Caught Perving at Aunt Cathy

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Just a quickie I put together. Scott’s Aunt Cathy sees him spying. She moves in to punish her nephew but gets too hot for the job.

Hope it titillates a few readers.

Thanks for reading.

GA — Cambridgeshire, UK — 28th of October 2018


She just walked in and told me straight.

Shocked, all I could do was stare, the weight of my hanging jaw a vague impression.

“Dirty beast,” she said, glaring.

Her fists were on her hips. Fire flashed from her eyes.

I thought she was magnificent.

I knew what she was talking about, but it played dumb.

This was trouble. I’d over-stepped the mark by several long strides.

I blurted out, “What? What are you talking about?”

My face gave me away. I couldn’t control the heat rising in my cheeks and I knew I was burning red.

“Don’t play that game, nasty little shit. Don’t you dare make out like you don’t know.”

She fumed as I looked at her, a leaden sinker of dread plummeting into the pit of my stomach.

Crossing her arms beneath the swell of her breasts, my Aunt Cathy sneered and said, “So, come on, show me.”

I boggled, confused.

My attention was set on the swell of her tits where her folded arms spilled the flesh over the cups of her bra.

Aunt Cathy blew out air, cheeks ballooning in exasperation.

“You played with it when you were spying, Scott,” she said, sharp and angry. My aunt unfolded her arms and jabbed a forefinger at me. “It was obvious. Don’t try to kid on you weren’t. I’m old and wise enough to know when a bloke’s tugging his dick.”

The vehemence in her verbal assault was stunning.

Then my aunt shocked me by adding, “So do it now. I’m right in front of you. You want to tug your pathetic little winkie over me? Here’s your chance. This is it. I’m right here, right now.” My aunt stepped back and showed of her curves, motioning along her flanks with the tips of her fingers.

Despite the alluring sight of her full figure panic surged. “No, Aunt Cathy,” I gasped. “It isn’t … I wasn’t–“

She cut me off with a laugh, clapping her hands together in a gesture of high-old amusement.

“Bollocks,” she said, shaking her head. “You were there. At the bloody door. Watching…”

My aunt leaned in low, breasts swaying as she moved. With her face inches from mine, she held my stare while pointing behind her towards the bedroom door.

To the scene of the crime along the hall.

It had been too much to resist: my lovely aunt, full and ripe and mature just out of the bath, the bathroom door ajar. I couldn’t help myself. Drawn by the promise of her voluptuous curves, I lurked and watched and stroked my cock, the caresses turning into fell-fledged wanking while I thought about what I would do if I had a chance at her body.

Legs, waist, and buttocks exposed, my aunt towelled dry before stepping into her knickers. She wore her ash-blonde hair loosely pinned up, skin glowing from the heat of the bath as she reached for her bra, fixing the thing to cover her boobs before she turned. I had no real idea of what she was like between her legs but pictured a landing-strip style, my hand really working my dick as the fantasy gripped.

But, then, lost in the sub-space of sexual arousal, as I yanked my dick, head full of my aunt, I fucked my fist for a moment too long. Aunt Cathy turned, her eyes drawn to the movement.

I was heading towards my room before she could speak, but I knew it was hopeless.

“You were spying. You’re a dirty little sneak — I fucking saw you, Scott.”

My aunt sighed and, after a couple more seconds of glaring at me, rose upright.

Her arms folded under her impressive frontage again, the movement drawing my eyes.

“Tits,” Aunt Cathy spat. “Is that it? You perved at your aunty because of the tits?”

I gulped, cornered and anxious. “Yuh-you won’t tell, will you?”

My aunt sneered, eyes going wide. “Oh,” she said, mockery heavy in her tone, “worried I might tell, are you?”

“I’m sorry,” I blurted.

“No … Oh no, Scott. You don’t get away with it by saying you’re sorry.” Aunt Cathy raised a forefinger and waved it at me. “No, what you’re going to do is show me exactly what you were doing. It was okay to do it without me knowing? It’s okay to do it with me standing here.”

Mortification turned me cold and then hot. My cheeks burned hotter while paradoxically cold sweat trickled along my spine.

Appalled at the suggestion, I babbled, “What? God, no, Aunt Cathy!”

My aunt was emphatic, wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Oh, you’re going to do it, Scott. Nasty pig. You think it’s all right to tug your tiny cock and look at me? Jesus, I’m your mum’s sister! I’m your fucking aunty. I’ve known you since you were an hour old. You should have more fucking respect!”

She was superb. Full of fire, angry and wild, the upper slopes of her breasts, her chest, and her throat suffused pink in her ire. I’d never seen her furious before, the full force of her anger made plain by silivri escort her use of bad language.

My Aunt Cathy wasn’t one to swear, so to hear her using those words impacted on me.

Aunt Cathy jabbed a red-painted talon towards my face. “So,” she spat, “you’re going to learn a lesson, Scott. I’m telling you to do it with me watching.”

My upbringing conditioned me to obey authority figures.

My Aunt Cathy counted.

That her instructions were outrageous didn’t matter at the time. I could have refused, but my mind didn’t work that way. I reasoned, in my panicky state, that I could be in trouble if she decided to tell. The humiliation would be huge. My mother would know. It would spread to the wider family, too. Not only that, but the way my aunt stood and glowered, proud and stern, had an effect. I didn’t think there would be any physical violence on her part, but her demeanour was very intimidating.

She was fierce and wasn’t taking any shit.

“But I can’t,” I gasped as my dick shrank.

“You fucking-well will,” My aunt shot back.

I was on my bed while she stood at the side, fists on her hips, frontage square-on to face me.

I glanced at the door, wondering if I could get past her.

Like she could read my mind, my aunt smirked and said, “You could run away, Scott; but I’ll tell my sister what a filthy toe-rag you are. You want me to do that?”

Aunt Cathy raised a single eyebrow to emphasise the question.

Then she added an emphatic, “Well, do you?”

“Oh, no,” I groaned, “please don’t tell my mum.”

At that the intractable bitch smiled and nodded. She pointed to my cock and said, “I won’t. Not if you get it out and play with yourself.”

I tried begging.

Which only made her laugh.

“You picked on the wrong woman, Scott,” Aunt Cathy said. She pouted, looking at me with fake-pity in her expression. “Poor you. Aren’t you a silly little perv? Didn’t think Aunt Cathy would catch you? Didn’t think she might be a total bitch? Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind why I don’t have a constant man in my life, Scott?”

I blinked at the fierceness in her tone.

“I … I don’t know, Aunt Cathy,” I warbled.

My aunt laughed. It was a full-on guffaw, head thrown back, tits shivering before she actually bent at the waist and slapped a hand against her own thigh.

Abruptly venomous after the slapstick amusement my aunt’s face went tight and she leaned in low once more.

“It’s because I don’t take their shit. Because I’m in charge. Men do as I say, or they don’t get to touch me.”

My aunt, unrecognisable as the woman I’d known all my life, grinned at me.

“So, because I’m in charge, Scott, what you’re going to do is fish that little sprat out and start playing with it.”

I did it because I she was fierce.

I did it because I didn’t want her to tell my mother.

I did it because it just didn’t occur to me to refuse. She was the authority figure.

My face was on fire when I unzipped and scooped the shrivelled giblet out with trembling fingers.

Aunt Cathy was scathing. She smirked and said, “God, is that it? Not very impressive is it, Scott? Tell me, have you ever pleased a girl with that little thing?”

It was torture to hear her say it. Humiliated, I lay there and looked at the wall. I couldn’t stand to see her expression, the amusement behind her eyes.

“Well, go on, make it hard,” Aunt Cathy added. “Play with it, Scott. Show me the dirty thing you were doing when you were perving.”

While my face continued to burn, I fondled my dick, thankful and relieved that it sparked into life when I touched it.

“Look at that,” Aunt Cathy hooted. “It’s such a pathetic thing. Give it a tug.”

After a few seconds my dick was fully erect, swollen and throbbing, desire hot inside me despite the scene I found myself in. Lust boiled and gave me the confidence to really work at my cock. I didn’t think it exactly, but what went through my head was something like, I’ll show you, bitch…

It was silent between us for a minute or so. The only sounds were the creak of the bed and the wet, slippery fap of my fist sliding over the shaft, pre-cum greasing the action.

Nasty fucking perv,” murmured my aunt.

“This is what you do to me,” I groaned in response, emboldened with lust.

You’re disgusting,” she snapped.

“But I think you’re lovely,” I moaned, wild for my aunt.

“You just like big tits,” Aunt Cathy responded. “I’ve noticed you looking before.”

When she mentioned her boobs, my focus fell to those tremendous orbs encased in the bra.

“Dirty pig,” Aunt Cathy said. “”You’re staring at them now. That’s just dirty, Scott. You’re a filthy animal.”

Then, after a withering look of disdain, my aunt reached round to the clasp at her back. “Okay,” she added, “you want to see them? Will that make you happy? There, get a good look. Those are tits a pathetic little shit like you won’t ever get to play with.”

I bakırköy escort boggled in gape-mouthed shock when she took off her bra to reveal her breasts.

“Nasty little fucker,” Aunt Cathy murmured as she cupped her boobs in her palms. “Looking at your aunt. Wanking. It’s just disgusting, Scott. I suppose you want to see me out of these knickers, too.”

Desire surged when I realised she was going to do it. I wanked at my dick, mindless to the climax simmering down in my root.

“A rude boy like you will want to see my quim.”

She had her thumbs hooked into her knickers, eyes set on my face.

“Your auntie’s pussy, Aunt Cathy breathed.”

I gulped, staring as the sensations whirled in my guts.

“Dirty, nasty, filthy little pervert,” Aunt Cathy continued, smirking at me. “You should be ashamed.”

She said it and then unveiled her vulva in a quick, deliberate action, sliding her briefs over her thighs and down to her shins. When she was naked, my aunt took a dainty step out of her knickers, posing unashamed, fists on her hips.

With my aunt’s frontage presented, I gawked at her body, delight ballooning inside me as my eyes soaked up the detail of her hairless mound and the thick meaty inner lips peeping from her intimate folds

“Yeah, I can see you like it. Getting a thrill from seeing me bare? God, you’re such a pervy pig, Scott. I really should tell your mother what you’ve been doing.”

She thrust out her pelvis in a provocative action.

“Get a good look. This is all you’re ever going to get. I’ll give you a few minutes to wank it out. You can look at me, Scott. But when it’s over I’m getting dressed and we’ll never talk about this again.”

“Aunt Cathy,” I said, gasping it out in excitement. “I want to fuck you,” I moaned.

My aunt’s eyes went wide before she leaned in. Her boobs swung and swayed and almost caused the rush of delight to flick from my cock.

“Filthy fucker,” Aunt Cathy breathed. “How fucking dare you.”

Out of control, I reached up and grabbed at her breast.

My aunt squawked and stood upright, slapping my hand as she cried out “No touching!”

I tugged at my cock, wild with desire. “Please,” I sobbed, reaching again.

My aunt slapped at my hand. “No. I told you, you can look, but I won’t let you touch. Only my special boys get to touch me.”

I gawked at her. “Special boys?”

My aunt rose upright. She smirked, taunting me by squeezing a breast.

“It takes time and effort to get with me,” Aunt Cathy said. “I’ve got a few boys I keep hanging around for fun. Most of them don’t get to touch me at all. Some I’ll let fuck me.”

“Oh, please let me, Aunt Cathy,” I moaned, desperate to feel her.

“It’s doubly worse for you, Scott,” Aunty Cathy said with a shake of her head. She pouted, like she was sorry. “I can’t let you touch me because you’re my nephew. That would be so very wrong. Be grateful I let you see me in the nuddy. You know I shouldn’t, don’t you, Scott? I mean, I’m your aunty. It’s naughty doing this as it is. I’m only letting you see me bare because I like to tease. You’ve been so wicked, I need to teach you a lesson. So you can look and wank. Get a good eye full, Scott. It must be torture knowing you’ll never get to feel my skin.”

My aunt stroked the undercurve of her breast, closing her eyes as she sighed.

“Such a shame,” she continued, smirking at me. “Soft, smooth skin. Poor Scotty.”

Aunt Cathy turned to show off her rump.

“My bottom,” she said through a sigh. “Nice and round, isn’t it, Scott? A lovely big arse. All my boys like my backside.”

Then, in a shocking display which made me suck in a lung full of air, my aunt levered forward and angled her hips while splaying her buttocks.

“Can you see my sweet arsehole, Scott?”

I gazed at the smudge of Aunt Cathy’s sphincter, her cunt gaping pink and glistening, labia heavy as they parted with sticky reluctance.

“I let my boys lick me right here,” Aunt Cathy murmured. She dabbed the tip of a finger against her rectum, then stirred her sex with two fingers going inside. “I love to feel a hot, wet tongue probing into me back there. It’s so fucking nasty,” added my aunt as she turned to face me. “Don’t you think, Scott? Isn’t it a bad thing to do? Lick a lady’s bottom. Would you like to do it?”

“Oh, Aunt Cathy, could I?”

My aunt eyed me with an odd look on her face.

“Taste it off my fingers, Scott,” she said on a sigh. “Right there, that’s my twat.”

She stuck her fingers between my lips. I could smell her aroma, musky and dark as I sucked at the digits.

“Well, just this once,” Aunt Cathy said, “you can lick my arse. Stop wanking and get your face back there.”

My aunt knelt on my bed and went onto all fours, buttocks upthrust when she went down onto her elbows.

“Spread me open and lick it,” she breathed.

My dick waggled when I moved in behind my aunt. I cranked it for several quick strokes before letting halkalı escort go and spreading Aunt Cathy’s buttocks.

“This is the only time you’ll touch me,” whispered my aunt. She looked back at me, creased at the waist, large breasts hanging and presented in three-quarter profile. My aunt was smirking, one eyebrow arched in a classic expression of wry amusement. “So, go on,” my aunt continued. “Get to work. Lick my dirty-hole like the dirty boy you are.”

She chuckled and sighed when I dabbed at her sphincter.

“Don’t tickle me,” mumbled my aunt. “Really get it in there. Dig in deep. Lick my bottom.”

Wild with lust, I probed as deep as I could go, holding those buttocks wide so I could squirm into her rectum.

She tasted spicy back there.

My aunt made all kinds of appreciative sounds, gurgling and moaning as she wriggled and shoved herself back onto my face and, taking a chance, mindless to the consequences, I moved away from her sphincter and took a lick at her pussy.

My aunt gasped and then groaned, swivelling around to reach out one arm. She placed a hand against the side of my face while mumbling, “You shouldn’t be licking me there … But just for a second. Just this once…”

Not quite believing I was getting away with it, I sucked at her clit, daring to slide a finger into the heat.

“Dirty fucker,” Aunt Cathy muttered.

But she didn’t stop me when I slid a second digit in alongside the first.

Bold, I went back to worshipping her dark smudge while I fucked her pussy with two stiff fingers.

Then, when I inserted a third finger, my aunt snarled out she wanted to taste her quim off my tongue.

A moment later, without me knowing just how we’d ended up with me on my back and my aunt’s breasts compressed between us, we were kissing, her hand jacking my length.

“Come,” Aunt Cathy insisted, her eyes on my dick. “Show me the hot stuff. Come for me, Scott.”

My aunt sucked her essence from my tongue, her hand working my length and, after a few seconds of groaning into my mouth, she set her attention on her fist, urging me to come with an excited squeak in her voice.

I looked at the incredible sight: my naked Aunt Cathy, the sweep and curve of her hip and buttocks, her face in profile while she gazed at my root, fingers squeezing my girth.

It was a sublime sensation, those fingers massaging my dick, my head full of wonder and awe.

How had it happened?

How did I come to be on my bed with my aunt undressed?

“Maybe I’ll suck you,” I heard my aunt mutter.

When I looked directly at her face I saw she was staring at me.

“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Scott? Me sucking your cock…”

She grinned after she said it, teasing by ducking in low, tongue flicking out. But, before my aunt’s tongue touched my dick, she pulled her head back, her lower lip between her teeth, expression all about mischief.

“Thought I was going to do it, eh?”

Aunt Cathy dropped my erection and waggled a forefinger at me.

“I’m not going to do that, Scott. I’m not going to suck your cock. You’re my nephew. It’d be a slutty thing to do. I mean,” my aunt went on, wide-eyed in her pretence at innocence, “sucking my nephew’s cock! God, that’s just to fucking filthy to even think about.”

Then, not a second after she’d said it, my aunt’s lips pursed around the big swollen dome.

I grunted some nonsense response, stunned to see Aunt Cathy’s cheeks concave when she sucked at the cock-head. As she sucked she kept on working my dick down close to my balls, the rush of heat sending tingles through my core.

She glugged when the first burst of cum sprayed into her mouth.

Another splash of semen flicked across my aunt’s cheek when she came up off my dick. She gasped and yelped, “Oh, FUCK!” spunk jetting forth in a further three bursts, this time jetting over her breasts and the bed.

“Dirty, nasty, filthy fucker,” Aunt Cathy said, still wanking my dick. “Look at the fucking mess,” she went on, surveying the gloop on her boobs. “You came in my mouth, too. God … you’re such a disgusting pervert!”

Again, belying the words with her actions, my aunt moved up onto her knees. She quickly straddled my thighs, hand holding my cock upright while she splayed her folds with her spare hand.

“Spunk everywhere,” Aunt Cathy gasped.

She was complaining and calling me names when she presented her body to the head of my cock, my length slipping inside her when she abruptly sank down to swallow me whole.

“Is this what you wanted?”

I was too shocked to answer.

My aunt started to ride.

She bounced, big tits swinging and jiggling as she looked down at me.

“I don’t believe you’re inside me,” Aunt Cathy said, eyes on my face. “What are you doing? You shouldn’t be fucking your aunt!”

She said it and kept on slap-slap-thwacking her buttocks against my thighs. My Aunt Cathy made out like it was me in the wrong. Like I was doing it to her.

While she moved, fingers splayed over my chest, her weight on straight arms, my aunt kept up a lewd monologue cataloguing my apparent tendencies towards perversion. According to her, I was a, “Dirty, disgusting boy. The nastiest I’ve ever encountered. Fucking your own mother’s sister. It’s warped and perverted. Nasty and wrong. I hope you’re ashamed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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