Bound and Trained by Panties Pt. 03

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After having bound, full-penetration intercourse with Patty, Tom believed they were star-crossed lovers. He called her constantly, stalked her on the internet, and often slept in his car outside her house. Finally, just to keep a semblance of her privacy, she was forced to turn over the magical nightstand panties just to give him something to sniff and wrap around his dick when he masturbated. The ploy worked for a few weeks and she was able to resume her other interests, but then he showed up at her field hockey game one day looking like a used-up crack addict. She finally walked over in her short uniform and talked to him.

“Tom, what are you doing here?”

“Who me? Oh, I love field hockey! Didn’t I tell you?” he explained in a jumpy manner.

“Are you okay? You look tired.”

“Oh no, I’m good! Just wondering where you’ve been?”

“Well, you know, just doing my school stuff. How about you?”

“Me? Ah, you know, just doing my motocross stuff. Stealin’ trophies.”

“Wow! Great!”

Tom nodded his head and kicked at the ground.

“So why don’t you call me?” he said in a suddenly pathetic voice.

“Well, it’s hard now that my parents are home.”

Tom nodded and twitched.

“Yeah, if they only knew what their little girl does while they’re away!”

“That’s not fair, Tom!” she chastised, “You know I love what we have.”

“Look, I just need a short visit. We can go somewhere… take a drive!”

“I need to be here for another hour and then I have to study!”

“Okay, just ten minutes! After the game!”

Patty looked back at her teammates in indecision.

“Okay, where are you parked?”

“Right here.” He said pointing.

“Alright, see you in an hour.”

As he waited for her in his car he sniffed at her panties that he carried with him everywhere and thought back to the sweet pressure of her pussy that day around his captive prick. He drifted along with glassy eyes until he saw her approaching. She climbed into the passenger seat with a certain cautiousness.

“Where do you want to go?” he offered.

“Let’s just stay here and talk.”

“Are you seeing someone else?” he blurted.

“No, but I’m worried that you’re getting too obsessed with this.” She told him as she looked down and saw the panties on the console.

“Can’t we just… maybe you could just sit on me… here.” he suggested.

“No Tom, not here. But Troy is having a party this weekend. Why don’t we meet there?”

“Troy? Troy! Holy shit! Is that who you’re seeing?!”

“No! Don’t be disgusting!”

Tom took a breath and calmed himself.

“Okay, sure. Let’s meet there.” He agreed.

“Great! I’ve really missed you, Tom.”

“I hope so.”

She gave him a peck on the lips and then got out and walked off into the twilight.

At Troy’s party he found her sitting on a couch between two football players. He tried to play it cool by hanging around the punch bowl talking to Sue Bonner, the girl with the biggest tits in town, but his eyes never left Patty. Then Dave arrived.

“What up, Loser!” he called out from behind.

“Yo Dude.” Tom replied with low energy.

“So, where the fuck have you been?”

“Oh, just chillin'”

“Really! I heard you got bit!”


“Bit by the bug!”

“Who told you that?”

“A little birdie!”

Tom knew his secret was out then. After all, it was a small town.

“It’s nothing serious.” He tried to explain.

“Riiiiight! Hey, she hot! Congratulations!


Tom was struck with paranoia now. How were he and Patty going to be alone if everyone knew? As far as he was concerned all these people at this party were nothing but cock blockers. In the meantime, Patty was still in the same place between the two knuckle draggers and he was getting impatient. He guessed it was time to bring Dave into this.

“Hey, can you tell Patty I need to see her?” he asked him.

“No problemo!”

He watched as Dave went over and talked to Patty and then shot the breeze with the jocks. Patty got up then and walked to where he was.

“Hi handsome!” she said.

“Hey!” he Casibom replied with a new outlook.

Patty was wearing skin tight bell bottoms with a halter top. Her hair was pulled up and she had frosted lipstick on. Tom thought she was a vision. He shivered as he realized how close he was to getting his face and cock into her again. She looked up at him with admiration and mischief.

“Would you like a tour of the house?” she offered with a wry smile.

“Why yes!” he replied.

Patty took his hand and lead him away. They went up an open staircase that lead to a balcony and then turned and went down a hallway. Tom couldn’t help watching Patty’s ass as it wiggled just in front of him. Her dirty panty scent rushed back into his brain like an elixir. They were going to do it right here! They were going to fuck each other like real people!

She stopped abruptly at a door and lightly knocked. Then she turned the knob and they entered the unlit room. They were finally safe. As soon as the door was closed he tried to jump on her.

“Wait a minute, stud muffins!” she reminded him, “Aren’t we forgetting how this thing works?”

He ceased his attempted groping and took a step back.

“What do you mean?”

She walked into the room which had a queen size bed in the corner and opened the walk-in closet. She went in and started rummaging around. When Tom walked to the closet door he understood what she was looking for.

“Can’t we just do it like regular people this once?” he complained, “Do you know how frustrating it is to have my hands tied down when a woman like you is naked on top of me?”

“Yes! That’s exactly how I want you to feel!” she asserted.

She finally located several lamp cords on the closet shelf and brought them out. She went to the bed and pulled off the comforter.

“I think I’ve been spoiling you.” She told him, “I ought to hang you up by your arms and whip you!”

As much as Tom just wanted to fill his arms and mouth up with her, this kind of talk made him instantly weak. She walked towards him pulling the cords taut between her hands. She circled him, her face full of wickedness.

“You’ve been a little confused these past weeks… acting like you’re the one in control of this thing.” She continued, “I think you need to be disabused of these ideas… or perhaps… just abused!”

Tom’s urge to dominate her melted away with these words. Being tied up at least guaranteed he would have her pussy and ass on him soon.

“Yes, maybe you’re right.” He said.


She thrashed him across the ass with the cords.

“Definitely!” he corrected.

“Pull these pants down!”

Tom followed her command and undid his shorts. He let them fall to the floor.

“Underwear too!” she ordered, her voice stern, but still sweetly feminine.

He peeled those down as well and as he did he felt the cords impact strongly against his bare ass. The stinging pain almost made him call out. She circled around him again looking in the direction of his prick.

“I ought to tie this around your cock and pull it tight!”

This threat had him concerned. It seemed her sadism was escalating.

“You could always smother me, like you did last time.” He suggested.

“Hmmm…” she pondered, “that might be entertaining…”

A bolt of adrenaline shot up from Tom’s stomach into his throat with these words.

“…take the rest of your clothes off and get on the bed!”

He quickly pulled his shirt and shoes off and laid down on the high, broad bed. She stood there observing him for a moment as if trying to decide what to do.

“Put your head towards the foot of the bed.” She redirected.

He adjusted his position and she bound his wrists together over his head and then tied the other end of the cord to the lower bed frame. Then she tied his feet together and connected them to the headboard.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

The cords were tighter and not as comfortable as the terry cloth robe ties she had used before, but Tom didn’t plan on struggling that much anyway.

“Feels good to me.” He told her.


Tom Casibom Giriş waited anxiously now for her to peel those tight jeans of hers off. He wanted to see her from beneath in her panties with her big thighs and bulging pussy mound staring down at him, the way he had seen her the last time they were together. But she went back into the closet instead.

“Where are you going?” he asked as he twisted his neck to follow her.

She re-emerged with an elongated pillow case moments later. She folded it in two several times long ways.

“What’s that?”

“Your blindfold.”

“Do we have to use that again?”

“Are you complaining?”

Tom realized then that if this was the only way he could get her pussy on him again, he didn’t care.

“No! No!” he blurted.


She wrapped the folded bedding around his upper face and tied it in the back.

“Are we all dark?” she checked.



Tom felt the familiar panic of enforced blindness again as he shifted restlessly against his tethers. He was reduced once more to a man who could sense the world only by skin sensation, smell and sound. But there were no sounds to be detected for a while.

“Patty?” He called out with a hint of fear.

“Yes, I’m here.” She reassured him.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting out of my clothes.”

Tom listened carefully like a man trying to detect a flea belch at a thousand yards. He heard the sound of material rumpling.

“Are you taking your pants off?”


The sound of elastic, and then material sliding over skin, was next.

“I’m naked now, Tom.”

“Are you?”



“Do you want to smell my panties?”

“Oh god! Yes!”

“Let me put them on your face.”

Tom’s body tensed as the nylon panties touched down around his nose. He shook noticeably as he drew in his first inhalation. He knew them immediately. His nose discerned the trademarked chemistry of their fine secretions; urine combined with musky poon combined with a hint of well-washed ass.

She slipped them around his head and then he felt her weight on the bed as she climbed up beside him. His arms tugged at his restraints involuntarily.

“Looks like this cock of yours is having some problems.” She announced as she tapped on it with her finger, “Does someone need to have his face sat on?”

Shockwaves rumbled through him.

“Oh yeah!” he whimpered.

He felt the bed give as she repositioned herself.

“Can you take the panties off my face so I can taste you?” he requested.

“Yes, Tom.”

He felt the panties get pulled up and off as she was lowering herself down on him. As her ass landed on him he received the full throttle version of her sex scent. His hips bucked up reflexively. Then her labial meat pressed down on top of his mouth.

“Lick that cunt, Tommy!” she pleaded.

She was already wet so his tongue was able to easily slide up and down from her clit to her fuck hole.

“That’s it, Tom! That cock of yours is getting hard now!” She reported without attempting to touch it.

Tom kept rooting around in her, basking in her feral scent and groaning. He penetrated her with his tongue and then sucked at the hood of her clit. She started to make strange noises then. His licking became frenzied as he sensed her response. He licked her up and down and then paused at her clit each time to tease it. He felt the muscles in her ass tensing.

“Oh yes, Tom! That’s it!” she coached.

Her entire body began to shutter then and a deep trembling cry rose up from her. The sound of it surprised him as it rang out again and again. He felt her ass contract on his face and her pussy pulse steadily like a heartbeat against his tongue. Several minutes passed before she was able to speak.

“Oh Tom! I wanna fuck you now! Oh shit!”

“Yeah, climb on that cock!”

He felt her lift off of him then and shift around to sit on his prick. He pulled at his restraints again reflexively. He wanted to get his hands on her ass and guide himself in and out of her, but she had no use for such Casibom Yeni Giriş frivolities. She gripped his long prick quickly and pushed it into her cunt with little ceremony.

“Aaahh!” he called out as his cock disappeared up into her.

He pulled at the cords with intention now and lifted his head up and down fitfully as she slow fucked him. He could hear the sound of her juices as her hole sucked him in each time. His gland was pounding with blood as her wetness encased it with determined rhythm. She got up into a squatting position and started bobbing on him after that.

“Oh Patty!” he yelled out, “How can you fuck me so good!”

He continued to pull against the restraints as her cunt pile drove him like a machine. Her sweat dripping down onto his chest and her grunting soon had his cock ready for imminent ejaculation. But then she said something that brought him right to the brink.

“Do you want to see me when you come, Tom?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! I wanna see you! Yeah!”

“Do you?”

“Oh yes! Please! Take the blindfold off! I wanna see you!”

“Okay Tom! I can feel you! You’re so hard!”

“Oh shit! Shit! Oh fuck! I’m coming!”

Tom’s bloated member began to unload into her just then, and as it did, he felt the blindfold get pulled off of his face. The first thing he saw as his cock pulsated and pushed its semen up was a shadowy figure on top of him undulating back and forth. But as his pupils adjusted to the light he recognized something that terrified him. The woman wasn’t Patty at all!

The lights of the room came on then and the full weight of the horror was delivered to him. Sitting on his cock- milking the last drops of cum out of him- was Darcy!

“No! No!” he yelled.

People started to stream into the room then. Tom didn’t know what was more horrifying, the image of Darcy on top of him or the people who were pushing in for a free show! He looked back and there stood Dave and Patty laughing with the others. Darcy just stayed on top of him with her red hair covering most of her childish face. Dave, Patty and Troy walked up to the side of the bed after they had had their laughs.

“Well Loser, you deserved this one!” Dave told him.

“Yeah, isn’t it amazing that he still wanted to have sex with me… even after he found out I had herpes!” Patty jabbed as she stood there holding the blindfold.

“Oh- what a tangled web we weave…” Troy Branson added with superior flair.

From his position on the bed Tom was still lost in confusion.

“Wait- but we had sex at your house! You even gave me your dirty panties!” he told Patty.

Patty just smiled at Darcy and then looked back at him.

“Those weren’t my panties, Tom.”

Then the three of them and the other onlookers filed out of the room. Seconds later, Troy poked his head back in.

“Oh and don’t worry. I’ll put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. You kids have fun!”

“Where are you going?! Come back!” Tom called to him in desperation.

The door closed and Darcy looked down on him with a self-satisfied smirk.

“Do you want me to put my panties over your face again, Tom?”

“Wait! So Dave and Patty have been… “

“Yes Tom, they’ve been fucking each other for months now. Paybacks are a bitch, huh.

“So Patty and I never really…”


Tom’s mind reeled.

“Are all of you really that fucking sneaky?”


Darcy stood up after this and let Tom’s flaccid member fall out of her. She straddled his chest as his cum began to drip down from her hairy red hole.

“What do you think a good name for our baby will be?” she asked as she grabbed her chin in mock contemplation, “How about Patrick?”

Tom moaned and yanked up hard against the cord binding his hands, but it held firm.

A week later Patty went to Dave’s house and saw Tom’s car outside. When she went in she expected to see the two of them shooting the shit as usual, but to her surprise Dave was in the living room alone watching Unsolved Mysteries.

“So where’s your partner in crime?” she asked.

Dave only pointed to the ceiling in annoyance.

Patty sat down next to him and smiled as she overheard the noise of a banging headboard coming from Darcy’s room upstairs. As the pounding increased in frequency she had to suppress a giggle. It seemed a woman’s dirty panties were indeed a powerful training tool!

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