Body Swap with Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 03

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – With Richie and Troy stuck in each other’s bodies for Friday night they have to pretend to be each other. Richie, a learner driver, has to confront his fear of busy roads and go out on a date with his twin sister Dakota, while Dakota’s boyfriend Troy again raises suspicions with his most unconvincing performance as Richie.

Richie is not happy at all with having to make out with, touch and hold hands with his sister, but his penis seems to have a different opinion especially when Richie goes to bed and Dakota enters his dreams …

All characters and situations in this story are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 or over engage in sexual activity. Be aware that this story contains some coarse humor and references to menstruation that may not be to everyone’s taste. Please enjoy Chapter 3 of ‘Body Swap With Sister’s Boyfriend’, look out for Chapter 4 soon and rate and comment.


Approaching the front door of his house, Richie heard something very familiar courtesy of a screen door, his mother and sister squabbling like a pair of seagulls fighting over chips at the beach.

Richie sighed. At Troy’s house, he had encountered Justin who was on his way to an after school job at a local shopping center, the smart-ass asking if instead of being hot for Dakota was he now hot for her nerd brother Richie. In the shower, Richie had again admired his recently acquired manhood improvement, which to his dismay began to rise on its own accord when Richie thought of Dakota’s nude, up-skirt and semi-nude selfies. Finally it went down and Richie was able to change into a shirt, jeans and shoes and make his way to Troy’s car, which was a relief. Everywhere Richie went in the house the Turner family dog Sam was watching Richie’s every move, following him around with the bull terrier growling and snarling as it watched him with unblinking eyes.

Richie knew that one false move and the dog would be on him, and Sam’s strange behavior — being so aggressive towards Troy when normally it was not — of course caught the attention of Jim and Barbara Turner who wondered why the dog was acting so strangely, nearly as strange as their son.

“Learn to drive a bit faster sonny-boy!” yelled an octogenarian who sped by Richie on the road to the Mitchell house, the elderly man not impressed by the young man’s slow driving.

Now back at his own house, Richie paused before he pressed the doorbell, listening to his mother and sister arguing.

“Dakota, your father and I are not stupid,” came Jodie’s voice. “We know you and Troy will be spending Saturday night here when everyone else is away. So stop lying about it, okay?”

Dakota’s retort was cutting. “So why are we having this conversation?”

“Because we do not want to see evidence of Troy and you having a sleepover much less Troy himself when we get back, okay Dakota? When your father and I went to Sydney for the long weekend, we came back on Monday morning to you wearing Troy’s shirt over your knickers and Troy only wearing his underpants, both of you lying together on the couch. You couldn’t even be bothered to make up our bed where you and Troy obviously spent the night. And the condoms you left on your father’s bedside table? Not very bright Dakota, not very bright at all.”

“At least you know I’m not going to get pregnant.”

“Yes, but your father and I do not want to see any details of what you and Troy get up to. Do I make myself clear, Dakota?”

“Fine!” Dakota’s face was not visible to Richie, but he could bet that she was wearing her sulky and dramatic facial expression, this confirmed when she spoke again. “Do you think I can go and get ready now Mum? Seriously, you always do this to me. I’m going out for a fun night with my boyfriend and friends, and you put me in a bad mood before I even leave the house.”

Richie had not pressed the doorbell as yet because while listening to his mother and sister argue as he needed to process some thoughts about solving various problems in his life as it was at present. All the way over while worrying about driving all the way to the Gold Coast tonight and having to walk around holding hands with his sister, he had also been thinking about an injury or illness he could convincingly fake to get out of playing football tomorrow afternoon.

However, he had been forgetting one thing. With everyone else away for the Saturday night, Dakota would be sure to have Troy stay overnight. She wasn’t allowed to have Troy spend the night when either parent was there, but she sure as hell made up for it when left to her own devices or it was just her and Richie in the house. On quite a few occasions Richie had heard the unmistakable sounds of Troy fucking Dakota stupid in her bedroom and the pair showering or bathing together.

If Richie and Troy were still in each other’s bodies on Saturday night, then Dakota would expect Troy to come back to the house with her and have some X-rated fun Fatih Escort in the bedroom, with no idea that this was in fact her brother masquerading as her boyfriend. If things went the way Dakota clearly planned on Saturday evening, the outcome would be very disturbing. But if Richie played football in Troy’s stead, then the unfamiliar exercise would make him sore and tired and unable to do the things with Dakota she would want to do. Provided Richie could avoid serious injury and stay away from the ball as much as possible in the game — which could be easily achieved given he knew nothing about Australian Rules football — this solution might work.

Gritting his teeth, Richie resolved that he would play football tomorrow to avoid an even greater problem arising on Saturday night. There was of course still the hope that this body swap thing would be a 24 hour thing and the whole thing could be avoided, but if didn’t then this was probably the best course of action.

Before Richie could press the doorbell, the tall blonde figure of his mother appeared in the hallway, barefoot and wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. Jodie turned towards the door, jumping in shock as she caught sight of a tall masculine figure at the screen door. She patted her beating heart in her chest under her D-cup breasts and glared ferociously at the figure at the door. Not only was Troy making a nuisance of himself at their house most days, now he was scaring the crap out of her by suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Richie could see how pissed off his mother was as she strode towards the front door. “Sorry Jodie, did I scare you?”

“Yes Troy, you did,” said Jodie, opening the front door.

“Sorry,” Richie apologized, as he entered the house.

“Dakota’s getting ready so you’ll have to wait,” said Jodie dismissively.

“Actually, is Richie around?” Richie asked.

“Richie? Why do you want to see him?”

Richie tried to sound casual. “I’m having trouble with one of the apps on my phone, and Richie’s really good with IT-related matters.”

Jodie rolled her eyes. Normally Troy would not say ‘IT related matters’ he would say ‘computer shit’ but not wanting to stand around talking with her daughter’s dickhead boyfriend, she said dismissively “He’s in his bedroom.”

“Thanks Jodie.” It still seemed strange to be calling his mother by her first name, but strange was definitely the order of the day this Friday the thirteenth.

Going into his bedroom Richie saw Troy sitting on the bed, listening to music on his headphones. He looked up as Richie entered and took off the headphones.

“Hi Richie!” he yelled out, still partially deaf from listening to the music turned up so loud.

“Quiet!” hissed Richie, indicating for Troy to turn his voice down and not raise suspicions from his mother or sister if they overheard. “We need to talk about tomorrow and what we’re going to have to do, so let’s go for a walk around the block while Dakota’s getting ready.”

Richie added, “We’ll have plenty of time she’ll take ages to get ready,”, with Troy also saying “She’ll take ages to get ready,” in exact synch.

The two young men looked at each other, but said nothing more. Richie wondered if they were now thinking alike, but even if they hadn’t swapped bodies and were talking normally, they both would have said the same thing at the same time. Vain and shallow Dakota without doubt took ages to get ready.

On the way down the hallway, they passed the cat which did not respond to Richie in Troy’s body but glared at Troy in Richie’s body. Setting back its ears the cat spat and growled at the young man, and with her fur puffed up she ran off, hissing.

“I don’t think the cat likes me,” said Troy. “I tried to pat her and she growled and tried to scratch me.”

“Your dog is acting the same back at your place,” said Richie. “Animals see things differently, they have that sixth sense and know when something isn’t right.”

In the living room Jodie was watching as her son and daughter’s boyfriend walked across the front lawn, and the suspicious woman frowned. Troy supposedly wanted Richie’s help with a phone problem, but now they were off walking together, neither boy holding a phone. Jodie shook her head. What were they up to?

“I’m glad you came over,” said Troy. “I was a bit worried about tomorrow. Are you and Chad and Lachlan working at that electronics store on the weekend? I don’t know how to do your job.”

“You can relax, I’m not working this weekend, I’m not rostered on,” said Richie. “In fact you get to have a really good weekend, that’s if we don’t change back tonight. Tomorrow morning, you and Dad are going out down to the Gold Coast to see Dad’s brother, Uncle Gary. He and his wife Aunty Cheryl have this really nice house in Southport. Then you are really lucky, because you, Dad, Uncle Gary, my cousin Jack and Grandpa are going on Uncle Gary’s boat for the day. And not just any boat, it’s a big cabin cruiser.”

“A boat that is awesome!” exclaimed Troy. “I Fatih Escort Bayan love fishing.”

“Actually Troy, we don’t go fishing.”

“Water skiing then? I’ve always wanted to go waterskiing.” Troy’s excitement was clear in his face.

“No, not waterskiing either.”

Troy looked confused. “Well, what then?”

“It’s kind of a tradition for us — a guys’ day out,” said Richie. “We go out on the boat and have a games day. Dad, Uncle Gary, Grandpa, my cousin Jack and I play games.”

“Games? What sort of games? Computer games?”

“Board games, sometimes. Other times its games like celebrity heads or word or number puzzles. It’s a lot of fun, trust me.”

Troy wasn’t overly convinced, but shrugged his shoulders in acceptance. At least the Gold Coast was a scenic spot and he could enjoy the spectacular views if nothing else.

Another challenge Troy had was trying to remember this branch of his girlfriend’s family. He had a hard enough time trying to remember his own extended family. Both his parents had a number of brothers and sisters, they had kids of their own and some grandkids so it was always a challenge to remember them. And Kayleigh’s husband Dwayne had two brothers and three sisters, so there was another large family Troy had to remember there.

“I don’t really know your Aunty and Uncle and their family from the Gold Coast,” said Troy, looking worried. “Oh hang on, I think I did meet them at Dakota’s eighteenth?”

“And my eighteenth,” Richie reminded him.


“Dakota and I have the same birthday, we’re twins, remember?” said Richie. “And yes you did meet them, but there was a lot of people there that night and I think you only got introduced in passing.”

Richie thought back and realized that this would probably be the only time Troy would have met this branch of the family. There should have been other chances to meet them, but for some reason circumstances had prevented this. For example, at Christmas the family had visited on Boxing Day but Troy had found at the hard way that going for a run at midday in the sweltering Queensland heat and humidity was not a good idea, and was paying the penalty the next day with a bad dose of heat exhaustion. Another time the families were supposed to meet for lunch one Sunday at the Gold Coast’s Burleigh Beach, but Dakota was lousy with a dose of summer flu that had her off school a week so did not attend and obviously Troy did not either. And Gary and Cheryl’s daughter Ashley’s eighteenth birthday had coincided with Troy being away on a football training camp, so he did not attend this family event with his girlfriend.

“Your Uncle Gary, your dad’s brother, he looks like your dad only he has glasses right?”

“Right,” affirmed Richie. “He’s a judge.”

“A judge?” Troy looked puzzled. “Dakota said he was a lawyer.”

“Yes, he is a lawyer,” affirmed Richie. “But you have to be a lawyer before you can become a judge.”

“Really, you don’t go to university and just become a judge?”

“No, of course not, you need to qualify as a lawyer, be admitted to the bar and practice law for years before you can be considered to be a judge. It’s like being a surgeon, you have to be a doctor first, or an orthodontist, you have to be a dentist first.”

Richie could see Troy was not convinced, but he shrugged and seemed to accept what Richie was saying, then asked, “What about your Aunty Cheryl?”

“She’s a barrister.”

“A barrister? Cool!” Troy grinned. “I hope she offers me a coffee when we go there.”

“No, not a barista, a barrister,” Richie explained patiently. “She’s a lawyer like Uncle Gary, she prosecutes cases in court.”

Richie thought about his aunt and uncle with increasing unease. His Uncle Gary was a nice guy and Richie enjoyed spending time with him, but years in court dealing with the worst of humanity and having to control trials made him a formidable man who could spot a lie from 100 miles away and he did not suffer fools gladly. As for Aunty Cheryl, she was a nice enough lady out of court, but put her in court and despite her diminutive size she could tear apart any defendant or defense witness in the stand. Troy had better not stuff up during this Saturday, as the two lawyers would pick up straight away if anything seemed wrong.

“You’ll like my cousin Jack,” Richie assured Troy. “He’s your age, he goes to university and he’s a really nice guy.”

“Oh yeah, I remember when you, Chad and Lachlan went down to that science fiction convention on the Gold Coast you went with Jack,” said Troy. “Dakota laughed at you for wearing costumes.”

“Yes, she did laugh, didn’t she?” mumbled Richie. “Anyway, Jack likes science fiction just like me, so we’ve always gotten along well.”

“What about his sister?”

“Ashley? Yeah, I get on well with her too, but we don’t see each other that much. She and Dakota are friends on social media, but even they don’t tend to meet much in person. She’s the same age as us, and in Year 12 too, Escort Fatih but obviously she goes to a school on the Gold Coast. Her schedule is pretty busy, she’s an excellent ballerina.”

“Are your aunt and Ashley going on the boat?”

“No, it’s just the guys. Here, I’ll show you a picture of them. Pass me your — I mean my phone.”

Troy held out the phone to Richie, who brought up a photograph. “There we all are, on the boat.”

Troy was most impressed by Gary’s cabin cruiser — obviously judges earned a lot of money to afford such a fine boat — and looked at the guys in the photo. Richie stood with his father, and the cousin Jack — tall with light brown hair — with his own father and two older men to their right. The photo was several years old, Richie and Jack looking younger than their current ages.

“That’s Grandpa Bob, he’s Dad and Uncle Gary’s father.” Richie pointed to the older man who stood next to Gary.

“What about the other old guy, who is he, is he coming too?”

Richie shook his head. “No. That’s Great Uncle Alf, Grandpa Bob’s brother. He died about 18 months ago, he had cancer.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” said Troy. He then thought. “But isn’t their Mum still alive? Dakota said we were going to her birthday party at Southbank on Sunday.”

“That’s right,” Richie affirmed. “Great Grandma Lillian. She turns 99 on Sunday. She lives in a retirement home, but she’s still as and fit and sharp as ever.”

Troy was most impressed. “Wow, that’s really old. Hey, do you know that if your great grandmother lives another year, she’ll be 100 years old?”

“I did have some idea,” said Richie. “She’ll get a telegram from the Queen.”

“How about the King?” Troy wanted to know.

“The King?” Richie was dumbfounded. “Troy there isn’t a king. There hasn’t been a king since 1952.”

“What about the Queen’s husband? Isn’t he a King?”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Richie assured Troy, then put the topic back on track. “So this weekend, you don’t have to worry about much, just sit back and relax. You’ll go down to the Gold Coast with Dad early tomorrow, go on the boat for the day, stay overnight at my uncle and aunt’s house, go out with the family for coffee on Sunday morning before returning to Brisbane for Great Grandma’s birthday at Southbank. How good is that?”

“Yeah, it does sound good, but I’d rather be playing football for the Roosters and going out to the movies with Dakota on Saturday night,” said Troy.

“Who knows? We might change back overnight and that will still happen. So, about me. I know I have to play football in the afternoon, but what’s the plan?”

Troy thought about this. “Kaley does this group fitness class on Saturday mornings, and she brings her kids across to be babysat, so you’ll get to know my niece and nephew. Then we’ll go and watch Justin’s soccer match. Dakota’s only working a morning shift at her job, so she’ll come by and pick you up and drive you to the Crocodiles match. The whole family’s going.”

Richie thought this was great, now all of Troy’s family would be there to see him making a fool of himself attempting to play football, but he made no comment and the pair returned to the house, where Dakota had finished dressing for the evening and emerged from her bedroom.

Dakota’s beautiful blonde hair was tied back in her usual high pony tail, but this time she had tied it back with a white scrunchie. Dakota’s scrunchie matched the open white shoes she wore that showed off her pretty feet, but her white blouse showed much more, the plunging neckline showing much of her D-cup cleavage. The tall teenager’s long legs were clad in blue jeans, the tight denim showing off her wonderful arse. Between her legs, the tight fabric pushed Dakota’s white knickers up into her pussy and between her bum cheeks.

Looking at her boyfriend and brother as they approached her, Dakota offered no welcoming smile. “I want to talk to both of you,” she said sternly. Troy and Richie looked at each other, wondering who would cop her sharp tongue.

It was Troy who was first in the firing line, although Dakota obviously thought she was talking to her brother. “Richie, what was going on at school today?”

Troy shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what you mean Dakota.”

“I mean making a fool of yourself in English and Chemistry making those stupid jokes about Charles Dickens and the planet Uranus, and then showing off in PE. Since when did you learn to be good at sports? Normally at PE you’re as much use as tits on a bull.”

“Sorry Dakota.” Troy thought it better to apologize and say nothing more.

Dakota then turned to Richie, perceiving him to be her boyfriend. “And you, what’s up with forgetting how to drive today Troy? Even he can drive better than you did today.” Dakota pointed at Troy, then glared at both of them, both boys intimidated by her glare and steely blue eyes.

“You Richie, you stop acting stupid at school and embarrassing me in front of my friends,” ordered Dakota. “And as for you Troy, if you think that deliberately driving badly will convince me to drive instead tonight, forget it. You are driving tonight, and I am driving tomorrow. That is the way it is, and you will drive properly. Now we had better get going and no weird driving.”

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