Carley Ch. 05

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NOTE: In this chapter you’ll meet a Finnish woman named Marja. That’s pronounced “Mar-ya” with the accent on the first syllable. It’s the Finnish version of Maria or Mary.

Marja is a piece of work.

Carley and I ate dinner in a restaurant I knew well. Afterwards, we walked through the nightclub district of Milan, people-watching and enjoying the street performers who worked the crowds. We drank wine sitting outside a couple of bars. Carley was happy and talkative.

As we walked into one of the many plazas, I glanced to my right at a particularly ugly statue. Suddenly, a hand appeared, reaching for my right side at about belt level. At home, I always carry a handgun right there and I’ve practiced what are known as “retention” techniques to keep anyone from snatching my gun. I snapped my hand down across the back of the invading hand, got a good grip, bent my wrist back and turned to find myself holding a mime in a wrist lock.

Apparently, this guy had snuck up behind me and was going to tickle me under the short ribs for the crowd’s entertainment. Instead of succeeding with his planned joke, the joker ended up on one knee, in considerable pain. The crowd roared with laughter.

I eased up on the pressure. Slowly, I waggled my left index finger in the poor guy’s face and shook my head, “no”. The crowd clapped and cheered. I released the mime and stepped back. He got to his feet and, you have to give him credit, gave me a deep bow.

Explaining to Carley why I’d assaulted a mine took a while.

Passing one of the many clubs that lined the street, I heard some fine jazz floating through the door. Carley looked inside.

“It’s a sex club,” she said. “Everybody’s naked in there.”

“Have you ever been in one?” I asked.

Carley shook her head. “What are they like?”

“Let’s go in and see!”

Just inside the door, there was a cashier and a locker room. I swiped my credit card in the machine to pay our cover charges and pushed my hand into a slot. The machine stamped the back of my hand with a barcode that could be read by the club’s infrared laser scanners. Now I could buy drinks and food without having to carry my card around with me. After all, I wouldn’t have any pockets in the club.

Carley and I hung our clothes in a vacant locker. I set the combination and locked it.

In the main club area, I bought two glasses of wine and we worked our way to where we could see the main stage. Three girls were performing a hot lesbian act, taking turns eating and fingering each other and using a large strap-on. The girls were beautiful.

The act was very erotic. Before long, my cock was sticking straight out.

I noticed a female voice to my left speaking French. The woman was a beautiful, tall, very pale ash blond with green eyes. She had a terrific figure. Her breasts were large with light pink nipples and appeared to be completely natural. In her five inch heels, she was easily four inches taller than my six foot one. She looked like something out of a young boy’s wet dream.

“Parlez-vous l’anglais?” I asked.

She smiled down at me. “Yes, I speak English. Are you American?”

“Yes,” I said, “but you are not French. Are you Swedish?”

“You’re close. I’m Finnish.”

“I’m Jack. This is my friend Carley.”

“I’m Marja.” She indicated another blond beauty next to her. “This is my friend Juliette. She is from Cannes.”

We exchanged cheek kisses.

Marja pointed to my erection. “Do you like to watch girls fuck?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Juliette and I don’t fuck men, but I think we’d have fun with your friend. If the two of you are interested, you could watch us.” She stepped between Carley and me and put her hand on Carley’s arm. “We could give you many wonderful orgasms!”

Carley seemed a little taken aback. “Thanks for the offer, but not tonight.”

“Very well. Bonne nuit.”

The two blond goddesses melted into the crowd.

Carley looked at me and laughed. “Too bad they’re lesbians. I’ll bet you’d have loved shooting off into that one!”

“Fuckin’ right!” I said. “Are you sure you don’t want ‘many wonderful orgasms’?”

Carley punched my arm. “Girls are okay, but I prefer guys.”

“How about the in-betweeners? Have you ever fucked a tranny?”

“Yeah, three or four of them. Chicks with dicks are more fun than I thought they’d be.”

The lesbian act had finished and the stage reset. The lights came up and a female dwarf dressed in medieval peasant clothing ran onto the stage, pursued by a huge bodybuilder wearing a horned Viking helmet, a short, primitive leather skirt and rough leather boots. The giant chased the girl around the stage. She slipped through his legs and dodged around him, losing part of her clothes every time he got close to her. The next time she tried to dodge through his legs, he grabbed her by the hair and tore off

the rest of her clothes. He held the girl in one massive hand and ripped off his skirt, revealing an erection that must have been nine or ten inches long bahçeşehir escort and as big around as a beer bottle.

The Viking held the naked girl up for the audience to see. Her vagina glistened in the lights. I whispered to Carley, “I’ll bet she squirted a pint of lube in there before the show!” Carley laughed and nodded.

The giant threw the girl down on a mat covered with fake grass. He held her wrists above her head with one hand, forced her legs apart and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. The girl screamed and struggled. With one shove, the guy plunged four or five inches into her, withdrew and plunged into her again. She thrashed and cried for mercy. The Viking fucked her hard while the audience clapped and whistled.

As the pseudo-rape continued, the giant fucked the tiny girl in several positions. I noticed the guy didn’t try to get more than six or seven inches of his cock into her. The girl’s struggles diminished. Finally, he stood and held his helpless victim under her arms, both of them facing the audience. He lowered her onto his cock and jerked her up and down until he came with a shout. His first two spurts went into the girl, and then he lifted her off his cock and shot the rest of his load onto the stage. He held her high in triumph, cum dripping out of her.

The Viking dumped the girl next to her ruined clothes. She reached into her torn jerkin and withdrew a Lilliputian dagger. The enormous man jumped back in horror and ran offstage, pursued by the tiny girl. The audience roared.

Laughing, I steered Carley to one of the bars and bought two more glasses of wine. There was a wide group-sex mat on a knee-high platform opposite the stage. Fifteen or twenty couples and larger groups were spread out playing and having fun. Two women were accepting all comers in a gang-bang near the left side. A couple of oral sex daisy-chains were going. As one member came or got tired, there always seemed to be someone else to take his or her place.

Other, smaller platforms were scattered throughout the club. Each of the platforms had a square post on or near it with shelves containing stacks of small towels for the patrons’ comfort and convenience. Wet-wipe dispensers hung on the sides of the posts. Also close by were large blue tubs for soiled towels and smaller red tubs for soiled wipes.

Every one of the platforms had at least one couple or group on it. The great majority of people were fairly young and in good shape, but a surprising number were in their 50s and 60s. Some were older. One older couple had apparently swapped partners with a couple in their early 20s. As we watched, the young guy pulled out of his partner, a woman who seemed to be about 70. He scrambled to his knees and the old woman inhaled his cock. He came in her mouth, calling out in a language I didn’t recognize.

“Do you see anyone you want?” I asked Carley.

“Not yet. I’m getting horny, though.”

We skipped the next platform. It seemed to be designated as the one devoted to anal sex.

Carley bumped into a good-looking guy who had his arm around a pretty girl with long brown hair. She appeared to be too young for a club like this. She was no more than five feet tall and very thin with narrow hips. Her breasts were nice, though.

“Sorry,” said Carley.

“Ah,” said the guy. “You are English?”

“No, American.”

“Ah, bueno! We are from Spain! Would you like to …. como se dice … talk and be friends?”

“Sure,” I said. “I’m Jack and this is Carley.”

“I am Tomas. My friend is Aleece. Are you traveling together?”

“Yes,” said Carley. “And you?”

Aleece spoke up. “We are both from Spain, but we met just yesterday on the street. We became friends. I stayed with Tomas last night.” She smiled an innocent smile. “Tomas is a very good lover. We fucked many times!”

“May I ask,” said Carley, “how old you are?”

“I have eighteen years and two weeks. I look younger, I know.” She looked at me. “Do you like to fuck young girls?”

“Yes, I do. Are you asking me to fuck you?”

Aleece smiled a wide, happy smile. “Yes, I would like to fuck with you. I love sex and I want to experience many men. It’s different with each man. Each man feels different inside me. No two men fuck the same. Will you fuck with me?”

“Yes, I’d like that.”

Tomas had moved next to Carley. They had their arms around each other.

“Go to it,” Carley said. “I think Tomas and I will get along just fine.”

I drained the last of my wine and set the glass on a passing tray.

Aleece and I found a vacant spot on the nearest mat. We lay side by side and kissed, exploring each other’s bodies. She was very small.

“Let’s do the, uhhhh, sesenta y nueve. Do you understand?” she asked.

“No. Show me.”

Aleece pushed me onto my hands and knees. She crawled under me and lay face up with her head pointing toward my feet.

“Ah, you mean ‘sixty-nine’!” I said. “Bueno!”

I positioned myself so she could istanbul escort reach me easily and took my first taste of her. She had a small pussy with thin lips and a light dusting of fine hair. Her inner lips didn’t protrude at all. I felt her mouth on me and bent my head to reach her. I was over a foot taller than she was. It was not an insurmountable problem.

As Aleece got more excited, her clitoris grew until it stuck out over an inch beyond her lips. I sucked and licked her. She moaned and wiggled her hips. I pushed my tongue into her and lapped her juices. She wiggled faster and humped against my mouth.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying her attentions. She couldn’t get more than three inches of me in her small mouth, but she was doing a really good job on those three inches. I was very hard. She was very wet. She took her mouth off me.

“We fuck now, yes?”

I swung around. “We fuck now absolutely!”

Aleece lay on her back and spread her legs so wide they made a straight line. I rubbed my cock against her and slid in an inch or so. She was seriously tight. I pulled out, thrust, and got another inch inside her.

“I’m short down there,” she warned me. “Be careful when you go in all the way.”

I worked my way into her a bit at a time until I felt her cervix. That left me with over two inches of penis that wouldn’t fit. I’d have to watch myself.

“Don’t go any more,” she said. “I’m sore from fucking Tomas and the others. You are bigger than they are. Don’t hurt me.”

“I’ll be careful.”

I pushed her legs together between mine to keep myself from going too deep. Because of the difference in our height, kissing wasn’t going to work. Sucking her nipples was out of the question. I supported my weight on my left arm and used the fingers of my right hand on her clit. She wrapped both arms around my torso and pressed her face into my chest.

Aleece moaned and panted. She was tight to start with. Having her legs together made her even tighter. As wet as she was, there was still more friction than I was used to and I had to fight for control. She began a high, keening sound that was interrupted only by gasps for breath. I was getting dangerously close to cumming. She held me tighter, shook violently and bit my chest. The bite didn’t break the skin, but it sure took the edge off my pleasure, not a bad thing under the circumstances. She relaxed a little and kissed my chest.

I pulled out of her and kissed her neck and breasts. Her face was flushed and she was trembling.

“Was that good?” I asked.

“Si, muy bueno. You fuck very well. I like your cock in me. Your touch was perfecto!”

“Good. Do you want to fuck doggie style?”

“Doggie? Yes! Doggie is very good!”

She got on her hands and knees. I maneuvered her to the side of the platform and stood on the floor behind her. As I slid into Aleece, someone sat down next to us.

“Jack, hello,” said Marja. “Who’s your little friend?”

My original impression that Marja could be a bit pushy was getting stronger.

“Marja, this is Aleece. We’re busy right now, so …”

Marja ignored me. “Let me help!”

She reached under Aleece and massaged the girl’s clit. Aleece jumped and turned her head to see who was touching her. When she saw Marja, she smiled and nodded encouragingly.

I began to suspect I was losing whatever control I might have had over the situation.

Marja lay on her back and slithered under Aleece. She sucked Aleece’s nipples and fondled her clit. Aleece bent her head to watch and sighed.

Aleece’s breathing went from normal to deep to rapid. She pressed harder against me (or against Marja’s fingers, I couldn’t tell which) and wiggled her hips frantically. She came with a squeal. Together, Marja and I brought her to another orgasm before she lunged forward and fell on her side.

“No more. I cannot fuck any more.” She was breathing hard. “That was very good, but I hurt inside.”

Marja hugged and kissed her. “It’s alright. You rest now. You don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to.” She looked into my bewildered face and winked.

“Jack, I’m sorry I interrupted your pleasure. Your friend is so irresistible that I couldn’t help myself. I will let you fuck me if you wish, but you must not spill inside me. Do it on my body or in my mouth if you wish. I will spit it out.”

“That’s very kind of you, Marja. I accept.”

“Good! If you will lie on your back, I will get on top.”

“That would be good. You have a beautiful body and I want to look at you while we fuck.”

Marja’s beauty was truly exceptional. She seemed to glow by her own light as she lay on the dark mat.

“Do you mind if I touch you and kiss your body?”

“No. You are a good man. Touch and kiss me wherever you want.”

Marja lay on her back. I moved between her legs and examined her vagina. She had a closely trimmed bush above her slit and no hair at all on her lips and ass. Her hair was so light colored that it was hard to tell until I verified escort bahçeşehir it with my lips and tongue.

Marja cautiously held my head. I licked her gently and she must have been reassured. Still, she kept her fingertips on me as I went down on her.

I licked Marja’s pussy and sucked her lips and clit, going slowly. I was sure that getting all rough and macho wouldn’t do me any good at all. Marja guided me with her fingers. I sucked her clit for several minutes and flicked it side-to-side with my tongue. She raised her butt off the mat and cried out in what I assumed was Finnish. I really hadn’t expected to make her cum. I was pleased.

I gave Marja a few more light licks and moved up her body. Her breasts were amazingly firm. I sucked her nipples. She sighed and smiled at me.

“That’s enough,” she said softly. “I’ll fuck you now.”

I turned over on my back. Marja climbed on top of me, grasped my erection and slid herself over me.

“I’m wet enough, I think. I will begin.”

I reached between us and touched Marja’s clit. She pushed my hand away.

“Please, no. I must not orgasm with you inside me. I must not allow a man to orgasm inside me. I like you, but I cannot permit that. We fuck for your pleasure, not mine. Remember not to spill inside me.”

I’ve had worse offers.

Marja closed her eyes and fucked me. She didn’t use her muscles on me at all. The walls of her vagina were smooth and very slippery. She wasn’t particularly tight. She moved up and down on me at a steady, even pace. I was in no hurry to reach an orgasm. She was so damned lovely and I wanted this to last. I caressed her breasts and admired her fantastic face and body.

Without warning, Juliette appeared at the edge of the platform. She said something to Marja in angry, rapid-fire French. Marja answered in a soothing tone. Juliette became even more upset. It was plain that she was pissed about Marja being on top of a man with his dick inside her. This, it seemed, was a serious violation of the lesbian code.

Marja sat motionless on me and turned her full attention to Juliette. In a stern voice, she explained what she was doing and why. Juliette stepped back, crossed her arms and glared. She was literally tapping her foot as she waited impatiently for her friend to finish.

Marja smiled apologetically. “She doesn’t like what I’m doing with you. It’s none of her business, though. I promised to fuck you and I will if you still want me.”

“Yes, of course I want you. You’re a beautiful woman and I like you very much. Being inside you gives me great pleasure. Please continue.”

Marja resumed her movements. Having Juliette watching us, royally pissed, turned me on to a remarkable degree. Fuck you, I thought. Your friend gave me permission to use her body for my pleasure, and I’m going to do it. You can damned well stand there and watch her fuck me. You can watch me cum. You can kiss my ass.

Before long, I was feeling a little too good.

“Marja, I’m going to cum soon. I want to cum in your mouth, if you’ll let me.”

“Yes. Stand and I will do you with my mouth.”

I stood up. Marja knelt in front of me. Marja’s beautiful face and body had attracted a pretty fair crowd. She asked in Italian, “Does anyone have an empty glass?” Someone handed her a double old-fashioned glass. She set it on the mat next to her.

Marja inspected my cock and kissed the head. She took me into her mouth and I felt her tongue start to move. Marja may have been a lesbian, but she knew what she was doing when it came to blowjobs. It wouldn’t be long now.

“Marja, when I cum, keep going until I ask you to stop.”

She nodded.

I clasped my hands behind me and looked back and forth between Marja’s elegant mouth and Juliette’s enraged face.

I was looking into Juliette’s eyes when my cock pulsed and I shot my first streams into Marja’s mouth. Juliette was astonished and infuriated. I loved it.

When I finished cumming, I tapped Marja on the shoulder. “Okay, you can stop.”

Marja picked up the glass next to her and spit into it. I thought Juliette would have a stroke.

I stepped off the platform and offered Marja my hand. She took it and stepped down next to Juliette. Marja silently held the glass out to Juliette, who yelled something at her and stormed off into the crowd.

Marja had a look of resignation on her face. “She’ll get over it. She gets angry fast, but she soon forgives.” She grinned at me. “I should have swallowed your seed. She would have been really annoyed at that!”

Marja put her hand on my arm and kissed me on the lips. “She could tell that I enjoyed doing that with you. I did enjoy it. Very few men have given me such pleasure with their mouths. Thank you.” She kissed me again and smiled. “No man has spilled inside me for years, but if we meet again, I will let you do that.”

“Thank you, Marja. You’re a fantastic woman. You’ve given me an experience I’ll never forget. I hope we meet again.”

Marja walked away through the crowd.

Carley, Aleece and Tomas were sitting on the platform. With all the drama, I hadn’t noticed them.

Carley gave me a double thumbs-up. “Nice job, stud! You’re then envy of every guy here. What’s it feel like to fuck a Nordic goddess and blow your load in her mouth?”

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