Candy Cane Legs

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Kelly came up the drive from her morning run through the neighborhood to find a FedEx truck. The driver was about to ring the doorbell. “What ya got there?” she asked as she stopped running and preceded to do some cool down stretches.

“Uh, I have a package for a Miss Kelly Stone.”

“That would be me,” Kelly replied as she continued to stretch as she cooled down. Her baggy jogging suit was sweat stained in places and looked sloppy.

“I need your signature here and here,” the guy said holding out a clipboard and pointing with a pen.

“Two signatures? Is this something special?”

“There is a receipt request pending on this delivery.” The FedEx guy explained.

Kelly signed the sheet and then took the package. There was no return address on it. “Does it say who sent it?” she asked a second later.

The guy looked at a couple of different sheets on his clipboard and then shook his head. “Nope, just a tracking number.”

Kelly sighed as she read a note below her address. “Do not open until Christmas or your birthday, whichever comes first.”

“Someone has a sick sense of humor. My birthday is Christmas.”

“Then happy birthday and Merry Christmas,” the FedEx guy said with a grin as he headed for his truck.

“Merry Christmas to you also,” Kelly replied as she turned the package over and over in her hand. It was small, narrow, and squishy. Some kind of clothe, maybe.

With a mental shrug, she opened the door and went inside the house.


Dana, Kelly’s mother was making a late breakfast as Kelly came into the kitchen. Kelly tossed the package on the counter and sat down at the breakfast bar.

“What’s that?” Dana asked as she looked at the package.

“A Christmas, birthday present for me I guess. I hate having my birthday on Christmas.”

“Hey, you were the best Christmas present I ever got,” Dana said with a grin. “Anyway, it’s saved me a lot of money over the last seventeen years.”

Kelly sighed and shook her head. “Another week and I’ll be eighteen. College in the spring seems so far away.”

“It will fly by and then you will be on your own,” her mother said with a smile as she sat a plate of eggs and sausage in front of her daughter. “I remember what it was like to finally get free from my parents.”

Kelly sighed again. She took a bite of her eggs and then said, “I don’t need to be free. You’ve always trusted me and let me do anything and everything I thought I was big enough to do.”

Dana carried her plate over to the breakfast bar and sat down next to her daughter. “Yeah, you’ve been a pretty good kid but it’s time for you to try your wings by yourself. No safety net.”

Kelly leaned sideways and rested her head on her mom’s shoulder. “But I love my safety net.”

“Just remember that when the parties start and you’re supposed to be studying.”

Kelly laughed. “Yes, mommy dearest.”


Her mom was right, the week until Christmas flew by. Christmas eve, her mom threw a party and invited everyone they knew. Three of Kelly’s closest friends showed up and another dozen friends of her moms were there also. After an hour or so, Kelly and her friends ended up in her room.

Billie Jean, better know to the group as BJ, sat cross-legged in the middle of Kelly’s bed. Her short tight skirt was up around her hips, her lacy white panties showing bright against her dark skin. “Midnight is the time you catch up with us. The last one to make it to eighteen.”

Lisa, the oldest of the four friends, was seated in the chair in the corner, her legs tucked up under her ass. She sighed and said, “Yeah, our baby is finally growing up.”

“How would you like to go home and tell your mother that a baby spanked your ass?” Kelly said with a big grin.

Harold, the only guy in the group was sitting against the wall across from the bed, his eyes on the lacy panties BJ was showing off. “Can I get a ticket to watch this spanking take place?”

Lisa grinned and shook her head. “Why would you want a ticket to that? All you ever do is stare at BJ’s panties.”

“Girl, you should see the things that skinny white boys does when I ain’t got them on,” BJ said and then giggled.

“Slut!” Lisa said and then laughed.

“Being a slut is better than being a Ho,” BJ shot back.

“Now we’ll have a three way cat fight. This I’ve got to see,” Harold said with a big grin.

BJ threw a pillow at him. “My panties are all you’re going to see in a minute when I come over there and sit on your funny face.” Harold and BJ had been an item since sixth grade and everyone knew it.

Harold stuck out his tongue and let it hang down below his chin. All three girls groaned softly and Harold laughed.

“Maybe you should let me do it,” Lisa said to BJ. “I’ve always wanted to know what that damned thing would feel like.”

BJ laughed and then shivered. “You couldn’t handle it,” she whispered softly.

“I’ve always wondered if the other end matches the tongue,” Kelly said softly and then blushed as she realized she had said it aloud.

Harold laughed and reached silivri escort for his zipper. “I could let you decide,” he said with a big grin.

BJ threw another pillow at him. This one hit him right in the face. “I can’t take you anywhere without you wanting to whip that damned thing out in public. Now behave.”

Lisa and Kelly laughed and BJ grinned. A moment later, she said, “That thing would scare you more than his tongue. It even scares me sometimes but I love it so much.” She paused and then amended her last sentence, “I mean, I love him so much.”

She winked at Harold and asked, “Ain’t that so, Baby.”

“Long, hard, and deep,” Harold said, winking back.

Kelly fanned her face with her hand and asked no one in general, “Is it getting very warm in here or is it just me?”

Lisa fanned her face and said, “Nope, it’s not just you.”

BJ laughed and then leaned over to get a Christmas package off the nightstand next to the bed. It was the same one that had been delivered the week before. She studied the label for a moment and read the message aloud. A moment later, she tossed the package to Kelly, saying, “Someone knows you well and has a very dry sense of humor.”

Kelly almost fell out of the chair by her desk she was sitting in, as she had to reach to catch the package.

“You throw like a girl,” Harold said to BJ with a laugh.

BJ sat up straighter and pushed out her ample chest. “I am a girl, dipstick,” she said as she rolled her shoulders to make her bra free breasts roll around on her chest under her blouse.

“And I’m so glad of it,” Harold said and licked his lips.

Lisa had looked at BJ as her breasts swayed under the thin clothe of the blouse. When BJ’s nipples hardened and made tents in the cloth, Lisa licked her lips. She did not even realize she had done it.

Harold laughed and said, “See, even Lisa agrees.” When Lisa looked at him funny, he grinned and added, “I licked my lips and so did you.”

“I did not,” Lisa protested. When the other three nodded, she asked softly, “I did?”

“You sure did,” BJ said softly, “And it’s not the first time.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Lisa said quickly. “Those things make babies cry a block away when you walk down the street.”

Harold grinned and whispered, “Let the girls free BJ and lets see if Lisa cries.”

BJ looked at Harold hard and whispered, “How about I let them free and beat you unmercifully about the head and shoulders?”

“Yes, please,” Harold, said with a big grin.

BJ shook her head and looked at Kelly. “So, what’s in the package,” she said to change the subject.

Kelly shrugged. “I don’t have a clue. It’s soft like clothing of some sort.”

“Kind of small to be pants, or a skirt, or even a blouse,” Lisa said. “Maybe you have a secret admirer that has sent you some sexy lingerie.”

“Yeah, right,” Kelly said turning the package over in her hands. “More than likely it’s a scarf.”

“If you had six more, you could do the dance of the seven veils,” Harold said with a laugh.

“If we had three more, we could tie your ass to the bed,” Lisa said quickly.

“That sounds interesting,” Harold said with a leering grin.

“You’ll think interesting when we leave and go back to the party downstairs, leaving you tied up, up here,” BJ told him with a hard look.

“Kelly would have to let me go before she goes to bed,” Harold said looking at Kelly and wiggling his long tongue.

“Hey, leave Kelly out of this,” Kelly said with a laugh. The banter was a little more risqué tonight but not as bad as it had been from time to time.

“Yeah, leave the lady who wanted to know about the size of Harold’s dick, out of this,” Lisa said with a grin.”

“Say’s the lady that wants to lick BJ’s nipples,” Harold said with a laugh.

When everyone laughed and looked at BJ. She shrugged. “Sorry but I’ve got nothing to add. Maybe the crotchless panties in Kelly’s package will give me something.”

When everyone looked at Kelly, she shook her head and ripped the package open. A pair of red and white candy cane striped stockings fell into her lap.

“Not what I expected,” Lisa said.

“Me either,” Kelly said as she picked them up and shook them out. They were very thin and very soft to the touch with a fancy red and white swirl pattern around the leg opening.

“I’ve never seen anything like them before,” BJ said.

“I have but not in person,” Harold said and then shook his head. “It was some web camera girl around this time last year.”

“Say what?” BJ asked sharply.

“Uh, well, I, uh,” Harold stuttered. Finally he got out, “I was surfing along and then there was this web cam and I, uh, clicked on another link. I caught a glimpse of candy cane stockings for a split second.”

Lisa laughed and shook her head as she said to Harold, “You’re going to get it now, mama’s mad.”

BJ looked at Lisa and smiled sweetly. “Be very careful or mama might feed you some of those nipples you’ve been drooling over.” Looking at Harold she whispered, “You’ll bakırköy escort get yours when we get home.”

“Oh yeah, to be a fly on that wall,” Kelly said with a grin.

BJ laughed and nodded. “That was a good one, now put on the stocking and lets see how they look on you.”

“Are they stockings or thigh highs?” Lisa asked.

“I can’t tell,” Kelly said as she stood up and headed for her bathroom.

“Hey, where are you going?” Harold asked only to be echoed by both BJ and Lisa.

“Uh, to my bathroom. I only have pantyhose on under this skirt,” Kelly said quickly.

“Then wiggle out of them and sit your ass back down,” Lisa said softly.

“You just want to stare at her pussy and lick your lips,” Harold said to Lisa.

“And you don’t?” Lisa shot back.

BJ grinned as she flopped back on the bed, quickly pulled her panties off and tossed them on the floor in the center of the room as she sat back up. Harold grinned as both the other girls looked at her with their mouths open.

“Next,” BJ said as she looked back and forth between her two friends.

“Uh…” Kelly said as she looked around.

“Uh…” Lisa said as she did the same.

Both ended up looking at Harold. “Hey, don’t look at me, BJ’s done told me to keep my pants on. Anyway, I don’t wear underwear.”

“There has always been the four of us through everything. Why should that change now? He has been skinny dipping with us, held our heads and hair when we puked, seen us with and without bras. So why should he leave now?” BJ said as she crossed her legs and got comfortable.

Harold licked his lips as his eyes zeroed in on her bare sex. Lisa licked her lips and then blushed as she realized what she had done. Kelly shivered and moved back to her chair.

“My mother is having a party downstairs and might come up to check on us at anytime.”

“When was the last time she checked on us?” Lisa asked. “I think we were like twelve or fourteen.”

“That’s about right,” BJ said in agreement, as Harold nodded his head.

“Yeah but tonight is my birthday and if I don’t say something, she will be up here with a cake, candles, the fire department, and a pony.”

“Oh yeah, firemen, I still have that pinup calendar from years ago,” Lisa said dreamily.

“We already have a pony,” BJ said grinning at Harold.

Kelly laughed when Harold made a neighing sound. “Anyway, I do need to put in an appearance with mom soon.”

“Ok, but bring back some drinks,” BJ said,


Kelly found her mother in the kitchen, a small cake on the counter with a number 18 candle on top. “Mom, I said no cake or celebration, remember. Keep it a Christmas party this year.”

“Where is the fun in that?” Her mother asked. “Go get your friends, it’ll be midnight in a few minutes. We’ll do a quick blow the candle out and a quick toast to Christmas at the same time.”

Kelly sighed deeply and nodded her head. “Ok, but lets keep it just that simple.”


Back upstairs; she entered her room to see Lisa sitting cross legged in the chair with her panties on the floor next to BJ’s. Kelly’s mouth dropped open and she tried to think of something witty to say but her eyes were locked on Lisa’s smoothly shaven pussy. “I missed the official unveiling I see,” was all she could come up with to cover her shock.

“Your turn,” Harold said with a leering grin.

This broke Kelly’s stare as she looked around at her friends and whispered, “Change in plans so grab your panties girls, mom wants us downstairs for a candle blowing and a quick toast to Christmas.”

BJ shook her head. “Our panties stay where they are until yours joins them.”

Kelly made a sound of frustration and started to raise her skirt. Her mom calling from downstairs stopped her. “We’ll be right there,” she called back.

BJ laughed as she slipped off the bed and smoothed her skirt out. Lisa stood up and pulled her skirt down. “This should be interesting,” she whispered as she shifted her hips back and forth.

Harold stood up and pulled his shirttail out of his slacks to cover his raging hard-on. “I think I’ll make a stop in the bathroom before I come downstairs,” he said slowly.

With a grin, BJ whispered, “I’d offer to help you with that problem but that would just cause other problems.”

“Yeah, like the cops raiding the party to find the screaming woman,” Kelly said with a blush as she eyed the front of Harold’s slacks out of the corner of her eye. The thought of just how big his dick must be made her whimper and shiver.

“I told you it would scare you,” BJ said with a grin.

“You were not kidding,” Lisa, whispered softly, her eyes on the front of his slacks openly.

“Come on girls, stop drooling before you get yourself all wet or rather your clothes all wet. I figure your little pussies are already flooding. I know mine is,” BJ said as she herded them out the door.

Harold peeled off and went in the bathroom.

BJ looked at him before he shut the door. “If you so much as touch that thing without me şirinevler escort present, I will rip it off and keep it in my purse.”

Lisa and Kelly were laughing loudly as they went on down the stairs. Harold never said a word; he just shut the bathroom door.


Dana Stone, Kelly’s mother had the cake on the dinning room table and everyone gathered around. She smiled at her daughter and her two friends. “Did you three lock Harold in the closet again?” she asked jokingly.

With a grinned Kelly shook her head. “No, mother, he’s tied too the bed.” When her mother’s eyes grew wide, Kelly laughed and added, “Actually, he had to make a stop at the bathroom. Too many cokes and too much punch.”

About that time, Harold came down the stairs and put his arm around Mrs. Stone’s shoulders. “I’m glad at least one person missed me, Mrs. S.”

BJ smacked him on the arm hard with her right fist. “See I didn’t miss you,” she said with a wink.

“Why are you girls always so mean to Harold?” Dana asked the group.

“Because we love him so much,” Lisa said with a laugh.

Dana shook her head and then lit the candle on Kelly’s cake. “Make a wish, Dear,” she said with a smile for her daughter.

“I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” she said and then blew out the candle.

The clock in the hall struck midnight and everyone was wishing everyone else a Merry Christmas. It was an hour later before the four friends could get away and return upstairs.


Kelly was the last one through the door. She closed it and then pushed the little button to lock it. BJ was climbing on the bed and heard the soft click of the lock. She grinned at Kelly and asked, “Does that mean the pantyhose are coming off?”

As all three of her friends watched, Kelly walked over to her chair, reached up under her skirt with both hands, and wiggled the pantyhose down around her knees. Sitting down, she pushed the right leg of the hosiery down off her foot and then the left. She picked the pantyhose up and tossed them on top of BJ’s and Lisa’s panties. Her skirt had never gotten above mid thigh.

“Tada!” she said with a big grin and a flourish of her hands.

“That’s not fair,” Harold said and then looked at BJ. “I didn’t see anything. Did you see anything?”

BJ grinned and sat up. She had been lying on her side. She crossed her legs so that her bare sex was aimed right at Harold but the other two were looking just as hard as he was. “Nope, I didn’t see anything. How about you Lisa?”

Lisa looked at BJ and then glanced at Harold. She chewed her lower lip a second and then brought her legs up to cross them like BJ had done. She gave a little shiver as all three of her friends stared openly at her shaved pussy. “I didn’t see anything either.”

Now all three were looking at Kelly. She shifted in her chair and then sighed as she stood up. She turned the chair so it faced the center of the room and then adjusted it until it faced Lisa. She picked up the Candy Cane stockings and sat down.

Kelly separated the two stockings and laid one in her lap. “So you guys want to watch me put these stockings on, do you?” She paused and looked them in their eyes one at a time. “BJ, move down on the floor next to the bed. Lisa, you moved to the floor in front of the chair.”

She looked at Harold and grinned. “Why don’t you move over between them, so you can see too.”

All three of her friends moved quickly into place and looked at her with big grins on their faces. Kelly looked at BJ and then looked at Lisa. “Ladies, you’re not showing me anything here, cross those legs and pull those skirts up so Harold can see you also.”

BJ crossed her legs, her knees wide apart and then rocked from side to side to get her skirt out from under her ass. The way she was sitting now and the way the overhead light shined on her sex, Kelly could see that her outer lips were several shades darker than her skin tone. She could also see the bright coral pink of her inner slit.

“Just beautiful,” Kelly whispered as she turned her attention to Lisa.

Lisa whimpered softly under Kelly’s gaze as she slowly came up onto her knees. Slowly she pulled her tight skirt up to her waist and then sat back down to cross her legs Indian fashion. Lisa’s pussy was short and oval shaped, low down between her thighs. Kelly could see the ruffled edges of her inner lips peeking out.

“So different but so beautiful also,” Kelly whispered as her eyes went to the tent in the front of Harold’s slacks.

Kelly looked up at BJ’s face and asked in a soft whisper, “Could he… uh… well… you know?”

BJ looked puzzled for a second and then she grinned. “It’s going to scare you but what the heck, it’s your birthday after all.” Looking at Harold, she said, “You can let him out but you had better behave.”

Harold got a pouting look on his face and replied, “I always behave.”

“Yeah, badly,” BJ said with a chuckle. “Not that I’m complaining or anything.”

Harold grinned back at her as he undid his belt and then the snap at the waistband. He held the two sides of the waistband together with one hand as he lowered the zipper with the other. Then he pulled the right side open but nothing showed but a little skin and hair. When he started to move the left side, his dick suddenly jumped into view and stood upright against his belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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