Carla Ch. 03

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Carla and I had a beautiful afternoon together. As we’d planned, we visited the old castle in Denia, and took the guided tour through the museum. There was plenty left of this warm and sun filled Spanish day when we’d finished our sightseeing, so we both decided that the beach was calling. The water was only cold for that moment when you first wade in, and we swam out together to a small rocky point where we found a spot to sit together watching the day grow long.

Carla, like me, loved the water, loved the sun, and as we made our way on foot back into town to find somewhere to eat, I realised just how close we’d become in such a short time. I wouldn’t say that either of us were falling in love with each other, but I certainly loved her company. We found a nice looking place at the new marina called El Bravo. The food was excellent, and as we sat with our coffees at the end of the meal, I wanted to hear more about Carla’s friend Helen.

“You said this morning that you were sure I’d like your friend… what did you mean?”

Carla had an almost cheeky grin spreading across her face.

“Well, from our earlier encounter this morning, it’s clear that you like a more natural woman. Helen is not quite as shapely as me, but she makes up for that in other ways…”

As my mind traveled back to the morning’s dalliance with Carla’s beautiful body, my curiosity was becoming aroused, as well as other parts of my anatomy.

“Exactly what other ways?” I asked.

Carla’s grin had spread into a wide smile now, and for the sake of decorum in this crowded place, she leaned across the table and whispered…

“Helen has an incredibly hairy bush… much hairier than mine… and very hairy armpits too. Perhaps you will get to see her in all her glory.”

Carla laughed wickedly and there was that fire in her eyes that I’d seen when I inadvertently caught her masturbating.

“What time is she arriving?” I asked.

“She thinks it will be late tomorrow morning, around lunchtime,” Carla answered.

“I guess the two of you will want to find your own place together and I won’t see you again.” I was trying to keep any sense of disappointment out of my voice, but I’m sure she sensed just what I was feeling.

“I was hoping,” Carla began and then paused… “We were hoping to be able to stay with you… until you have to leave. Would that be OK?”

“Yes. Yes, of course. It sounds perfectly OK!” I had done terribly at not sounding like an excited child on Christmas morning.

“As I said before, I’m sure you will like her.”

Carla and I settled the bill and headed off back to the apartment into the warm night air. It had been a perfect day, a glorious day, and as we walked together, somewhere along the way my hand found itself holding Carla’s hand, and I wanted that moment, that walk, to go on forever… that night I slept as soundly as I could remember for a long while. I don’t know if I had dreamed it or not, but I woke with the feeling that Carla had slipped into bed beside me at some time through the night.

I woke again quite late, about half nine, and again the wonderful smell of good things to eat wafted in the air… as always I’d slept naked, and woken up with the wonderful knowledge that the little friend that resides in my pants, was still functioning well… I wasn’t all that worried about Carla seeing me in all my morning glory: after all, she had seen it before, yesterday, and in the back of my mind I wanted to let her know that I was very keen to discover much more of her, perhaps another morning session before Helen arrived… at the very least I would give her a giggle.

“I hope there’s something good to eat waiting for me,” I called from the corridor just before making my grand entrance, “I’m extremely hungry this morning!”

As I stepped into the kitchen Carla’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head as I stood there fully erect, and instantly I knew that this was going to give her more than just a giggle. Standing beside her was another woman, I could only assume to be her friend Helen, who didn’t quite Travesti know where to look or what to say.

Carla was now laughing hysterically, as I desperately tried to cover my manhood, which somehow despite the efforts of both my hands, still managed to be poking out the top. The other woman was now also giggling, and I had turned quite a deep shade of red.

Catching her breath Carla managed to say, “Helen, this is my new friend John… he’s half English and half sex maniac.”

“I umm, I’ll just go and get dressed before we umm… ” I mumbled embarrassedly.

Helen said something in German that made Carla laugh even more.

“Helen just said she understands if you don’t want to shake hands.” Carla added with more giggling.

I could hear both woman still cackling as I made my way to my bedroom and quickly threw on some pants and a shirt. I guess it was pretty funny, though my manhood was beginning to decline rapidly. Making my way back to the kitchen I now had the chance to meet Helen more properly. I don’t know quite what I was expecting. When other people tell you about their friends before you’ve had a chance to meet them, you build up a picture in your mind of what they look like, and even more… I knew that Helen and Carla had been friends and lovers for many years, though not exclusively. Each year they would meet here in Spain for a couple of weeks and travel together, and then sometimes meet again that same year somewhere else in Europe to travel again. In my own narrow way of thinking, I have like many men my age, formed all sorts ridiculous ideas about how lesbians might look, or their attitude toward men. Carla had certainly changed my thinking in the short time we’d been together, and now looking at Helen, any concepts I’d previously held were completely blown away.

Helen was so incredibly normal. I don’t mean that disparagingly, not in the least. She was very attractive, wearing a beautiful short sleeve summer dress. She was maybe a little younger than Carla, perhaps late thirties, and she could have been a mum on her way to pick up the kids from school, albeit a very good looking mum. It was difficult not to look at her without having Carla’s words from last night flash through my mind… ‘Helen has an incredibly hairy bush…’

Carla, still smiling, went ahead with what was now the most redundant of introductions…

“John, this is my dear friend Helen. She managed to get on an earlier flight.”

I held out my hand, a little embarrassed…

“Lovely to meet you Helen. Carla has told me a lot about you.”

Instead of returning the offer of a handshake, Helen opened her arms and gave me a warm friendly hug.

“Thank you for letting me stay,” she said affectionately. “Carla has told me quite a bit about you also. I’m looking forward to getting to know you myself. I like very much what I’ve already seen.”

(Carla started giggling again.)

The feeling I must say was mutual. There is so much that can happen in the small moment of a hug, a sense of trust, a warmth and friendliness… one thing, one very first thing that I must say I loved about this particular hug, was just how beautiful Helen smelt… I’m at a loss to understand why there are so many fragrances sold to hide, what to me is the most beautiful and sensual fragrance ever, the natural scent of a woman.

Carla had made us both a cup of coffee and we all sat and chatted for a bit.

Helen was keen to put her luggage away, get changed and freshen up.

As Helen left the room Carla said in a low voice, “Helen thinks you are very nice.”

“I think she is lovely too,” I answered, not quite sure if I’d said the right thing or not.

Carla seemed to sense what I was feeling.

“It’s OK for you to feel attracted to her… I do, so I think it would be strange if you didn’t like her too.”

“But, she’s a lesbian woman, like you?” Again, feeling a bit unsure about what I’d asked.

“Amongst our group of friends,” Carla began, “I’m probably the odd one out. Until you came along, I’d only ever done anything izmir Travesti sexual with other women. Helen is a lesbian, yes. But as she puts it, she occasionally ‘slips up’ and will have a fling with a man. For some of my less militant friends this is not a big deal. Until now I would be one of those who would not approve, but after yesterday… what is that you English say about the black pot?”

“The pot calling the kettle black,” I answered with a smile.

“Yes that’s it. Now I am a black kettle and I can’t be critical anymore.”

Now it was my turn to giggle, and just as I was about to try and explain what was funny in that mangled metaphor, Helen came back into the kitchen, only this time it was she who was wearing nothing…

Carla certainly hadn’t been exaggerating about Helen’s body hair. She had an incredibly thick and lush bush straight out of the seventies, and an equally large amount of soft thick hair protruding from her underarms.

Helen walked over behind Carla’s chair and draped her arms around her neck… she playfully pulled Carla’s hair back, leaning in and kissing her gently on the ear, and then on the neck. Carla turned her head upward, and soon the two of them were kissing passionately. Helen’s hands had moved inside Carla’s dress and she was now toying playfully with the nipples that crowned those very ample breasts…

Helen was now looking at directly at me. Her eyes were ablaze with a passion that completely belied the first impressions I’d formed. She said,

“It’s been nearly six months since I’ve had the chance to taste this pussy, and I’m a little jealous that you beat me to it… I think it’s time for me to do so, don’t you think? … And I think it’s time for you to deflower her into the straight world properly, once and for all…come along you two, follow me…”

You read about people having threesomes, often with excitement, invariably with some envy if you are like me and have never had the chance…but I must say that I honestly felt quite nervous. As Helen led us both into Carla’s bedroom, Carla shot me a fleeting glance that let me know she sensed how I was feeling, but also letting me know it was all OK.

First Helen began to undress Carla, lifting her dress off and then slowly she peeled Carla’s panties all the way to the floor.

“You better get naked too,” she said, smiling at me. “Isn’t this exactly what you wanted first thing this morning?”

I had been as hard as rock earlier, and now as I took off my shirt and pants, standing naked in front of two very gorgeous, very different women, I seemed to be an eternity away from being able to act out any kind of amorous adventure.

It was Carla who bravely came to my rescue… kneeling down in front of my limp cock, she playfully and skillfully began to revive me with her fingers, one hand rubbing my balls while the other moved up and down the shaft… Helen had sat herself on the edge of the bed, one hand between her legs, watching.

“Let me show you what I’ve learned so far,” Carla said to Helen.

She leaned her head in and took all of my cock in her mouth, slowly bobbing up and down along the shaft, and within seconds I had the most incredibly hard erection.

“Mmm, I’m impressed!” Helen remarked. “I’m sure we’ll be able to put that lovely thing to good use. But first I am desperate to eat you out my dear.”

Carla pushed Helen down onto the bed, and then straddled her face, but still facing me.

“You might never have the chance to eat a pussy as hairy as this ever again,” Carla said, directing me towards Helen’s lush growth.

Without hesitating, I knelt down between Helen’s wide spread legs, and parted her lips with my fingers. My God, she smelt amazing… overpoweringly musky, and the puffy inner folds of her pussy were glazed with her wetness. What a heavenly thing to lap all that up. I ran my tongue around the edges, and then began sucking on that magic little button of pleasure… between being smothered with Carla’s delicious pussy, and having her own serviced, Helen began to moan, and Konya Travesti she was clearly very close to cumming… I heard her say between short breaths,

“Oh fuck, he’s very good at eating cunt… apart from the fact that he has a huge cock, I’d think he’s one of us…”

Carla’s orgasm was a little way off, and she seemed more focused on getting Helen across the line… whilst I’d been trying to get my tongue as far up Helen’s pussy as I could, Carla had begun to rhythmically rub Helen’s clit.

“Do that ‘special’ thing you did to me yesterday,” Carla said, with that devilish look I was beginning to know quite well.

Immediately I knew what she was referring to, and moved my tongue down to Helen’s hairy pink asshole, and as I did, I pushed three fingers deep into her pussy. Within seconds, Helen let out a deep long moaning, ‘ooh fuck… ooh yes’,

as her cunt began to contract in strong spasms around my fingers.

Helen lay there spent for several minutes, unable to move. Carla had now begun to suck my cock again and despite only one lesson so far, she was fast becoming an expert. Helen seemed to sense that I was likely to unload, and I think she didn’t want to see it all end there.

Taking charge, she motioned to Carla to get up on the bed on all fours with her arse on the edge… Helen then slid herself underneath and began licking Carla’s clit again, and then reached around Carla’s big thighs and spread her pussy lips wide…

“You eat her cunt while I lick her clit,” she ordered. “Then you’re going to fuck her…”

Carla was even wetter than the first time I’d eaten her. It seemed like pussy juice was coming out in milky droplets as Helen and I lapped away with our tongues. Knowing how much she enjoyed it yesterday, I moved up to tongue her rosebud, and an almost grunting growling noise began from deep inside her…

Helen, almost pleading now, said,

“She’s about to come, I know that sound so well… quickly, get that cock of yours in her pussy…”

I positioned the head of my cock at what must have been the wettest entrance I’d ever seen, and gently began to push. Despite knowing just how slippery everything was there, Carla was surprisingly tight. It was as if every muscle, every tissue was holding taught. As my cock slid in centimeter-by-centimeter her cunt started to grip even tighter, and with one enormous grunting cry, she began spasming, and my cock could hold on no longer as jet after jet pumped into her…

It felt like I was all done, but just as my cock popped out of Carla’s pussy, another couple of small final jets of cum spurted out landing perfectly on the tip of Helen’s nose… She was still running her tongue all over Carla’s clit, (who was now kneeling upright), as well as trying to lick the globs of cum from her nose… but she needn’t have bothered… with Carla sitting as she was, all the cum I’d pumped into her slowly oozed out in a long thick white river of ooze, straight into Helen’s waiting mouth.

After we’d showered together and dressed, we sat around the kitchen table and chatted about where we might visit in the afternoon, what new place we might try for a meal… it was almost as if what we had just done didn’t happen, not that I especially wanted to get into an in depth discussion either… it was Helen who raised it first…

“So John, you seem to have a thing for a woman’s arse… now you’ve seen both mine and Carla’s up close, which one do like the look of best?

“Well, I …err… umm… I …”

Both of the girls started to laugh…

“We’ve put you on the spot,” Helen quipped. “But don’t worry about an answer… it’s obvious that Carla has the better looking arse… maybe later tonight, we can see which one of us knows how to use it to it’s best advantage… what do you think, John. Would you like that?”

My heart had started to speed up a little, and I could feel something growing quite big and hard in my pants…

“I would be more than happy to avail you both of my expertise in the area you speak of ladies…”

“I’m not sure what he means,” Helen said, somewhat puzzled.

Carla was giggling, a little more used to my English turn of phrase than Helen…

“He means he’d be happy to fuck our arses tonight,” Carla said, smiling broad and wide… and then Helen and I did too…

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