Chantilly Lace Pt. 02: The Office

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It takes a considerable amount of courage to go to work on Monday.

I cannot imagine where I lost my panties. I’m praying no one found a random pair of Chantilly lace thongs laying on the ballroom floor at the gala.

After cumming on the terrace, and again two more times in the bathroom, I’m terrified to see my colleagues.

There was no one in the restroom when I came out of the stall, and I think the only person who saw me on the terrace was Brandon.

I’m not sure how I’m going to face him. Just thinking about what happened at the gala has me mortified.

To my surprise when I get into the office, Brandon acts like business as usual. Either I misunderstood him when I came out of the ladies room, or he’s gentleman enough to forget about it.

Either way, I’m grateful.

The day is rather uneventful until after lunch when my assistant tells me that Brandon needs me in his office for help on a project he’s working on.

When I walk into his office, he is leaning up against his mahogany desk, on leg crossed over the other. His charcoal grey suit jacket is unbuttoned, and his red tie hangs loosely around his neck.

It takes me a few moments to notice the lacy apple red panties dangling from his index finger.

I start studdering “H…h…hhhow did you..”

That sly smile spreads across his face and I really want to slap it off.

“These were peaking out of your dress pocket at the gala Saturday night.”

I? blink… surely he didn’t?

He starts to hand them samsun escort to me and I? reach out to grab them, ready for this ordeal to be over.

“I? suppose you want these back,” he says, but just before they reach my hand he pulls them away and stuffs them into his pocket.

“On second thought, since you were so careless as to lose them in the first place, I? believe I’ll hold onto them… for safe keeping”

I don’t really believe what my ears are hearing. Did he honestly just say he was going to keep my panties?

He removes himself from his casual position on his desk and saunters towards me.

At only five foot four I’m staring directly at his broad chest. He’s so close I can smell his aftershave. A woodsy mix of sandalwood and bark tickles my nose and heightens my senses.

He reaches behind me and closes the blinds, shielding us from the prying eyes of our coworkers.

My heart is pounding in my chest and I tremble, afraid of what he might do next.

He leans down and presses a soft kiss to my shaking lips.

His lips are soft, and I was right, they fit mine perfectly.

He kisses me again, but this time harder and I open my mouth, granting him access.

Our tongues mingle deliberately as he reaches his hand down to cup my bottom.

When he pulls away, I feel an overwhelming disappointment at his departure.

“I was of the mind to add another pair of lacy panties to my collection, but I don’t believe you are wearing any.”

He’s right of course. After the events of last Saturday, I couldn’t bring myself to put any on this morning.

“You’re an awfully naughty girl not wearing any panties under that tight skirt.”

I can’t see my face, but my pail skin leaves me prone to blushing, and since my face feels like it’s on fire, I know it must be red.

Brandon trails his warm hand up my thigh, pushing my skirt up as he goes. I open my legs a little more in anticipation of his touch.

“Mmmm, You are a naughty girl aren’t you?” He groans when his fingers finally reach the apex of my thighs.

His finger slides in easily and I moan at the welcome intrusion.

His thumb starts massaging my already sensitive nub. I cling to him to steady myself.

Just as I’m about to find my release he let’s go and picks me up so that my legs are wrapped around his waist.

I feel his hard length pressed against my center. It’s straining against his suit pants and I’m glad he’s as affected by this encounter as I am.

I hear things crashing to the floor from his desk as my bare ass hits the cold mahogany wood. My skirt is bunched around my waist now and he unbuttons my white shirt so that the edges of my breasts peek out from the fabric.

He leans down and takes one lace clad nipple into his mouth. He nips at it causing a little pain.

I’m reaching greedily for his belt, clumsily trying to unbuckle it. He stops what he’s doing and helps me free his cock.

It’s bigger than I had originally thought and when I wrap my small hand around it, my fingers barely touch.

I ache to put my mouth around it, but he has other plans. He grabs my hips and pulls me forward entering me in one swift stroke.

His cock is so hard, a nice contrast to my softness.

The pleasure is almost unbearable, but then his skillful fingers touch my clit.

I tilt my head back and bite my lip to keep from calling out.

My orgasm comes on slowly at first, building and building. This is pure torture. I need him to go faster, but he keeps his pace.

My fingernails are digging into his back through the fabric. I hope it’s not painful, but I can’t control myself.

I close my eyes, ready to scream my frustration with him taking his time.

“Uh, Uh, you look at me while I fuck you.” He commands.

That does it, although it had been building for some time, the orgasm takes me by surprise and I bury my head in his neck to muffle my moans of satisfaction.

I can feel my muscles pulsing around his cock as his breath comes in shorter bursts.

Suddenly he withdraws from me and a hot sticky liquid covers my upper thigh.

He hands me a tissue to clean myself up and I hop off of his desk to right my skirt and button my blouse.

He smiles that sly smile at me again as I open his office door.

“Enjoy the rest of your day Miss Thorne.”

While walking back to my office, I happen to look down and see a spot of cum on the front of my skirt.

Embarrassed, I dart into my office to try to clean it off, but it’s no use. I’ll have to walk around for the rest of the day with it there, and hope no one notices what it is.

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