubbing any my moaning “No more, No more I can’t take any more” but at the same time holding my hand between her legs. After she had lain there for about five minutes she moved to take my cock into her mouth running her tongue around the head. “Troy” she whispered, “I want you to fuck me, I have never had a real dick inside me, only my toys”

I moved her onto her back and placing my cock at her cunt rubbed it up and down a few times for lubrication and then gently slid it inside of her, She was looser than I expected, probably as a result of the big black dildo, and I started to move inside her until I could feel her cervix against the head of my prick.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me” she moaned and once again started to orgasm. After a few more strokes I could feel my orgasm rising also. ” I’m cumming, I’m cumming” I said and she quickly bucked me off of her, squealing “Don’t cum in me, I’m not protected.” My jism exploded over her tits and stomach and she orgasmed again and after cleaning ourselves we slept contented in each other’s arms.

Next day, after visiting our mother and ascertaining that she would be in hospital for three more weeks before moving to rehabilitation for a further three weeks we stopped of and obtained a supply of condoms for our further adventures.

All of this happened two years ago our Mother fully recovered and returned home. Julieanne and I continue to fuck whenever it is possible, except that she is now on the pill and I can shoot my load into her receptive cunt without the fear of pregnancy.

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