Breaking In Anne

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Anne arrived at the studio located somewhere outside Metro Manila and was let inside the set by the lady manning the desk. She looked around at the set where her audition would take place and saw that it was done up like some nondescript motel room. She sat patiently on the bed, waiting for her co-star. She was a little nervous but that was normal. Anne was an up-and-coming actress with a few movies and soaps to her credit. She found her roles limiting, however. Perhaps because of her mixed Filipina-Australian appearance, she was usually relegated to playing somebody’s “exotic” girlfriend or somebody’s girlfriend’s bitchy rival. Admittedly, it paid the bills and allowed her to live well enough on her own. Still, she craved something new—a change of image or a new direction or something like that. She’d already done a liquor commercial and did a swimsuit spread in a men’s magazine but that hadn’t helped much. At most, it had her male fans wanting more. She knew that a lot of them had been taking bets as to when she’d do her first softcore adult film. Well, she told herself, she was about to audition for a hardcore movie. Wouldn’t all those guys be creaming their shorts if and when they ever saw this, she thought.

Her director and her co-star arrived a few minutes later. The director was most probably a full-blooded Filipino while her co-star looked Filipino-American. He was tall and handsome, but not in a metrosexual kind of way. He seemed to be the kind of guy that girls feel comfortable being with once they got to know him. That put her at ease somewhat.

“Hi. You’re Anne?” the director said to her, holding out his hand. “My name’s B.W. This is Patrick. He’ll be working with you today.”

“Hello,” Anne said, shaking his hand. “Pleased to meet you both. Are we starting now?”

“Hold on, Anne,” B.W. told her. “First of all, are you sure you’re up for this? You told my assistant in your interview that you were open to trying out some hardcore-type action. Being a first-timer, I have to be sure that you’re okay about this.”

“Yes, I am. I’m kind of nervous but I’m not backing out. After all, it’s not as if I’m having my cherry popped.” Anne laughed a little at her answer.

Patrick laughed with her. “Okay, then. Since this will be your first time, I figure anal is the way to go, as far as going hardcore is concerned. Have you ever done anal sex?”

“No…I tried it with an ex but he didn’t now how. Neither did I. I just got curious after watching it on film.”

Patrick smiled at her. “Okay. Don’t worry. I’ll take it easy. I’ll walk you through it, so to speak. Let’s just go with the flow and see where it leads. We’ll do the anal as a climax.”

“That’s right. And if it feels uncomfortable or it hurts, we’ll stop,” B.W., added. “Like I said when we first talked, this isn’t a white-slavery ring or anything like that.”

Anne looked at Patrick and then at B.W. She thought about what they said and then made up her mind.

“Let’s do it,” she declared.

While B.W. checked the camera setup, Anne changed outfits in the dressing room. Once again, she felt nervous. Nobody knew where she was. She’d told her friends that she was going to do some research for a role that she was interested in pursuing. She laughed softly, knowing that if her parents—God rest their souls—were the ones who found out what she was up to, she would most likely be on a plane back to Australia where she would spend the rest of her life away from show business and in anonymity. As for her friends, they’d be shocked half out of their wits.

Okay, Anne, this is it, not turning back now, she told herself as she stepped back onto the set. Instead of the blouse, jeans, and sneakers she’d worn, she now had on a short red peek-a-boo spaghetti-strap top and a red t-back bottom. Patrick was already naked. He had a nicely-toned body that he probably kept fit for these movies by going to the gym a lot. Anne could see his cock dangling between his muscular thighs. It was still flaccid but she could see that it was a bigger than her ex’s. It was nothing that she couldn’t handle—or so she hoped.

“Anytime you’re ready, Anne,” B.W. called out to her. “Just go with the flow and relax, okay?”

Patrick looked at her silently. There was a questioning look on his face. Anne simply nodded, went over to the edge of the bed, and sat down. Patrick understood. She watched as he came closer and stood before her. He began playing with his cock. It slowly came to life as he stroked it.

“Hey, baby—wanna play with me?” he asked Anne softly. He came slightly closer, almost putting his cock to her face.

Anne looked up at him and smiled teasingly. “Sure, baby,” she replied, taking his cock in her hand and taking over from him. She began to stroke his cock back and forth, back and forth.

Patrick was stunned. He hadn’t expected her to be able to jack off his cock that good. Her hand was soft but her grip was firm. She’d already mentioned that she wasn’t a virgin but he figured she wasn’t almanbahis adres that experienced. Anne’s hand was already making him hot and hard.

“You want more, baby?” Anne asked him before she began to jack him off faster. She was surprised as she felt his cock becoming even harder; she kept her cool, however, not wanting to get all scared and blow the audition. He’s probably ready to explode, Anne thought. She decided that it was time to up the ante. Without warning, she slid his cock halfway into her mouth and began to suck on it back and forth while her hand kept a firm grip on its lower half.

“Ohhh, shiiitttt…baby, wooowwww!!!” was all Patrick could say. Anne was pleased to hear his reaction. She was even more pleased when he grabbed her by the head and started to slide his cock in and out of her mouth like he was fucking her. Just like Richie, she said to herself, letting go of his shaft and holding on to his hips.

“Ahhh…damn, you’re good, baby! Fuck, you’re good!” Patrick said. He slid his cock out of her mouth and started to remove her clothing. Anne helped him out and got herself naked in no time. She was about to resume eating his meat but he stopped her.

“Get on the bed, on your hands and knees,” Patrick told her. Anne obeyed, wondering if she was going to dog-style her. He slapped her butt, making her gasp a little. “No,” he said, “facing me.”

The minute Anne had her face to his cock, he rammed it into her mouth. He began to fuck her mouth faster, harder, and deeper. Anne didn’t know what to do; she had to keep her balance but, at the same time, she instinctively wanted to hold on to his cock to keep it from choking her. She reached for his cock. Patrick stopped her and held her hand behind her in a hammerlock. She tried again and Patrick did the same thing with her other hand. With his free hand, he held her by the hair and continued to fuck her mouth.

Anne closed her eyes and tried not to gag. Patrick’s cock was thick and hard inside her mouth and his thrusts nearly drove it all the way to her throat. Strangely enough, despite the discomfort, she didn’t really feel any pain, In fact, she was actually getting aroused. She could feel her pussy getting moist as she took in Patrick’s cock. She wished she could finger herself but her hands were in Patrick’s strong grip.

After several moments, Patrick took his cock out of her mouth and let go of her hands. He told her to lie down and she did.

“You’ve got nice tits, baby, did you know that?” Patrick said, straddling her. He began to rub the tip of his cock on her right nipple.

“Yeah? You like my tits?” she asked. She was starting to get into the groove of the audition, she knew it—and, she had to admit, she was enjoying it.

“Fuck, yeah,” Patrick answered and put his cock on her cleavage. Then he squeezed her two well-developed breasts around it. Like a bun around a hotdog, Anne thought, smiling.

“Oh, you like this, huh?” He began to slide his cock back and forth. “All right, let’s see how you like being tit-fucked.”

Anne felt the heat and the hardness of Patrick’s cock as it moved back and forth between her breasts. He was also mashing her breasts, pinching and pulling at her rosy-red nipples. It hurt a bit but, again, Anne actually felt aroused despite the pain—or maybe because of it. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation of having a large, fully-aroused cock between her breasts. None of her ex-boyfriends had done this to her; she hadn’t wanted them to even try. If they could see me now, she said to herself.

After a while, she could feel the tip of Patrick’s cock brushing against her lips. She opened her eyes and watched as he thrust forward once again. The glistening head of his cock touched her lips once more. Anne waited for him to repeat his action and then, when it came within range, she flicked her tongue out and licked the hole of his cock.

“Oh, you little slut…you really like my cock, huh?” Patrick said. “Do that again.” He slid his cock forward. Anne’s tongue obediently licked at the tip. Patrick let his cock stay in that position for a few moments, savoring the feel of Anne’s wet, hot tongue lapping at his cock’s head.

“Yeah, lick my cock, Anne,” Patrick said, enjoying the sight of Anne lapping at his cock like a little girl working on a lollipop. Her sweet, innocent face was in ecstasy as she tongued his cock.

“You like my cock so much, Anne, here it is again!” Patrick shouted, taking his cock out from her cleavage. He jammed it into Anne’s mouth, pinning her to the bed by her hands. He didn’t bother to start slow and gentle anymore. He just started pumping up and down.

Anne let out a muffled cry. Patrick’s cock was violating her mouth again and she couldn’t stop him. She had to will herself not to choke. Of course, her body was responding differently from her thoughts. She felt her pussy growing wetter with every push Patrick’s cock made into her mouth. His balls bounced up and down against her chin.

Relax, almanbahis adres just relax, she told herself. She focused on the motion of Patrick’s pumping. She waited until his cock was inside her mouth and then sucked on it as hard as she could. She felt him stop momentarily. “Fuck, yeaaahhhh!!! Suck me!!!” he yelled. When her mouth relaxed its grip around his cock, he pulled it out and then pushed it in. Again she sucked on his cock as hard as she could. When they’d found a rhythm, Patrick began to slow his pumping down a bit. Anne, for her part, was now enjoying the mouth-fucking she was receiving.

Patrick watched as Anne closed her eyes and went to work sucking his cock while he fucked her in the mouth. She’s a natural, he thought. I hope we get to keep her as a talent. She’d be fun to work with. As she continued to eat his meat, Patrick decided to give her a treat of her own. He shifted positions until he was facing her pussy. He brushed her thick pubic hair aside gently and found that she was already wet. Smiling, he inserted his middle finger into her pussy and began searching for her clit.

Anne’s eyes flew wide open as she felt something moving around inside her pussy. Her first thought was that Patrick had stuck his cock inside her without her knowing it. But then she remembered that she still had her mouth around his thick rod. So what could that be—?

Then she felt whatever it is flick against her clit and nearly bit down on Patrick’s cock in surprise. His finger…it was his finger that was playing around inside her pussy. She moaned to herself. Patrick apparently heard her response and began to move his finger in and out of her pussy. Every time it went in, he would play with her clit, causing her to get even wetter and hornier. Patrick smiled as he listened to Anne’s muffled moans of delight. He toyed with her pussy more intently, using his middle finger. After a few moments, when he figured that she could take it, he added one more finger. Anne moaned again. Two fingers in her pussy…she never thought she would be able to handle that. And then she felt him insert a third finger. The sensation was incredible. Pain and pleasure were coursing through her body and mind. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she felt something rub against her pussy. It was wet and kind of soft…not hard like a finger…it brushed against her pussy again, then slowly entered her. It had to be Patrick’s tongue. Anne slipped Patrick’s cock out of her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, come on, eat me, Patrick…eat me…” she told him. Then she went back to sucking and licking his cock. Patrick obliged her request by licking the inside of her pussy like he was French-kissing it. The quick, hard movements of his tongue only set Anne off even more. Her hips bucked unconsciously to the rhythm of his tongue. Then Patrick slowed things down by playing the tip of his tongue up and down Anne’s slit. He felt Anne’s fingernails dig into his butt and her mouth suck harder on his cock. His tongue was driving her wild, he could tell. He heard her cry out, “Fuck me now! Fuck my wet pussy now!” Ignoring her, Patrick slowly slipped his tongue inside her pussy and reached for her clit. Once the tip of his tongue touched her clit, he began to tickle her clit. When he had her screaming again, he started sucking on her clit.

Anne stopped sucking on Patrick’s cock. She couldn’t do anything; she was paralyzed by the sensation of her clit being sucked as expertly as Patrick was doing. None of her ex-boyfriends were that good. Then she felt Patrick’s hips moving up and down, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. She held onto his firm butt, just taking in his cock. It was already so hard and so big. She wondered how it would feel like inside her pussy. She could already taste his precum leaking from the tip of his cock.

Patrick could sense Anne nearing climax as his tongue worked on her pussy; so was he, given how well she had been eating his meat. He decided to go to the main event, so to speak. He changed positions quickly. Anne had time enough only to see him kneel between her legs before she felt his huge cock thrust into her pussy.

“Aaahhh!!!” she cried out. Even if she wasn’t a virgin anymore, the sudden entry of such a hard, thick rod into her pussy caused a sharp thrill of pain to run through her. Patrick stopped and began to mash her breasts.

“So how do you like that, baby? You like a cock that big inside your pussy, baby?” he asked her, playing roughly with her nipples. Again, the combination of pain and pleasure excited Anne.

“Yeah, let’s see if you can fuck me hard with it,” she challenged him.

Patrick smiled. Anne was really a natural. She could improvise lines like a pro; now he hoped she could fuck like one. He took hold of her ankles and then lifted up her legs, hooking them by the calves onto his shoulders. Then he began to pump, quick and hard.

“Ahhh….uhhhmmm…..aaaahhhh….” was all Anne could say as Patrick’s cock assaulted her pussy. As wet almanbahis adres as it was, it still wasn’t easy to accommodate his big cock immediately. Anne noticed, though, that Patrick’s thrusts were fast but not deep. Apparently, he was doing that so that she could lubricate enough to make it easier for her to take his cock. She smiled; he was a real pro and considerate of his partners. She’d love to work with him again. She relaxed a bit and tried to enjoy what he was doing to her.

Patrick, for his part, could feel Anne’s pussy loosening up. She was also starting to ease up and enjoy herself. That was a good sign. He could now start trying other positions on her. “All right, baby, time to have some fun!” he declared. He removed Anne’s left leg from his shoulder and wrapped it around his waist. The other leg, he left as is. Then he switched to slow, deep thrusts.

“Oh, fuuuckkkk….oooohhhh….” Anne moaned. The penetration that she was getting in this position was sick. Patrick’s cock was reaching so much deeper inside her than any of her exes ever could. Then again, she thought, they weren’t as huge or as experienced as Patrick. His cock seemed to go all the way to the innermost core of her pussy. Now that it was wet and stretched to accommodate Patrick’s hot rod, she was really enjoying herself.

“You like this, huh, you little slut? You like my cock deep inside you?” Patrick said to her as he drove another thrust home.

“Fuck, yeah….fuck I love when you fuck me so deep…fuck me deeper! Fuck me!” Anne replied. She guided his head towards her waiting breasts. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and nibbled on it gently, pulling it with his lips while he mashed the other one. Anne cried out in delight. Her legs tried to grip Patrick tighter. In response, Patrick rammed her pussy some more.

After several moments, he decided to switch positions again. He untangled himself from her legs and slid his cock out of her pussy. He let her suck on it for a while then told her to get on her hands and knees but facing away from him this time. Anne knew what style he had in mind so she obeyed eagerly, waiting for him to stick his cock into her again. When it came into her pussy from behind, she let out a long moan of pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah, Patrick, yeah, fuck me like a dog, fuck me like a bitch!” she told him. She didn’t even wait for him to start pumping; rather, she began to move forward and back, bumping and grinding against him. Patrick smiled and told her to look at the camera while she was doing that. Anne did and gave B.W. her sluttiest smile. Patrick looked at the camera too, pleased that they were breaking Anne in easily so far.

“Okay, my turn,” he told her after a while. He grabbed her by the hips and began to go at her slow and deep once again. Anne cheered him on softly: “Yeah, that’s it, fuck me…fuck me, Patrick…fuck me…!”

“You want me to fuck you, baby?” Patrick replied teasingly, taking his time as he fucked her from behind.

“Yeah, fuck me!” Anne said.

“Fuck you how, baby?”

“Like a dog!”

“A dog?”

“Like bitch! Like a bitch!” She began to bump and grind against him with every thrust. Whenever his cock would enter deep, she would try to make it go in deeper, moving in little tight circles.

“You got it, slut!” Patrick shouted. That’s when he began to ram her from behind fast, hard, and deep. Anne was unprepared for such an assault. She dropped to a prone position on the bed. Her breasts were momentarily squeezed between her body and the bed. Patrick didn’t let up; he continued fucking her like she asked. Anne was ecstatic; she lifted herself up a bit by the elbows, giving her breasts room. Then she cupped them and played with her nipples to increase her pleasure.

Patrick saw what she was doing. Man, this girl can really get horny, he thought. He lifted up her hips and held onto them to give his cock more room to maneuver. He could hear Anne’s moans and gasps of pleasure as his cock went in and out of her pussy. He kept at it for several minutes more and then he took his cock out again. Anne looked back at him questioningly but then she understood what he was up to when he began to rub the tip of his cock up and down her anal cleft. He spread her butt cheeks and rubbed his precum onto her asshole.

“Hold it,” B.W. said. “I think, just to be sure, we should lubricate her.”

Patrick nodded. “Yeah, I agree.” B.W. handed him some K-Y Jelly. He was about to rub the jelly onto his cock when Anne asked for the container.

“Let me do it, please?” she said.

Patrick and B.W. looked at each other knowingly. They had a real gem here. Patrick knelt on the bed and gave the K-Y to Anne. She took a generous dollop and spread all over her hands. Then she began to stroke and squeeze Patrick’s cock in order to coat it thoroughly. B.W. told her to stop and went back to his post behind the camera. He signaled her to do it again. Anne went back to stroking Patrick’s thick rod with her jelly-covered hands. Patrick contented himself with watching their newfound star at work. She really knew how to jerk a guy’s cock. She didn’t do it hesitantly or carelessly; she did it with a sensitive touch that made him all the more harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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