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“Alright, Jesse, Whatcha got?” John Luke asked dorm mate mischievously.

The two young men were sitting in their underwear on the floor of their dorm room, playing strip poker and drinking rum and cokes with a bottle of Castillo Gold that John Luke talked a guy into buying for him. They were half finished with the bottle and feeling pretty good about their hands, while they were both precariously close to losing the last of their clothing, and the game.

“I have three aces,” Jesse announced proudly, flipping his cards over to reveal them. John Luke smiled and flipped his cards over without a word. Being a novice at poker with a clouded mind, it took Jesse a confused moment to figure out John Luke had a full flush, with Jesse’s missing ace riding high.

“Time to free Willie!,” John Luke slurred happily. He lifted his red solo cup to toast the occasion, then downed the last of his rum and coke.

Jesse stood awkwardly and pushed his black horned rimmed glasses up his nose before tucking his thumbs into the waistband of his Superman boxer briefs and tugged them down, revealing only the thick thatch of his red pubes.

“No way, dude, all the way off,” John Luke protested, his brown eyes watching intently beneath his dirty blonde bangs with a wide grin.

In one swift movement that almost sent him crashing to the floor, Jesse slipped his underwear off, then nearly tripped on the waistband and stood naked before his roommate. Wiggling his hips from side to side, he shook his cock and balls at his roommate, laughing. John Luke returned his laughter and Jesse playfully threw his underwear into his laughing face.

Despite their many differences, the two nineteen-year-old boys became fast and true friends after becoming dormmates in their Freshman year of college. John Luke was a buff, brown eyed blonde who worked out regularly, loved baseball, and barely managed to secure passing grades. Jesse, on the other hand was a lean, blue eyed red head with a penchant for science fiction and a perfect GPA.

Over the past three months, the two of them shared everything together. Jesse even admitted he was gay to John Luke, which his friend accepted with ease. Jesse was the first gay guy John Luke had known, but he had a live and let live attitude, despite his strict Christian upbringing. Now, with Jesse standing in front of him naked, John Loke’s horniness and liquid bravery began to make his dick stir in his boxers.

“These are nice,” John Luke commented, forcing his eyes away from his roommate. He had deep feelings for Jesse, and those feelings were confusing for him in intimate situations. “I’m going to keep these.”

“No way, man,” Jesse gaziantep escort told him, “Those are my only Superman.” He picked up his cup and downed the last of his drink, burping afterward, which made John Luke laugh again.

“So much for that prim and proper little gay guy I started rooming with,” John Luke laughed, examining his naked prize, “You know, you have a nice sized dick for such a little guy,” John Luke ventured, testing the waters.

“Yeah, well, I know I’m skinny,” Jesse moaned, “You don’t have to rub it in.”

“You’re not skinny,” John Luke huffed, “Your lean and well defined.” He rubbed his hand up and down Jesse’s washboard abs. “I’d kill to have abs like yours.”

“Well, you have big muscles and a huge dick,” Jesse commented in response, sitting on the edge of the bunkbeds, next to where John Luke sat on the floor.

“How do you know how big my dick is?”

“I don’t know exactly how big it is, but I’ve seen you in the showers, and it looks like it’s pretty damn big.”

“It’s ten inches,” John Luke confessed, “Do you wanna see it?”

“I already have,” Jesse laughed.

“No, I mean do you wanna see it hard?”

“That’s alright, bud,” Jesse smiled, unwilling to admit just how badly he wanted his friend to become more than just friends. The two were as close as a gay guy and a straight guy can be without crossing that line, and Jesse valued that friendship more than his sexual desire. “Let’s keep some things between us a mystery.”

“Your loss,” John Luke ribbed his friend.

“What do you wanna do now?” Jesse asked, taking another sip of his rum and coke.

“Truth or dare?” John Luke asked, beginning the game without discussion. He rose to make himself another drink, awaiting Jesse’s answer.

“Truth. There’s no way you’re getting me to run down the hall naked.”

“Oh, you know me too well,” he stirred his drink with his finger, then set it down on the floor before sitting across from Jesse on the bed. “Do you find me attractive?”

“Yes,” Jesse answered, giggling softly, “In fact, if you weren’t straight, I think you’d be the perfect guy.”

“And what if I were bi? I know you’ve had some bad experiences with bisexual men in the past.”

“In your case, I think I would overlook your one flaw and take a chance.”

“I have a confession to make,” he smiled, wiggling his eye brows

“Nope, truth or dare?” Jesse interrupted.


“When was the last time you had sex?”

“With myself or with a girl?”

“With a girl. Masturbation doesn’t count.”

“Two weeks,” John Luke winced, “I’m getting a serious case of the blue balls.”

Jesse laughed, visualizing John Luke’s balls actually turning blue.

“Truth or dare?”


“Okay, but next time has to be a dare,” John Luke insisted, “You’ve chosen truth twice now.” Jesse consented. “When was the last time you had sex… with another guy.”

“Three months,” Jesse announced with a humbled face.

“Well, that’s been too long!” John Luke yelped, leaning in to tickle his roommate. Jesse squealed and fought against John Luke’s invading fingers, without effect. John Luke moved over him, holding him close. They stilled, and John Luke moved in to kiss Jesse, softly brushing their lips together.

“What are you doing, dude?” Jesse asked, hoping to snap John Luke out of his revere.

“Kissing you,” John Luke said softly, his voice little more than a whisper, “Showing some love to the one person who loves me more than my parents do.” He moved in and kissed Jesse again, slipping his tongue into Jesse’s mouth, tasting him. Jesse kissed him back, dissolving under John Luke’s touch. “Are you sure you don’t want to see my hard dick?” John Luke asked, nibbling on jesse’s ear. Before his roommate could answer, he pushed his hips into Jesse’s smashing his underwear clad hardon into Jesse’s thigh.

“Sure, hot stuff,” Jesse ventured dismissively, adding a nervous laugh, “Whip it out.”

John Luke stood up and turned to face Jesse, shimmying out of his boxers. His semi-erect cock was directly in front of Jesse, who eyed the little monster with envy and lust.

“You’ll have to make it hard,” John Luke suggested, wiggling it a little in front of Jesse to mimic his earlier tease.

Jesse took John Luke’s cock in hand and gave the thick shaft a couple of tugs before slipping the head into his mouth. He had to open his mouth as wide as he could to accommodate the girth, then worked on taking in as much as he could, confident he wouldn’t be able to deepthroat it. The idea of hitting his gag reflex while drunk seemed a dangerous one.

John Luke wanted to fuck his friend, wanted to make their relationship as close as possible, but didn’t want to end the sensation of Jesse’s lips and tongue on his cock. Feeling himself close to the edge he regretfully pulled the redhead off him.

Jesse looked at John Luke’s thick ten inches. It looked like a fleshy club.

“That’s a nice one,” Jesse admitted, “Much bigger than my little eight inch dick.” The two burst into laughter for a moment, Jesse tugged at John Luke’s cock a moment longer, regretful that the experience of sucking the big cock had passed.

“Let me fuck you,” John Luke nearly whispered, his nervousness stealing away his voice. Jesse looked up at him for a moment, debating the situation, then lay back on the bed and secured his feet onto the bottom of the top bunk, his bunk, to give John Luke access to his willing hole. “Well, that’s convenient,” John Luke laughed, grabbing a bottle of motion lotion from his night stand.

Lubing up his cock, John Luke positioned himself between Jesse’s outstretched legs and slowly guided his cock up with its target. Pushing the head of his cock into Jesse’s tight hole, he stilled himself as Jesse tensed up.

“Holy fuck, you have a big dick!” Jesse nearly yelled.

“Are you okay?” John Luke asked, worried this wasn’t going to work out the way he planned.

“Yeah,” Jesse assured him, “You’re not my first, but you are the biggest.”

John Luke continued pushing his length into Jesse, going slow and steady until his hairy, walnut sized balls were resting against Jesse’s ass. He allowed Jesse a moment to catch his breath before he began pumping in and out of him in long, slow strokes to allow Jesse’s sphincter to become accustomed to his size.

Jesse focused on breathing while his friend slowly fucked him, sending tiny ripples of pleasure throughout his midsection. He smiled up at John Luke, who smiled back, and boldly touched and caressed the mounds of muscle of John Luke’s chest, shoulders and biceps.

John Luke increased his rhythm, sending Jesse into a frenzied, alcohol fueled lust he had not known before. The big cock planted so deeply in his ass was fulfilling a long held desire he had not allowed himself to admit to himself, much less to John Luke. The reality of being impaled by such a large cock was more than he could have imagined. His own cock ached for release, so he started stroking it in tempo with John Luke’s thrusts.

“Yeah, baby, cum for me,” John Luke smiled down at him, fucking his friend’s ass with increased passion, pounding his hard flesh into Jesse’s willing hole

“I’m close,” Jesse whimpered, “Don’t stop. Oh, god, please don’t stop.” His orgasm mounted as John Luke fucked him hard, unyielding. Jesse tensed up with his release, his sphincter clamping down tightly around John Luke’s shaft, sending John Luke over the edge, flooding Jesse’s chute with his load.

The two of them lay together for a long while with John Luke’s slowly deflating cock still buried deep inside Jesse. Unable to feel his legs any longer, Jesse pushed John Luke off him, pulling the big cock free of his ass, and lowered them to the bed.

They looked at each other, huddled together in the small bed and laughed before moving into a warm embrace. They kissed and stroked one another’s bodies, exploring each other with an intimacy the friends had never felt before. Sleep came slowly upon them, overtaking them together as they drifted into the land of dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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