Cathy Unfettered Pt. 04

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Cathy opened the door and disappeared into the night. Thinking that was the first and only time, she would ever act as a prostitute. Suddenly, she realised that at no time had she asked for payment, she laughed; money had never entered her head! It was about her sexual satisfaction and of that, she thought, there was very little.

“I have to know what I am.” Cathy thought, then analysing her feeling she realised that she had no problem with being a lesbian. She had always considered herself a dominatrix, enjoying pleasure through subjugating men and women sexually, until tonight that is.

Cathy suddenly shouted into the night, “It was a fucking disaster! I could not handle it! It repulsed me, what the fuck am I?”

The following morning Cathy showered, dressed and set off for Sheila’s lingerie store determined to dominate Sheila. As she approached the store, she stopped suddenly; she was shocked to see the windows were covered with signs saying ‘Closing Down Sale’.

Over the next few hours, Cathy completed the purchase the shop in her mother’s name, raised the necessary capital and found a manager, Lynda, for her very own lingerie business. Trying in vain to stop her legs from shaking, Cathy went to bed thinking, “God, what have I done? All I wanted is a steady stream of desirable women I can choose to enslave.”

Monday morning came soon enough and Cathy’s excitement over her dominance over Julia returned. Cathy headed off to school fantasizing about all the perversions she would make Julia perform and all the punishments she would exact. She wondered what her tattoo would be like, wishing she had added the word ‘fucking’ to ‘Cathy’s Slut’.

Cathy chose to go in the back way, so she would be as unobtrusive as possible. She went directly to her slave’s office and walked in without announcing herself. Julia was sat behind her desk wearing what appeared to be an overcoat. As Cathy entered and as she turned to lock the door, Julia quickly got to her feet and removed the overcoat. Cathy looked at her and Julia dropped quickly to her knees and crawled towards Cathy. Julia started crying and kissing Cathy’s feet she begged for forgiveness.

Cathy ordered her to stop and proceeded to walk around her, examining her closely, but could not see how Julia had failed to comply with her instructions.

“Well, Bitch?” Cathy inquired. It was hard for Cathy to make any sense of the sobbing woman, but eventually Julia rolled over on to her back and lifted her skirt clear of her cunt. Cathy saw she had no tattoo! Cathy kicked Julia’s cunt and both women screamed, one in rage, the other in agony. Cathy seized Julia’s clit and pinched the nub hard, but Julia continued to plead between howls of pain, but Cathy said, “You slut of a cunt, you disobeyed your mistress!”

Julia almost paralysed with fear kept shaking her head and saying over and over, “No Mistress, they wouldn’t do it!” Eventually Cathy released Julia’s clit, and then she finally deciphered the full story between Julia’s sobs. All the tattoo artists within a hundred miles, refused to tattoo her pubic mound!

Dragging Julia and throwing her over her own desk, Cathy said, “You will still be punished!” However, Cathy walked around the desk and sitting in the chair placed her legs either side of Julia’s head and said simply, “Suck.” Julia set about her new task with unbridled enthusiasm.

As Julia sucked her cunt, Cathy asked if Julia had a slut of a girl friend or for that matter a prick of a man friend.

Julia who was finding it difficult to talk with her mouth in Cathy’s cunt, shook her head, but mumbled Mrs Cummings. Cathy immediately removed her legs from the desk and grabbing Julia’s hair said, “Well I will show her who owns you now! Ring her and tell her to come here, now!”

Julia tried to lift her head off the desk but Cathy slammed her face back into the desk. Julia pleading with her Mistress said, “I cannot ring her, she won’t be there. She will be getting fucked by a couple of male students at this time on a Monday.”

Dragging Julia to her feet, Cathy said, “Show me.”

As Julia guided Cathy into a long corridor, Cathy saw Mrs Cummings had also just turned into the far end of the corridor. Mrs Cummings did not see the duo; she was peering into a storeroom. She called, “Amanda” as if she expected Amanda to be in the room. Cathy flattened herself and Julia against the door of an adjoining classroom, her curiosity mounting.

Mrs Cummings walked away and Cathy quickly heaved Julia to the storeroom. Cathy entered and looked for a convenient hiding place where she could watch and find out what was going on. She found that several packing cases had been badly stacked and there was an opening between the lower layers of crates. It was not ideal, but as she considered her alternatives, the door opened again and she saw Amanda Smith enter. Cathy pushed Julia behind the crates and squeezed in besides her. They discovered they had a perfect view between the rows of shelving. Amanda strolled up to the crates and lent on them directly in front of her. She was that close that Ataşehir Esmer Escort Cathy could have jabbed Amanda’s arse with her finger. As Amanda lent against the crates she lifted up her skirt and removed her panties. Cathy noticed that her cunt was dry and wondered still more what the fuck was going on.

Within seconds, the door opened again and this time it was Mrs Cummings. Mrs Cummings smiled and hurried up to Amanda, who said, “Well, get in position cunt! You are my worthless slut teacher!” Mrs Cummings beaming handed Amanda something she was carrying and bent over, her hands on her knees, Amanda lifted Mrs Cummings skirt and buried her hand in her cunt. Pumping her cunt hard Amanda repeatedly asked, “Is my filthy whore enjoying her student fisting her old wet cunt?” Mrs Cummings only moaned and nodded, she was in ecstasy. Finally, Amanda wrenched her hand from the cunt and Cathy then realised that Mrs Cummings had given Amanda a large cane, which Amanda started to smash eagerly into Mrs Cummings arse, cunt and thighs.

After several minutes, Mrs Cummings bore the marks of the cane and Amanda’s cunt was dripping with her juices. Amanda turned around without warning and said, “Suck my arse, fuck pervert, and do a better job than your drag queen of a husband. Amanda lent on the crates pushing her arse towards Mrs Cummings who immediately began tonguing Amanda’s arse and, judging by the fluid dripping down both their thighs; they were enjoying the experience. Cathy was feeling the excitement build in her own cunt and had just indicated to Julia to suck her cunt, when Amanda said, “Where are those boys they should be here by now.”

Cathy froze and the excitement in her cunt vanished as the door to the storeroom opened and closed quickly and the lock clicked ominously. Male voices could be heard and as they approached, Mrs Cummings and Amanda moved to the centre of the aisle directly in front of Cathy and Julia. Both boys stopped as they reached Amanda. Mrs Cummings immediately moved to stand between the boys and dropped her skirt; Cathy saw she was wearing stockings and a garter belt, but no panties and that the whole of her arse and thighs were covered in angry red welts. Amanda removed a lubricant from a shelf and started applying it to one of the boy’s sizeable pricks, while the other boy put his hands under Mrs Cummings’ armpits and lifted her easily. She opened her legs and moaned in delight as she was lowered onto his prick. The boy with the lubricated prick moved behind Mrs Cummings and bending his knees, he positioned his cock at the entry to Mrs Cummings’ arse. He stood quickly forcing his prick deep into her anus. Mrs Cummings moaned louder obviously enjoying the pain and pleasure of being anally speared.

Cathy was watching, open mouthed as the two boys began to pump their respective holes savagely. It was obviously a well-practiced routine as the boys kept perfect time. As the prick in Mrs Cummings’ cunt was partially withdrawn, the prick in her anus was rammed violently inwards and as that one slowly withdrew; the first boy again impaled her cunt with equal ferocity. However, Mrs Cummings knees were bent such that the soles of her feet were sticking out behind her, Amanda was again wielding the cane striking the soles of her feet as Mrs Cummings rocked forward and backwards between the boys, a look of ecstasy on her face. Amanda surprised Cathy by climbing the storage racks until her cunt was level with Mrs Cummings’ face. Amanda positioned her cunt just above Mrs Cummings’ mouth and Mrs Cummings greedily started tonguing her cunt and arse again, smearing Mrs Cummings’ face with cunt juice. Cathy had long since lost any urge to masturbate and dispassionately viewed the mainly heterosexual action unfolding before her with distaste; however, she was impressed at the endurance of the boys.

They fucked and pumped roughly for what seemed an age, but with final brutal thrusts both boys ejaculated ramming Mrs Cummings upward into Amanda’s cunt, just as Amanda squirted a copious amount of vaginal fluid into Mrs Cummings’ mouth, face and hair. The boys held Mrs Cummings against Amanda’s spraying cunt for several minutes before withdrawing and Mrs Cummings collapse into the puddle of vaginal fluid on the floor. The boy that had been ravaging Mrs Cummings’ cunt moved forward and forced Mrs Cummings to suck his penis. Mrs Cummings ardently licked and sucked his prick. The other boy spun Mrs Cummings around and offered her his prick, which was covered in shit as well as jism. He appeared to relish the thought of having his prick cleaned by Mrs Cummings’ mouth. Mrs Cummings, obviously excited, took his prick and began licking and sucking it. At this point Cathy, began feeling sick, she closed her eyes to the action wishing she had not instigated her stupid sortie.

A noise made Cathy open her eyes and repulsed she saw the boys’ pricks were clean and uncontaminated with Mrs Cummings’ shit. Mrs Cummings’ mouth on the other hand showed unmistakeable signs of her actions. Cathy began to gag as Amanda approached Mrs Cummings and forced her head up. Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort Amanda spoke quietly, saying, “Wash it down with this.” Spreading her legs, she began to piss into Mrs Cummings’ mouth. Mrs Cummings gulped down the fluid eagerly and when all was finished, the trio laughed and started to walk away, Amanda called back to Mrs Cummings, “Don’t you dare wash yourself, only your hands and face, I want to smell you all day. Be ready for tonight, we are bringing a few black friends over and I want to see how much shit and jism you and your fag husband can really eat.”

Relieved it was over, Cathy thought, “How the hell do we get out of here?” but as if she were in her worst nightmare Cathy realised that Mrs Cummings had force four fingers into her cunt and was scooping out the sperm. Mrs Cummings lifted the fingers to her mouth, and licked, and sucked them clean.

Cathy suddenly had visions of Mrs Cummings scooping sperm and shit from her arse, and Cathy noisily pushed Julia out of their hiding place and grabbing Julia’s hair pulled her in front of the squatting Mrs Cummings. Cathy wrenching Julia’s head down to her cunt said, “Suck!” and as Julia immediately complied, Cathy said, “You cum soaked slut of a teacher, Julia is now my personal property, and I don’t want to see you within a hundred yards of her!” As Cathy turned to leave Mrs Cummings opened her mouth to object, and Cathy kicked Mrs Cummings repeatedly in her cunt. Cathy appeared possessed and did not stop until Mrs Cummings lay unconscious on the floor. Picking up the cane, Cathy, followed meekly by Julia, walked to the door, Cathy was oblivious to the consequences of her actions.

As Cathy closed the door, she looked at Mrs Cummings, jism, shit oozing from her mouth, Cathy was almost sick, and ordered Julia to go back to her office and to wait for her. As soon as Julia was out of sight Cathy ran until she reached a girl’s bathroom; pushing open a cubicle door, she vomited spectacularly into the toilet.

Cathy sank to her knees, her head over the pan thinking, “I can’t stand men!”

However, a small gentle voice interrupted Cathy’s thoughts, “Are you alright? Can I help with anything, Ragidy?”

Cathy knew instantly that it was Bianca and said harshly, “No! I don’t want any of your shit!” Cathy stood up quickly, turned to face Bianca, and was pleased to see Bianca was shocked. Any other time Cathy would have apologised and comforted the gorgeous girl, but her rage was overwhelming her. She pushed Bianca out of the way and strode to the washbasin.

Bianca, breathing deeply yelled, “Did you get yourself pregnant, is that why you have morning sickness?”

The comment stunned Cathy, she tried to grab Bianca but Bianca was too fast. Laughing Bianca ran from the bathroom and Cathy screamed, “I’ll fucking kill you, you little shit!”

Anger surged through Cathy and returning to Julia’s office, she tied Julia face down over the desk. Lifting Julia’s skirt, Cathy caned Julia’s arse, thighs and cunt lips mercilessly and then demanded Julia suck her cunt to orgasm. Following a massive orgasm, Cathy set anal and vaginal vibrators on maximum, inserted then in Julia and then left Julia tied to the desk. Cathy went off to her first class, only returning as Julia’s students entered the classroom for Julia’s first class. Julia was in a state of near collapse, she had had one orgasm after another and her stockings and shoes were saturated with vaginal fluid and urine. The class was late getting started and Julia soon realised that she was unable to sit down and constantly thought of her predicament. However, thinking of her Mistress only caused more of her cunt juices to trickle down her legs.

Over the following few months, Cathy worked ceaselessly with Lynda at the shop and dominated Julia ruthlessly. Even this violent domination of Julia was insufficient to satisfy Cathy’s insatiable needs and she began searching the clubs, bars and shop customers for potential slaves.

On one of Cathy’s many lesbian scouting missions, Cathy found herself at ‘The Whorehouse’. It was lesbian night, and Cathy, settled back to watch the show with Julia knelt besides her dressed only in the obligatory stockings, platform heels and a wide belt. She also wore a dog collar, which was attached to a dog lead, which was firmly by her mistress. Several of the clientele where mothers of Julia’s students and they all made a point of abusing Julia’s tits, cunts and arse as they passed. It was common knowledge that Julia’s parent teacher interviews were not to be missed.

An attractive woman, several years younger than Julia, walked up behind Julia, and said to Cathy, “How much for this piece of shit?”

Julia did not move but she looked terrified. Cathy, who was getting bored with her slave, smiled and said, “What do you want this piece of shit for?”

The woman smiling said, “Oh, sisterly affection, I suppose.”

Cathy handed her the dog lead and smiled, saying, “Take her!”

The woman laughing and tugging hard on the lead said, “Well then come on cunt slut Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort I can’t wait to get you home to the whole family!”

Cathy’s attention returned to the show just as three muscular black women walked onto the stage; each of the girls was wearing what Cathy would call her favourite ‘fucking’ outfit. Cathy was sexually aroused and her cunt immediately began to moisten.

The women were dressed in lace-topped stockings, which were just visible over their heeled, thigh length boots. Each wore a micro shirt, which allowed their cunt lips to peek out beneath the skirt and a studded dog collar. Their tits were magnificent, large but firm and their tight stomachs, arses and muscular legs evidenced their superb fitness, they could have been Amazons.

Each of the black women stepped off the stage and walked through the theatre seats abutting the stage. It was well known that anyone seated there was willing to participate in the performance and one of black women stood, legs apart in front of an attractive well-built Negress, who Cathy thought she recognised. The black performer grabbed the woman’s hair and pulled her mouth to her cunt. The woman began feverishly licking and sucking her clit. A second performer turned in front of a buxom white woman her arse in the woman’s face. The black performer spread her arse cheeks and pushed her arse close to the woman’s mouth and screamed, “Tongue it you fat white slut!” The white woman tentatively licked the black girl’s rosebud. The Amazon bitch groaned and reaching behind, she grabbed the woman’s head and forced it into her arse.

The third Amazon slowly meandered through the seats, eventually stepping into the table area where Cathy was seated; by the unspoken rules, no one here had agreed to participate. As the Amazon got closer to Cathy, Cathy was mesmerized by her beauty and stature and soon realised that her cunt was saturated. The black girl smiled at Cathy as she tiptoed past but she stopped next to a petite white girl at the next table.

Suddenly without warning, the black girl grabbed the sitting girl by the hair and dragged her towards the stage, the girls friends appeared furious, some were even shouting for the manager. As the muscular black girl dragged the screaming girl onto the stage, the other two Amazons converged upon her, and with much ripping of clothes, they stripped the girl nearly naked. By the time, she reached centre stage only her garter belt, stockings and heels remained.

She was tied face up onto what Cathy could only describe as a narrow vaulting horse and the Amazons surrounded her, two Amazons produced large handheld dildos while the third simply sat on the girls face. Cathy could see the girl start to lick and suck the Amazons cunt, while the others, standing either side of her, pulled her legs apart and began to ram the dildos in and out her cunt and arse. The stage began to revolve and the audience viewed the pumping of the dildos clearly. The girl’s cunt was saturated and it was obvious she would orgasm in a matter of moments. Unexpectedly the Amazons stopped, leaving the dildos lodged in the girl’s cunt and arse and the girl squirted spectacularly across the stage in full view of the audience. The audience, many of whom, including Cathy, were now openly masturbating, cheered loudly.

The Amazons gathered around the hapless girl, one producing a long thin whip. As the first strike of the whip struck the girls tits, mayhem erupted from the table behind Cathy. The five white companions of the girl rushed towards the stage and were met by the three black Amazons. The first white girl clambered on to the stage, but the girl was met by a savage kick from one of the Amazons to her cunt and collapse holding her cunt. The Amazon reached down and grabbing her dress began to pull her to her feet, but a second white girl got her into a bear hug and wrenched the Amazon backward, ripping the collapsed girls dress off completely. The girl jumped to her feet and has her companion held the black Amazon, she punch the Amazon’s cunt and her fist and wrist disappeared in to the Amazon’s vagina. The Amazon and white girl both screamed, but one registering pain while the other delight. As the Amazon was held, the white girl started to fist her savagely.

Two other white women had grabbed a second Amazon and had wrestled her to the floor, as one white woman sat on her shoulders, her cunt forced into the Amazons face the second white girl pushed her foot into the Amazon’s cunt. Cathy was amazed that almost half the girl’s foot disappeared and as she started moving it in and out, she gave the impression she was repeatedly kicking her. It was not until the white girl stopped kicking and forced almost the whole of her foot in the cunt and stood, her entire weight on the embedded leg, did the Amazon scream for mercy. The final struggle involving an Amazon and a single white appeared to be an unequal wrestling match, the Amazon flinging the white girl around the stage, ripping off her clothes as she did so. Finally as the Amazon sat on the girls face, her fist buried deep in the girls cunt, the original petite girl escaped her bonds and tearing a plank from the narrow horse smashed it across the Amazon’s back. The Amazon collapsed and the battle was over. A white girl held each of the conscience Amazons around the throat, while another kept a vice like grip on their tits, guaranteeing her subjugation.

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