Caught in the Act

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I sat the bag down just inside the door of the room and looked around as the door clicked softly shut behind me. The nervous sweat on my palms made me rub them down my thighs and I swallowed past the lump in my throat. The cozy sitting room opened into a bedroom and I pushed open the door to see it fully. An enormous 4-poster bed was the focal point. Its thick sturdy columns rose to the vaulted ceiling. A richly upholstered bench sat at the foot of it; off to the side was an intimate sitting area with 2 well-padded chairs and a small table. Opposite the sitting area and the bed was another door leading to the most amazing bath I’d ever seen. Clear glass doors surrounded the shower with dual heads. A spa tub was located just past it.

I shook my head at the splendor and glanced at the clock, noticing that I had about 2 hours to get ready. I retrieved my bag, setting it on the bench and gathered my toiletries. I turned the shower to its hottest setting and peeled my clothes off while the steam floated lazily in the air.

As I stepped into the shower, I heard a faint sound from the suite. I paused a moment listening, but heard nothing more. Hot water poured over me. I closed my eyes, thinking of you, while I lathered my skin. My hands drifted over my small sensitive breasts, down my stomach and over my sex. Soap slithered down my legs, like a sensuous caress. I spread my legs, raised one up onto the recessed bench and smoothed the thick lather over my mound. It was quick work to shave myself bare. The baby oil was difficult to open because my hands trembled with nervous excitement. I needed to get it exactly right.

I filled my hands with the oil. As hot water poured over me, I began to massage my skin. Water beaded on my breasts. My hand slipped between my thighs stroking the smoothness. I couldn’t resist rubbing my clit even though I knew I shouldn’t. I removed my hand from the temptation and oiled my legs. I turned and bent over the bench and stroked across the cheeks of my ass. My fingers slid between them and I rubbed oil down the crevice before touching the little puckered hole. I shivered, envisioning your hand and began to work the oil in the way you liked. I stroked my finger in and out, lubing it well.

Suddenly my desire became intense. You’d never know. I set my knee on the bench, opening myself and leaned Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort forward to brace against the wall. I stroked my fingers in and out of my ass and rubbed my clit with the other. I masturbated, fucking my ass with lubed fingers and circling my clit. It had become a hard swollen nub, sensitive to the slightest touch. The cool wall pressing against my breasts was a stark contrast to the rising heat from the shower. I felt myself tense and squished two fingers deeply into my ass while a powerful orgasm overtook me. I dropped to my knees, panting hard.

Guilt swamped me after a moment. If you knew what I’d done, you would not be pleased. I quickly washed again to clean away the evidence between my thighs. I shut off the water, and patted my skin down. I grabbed the bottle of oil and stepped out of the enclosure. I smoothed it again over my bare mound and ass in preparation. I tingled, still aroused from the play and anticipating our time together.

I padded, daydreaming, from the bathroom to get the hairbrush I’d forgotten in my bag. I bent over, rummaging through my things and felt an odd sensation of being watched. I looked up and was startled to find you sitting one of the chairs.

With a gasp, I instinctively hunched and covered my breast with my hand, and managed to smack the bristles of the brush against myself. “Ow! You startled me!”

You nodded your head and smiled, motioning for me to come to you. I took the few steps to stand before you nervously. Without a word, you reached for my hands and tugged me closer. I felt your hands slid over me and was turned to face the table. You took the brush from me, brought my hand to your mouth and placed a kiss on my palm. Then laid my hand on the top of the table and nudged my legs back, indicating with your gestures for me to bend over.

I shivered and bent at the waist with both hands supporting me. Your hand skimmed over my lower lips, reaching between my thighs, below my ass. I flushed, recalling my shower. I knew I was still very wet with arousal. One broad finger stroked between the slippery lips. Briefly I wondered how long you’d been there. Had I been caught? No, you would have already said something. I breathed a relieved sigh.

Your hand massaged each rounded cheek. Then your finger slipped between them and Ataşehir Çıtır Escort rubbed at the well-lubed brown pucker. I saw you nod your head with approval. I sighed as your first finger slid into me. My head dropped down and I relaxed my upper body. I pillowed my head on my arms and rocked lightly back into your finger. You removed the thick digit, and slide your hand down the base of my spine. It pressed me down further, and I felt you spread my cheeks a bit with it. I sighed with pleasure, enjoying each sensual touch.

I felt you probe my anus again, and your touch felt different. Puzzled, I started to lift my head and I felt cool plastic slip into me. It stopped when something prickly pinched my cheeks. Startled, I turned but the hand at my waist pinned me further. Suddenly your other hand slapped my ass sharply.

I yelped and looked back. I could see the hairbrush sticking obscenely out of my ass and the displeasure in your eyes. You knew! You had watched me and I hadn’t noticed.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” I managed to whisper before the opened hand struck again. You began a pattern of punishment that rocked me. Three slaps to each cheek, a pause, and then the hairbrush would viciously thrust in and out of my reddening ass. Over and over, my ass was on fire. I could hear myself whimpering as I submitted to the humiliating punishment. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry….” I chanted between clenched teeth.

After an eternity, it stopped. It just stopped. I stood there, legs trembling, my face pressed into my arms with my ass stinging and plugged. You grasped my hips and pulled me away from the support of the table. Then you folded me over until I had to put my hands on the floor to keep from falling. Your quiet, impersonal touch sent a shaft of fearful adrenaline through my aching body.

I was mortified, spread and bent before you, my ass in the air with the brush handle stuck into me. Humiliation overcame me as my wet nether-lips shamelessly gushed the evidence of my arousal. Further proof was in the hard raspberry nipples pointing to the floor.

I could see the expensive leather of your shoes between my legs. They nudged my leg, spreading me further. You stood and there was the soft sound of your zipper. The brush was removed. I breathed a sigh of relief. You leaned over me slightly and Ataşehir Elit Escort kissed my back. I purred at the gentle attention, mewling like a kitten.

I felt the bristles of the brush pressed gently against my pussy. You leaned back, kneading the fleshy muscle of my ass with your hand. Without warning, you drew back and your warm spit splattered on the exposed hole. I felt you stab your cock into my ass roughly. You fucked me with deep hard strokes. Each pounding thrust pushed the pinching bristles against my sensitive, dripping cunt.

I franticly begged. “Please, no more.” The sound of my voice spurred you higher and you fucked my red ass even harder.

Finally, I realized what you wanted. I groaned begging. “Fuck my ass harder! Use my sore little ass!”

I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm even through the discomfort in my ass and the pain against my pussy. You knew it too. You picked up your pace, pumping more furiously into me than before. I felt your balls slapping against me and your cock pulsing, spewed into me. You groaned harshly. Your breath rasping in my ear as your hot seed spurted inside my bowels. I was close too. My body strung tightly on the edge of the abyss. I tried to press back, only needing one or two more strokes to come, but you held me still. I felt you pull out and the warm trickling of your spent load leaking from my abused hole. I moaned my disappointment and frustration.

Then to my astonishment, the brush handle pressed back into me. I froze there, shocked. I needed to come so badly. I heard your pants zip and felt the cool bottom of your shoe on my inflamed cheek. You pushed me with your foot lightly and I rocked forward to my hands and knees. I watched you tuck your shirt in and sit back down.

The chair creaked softly when you relaxed back and clasped your hands behind your head. “Clean up and this time behave yourself, slut.”

After a moment of surprised silence I rolled to my knees and reached back to remove the hairbrush, humiliated and so on edge I could scream.

“No” You said quietly. “Crawl in there and take care of it, my naughty girl.”

I blushed with my entire body. Bowing my head, I inched to the doorway. I stopped and looked back over my shoulder. I saw the object of my punishment rising grotesquely from my sore ass. You watched closely. I grinned wickedly and spread my legs allowing you a view of the dripping moisture between my thighs. You cocked your brow, eyes twinkling. With a chuckle, I crawled forward to do your bidding. In the doorway I paused to wiggle my ass defiantly. It was going to be a long and pleasurable night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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